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Where To Get Car Speakers Installed

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Do You Need A Dash Kit For Double Din

How to install component car speakers | Crutchfield

If youre looking to install a double DIN car stereo, you might be wondering if you need a dash kit. The answer is that it depends on your vehicle. In some cases, you might be able to get away with just using the factory mounting brackets. But in other cases, you might need a specific dash kit in order to properly install the new stereo. Its always best to consult with a professional before making any decisions, as theyll be able to take a look at your car and advise you on the best course of action.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Now that youve established that you would like to upgrade your car audio system, youll need to determine what exactly you want done.

Here are some questions you can ask to help you figure out what path you should take:

Question #1: What is Your Budget?

Upgrading your car audio system can be costly, so its important that you figure out how much money you are willing to spend before diving into any enhancements. From there, a car audio expert can help you put together your ideal stereo system.

Depending on your budget, you can make small, incremental improvements like replacing your front speakers or getting a new head unit, or you can replace the system altogether.

Question #2: Do You Like Listening to Your Music Loud?

Most low-quality stereos arent able to play your music as loud as youd sometimes like. If being able to crank up the volume is a top priority for you, installing a new amplifier might be a good option.

You may also want to install new speakers.

Question #3: How Important is Bass?

If bass is something thats important to you, adding a subwoofer is a simple and easy installation that will really get the bass pumping. A subwoofer is usually accompanied by a new amplifier, unless you choose a powered subwoofer.

Question #4: Do You Want to Improve Sound and Keep Your Factory Stereo?

If you are wary about replacing your factory stereo altogether, there are lots of different upgrades you can make to your existing system.

Sometimes You Need A Certified Mechanic

As much as The Drive loves to put the “you” in do-it-yourself, we know that not everyone has the proper tools, a safe workspace, the spare time, or the confidence to tackle major automotive repairs. Sometimes, you just need quality repair work performed by professionals you can trust like our partners, the certified mechanics at Goodyear Tire & Service.

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What Do Car Speaker Installation Services Include

Car speaker installation services usually include installing three common types of speakers in your car. Installing these types of speakers will give your car stereo a more vibrant, fuller sound. These typical speaker types you can have installed are tweeters, woofers and subwoofers. Depending on the size and specifications of speakers you want to install, they may also entail some customisation to your cars door panels, speaker baseboards and electricals.

Q What Should I Look For When Buying Car Speakers


A. The first, and most important thing, is the size. The best speakers in the world wont do any good if they dont fit, and trying to force something to fit by modifying your vehicle is a big pain. Once youve found the fit, focus on the characteristics of the speaker, including power output, installation requirements, and cost.

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Best Brands For Aftermarket Car Stereos

Compiling a list of the top aftermarket car stereo brands isnt a simple task since there are so many top-tier manufacturing companies competing in the market. Even so, after thorough research, reading and comparisons, weve managed to shortlist some of the best brands out there.

This list is just our own evaluation of a number of brands and does not represent an absolute opinion or definitive answer. That said, we did want to provide people with some reliable options. These are some of the most well-known car stereo brands that are appreciated by buyers, reviewers, sellers and manufacturers of audio devices.

These brands come in different price ranges, styles and size. Once youve reviewed them, you should be able to find one that meets your criteria and suits your car.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Subwoofers And An Amp In A Car

The subwoofer and amplifier are some of the most crucial components of a car audio system. The sub is the heart of the system, and the amp is the powerhouse. They are vital for any decent system.

These two components are integral in a car audio system, but they are also two of the most challenging components to install correctly.

If an amplifier is not installed correctly, the entire system may not function, or it may even cause damage. To be sure that the amp and the sub are correctly installed in your system, it is a good idea to have them put in .

Car audio technicians charge per component that they install, and unfortunately, due to the complexity and importance of installing them, subwoofers and amplifiers are among the most expensive components to install.

The installation of an amplifier can cost anywhere from $120 $130. This fee is worth paying as if the amplifier is installed incorrectly, the entire audio system in your car could be in jeopardy.

A subwoofer installation usually costs around $100, and this is usually because the sub is often heavy, big, and installed in hard-to-reach places within the vehicle. More labour goes into installing a subwoofer, so it costs more to do it well.

The installation fees of amplifiers and subwoofers vary depending on the size and type of the components. Noteworthy is also the type of vehicle they are being installed in and the complexity of the audio system.

