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Why Does My Car Pull To The Right

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4 Causes Of A Car Pulling Left Or Right

There are several other possible causes of a vehicle pulling to the side, including a bad wheel bearing, worn steering linkage, an uncalibrated steering angle sensor, or a worn tie rod all of which are difficult to diagnose on your own and could be dangerous if left unattended.

If you’re experiencing car pull, put your safety first and have things checked out by a professional. Take note of the conditions in which the car starts pulling and whether the pull is constant. Then, bring your vehicle to your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care for an inspection, and we’ll help keep you headed in the right direction!

Wheel And Tire Alignment

If your truck or car pulls when driving you may need a wheel alignment. For the sake of safety and handling, our tires should be as straight as possible. Professional technicians carry out different adjustments to make sure your tires stay straight while driving. The first adjustment is the camber adjustment. It ensures none of the tires has an outward or inward tilt.

A toe adjustment ensures that the front part of the wheel is not tipped in or out. While this may not be a direct reason why your car pulls to one side, it will cause your steering wheel to be off-center and lead to uneven tire wear. The technician will either tighten or loosen the tie rods to fix the problem.

Lastly, the caster adjustment ensures that the suspension components and steering axis meet the wheel at the right angle. It is one of the least understood adjustments mainly because you cant see it. Youll need an alignment machine to see how it works.

Ideally, all of the wheel adjustments mentioned above require an alignment rack. However, you can always use our string alignment guide to see how you can do it yourself. It will help get you by for a while before you take your car for a proper fix.

Reasons Your Car Is Pulling To One Side

it can happen gradually or suddenly youre driving down the road and notice you have to put a bit more effort steering to keep your car from drifting to the left or right. here are some of the more common reasons why this happens:

low tire pressure: if you have a tire with low pressure, the car will tend to pull to that side. check all your tires to ensure they are set to the correct pressure.

wheel alignment: this is the most common reason for a car not driving straight and it may or may not result in abnormal tire wear. this can be a result of normal driving or from hitting a curb or pothole.

tire wear: take a look at your tires and see how they are wearing. do they seem worn down more on one side than the other? this can mean your alignment is out of whack. if this is the case, youll want to get them aligned as soon as you can. you may also need new tires, depending on the severity of the wear.

tire defects: other tire problems can come into play here as well. if you see any visible metal strips seemingly coming out of your tire, you should get it replaced. its best to replace all of your tires at the same time, as having one new tire and three old ones will just cause your car to handle poorly.

tires out of balance: tires that are out of balance can cause your vehicle to feel wobbly. this can also lead to problems with them wearing unevenly in the future. when tires are balanced, its usually done by adding small weights to your rim.

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How To Correct The Pull

There are a few home remedies you can try to stop the pull, such as:

  • Switching your front tires is a good test to see if the problem lies in the tires. Only rotate your tires if you know exactly what youre doing.
  • Check your tire pressure to make sure one tire isnt significantly lower than another.

If none of these tests work or youre uncomfortable rotating your tires, its best to bring your vehicle into an auto repair shop and have an auto technician take a look. An experienced mechanic can examine your vehicle, identify the cause of the pulling, and fix the issue.

What Can Cause A Car To Pull To The Left Or Right

Why Is My Car Pulling To The Right

One or more of your tires may be low on air pressure or the tire treads could be uneven. You may also have a bad wheel bearing or loose bolt that is causing one of the wheels to pull the car out of alignment. You may have a damaged brake component, a seized up caliper or unevenly worn brake pads/rotors.

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Why Does My Car Pull To The Left

Car alignment problems can be a major pain for drivers, especially on long trips. However, alignment problems are more than just a nuisance. They can cause your tires to wear unevenly and even damage to your cars frame if left unchecked for too long. Lets look at some common reasons why your car may pull to one side or the other when driving.

Car alignment problems can be a major pain for drivers, especially on long trips. However, alignment problems are more than just a nuisance. They can cause your tires to wear unevenly and even damage to your cars frame if left unchecked for too long. Lets look at some common reasons why your car may pull to one side or the other when driving.

Is It Normal For A Car To Pull Slightly To The Right

It is common knowledge that the left-hand drive cars that drive on the roads right side have been made to somewhat pull to the right. This is done to avoid the car to drift into the approaching traffic when the driver falls asleep or loses consciousness while driving. This kind of pull to the car should only be a faint one. If your car experiences a very obvious pull, then it is something worthy of attention and should be checked and fixed as soon as possible. Do not delay any scheduled maintenance or service and make sure to always follow your owners recommendation. Being safe and secure should always be your top priority.

