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Do Car Keys Have Tracking Devices

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Never Lose Your Keys Again With These Convenient Key Finders

Tile Bluetooth Tracking Device – Review

These little devices are perfect for locating your lost keys at an affordable price.

Keys have long been the root of misplacement conundrums, with heart-stopping visions of the jingly bundles taking a ride through the sewers via the holey grates above and the ever-common “Honey, where are my keys?” puzzler. It’s a problem that has plagued us practically since the dawn of the automobile. The little metal buggers tend to be pocket-phobic, always managing to slip out to areas unseen.

But hey, this is the 21st century. We have technology. In this case, they’re called key finders, and they use Bluetooth to locate your lost keys. But keys aren’t the only thing these devices can find they’re also great for tracking down lost wallets, purses, phones, pets, and luggage.

Once they’re attached to your keys , you can use your phone to track the finder via the compatible app for that brand. If the tracker is close by, but you still can’t find it, the finders can emit a sound to alert you to their exact location. Save yourself the embarrassment, though, and double-check your pockets again before sounding the alarm.

One concern with key finders is that they’re just another thing to add to your key ring. In reality, this really isn’t a problem. They’re designed to be small and inconspicuous, not to add bulk. We think the benefits these little things provide are way worth the addition.

Overview Of Gps For Car Rental Business

One notable feature of the car rental business is that it is a profitable and progressive business. one notable challenge which this industry faces is that of the security of the cars been rented out to the customers. The questions bothering on the safety of their properties are one reason why rental companies find it quite difficult to expand their operations. This is why GPS for cars come in rather helpful as it reduces the chances of cars getting stolen. By having GPS installed in the cars of a car rental service, it makes possible to check the cars and notify the rental company if something goes wrong at any point in time. So far, GPS is gaining widespread use because it is quite discreet and can be installed quite easily. It also comes in handy when the car rental companys customers get lost or are faced with a challenge in the middle of nowhere.

Find One Find All Key Finder

Find One Find All is a great solution if you tend to misplace more than your keys, including things like reading glasses, phone etc.

Most key finding transmitters use a base or primary transmitter and a receiver you attach to your keyring. In theory, you press the base transmitter . And it sends a signal to the receiver on your keyring that bleeps to say, Hey Im here!

As mentioned, the problem with this system is when you cant find your base transmitter. Then, what good is the whole set up? Which is why some genius invented a fool proof system: enter FOFA. With FOFA, youre able to use up to 32 transmitters that come in more than one shape and size. Of course, you can opt for fewer transmitters too the standard package comes with two.

Each transmitter will find all the others because theyre essentially all primary transmitters. And theyve been designed in two primary shapes to accommodate different ways of organising your stuff.

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How To Find Lost Keys At Home

One of the most frustrating things about keys is how they always go missing right when you need them. Want to be on time for an important date? Need work equipment out of your car right this second? That’s always when your car keys seem to wander off.The next time your keys go missing, don’t start running around frantically and pulling out your hair. Just use our guide and youll know how to find lost keys at home–with Tile!

Faq: Best Car Gps Trackers

Key Finder Locator GPS Tracker Device Find My Keys Device

What is the purpose of a car GPS tracker?

A car GPS tracker can provide data for the following situations:

  • If your car is stolen
  • Fleet management for business owners
  • If you have an elderly family member and want to track their driving habits
  • If you have a teenage driver and want to regulate their car usage

What type of data does a car GPS tracker collect?

Depending on the device you have, it may be able to track some or all of the following types of data:

  • Position: This is the main function of a GPS vehicle tracker. It allows you to see where a vehicle is at any given moment. Some trackers also allow you to define an area that the vehicle is allowed to drive in. If the driver goes outside that area, you will be notified.
  • Time: This allows you to set a curfew for when the car can be driven. If the car is driven before or after that curfew, you will be notified.
  • Driver habits: With this, the GPS tracks how the driver uses the vehicle, such as whether they follow the speed limit or accelerate too rapidly.
  • Mileage: This feature is useful if you own a business because it allows you to track how many miles the companys vehicle has driven.

Are vehicle GPS trackers legal?

How do I install a car GPS tracker?

Will my car insurance be cheaper with a car GPS tracker?

Oftentimes, insurance companies will give you a 15%20% discount for having a car GPS tracker. This is because the driver is less likely to drive recklessly and trackers serve as anti-theft devices.

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Common Places To Lose Keys At Home

Of course, one of the most basic recommendations on how to find lost car keys at home is simply to return to the place you last left them. Don’t remember where that is? There are a few common places where people often lose keys at home.Before sending yourself on a wild goose chase, start your search by checking where your keys are usually supposed to be. Keys are often small enough to get overlooked. Many of us have spent plenty of time searching high and low for our keys before realizing they were actually hanging on or by their usual hook the whole time!