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Walmart Car Stereo Warranty

Walmart offers a warranty on many of its car stereos.

You can usually choose between a two- or three-year protection plan .

One great thing about Walmarts protection plan on car stereos is that its powered by Allstate, one of the leaders in car and car part protection.

The protection plan will cost an additional fee.

Do You Need A Wiring Harness For An Aftermarket Radio

Car Audio Installation – 2008 Nissan Altima Full NVX System – Speakers, Subs more

OEM car stereos are made to fit perfectly into your car with little to no modification, but aftermarket radios come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Thats where a wiring harness comes in. A good quality wiring harness will make sure that your aftermarket radio has a clean power source and that all the speakers are functioning properly.

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Pro Tips To Install A Car Speaker

A few pro-tips weve learned along the way.

  • Even if youve done research and are sure that you have the right speaker, its best to do a test fit before moving too far into the installation process.
  • If youre installing subwoofers, the process will look different, because of the specific enclosures and installation locations. Youll also need a standalone amplifier, so there are additional costs involved.
  • Replacing speakers is a great way to improve your vehicles audio system, but to get the full experience you may need a new head unit as well.
  • How Much Does A Full Car Sound System Cost

    A full car sound system can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The price will depend on the quality of the components and the installation. If you are looking for a high-end system, you can expect to pay more. Factors that will affect the price include the type of speakers, amplifier, and subwoofer you choose. The size of your car will also play a role in the final cost.

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    What To Consider When Installing Car Speakers

    Installing a speaker in a car is a relatively not difficult job that doesnt take much time. However, there are a few things to consider before just jumping in.

    First of all, the wiring needs to be installed so the cars power source can power the speaker. Furthermore, it is essential to have an appropriate space for the speaker to fit in the vehicle. If not, the sound quality will suffer.

    It would help if you also considered your cars model to pick the right speaker.

    The most common types of speakers in automobiles are coaxial, dome, and audio speakers.

    These new speakers can fit almost anywhere, so they are not difficult to install and move around.

    However, the sound quality isnt as good as stereo and woofer speakers because of their location and volume.

    They produce good frequencies with varying tones lost in transmission through other media like cable or FM radio stations.

    How Can I Save Money

    How To Install Car Speakers : Step to Step Guide for 2020

    Larger companies, such as Best Buy, often offer a low cost or even free stereo installation if you purchase the stereo directly from them. It doesnt hurt to ask the retailer if there are any promotions going on when you make your purchase.

    Purchasing from reputable online retailers like Crutchfield make it easy to do the installation on your own since they provide all of the necessary installation equipment and step-by-step instructions.

    Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. Please read our disclosure policy for more info.

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    Put Any System Together is an authorized internet retailer for Pyle, Metra Electronics, Install Bay, Memphis Audio and other brands that are known for their speaker accessories. With lifetime tech support, a 60-day guarantee and expert service for how to install car speakers, were here to make sure your installation goes well. Our certified installation professionals can even do the work for you at a brick-and-mortar location to make an appointment.

    Does Walmart Install Car Stereos

    Its not enough to buy a car stereo, but you also need to get the new stereo installed.

    You can go to a specialty store, but what if you need to buy household items while you wait for the employees to install the stereo?

    Walmart definitely has an auto parts section, but does the retailer install car stereos?

    We answer all your questions about if you can get a car stereo installed in your car at Walmart.

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    Does Walmart Install Car Stereos You Bought Somewhere Else

    Walmart will not install your car stereo if you purchased it from another store, even if its one of the car stereos that they install when you buy through them.

    Why would you buy your car stereo elsewhere, though?

    If you see a car stereo somewhere cheaper, talk to a Walmart representative to learn about whether they will be able to match the price or not.

    How Much Does It Cost To Install A Car Stereo In 2022

    How To Install Car Speakers (Coaxial) | Crutchfield Video

    Miles WalkerHow much does It Cost To Install A Car Stereo?

    Installing a car stereo can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to worry about the wiring, but also choosing the right unit for your car. Its important to factor in all of the costs associated with installing a car stereo before you make your decision. In this blog post, well breakdown the cost of installation and offer some tips on how to get the most out of your new system.

    The average cost of a car stereo is around $180 to $650, plus labor coststarts at around $65 but varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. It can be much more expensive and can go up to $400 if you need more advanced features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or GPS.