You always want your car to be in tip top form. When your car is pulling to the right , you must always have it checked so as not to compromise your safety and those around you. There are several reasons that can cause this problem and so if unsure best to have it checked and serviced by a professional mechanic.

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The Air Pressure In Your Tires Is Inconsistent

Sometimes the solution is as simple as adding some air. Tire pressure fluctuates as you drive, and sometimes one tire will have less pressure than the others. If you find your car pulling to one side, the first thing you should do is check your tire pressure and add more if necessary.

If this fixes your problem, fantastic! If you notice your car still veering to the left or right, the problem might be a bigger one.

Why Does My Car Pull Right When Braking

Vehicle Pulling To The Side – Problem Found & Fixed

When a car drifts, its often misdiagnosed as an alignment issue but it could be your brakes. Learn what causes this problem and how to spot it.

Brakes have several means of telling drivers that they need some attention and TLC. That usually involves an unwelcome sound, or a strange or weak feel at the brake pedal. Theres another popular and often-misdiagnosed way your vehicles brakes may try to signal you that something is wrong too.

When you apply the brakes in your vehicle, it should stop quickly from an initial pedal press and in a straight line. Sometimes drivers note that their vehicle pulls to one side or the other while braking. This is commonly misdiagnosed as an alignment problem though it could indicate a serious problem with the vehicles braking system.

What makes a car pull to one side during braking? In simple terms, its a difference in braking force between the front wheels. Generally, the vehicle only stops in a straight line if the braking force at each front wheel is equal. If thats not the case, perhaps because the brakes on one side are not working as well as the other, then the vehicle will tend to pull to one side.

The braking system in your vehicle is considerably more complicated than the one in a canoe and a pull to the side while braking indicates that one of your front brakes is not performing properly. Leaving things unchecked can cause accelerated brake wear, brake component damage and reduced safety.

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How To Diagnose When Car Pulling To The Right

Now after we covered both of the scenarios of the car pulling to the right problem. Lets discuss something about diagnosing the problem. We will do this in a similar fashion. First, we are going to discuss the car pulling to the right because of bad suspension and alignment. And then we will discuss the same problem happening under braking.

Lets first cover the first problem with the alignment. If you suspect that your alignment is off, you should inspect the wear of the tires and check the thread. If the thread is not evenly worn you will have to replace the tires and also do an alignment on your vehicle.

In addition to this, you will have to check the tie rods on the car. Both the inner and the outer since they play a major role in this operation. And lastly is the wheel bearing. Lift the car in the air and wiggle the wheel left and right. If it has play in it, then your wheel bearing is probably for replacing. In addition to this if the ball joint on the tie rod wiggles and the inner tie rod ball joint shows the same symptoms you will have to address the problems and then perform an alignment.

How This System Works:

There are two types of brake systems: disc and drum. Both use friction and resistance to stop the vehicle.

In a disc-style system, there is a rotor connected to the wheel. Calipers, which are powered by the vehicles hydraulic brake system, apply pressure to the brake pad, which rub against the rotor causing friction, bringing the wheel to a stop.

Brake systems require regular maintenance to work properly. Brake pads wear down due to the friction and must be replaced when the linings become too thin. Failure to replace the pads in a timely manner may cause subsequent damage to other components of the system.

It is best to have your brake system inspected every time you have your tires rotated, or every 7,500 miles, as worn brake pads, a stuck caliper, or damaged rotors can lead to your car pulling to the side when you brake, or not stopping as efficiently as designed.

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What Does It Mean When Your Car Pulls To The Right

Here are some of the possible causes and solutions why your car is pulling to the right.

  • Misaligned Wheels Wheel misalignment is one of the top causes of a car pulling to the right. This means that your tires are no longer balanced and evenly paralleled with each other. If you let go of the steering wheel, your car only moves in a single direction and your steering wheel doesnt go back to its standard position. This is difficult and inconvenient to drive as you constantly have to pull back and steer to the opposite direction to keep a straight line. The misalignment of wheels or unbalanced tires can happen over time. It happens as you drive over potholes, by hitting curbs, and other bad road conditions. To fix this, you will need to schedule for a wheel alignment. It is important to have your wheels aligned regularly as it maximizes your tires life, improves your cars overall handling, and keeps your car from pulling to the right or in one direction.

Four: Get A Complete Vehicle Inspection Performed

Why Does My Car Pull to the Right?

