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What To Keep In Your Car Woman

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Beauty And Makeup Bag

Court Cam: Woman Nearly Crushes Officer Into Car in Attempt to Drive Off | A& E

Putting on makeup is one of the tasks that we take the most minutes before going out. And if for different reasons, you did not have time, you can do it once you arrive at your destination or before driving off with the car kit. Even if it is not as important how we look when driving, you should have a small bag with the essential makeup products close at hand.

Many Car Owners Also Recommend Having The Following On Hand

The center console armrest is another great place to store your odds and ends, especially those that you like to keep within reach at all times. Some of the top things to keep in your car can be stored here, including:

  • Your mobile phone charger – there is also often a USB port positioned within the cubby so that you can keep your device safe while it charges.
  • Bottled water – not all door pockets can fit a bottle of water, and the armrest cubby might actually keep it cooler
  • Tissues – because there is nothing worse than having a runny nose during a long trip
  • Roll of quarters – you might not be able to sweet-talk your way past the toll booth attendant, so remember to keep cash on hand

This comprehensive guide to essential items to keep in your car will go a long way to helping you in times of crisis, or just to make your day-to-day commute easier. For even more tips, be sure to read our guide on what to keep in your garage.

Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Car

For us girls that are always on the go, having what we need in our car is essential for getting through the day, especially if we’re running late or aren’t as prepared as we need to be. If you live in

For us girls that are always on the go, having what we need in our car is essential for getting through the day, especially if we’re running late or aren’t as prepared as we need to be. If you live in a city or spend a lot of time in your car, you know exactly what I mean. We never want to find ourselves in a rut. It’s not a good feeling when we get stuck in traffic on our way home from work and aren’t able to stop home to change or spruce up our makeup because we don’t want to be late for a date, or when we’re on our way to work and realize we forgot to put on deodorant mid-way to the office but don’t have time to turn back. So what do we do? We put together a little kit filled with our essentials that helps save the day time and time again and rids us of all anxiety. Read below to find out 15 things every girl should have in her car.

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Things To Keep In Your Glove Compartment

We have to keep a surprisingly large amount of documentation inside our cars, and there are not a lot of suitable places for it. However, the glove compartment is often overlooked, even though it is a great place to store things you need to keep in your car at all times. These include:

  • Your car owner’s manual
  • Copies of registration and car insurance in the event of an accident or if you get pulled over
  • Car repair contact information or AAA card, also in the event of an accident
  • Vehicle maintenance history so that whoever does repairs on your car knows its history
  • Pen/pencil and notepad to take down any important information, such as the insurance info for the guy who rear-ended you
  • A personal phone book in case your phone dies and you need to make a call from a payphone, because who actually remembers phone numbers anymore?
  • Printed road maps, because technology can sometimes fail you and a good old-fashioned paper map might just get your where you need to be.
  • Work gloves to keep warm or protect your hands when doing DIY maintenance
  • A flashlight and spare batteries will ensure that you always have enough light in the event of a disaster, be it mechanical or medical in nature.

Seat Belt Cover Or Seat Belt Shoulder Pads Volleyball Woman Player Car Windshield Sun Shade

Car seat belts are necessary for every drivers life. It not only protects you from unavoidable accidents but also helps you remain in a better position when you drive. Seat belts are used for safety purposes and everybody must use them while driving but when you drive for a longer time period it can make you feel irritated and troubled due to the tight grip that it has.

Thus, having a seat belt cover or seat belt shoulder pad attached to the seat belt of your car is an advantage if you want to avoid the unusual shoulder pain alongside the accidental circumstances as well.

Basically, seat belt pads are cushion-like covers that are soft and comfortable to use for a long driving session. These are amongst the most essential car accessories for women drivers as these provide comfort alongside safety measures.

You can choose from various colors and designs that meet your girly needs and match the as well. The seat belt shoulder pads or car seat belt covers are one of those cheap car accessories that are of huge help to the drivers and passengers traveling long distances in the car.

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Items To Help In Case Of A Breakdown

No driver wants to deal with a breakdown, but being prepared for one can go a long way in alleviating stress, keeping you and your passengers safe and getting you back on the road quickly. Consider following our car maintenance tips to help limit your chances of breaking down. However, even the best-maintained vehicles might still experience problems. Be ready by knowing what to keep in your car for emergency maintenance fixes.