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    Best Car Stereo Installation Near Me

    Serving San Francisco and the Surrounding Area


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    Serving Burlingame and the Surrounding Area


    1358 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA


    Serving Richmond and the Surrounding Area


    1663 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA


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    1358 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA


    Serving Hayward and the Surrounding Area


    Serving Fremont and the Surrounding Area

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    Serving Hayward and the Surrounding Area


    Serving Concord and the Surrounding Area


    396 5th St, San Francisco, CA


    Serving Walnut Creek and the Surrounding Area


    Serving Daly City and the Surrounding Area

    Closes in 52 minutes

    Serving Sunnyvale and the Surrounding Area


    Serving Concord and the Surrounding Area

    Closes in 52 minutes

    Serving San Francisco and the Surrounding Area






    Car Speaker Installation Accessories

    Installing a new vehicle speaker set is one of the best, most affordable ways you can upgrade your car interior. It usually isnt that hard to put an aftermarket speaker system in, either. Still, youll need the proper equipment to both make the installation go smoothly and get the best results. backs up our leading selection of car speakers, tweeters and drivers with the best vehicle speaker installation supplies. We make it possible for any DIY enthusiasts to outfit their car, truck, SUV or motorcycle with speakers that are always ready to kick it up.

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    Car Speaker Installation Cost: 2 Important Factors Explained

    Do you ever wonder why your speakers dont blast like those in your friends car? It could be because theyre old and need an upgrade.

    Car speakers can go past their lifespan and may not produce an incredible sound.

    Some folks are obsessed with quality sound while driving. Perhaps, installing new speakers could be a great way to enjoy that great sound.

    So whether you need an upgrade or need to replace damaged speakers, there are options for you. So how much does it cost to install speakers in cars?

    Car speaker installation costs could be anywhere between $400 and $1,100. Of course, the exact amount could be lower or higher depending on several factors. For example, speaker quality and type, as well as labor cost, greatly influence the price.

    Tip: Big box retialers such as BestBuy ofter offer free installation when you purchase the speakers through them.

    How To Get A Car Stereo Installed At Walmart

    Pin by Ramon Mendoza on CAR AUDIO INSTALLATION

    In order to arrange a car stereo installation through Walmart, you will first need to buy a qualifying car stereo through the website.

    Once you select a qualifying car stereo online, you will have the option to add an installation.

    If you do opt for installation, you will get an email that will assist you with scheduling the appointment.

    When you schedule the appointment, you will need to select the correct store location and the most convenient time for you among those listed.

    This is the only way you can get car stereo installation through Walmart.

    You cant simply walk into the auto center to schedule installation in-store.

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    How Long Will Car Speaker Installation Take

    The length of time needed to install new car speakers can vary from Tasker to Tasker and the complexity of the job. If you need to replace only the damaged speakers with new replacements, this may take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. Should your installation be that of aftermarket upgrades, the work could take a full day. Consult a Tasker and tell them the nature of your car speaker installation so they can give you a better time estimate.

    Come Experience The Best

    When it comes to Car Audio and Car Alarms, more people trust Audio Express than any other car stereo retailer. Our stores have been selling and installing top name brand car audio since 1974. Whether you need Subwoofers, Speakers, Amplifiers, Car Alarms, Remote Start, Bluetooth Receivers, Marine Audio, Video, in-dash navigation, or Professional Installation we have you covered. Audio Express is more than just your home for car audio, we are also your home of driver safety and backup camera technology. And if you are looking for custom installation, we are industry leaders in Custom Car Audio.We only carry the top brands which means that every audio component stocked and sold by Audio Express is guaranteed to be the highest quality, name brand equipment. Brands like Alpine, JBL, JL Audio, JVC, Infinity, Kenwood, Kicker, Excelon, Pioneer, Code Alarm, and Viper.

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    Does Walmart Install Audio

    Standard Car Speaker Installation Service: Orders are placed through and service is performed by InstallerNet. Installation number delivered by email for easy, flexible scheduling. Car audio system installation is performed by a certified technician.

    Car Stereo Removal And Inspection

    Installing speakers? These techniques make a BIG difference!

    Before anything else, your specialist must first remove and inspect your car’s current sound system. They will carefully unscrew and take out the old stereo, disconnect and unplug all wiring and connections, and note down all other details that are specific to your vehicle. This way, they will be able to fit your new stereo in the same way as your previous one.

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