  • Hanging from a potted plant
  • Inside a pillowcase
  • In the toilet bowl / plumbing
  • Down the drain
  • In the dog food bowl
  • Hanging in the closet
  • Inside a jar of peanut butter
  • Buried in the backyard

Q: Do Bluetooth Key Finders Use Gps Tracking To Help Me Find My Keys

Bluetooth key finders use the location services on your phone to show you the up-to-date location of your keys. Using location services requires the use of GPS. Your app first creates a Bluetooth signal between your phone and your keys and then connections to the phones location services to provide a map location of your keys. The app cannot work effectively if your location services are switched off.

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Battery Life And Replacement

RF key finders vary in battery life, with some lasting a few months and others running for well beyond a year. The more often you activate the device, the faster the batteries run out.

RF key finders come with replaceable batteries. Some Bluetooth key finders have replaceable batteries others do not. Those that dont often come with a manufacturer replacement plan that provides a discount on a replacement fob. Bluetooth models with replaceable batteries usually last three to four months, while non-replaceable batteries last about a year.

Best Tracking: Landairsea 54 Gps Tracker

Thieves hacking key fobs for wireless cars

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker received our superlative for best tracking because its locations are accurate and its refreshes frequently. The coordinates are accurate within six feet of the car’s location, and you can get location notifications as frequently as every three seconds.

This device attaches to the outside of your vehicle through a magnet mount. Its battery can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on how frequently you get updates.

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Do Rental Cars Have A Tracking Device

We live in a generation where cars are increasingly getting smarter by the day. This is seen in the fact that computerization is changing cars from ordinary mechanical devices into more electronic devices. This has seen rental cars increasing the number of connected cars in their collection. Some of these features can assist a rental company to recover a stolen car or remotely unlock a vehicle. Some see a future where rental customers would be able to have live chats with an agent. The big question people looking to rent a car seem to have at the back of their mind is do rental cars have a tracking device

Do rental cars have a tracking device?

Best Budget: Motosafety Obd Gps Tracker Device

Tracking update: every 1 minute no battery required

Can you get a nice GPS tracking device for cars if your budget is tight? Of course. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker Device not only has an affordable price, but also real-time 3G GPS tracking features that allow you to accurately monitor driving behavior.

This cheap device is 100% perfect if you are looking for a car tracker for you are worried about whether your kids or parents are driving safely. Because you will receive real-time alerts in a timely manner if the driver exhibits unsafe behavior . In addition, you can also set where and when to use the vehicle .

Last but not least, you can enjoy the comprehensive driving lesson program offered by MOTOsafety to help young people driving safely and pass exams. However, it has a deficiency that you cant hide it since its OBD. If you want one that can be hidden, check out the other options.

MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker Device Features

$19.99 per month Help monitor teens driving behavior Inexpensive tracking devices for vehicles Available in United States, Canada, and Mexico

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Despite Flaws Car Key Locators Can Be A Godsend For Forgetful People

  • Shoreline Community College
  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

For forgetful people, car key locators can be a lifesaver. But a lot of them have annoying design flaws or oversights that make the experience of using a locator a bit of a hassle, or possibly even useless.

To learn whether or not a car key locater is right for you, you should first understand how these devices work.

Top Pick: Spytec Gl300ma 4g Lte Portable Real Time Personal And Vehicle Gps Tracker

Hidden Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracker GSM/GPRS Real Time Car Truck ...

Size: 3-inch tall and 0.38-inch thick Battery life: up to 2.5 weeks Update interval: every 5 seconds

As a leader in the GPS tracker industry, SpyTec takes user needs into account, creating the lightest and smallest Spytec GL300MA 4G LTE Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker.

With the one-fourth of phone size and 5.6 ounces weight, this tiny GPS tracker is impressing, not only because of its compact shape, but also excellent technical support.

What I Like:

To begin with, it updates the position and orientation every 5 seconds, which is second to none of its peers. This means that you can truly know the whereabouts of the people you love and the items you cherish.

Furthermore, once the car gets out of geofence you set, it will alert you with text or email. The above multiple protections get you no longer need to worry about important things going away.

You can also buy a weatherproof magnetic case and extended battery packs, which can provide up to 6 months of continuous . Exciting! Provided that you want this little thing to detect the cars route, pouring rain poses a major threat. But the task can be done perfectly even if it is exposed to the outside for a long time.