The 9 Tools Every Man Should Have In Their Car

When you’re on the road, you’re out in the world, and the world can get dangerous when you least expect it–especially if your car breaks down or runs into trouble. So what can you do about it? You’re not a mechanic, after all.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a mechanic to give yourself a much better chance of getting home or to the nearest repair shop with a small kit of essential tools and equipment–and in the event of an accident or other emergency, you’ll even increase your odds of survival.

This short list of items encapsulates some of the most functional and likely items you’ll need, while requiring minimal mechanical or other knowledge to employ. They’re the basics. You could load your car up with dozens of other tools, of course, but you could also do a lot worse than keeping these nine inexpensive core items with you at all times.

LifeHammer emergency tool. Image via

LifeHammer or other window/seatbelt escape device

This small item could be a lifesaver–literally. Kept near the driver’s seat via velcro or double-sided tape, it can allow you to break a window if you end up underwater or otherwise trapped in your car, and can also cut the seatbelt quickly. Time is of the essence when you’re short on air, the car is on fire, or other danger looms. Getting out quickly is made that much easier with this cheap and simple tool.

Socket set. Image via

Socket& screwdriver set

Duct tape. Image via

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Woman Arrested By Ccpd Accused Of Breaking Car Building Windows Downtown

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas A woman was arrested for allegedly breaking building and vehicle windows in downtown Corpus Christi on Friday afternoon.

Corpus Christi Police Department officials said the person they arrested may be responsible for similar incidents in the area.

The CCPD told KRIS 6 News they received a call shortly after 4 p.m. about a woman causing damage to a building on Shoreline near Whataburger by the Bay.

While police responded to the call, they received another report of someone breaking windows at a business on Kinney Street and Carancahua Street.

Police made their way to the scene and found dozens of busted windows at a third business on Kinney Street and Tancahua Street.

Officials said they were able to arrest the woman for the vehicle break-in’s on Caranchua Street shortly after arriving on-scene, thanks to witness testimony.

The incident is under investigation, as officials determine if the woman is connected to the other two incidents.

Officials are asking anyone that may have any information to contact the CCPD at 886-2600.

Car Jump Starter Or Portable Car Battery Jumper For Emergency

Woman on Newstart forced to live in car and storage shed | A Current Affair

This is one of the most essential car accessories for women drivers of all ages. It is evident that while driving you can face a certain situation where your car battery dies off and your car doesnt start. In such cases, it is also not always easy to find a car mechanic nearby or charge the battery of the car to start it in a prompt.

And it wont feel good to face such situations while you are out in your car. So, to avoid any such circumstances, you must keep a car jump starter kit or a portable car battery charger in your car so that you can start your car if it fails to start in the middle of going somewhere.

You wont like to remain stranded in the middle of the road with a dead car battery. These car jump starter and car battery jumpers are not too large and portable in size. Thus, you must keep a car jump starter kit or a portable car battery jumper for emergency purposes to enjoy your ride without any obstructions.

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How Do You Keep Things In Your Car From Freezing

In particularly cold areas of the US, it is actually possible for certain liquids to freeze inside your vehicle. When it comes to the water flowing through your engine, you should be using anti-freeze. However, for bottles of water or other liquids inside your car, you may need to resort to a cooler. Yes, you hear correctly. Coolers are more climate-controlled than a steel box. The plastic maintains the internal temperature far better, especially if you warm it up before storing your food and drinks inside. This will help offset the slow cooling process a bit and prevent your goods from freezing or potentially exploding.

Car First Aid Kit For Safe Travel

Amongst all the 24 most essential car accessories for women drivers of all ages and useful car accessories for girls, this one ought to be of the highest significance. When you go out regularly in your car for professional or personal needs, you dont know which type of situations you might have to face on your journey.

You may suffer a major or a+ minor accident while on your way out and so, keeping a car first aid kitbox in your car is majorly mandatory. Also, if you are traveling with your children then a first aid car kit can be of real help to you and your family while going out in your car.

You must include all the necessary medications in the first aid box so that if you need them urgently during your drive then you can use them till you see a doctor. Even if you dont meet an accident, you might still need medicine when you go out for health issues like sudden stomach cramps or vomiting due to road sickness.

This is one of the most crucial car accessories for everyone, so dont leave it for the last minute packing. Order right now and get the best first aid kit for car.

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Avoid Making Your Repairs On Your Own

Many of us are tempted to try a DIY solution when confronted with a car breakdown. Keep in mind that you should leave car repairs to the experts. If not implemented correctly, DIY solutions may cause more harm to the vehicle and increase repair costs. So, unless you have prior experience, it is advised against attempting self-repair.

