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Why Does My Car Pull To The Right

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Why Does My Car Pull To The Right

Why Does My Car Pull to One Side While Driving?

Car repairs are expensive and stressful. It can be difficult to estimate how much a repair might cost when you dont know what the problem is.

This is especially true when the problem doesnt have an obvious cause. A great example is discovering your vehicle is pulling to the right while driving. Why is your vehicle pulling to the right? There are a lot of possible causes for this, some more severe than others.

Theres no way to diagnose a problem with 100% certainty before bringing your vehicle to a Frederick, MD auto mechanic, but you can narrow down the possibilities by looking at some of the things that can cause this particular problem

Top 5 Causes Of A Vehicle Pulling To The Right Or Left

There are a variety of reasons and causes for a vehicle that pulls too much to the right or left side while running and braking. Below are the top 5 causes which you should be aware of. If your vehicle looks like it has one of these issues, then get the necessary parts repaired or replaced immediately.

Stuck Brake Caliper The brake caliper is associated with a disk braking system. Braking fluid flows to the calipers from the master cylinder and adds pressure to its piston. This is how the brake pads are able to get pushed against the rotating brake disc to slow down and stop the vehicle. So, if the brake caliper gets stuck for whatever reason, it could create a pulling effect to one side.

Bad Brake Hose Brake hoses are responsible for delivering brake fluid to the brake calipers. If you have a brake hose that is damaged in any way, it will interrupt the flow of braking fluid to these important components of the braking system. Even if the hose looks fine on the outside and is not leaking, there could still be issues with the interior liner of the hose. If there is any restriction being placed on the flow of braking fluid, then your car will pull to one side as you step on the brake pedal.

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Fix Your Car Pulling Issues At Power Steering Service

If you are experiencing this problem, whether it is that your car pulls to the right or to the left, you should avoid driving, as it isnt safe. At Power Steering Services, we can diagnose the cause of this issue and advise you on the repairs or replacements that will be necessary. Book your vehicle in with us today for a thorough inspection, either by filling in our simple online form or calling us on 0208 853 3343.

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Common Reasons For This To Happen:

  • Uneven tire pressure: Uneven pressure in tires can cause a car to pull when driving or braking. Low pressure on one side of the vehicle changes the height and relative speed of the tire, affecting the effective alignment of the car.

You can easily fix this problem by maintaining proper inflation in all four tires.

  • Worn out brake pads: Brake pads wear down over time and as they do, they will exhibit a number of symptoms, one of which may be pulling to the side during braking.

The brakes may also squeal when the brake pads are ready to be replaced. Most brake pads have a built-in indictor that comes into contact with the rotor and squeals when the pads are too thin, acting as a warning system to the driver.

If you hear a grinding sound, it typically means that you have worn completely through your brake pads, and the metal backing plate of the pads is now grinding on the rotors. Immediate service is required.

Car Pulls To One Side After Alignment

Why Does My Car Pull to the Right When Driving?

Unfortunately, getting the car’s wheels re-aligned with the correct tyre pressure won’t always solve the issue of it pulling to the left or right. If you still experience pulling, the technician might not have taken the road ‘crown’ into account.

Essentially, the crown is a slope that allows for drainage. When roads are built, engineers never build them flat – this enables rain to run off and reduces the risk of flooding. While unlikely, it’s possible that the wheel alignment technician hasn’t considered this.

Far more likely is that there is a worn suspension or steering part. If that is the case, no matter how much the wheel alignment is reset, the vehicle will continue to pull to one side. In this instance, it’s always best to get a qualified mechanic to have a look.

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Firestone Complete Auto Care Can Help Keep Your Car Steady

There are several other possible causes of a vehicle pulling to the side, including a bad wheel bearing, worn steering linkage, an uncalibrated steering angle sensor, or a worn tie rod all of which are difficult to diagnose on your own and could be dangerous if left unattended.

If you’re experiencing car pull, put your safety first and have things checked out by a professional. Take note of the conditions in which the car starts pulling and whether the pull is constant. Then, bring your vehicle to your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care for an inspection, and we’ll help keep you headed in the right direction!