Spytec GL300MA 4G LTE Portable Real Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker Features:

1. View their live routes via Google 2. Preferential price, but need a monthly fee of 25 Dollar 3. Store activity history up to 1 year 4. It allows you to download 2 weeks of tracking data via Datablaze

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Features To Consider Before Buying A Key Finder

When choosing a key finder, it is important to get one that specifically suits your needs. If it is not loud enough, does not have the range you need, or requires a Smartphone that you do not have, then it is going to be of little use. Taking the time to check these and other features can ensure that you have a key finder that will do its job effectively and give you peace of mind. Some of the major features you need to consider include:

Bluetooth or radio Generally, key finders work either through a Bluetooth signal or a radio signal. There are many advantages to a Bluetooth enabled key finder, such as the Tile key finder, but it does require you to download the app onto a compatible device. The benefits of this approach include being able to map the position of your keys and usually a user community to help you find them if you are out of Bluetooth range. Radio signal key finders do not require a compatible device and require little, if any, set up. This makes them extremely user-friendly however, you do need to rely on sound and possibly a flashing light to find your keys.

Sound Your key finder needs to be loud enough for you to hear it. If you are unable to hear it beeping, then you will not be able to narrow down your search.

Light many key finders contain flashing lights and beeping noises to help you find your item. If you are looking at a key finder with lights, look for LED lights as these are bright, durable, and long-lasting.

Typical Gps Tracking Device

If you suspect that someone has placed an unauthorized GPS tracking device on your car, truck or other belongings, here are some helpful tips to uncover that covert GPS tracking unit. If you are targeted, we will help you uncover the truth and location of tracking device, to protect yourself.

First, you need to Inspect the Vehicle Thoroughly. While inspecting the vehicle, do include the tire wells, quarter panels, inside bumpers, especially soft bumpers. GPS tracking devices can be secured inside soft bumpers with Industrial strength Velcro.

Check any crevices of the vehicle, where a device can be concealed. Especially those areas that you cannot visibly see, try to run your hands and fingers and feel for small devices that should not be there. Remember a GPS Tracker is intentionally placed, so you do need to be thorough.

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Tracker Devices That Help You Find Your Wallet Keys And Phone

You can find a few different options just by typing Find my keys into your browser and checking the different articles on the best key finder reviews by major tech outlets.

Newer editions of these Find my keys trackers are usually accompanied by a related phone app that enables you to make the key tag ring by tapping a button in the app.

Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real

Tracking Key 2 – GPS Tracker

Trackis GPS tracking device is a versatile product you can attach to your car using a magnet, belt clip, keychain, or lanyard. After attachment, you can sync the device to the mobile app and get location updates every 15 seconds.

This location tracker also comes with a lifetime warranty. If it stops functioning at any time, you can contact Tracki and get a replacement free of charge.

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Wireless Radio Frequency Key Finders

These inexpensive key finders use radio frequencies to locate objects. The transmitter sends out a radio signal that sets off an alarm in the receiver.

Many models have two to four receivers, each with a colour-coded button on the transmitter. You can place a receiver on almost any item including your phone, remote control, or keychain.

Radio frequencies can travel through walls, floors, and cushions within a limited radius, making this type of key finder most useful if you often misplace your keys inside your house. Most have a range of 90 feet in an open area.

RF receivers are somewhat bulky, which may make them awkward when attached to certain items.

“When using an RF key finder, youll need to keep track of the transmitter. Many come with a transmitter base that makes storage easier. Some transmitters can be attached to a keychain, but make sure its not on a set of keys that could be misplaced.”

What To Do If You Find A Device On Your Car

Its unlikely youll find any devices on your vehicle, but if you do and no wires are connecting them to your car, you can easily remove them yourself. Many devices are attached with just a magnet which means you can just pull them off with a firm tug. There are some types of GPS trackers that are hard-wired to your vehicle. If you dont know what youre doing or you have a newer model vehicle thats difficult to service yourself without highly specialized tools and training, have your mechanic remove the device. You dont want to short anything out or shock yourself inadvertently.However, what do you do if you discover the tracking device is hardwired into your cars electrical system?

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How To Keep Track Of Your Keys

This article was co-authored by . Marty Stevens-Heebner was the first Certified Senior Move Manager in the United States and is Founder and CEO of Clear Home Solutions, a move management and professional organizing company based in southern California. Marty is also a Certified Professional Organizer and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist through the National Association of Home Builders. She is the President-Elect and is on the board of directors of the National Association for Senior Move Managers, a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, and has been acknowledged as a Hoarding Specialist and ADHD Specialist through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 87% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 101,739 times.

There are arguably few things worse than the sinking feeling you realize you have lost your keys. Maybe you tend to be in a rush to leave your house but are unable to remember where you left your keys. You can keep track of your keys by using technological tools like wireless tracking devices. Good old fashioned routine and consistency can also help you remember where you put your keys and make it easy to head out for the day.

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