Other Tips For Keeping Your Car Safe

3 Critical Car Shopping Tips To Keep In Mind Before Investing

If youre travelling and plan to leave your car with valuables in a hotel car park, stash valuable items before you arrive. This stops any thieves watching the hotel from getting any idea that you could be a good target.

Neat cars are less likely to be broken into. Jackets and towels that look like theyre covering things or random electric cords sticking out from under seats will attract interest. A tidy car without any intriguing items on show is less likely to entice a thief.

If you rent a car, dont leave the contract in the car when you park. This has everything on it a thief would need to pass the car off as theirs. So keep rental documents with you at all times.

Invest in an anti-theft device. Whether its a steering wheel lock or an immobilizer with a blinking red light, these devices make stealing a car more difficult. Some anti-theft devices can reduce your insurance premiums and others can link to your smartphone to notify you if somethings up.

Keep your EV charging cables locked away. EV cable theft is on the rise. EV cables can be traded as scrap metal and leave you needing to replace the leads. This can cost £80 or more along with the annoyance of having to shop around.

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Other Items Women Should Keep In Their Car

Reusable bags: If I had a reusable bag for every time I forgot a reusable bag it wouldnt matter because Id still probably forget to bring them to the grocery store.

Period backup: I always keep a tampon in my glove box, just in case. Itll save you the dread of having to ask a colleague or stranger for one.

Stain stick: Get a stain stick for those inevitable times when your coffee splashes on the way to work.

Umbrella: Texas weather has a mind of its own. Keep an umbrella in your car for when its sunny in the morning and pouring rain in the afternoon.

Water bottles: Theyre good to have in case of emergencies and for those unfortunate times when you forget to bring a water bottle to yoga or Pilates class.

Dental floss: Its a necessity for when you cant get that pesky piece of Franklin Barbecue brisket out of your teeth.

Blanket or towel: I especially recommend this one for dog owners. I dont know how many times my pup has decided to take an unauthorized dip in the lake while at the dog park. Having a towel has saved my car seats more times than I can count.

Travel-size perfume: We all know how hot cars get during Texas summers and the inevitable back and leg sweat that comes with it. Keep a small perfume bottle in your glove box for times when the heat is especially bad.

Gum: Besides fixing bad breath, apparently chewing mint gum helps reduce road rage, which anyone who has to brave I-35 on their morning commute needs.

Woman Charged In Nj Car Crash That Killed Mother Of 3 During Morning Jog

A 35-year-old Morris County woman has been charged in a fatal car crash that killed a mother of three who was struck during her morning jog in Pequannock earlier this year, authorities said.

Oliveri was driving north in the southbound lane in the area of 157 Boulevard in Pequannock just before 8:30 a.m. on June 11 when her 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage struck Jill Altman Russo, 55, who was running along the road and was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, authorities said.

The car also struck a 32-year-old female bicyclist who suffered injuries but survived, authorities said.

The prosecutors office on Saturday declined to release additional details about the investigation that led to the charges.

A friend of Russo started a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses and for her children, all of whom are in college. One daughter is Reagan Russo, a sophomore on the Rowan University womens basketball team.

From nearly having a perfect attendance at every game home or away this season, to the support Jill constantly showed, to the kind words Jill had for our players, coaching staff, and University we are absolutely heartbroken, the team in June.

Members of the Pequannock Township Police Department, the Morris County Sheriffs Office Crime Scene Investigation Unit, and the Morris County Prosecutors Office Major Crimes Unit took part in the investigation.

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Dashboard Grip Pad For Cell Phones Keychains And Coins

Questions like what should a woman keep in the car or what are the essentials things that a woman must-have in the car worries many of the female drivers. Not only the personal car owners but also the ones who drive cars for commercial purposes.

Well, there might be many essential things that a woman might keep on her car but amongst those, a dashboard grip pad is genuinely necessary. You can keep your mobile phones, car keys, or small coins on the anti slip pad for car dashboard making your ride more comfortable and relaxed.

These super sticky gripping pads are non-slippery and grip the stuff put on it in a better manner. You can buy big or small non slip dash pads depending upon your need to use it. There are different types of anti-slip car dash grip pads available these days which provides you with unending options to choose from!

Some non slip car dashboard grip pads are larger in shape while some are designed in a way that matches the model of your car. You must buy one super sticky gripping pad accordingly to your needs!

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