If you find your car pulling to one side while braking and you know your tires are at their recommended pressure levels after an alignment, you may be dealing with a sticking brake caliper or restricted brake line. Your calipers apply pressure to your brake pads, which pushes them against the rotor. If one of your calipers doesn’t apply the proper pressure due to being stuck, your vehicle may start to pull towards the opposite direction.

Big or small, brake problems are a serious safety hazard. If you suspect your car has a brake issue, visit your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care as soon as possible.

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Why Does My Car Pull To The Right When Driving

Once upon a time, cars were engineered with a very slight pull to the right. The idea was that if the driver fell asleep at the wheel, the car would drift off the road instead of into oncoming traffic. Even today, long since that practice ended, it’s not uncommon for the “crown” or rise in the middle of the road to cause a certain degree of lateral drift. But there may come a time when you must eventually acknowledge that yes indeed, this thing is definitely trying to drive itself into the trees.

Scenario : Car Pulling To The Right When Braking

Now lets cover the second scenario when your car pulling to the right happens. This is the scenario when the car is braking.

Meaning that the car pulling to the right problem only occurs when you apply your foot on the brakes and honestly, this can happen a lot if some of the components in your braking system are not working as they should. But what are the possibilities? Lets elaborate on them.

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Reasons Your Car Pulls

Ever get the feeling that your car is dragging or pulling to the left or right? This could be the result of several different factors, including:

  • Vehicle alignment. Alignment keeps your tires parallel with one another and even with the ground. If the alignment is off, it can cause a car to pull.
  • Brake Hose. The brake hose distributes brake fluid to your tires. If it gets clogged, fluid is dispensed unevenly to the tires, causing a car to pull as a result.
  • Tires. Over time your tire tread will wear out. If you dont help distribute the wear evenly by rotating your tires on a regular basis, one will inevitably wear out quicker than the others. Low tire pressure can also be a cause of pulling.

A car that pulls to the right or left is more difficult to control as it requires the driver to constantly correct the pull. This can put an increased burden on the driver and take their focus off of driving safely.

Cars designed for driving on the right side of the road are manufactured to pull slightly to the right. This is to prevent the car from drifting into oncoming traffic if the driver falls asleep at the wheel. That being said, this should only be a very slight pull to the right. If your car is pulling significantly, its a good idea to get it checked.

Why Does My Car Slide To The Left Or Right

Why Does My Car Pull to One Side While Driving?

This article was published more than 9 years ago. Some information may no longer be current.

I have a 2003 Infiniti Q45. While travelling on uneven road, the car slides a little to the left or right. Is it a shocks or steering rod problem or anything else? Sohail

I assume you mean the car pulls or tends to move rather than slides. The degree of this tendency is critical.

Something as simple as a few pounds of pressure difference in the front tires can cause a vehicle to wander slightly off line. Tire choice can also play a role with some more apt to follow any slight variation in road surface or slope away from the crown of the road, especially if they are wider than the size specified for the vehicle or mounted on wheels with the incorrect amount of offset.

Assuming you have the right tires on the right wheels inflated to the right pressure, the problem likely lies with incorrect alignment this most commonly occurs with the vehicle straying from the intended direction on a flat road surface. This can be the result of worn or damaged suspension or steering components.

Uneven tire wear is a good indication of what the problem might be. If the outer edges of the tire are worn more than the centre and they have been correctly inflated, that would indicate an out-of-alignment issue.

It is possible the front end one or both wheels came into contact with a curb or other solid surface, causing damage or misalignment.

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Possible Reasons Why Your Vehicle Pulls To The Right

The first thing well check is your tire pressure. A vehicle can pull to the right or left if one or both of the tires on that side are deflated slightly. Tire pressure directly affects how your car handles and its fuel efficiency, so well check that possibility off our list right away. We also recommend you check your tire pressure regularly. Once every other fill up at the gas station.

Next, well check your wheel balance and alignment. This, too, can cause your car to pull the right. In most cases, the issue will be your alignment rather than your tire balance balance tends to cause shimmies more than pulling but well still check the balance to make certain this isnt an issue. If it is, dont worry. Its a quick fix. Were experts in tire balancing.

We can also realign your vehicle if necessary in order to prevent it from pulling in either direction, much less the right, but heres the thing, it could also be your brakes. As such, we will conduct a full brake inspection to make certain nothing is amiss. Sometimes, the calipers on the right side can be stuck a little, and this will cause your car to pull to the right.

No matter what, Carfix in Garner, NC, will find the problem and fix it. Call us at to set up an appointment for an alignment, brake, and tire inspection.

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