Common Misconceptions About Car Alignment

5: Alignment is to blame if the car pulls to one side. While an out-of-whack alignment is often responsible for vehicles pulling to one side while driving, its not the only possibility. Low air pressure in a tire, a damaged tire, or tires of different sizes or tread designs can cause the same problem.

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How Your Suspension System Works

your tires, shock absorbers and struts are what keep your vehicle comfortable while you drive over bumps and potholes, and help keep your car running in sync. wear and tear or damage to your suspension system and alignment can also cause your brakes to stop working as effectively. this can eventually cause other problems with your vehicle down the road. your car is engineered for every system to work together as a team.

struts and shocks work to absorb any impact you may encounter, such as driving over a speed bump, uneven terrain and potholes. in addition to your shocks and struts, your suspension system relies on your tires to help you move smoothly and drive in a straight line. your tires will wear down gradually as you drive many miles, but if they are out of alignment, they can wear unevenly and cause a safety issue.

get it diagnosed by a professional

Make An Auto Repair Service Or Tire Appointment Today

4 Causes Of A Car Pulling Left Or Right

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Reason A Car Pulls To One Side And How To Fix It

That causes your car to pull to whatever side the defective tire is on. This kind of conicity is apparent right away in new tires, and is covered under warranties. If you begin to notice a pull after several thousand kilometres have been put on your tires, this is most likely due to uneven wear caused by driving conditions or a suspension issue.

Why Is My Car Pulling

Low tire pressure. The most common reason for car pulling is uneven pressure in the tires. If one of the tires has low pressure, then your car will pull towards the side which has the least pressure. This can also happen if you have only changed one of the four tires and the pressure in each of them is totally different.

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Why Does My Car Pull To The Right Or Left

Low tire pressure can also be a cause of pulling. A car that pulls to the right or left is more difficult to control as it requires the driver to constantly correct the pull. This can put an increased burden on the driver and take their focus off of driving safely. Cars designed for driving on the right side of the road are manufactured to pull …

Why Is My Car Pulling When Accelerating


This action is known as torque steer and it defines the moment in which your car slowly pulls to one side only when you are accelerating or using the throttle. There are also several reasons why your car is doing so, but first you should make sure it is not an alignment problem by putting your car in neutral and leave it to coast. If it does not pull at this time then you do have a torque steer problem

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Why My Car Pulls To One Side

Lets say your car is pulling to the right. So, heres a trick that you can do. Put the right tire on the left and the left tire on the right. Just change sides and when youre done, take it for a drive. If you find that it now pulls to the left instead of the right, one of the two front tires has gone bad.

Why Does My Car Pull To The Right When Driving

Bad front suspension alignment is probably the No. 1 cause of a car pulling to one side or the other. Almost any kind of alignment problem can cause this, especially if it only affects one wheel. The adjustable steering tie rod that links your front wheels together, and to the steering box, is a likely suspect, especially on rack-and-pinion steering systems.

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Road Crown Can Cause Your To Pull To The Right Or Left

Your car could also pull to one side due to road crown. Most roads are constructed to tip to the right or left for drainage purposes. If youre driving on either of the farthest lanes, your vehicle could pull to either the left or right. This is often never a reason for concern as the pulling goes away as you continue driving.

Uneven Tread Wear Can Cause Your Car To Pull To One Side

How to Fix a Car that Pulls to One Side (Tire Rotation)

Slip belts and uneven tread wear are also possible culprits behind a car that pulls to the left or right. When the belts in your tires begin to slip, they pull apart and separate from the tire frame. This then causes the sidewall to weaken. If you take a look at your tires, you may notice bulges or bumps on one of them. This occurs due to a defect in the manufacturing process.

Abnormal tread wear could also be causing the pull. Its often characterized by areas on the tires that are more worn than others. You can always swap your tires and drive the car to confirm whether this is the cause behind the pulling. If you notice a shift in the cars pulling, then you have a problem with one of the tires.

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Why Is My Car Pulling To One Side

  • 14 March 2018

Is there anything more frustrating than having your car pull to one side while youre driving? Its hard to focus on safe driving when youre constantly tugging your wheel left or right just so you can keep a straight line.

The worst part is you have no idea whats causing it, or how to fix it. Luckily, we can help with that.

Needs A Wheel Alignment

If the tires are good, your next check should be the alignment. If the wheels and axles arent lined up correctly, the car can pull. You might also notice the problem when you look at the steering wheel.

Thankfully, it doesnt take long for the mechanic to align the wheels. You want to get this fixed right away because bad wheel alignment causes the tires to wear unevenly, meaning you will need tire replacement earlier than you should.

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What Is A Pull When Driving A Modified Car

It could mean: A dynamometer pull as Chuck Brandt says in his answer In a front wheel drive car, the tendency to veer one way or the other under heavy acceleration. This is a minor issue with front wheel drive cars that may occasionally become more noticeable after upgrading the engine, transmission or wheels. Colloquially, it may refer to torque.

What Does It Mean When Your Car Pulls To The Right

Why Does My Car Pull To The Right?

Here are some of the possible causes and solutions why your car is pulling to the right.

  • Misaligned Wheels Wheel misalignment is one of the top causes of a car pulling to the right. This means that your tires are no longer balanced and evenly paralleled with each other. If you let go of the steering wheel, your car only moves in a single direction and your steering wheel doesnt go back to its standard position. This is difficult and inconvenient to drive as you constantly have to pull back and steer to the opposite direction to keep a straight line. The misalignment of wheels or unbalanced tires can happen over time. It happens as you drive over potholes, by hitting curbs, and other bad road conditions. To fix this, you will need to schedule for a wheel alignment. It is important to have your wheels aligned regularly as it maximizes your tires life, improves your cars overall handling, and keeps your car from pulling to the right or in one direction.

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Fixing Your Car’s Steering Pull At Dowleys Garage

Here at Dowleys Garage, we have qualified technicians that can diagnose the reason your vehicle is pulling to one side. Using the latest equipment, we can implement a repair whether you need a wheel alignment, replacement suspension parts or wheel balancing.

We’re proud members of the Trust My Garage Scheme so you can be sure that any work we carry out is in the best interests of your safety. Head over to our Tyre Centre for more information about the services we provide.


Chevy Corvette: Pulls To The Right Diagnosis

All it takes is the right pothole or unexpected bump to throw the alignment off, which causes your tires to no longer make consistent contact with the road, which in turn causes it to pull to the right. Theres a lot of geometry involved in adjusting the suspension back into place. An alignment shop is going to be your best bet.

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Reasons Car Pulls After A Wheel Alignment

The most common cause of why your car pulls after a wheel alignment is that the wheel alignment were not performed properly, but it can also be caused by a bad control arm bushing or any problems with the suspension.

If you have checked the air pressure in your tires and have had the vehicle aligned but are still having a pulling sensation to one side, you might have bigger problems on your hand. At this point, it would be necessary to perform a complete inspection of the wheel bearings, brakes, suspension, and steering system to determine what is causing the pull. None of these issues should be left unaddressed or you will compromise your on-road safety.

Damaged Or Stuck Brake Pad

How to Fix Brakes that Pull to One Side

If one brake pad is damaged, it can cause the car to pull while braking. Additionally, a low-quality brake pad is more likely to crack, especially if you use the brakes hard.

Over time, the crack will only get deeper, resulting in dislodged friction material. As the brake pad material gets smaller, your stopping performance becomes hindered and you could notice some pulling to the side. Worn brake pads are also going to wear out the rotors, so you should have them replaced immediately.

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My Car Is Pulling To The Right

When a car pulls to the right or to the left it’s for one reason only. It’s been in a front end accident. Not only is the alignment screwed but a lot of other things might be too that you have no idea about. Odds are the damage was substantial and repaired and perhaps the car partially or completely rebuilt. I’m NOT out to scare the shit out of …

Help Why Is My Car Pulling To One Side

Step Two: Check Tire Pressure. Improper tire pressure is one of the top reasons a car might feel like it’s pulling to one side. With over or under-inflated tires, your car may feel like it’s leaning. This pull can occur from the right to left almost like a heaving motion. Over or under-inflated tires can lead to tire wear issues down the …

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