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Why Does My Car Squeak

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It Might Be The Power Steering System

Why Your Brakes or Wheels Squeak?/Squeaking noise while driving slow/squeaking brake noise/ALIMECH

New Subaru models are starting to come equipped with electric power steering. That means you won’t need to worry about power steering fluid or any other part of a hydraulic system. However, most cars still on the road today are equipped with a hydraulic power steering system that requires a special fluid. When this fluid is low, or when the pump is beginning to fail, you’re likely to hear a squealing sound. This sound is usually at its worst when the steering wheel is turned all the way to one side.

Replace Your Brake Pads And Rotor

After trying all the possible methods to stop that squeaking sound from your vehicles brakes, I guess it is time to replace your brake pads and rotor of yours. If your brake pads are completely worn out, you will notice a squealing noise because of the high friction between your brake pads and rotor. When your pads cannot make contact with your rotor, the best fix is to replace both components.

Luckily, replacing damaged brake pads or rotors in your vehicles is quite easy. Here is an outline of a step by step procedure that can make the replacement even easier:

Step 1

The first step is to equip yourself with personal protective equipment like putting on a safety google and a coverall. Then make sure your car is parked on a dry and level surface. Then mark out the points for your jack.

Step 2

Raise the bonnet and check the level of the brake fluid in your reservoir. Remove some fluid if the reservoir is full so that there will be no spillage when you push the brake piston.

Step 3

Unscrew your vehicles lug nuts but not completely and gently jack up your vehicle just enough to make you comfortably work under your car. Then you can completely unscrew the lug nuts and remove your wheels. Make sure the jack is well placed to avoid any unfortunate event.

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Now get ready to install the brake pads. Pay attention to the wear sensors in the inner pads of your new brake pads. There are different wear sensor placements for various pads.

Step 9

Step 10

How To Solve Car Suspension Squeaking When Driving Over Bumps

When you first hear your cars suspension squeaking, you shouldnt panic. The cause could be any number of minor, easily fixed issues. On the other hand, however, it also means that trying to figure out the exact cause can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Thats why youll want to look to this guide of causes of squeaky suspension and how to fix them.

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Loose Interior And Exterior Trim

If the car squeaks when turning and braking, it could merely be loose interior and exterior trim that is rubbing on another part. Interior or exterior trim squeaks and rattles can be hushed once you locate the source of the sound and that can be challenging. Try to find interior noises and eliminate the noise by pressing down on side panels, doors, windows, handles and trim until the sound changes.

For exterior trim that is loose, removing the trim or using a powerful adhesive should eliminate the squeaking noise.

Can Bad Alignment Cause Squeaking

Why Does My Car Squeal When I Turn the Steering Wheel?

Just like how driving on a rough road can loosen tire lugs, it can also mess up the tire’s alignment. When the tires have bad alignment, this will be a cause of squeaking noises.

If you’ve gone too long without getting your tires aligned, this will cause squeaking as well. So make sure you get an alignment as necessary.

Waiting too long to get an alignment will cause a bumpy ride, even on a smooth road. It also leads to irregular tire movements, which, if untreated, can cause expensive damage to your undercarriage.

While we’re talking about the undercarriage, check on the wheel bearings. They won’t make a squeaking sound if something’s wrong with them –they’ll make a humming sound– but a messed up alignment could lead to messed up bearings if untreated.

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Or Is It Something Else

Although uncommon, loose or rusted wheel covers, or loose or overtightened lug nuts can cause tires to squeak while driving. Your best bet is to have a trusted mechanic check your vehicles wheels for any physical damage. And never just re-tighten lug nuts. Lug nuts should be loosened, then re-torqued to the manufacturers specifications.

Your tires make up your cars most essential safety systems. Squeaking tires while driving should be checked by your mechanic before a more serious problem arises.

Theres A Problem With Ball Joints Or Bushings

Also related to the power steering system , the ball bushings or joints may need to be changed out. If this is the problem, youll usually experience vibrating in addition to squeaking when you turn. You definitely want to replace these as soon as possible if theyre failing, so you can avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

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Is It Bad To Drive With Squeaky Brakes

Its bad to drive with squeaky brakes if the brake pads are worn, as your stopping power is severely reduced. This can be extremely dangerous, and even cause a crash.

The answer to this question is entirely dependant on the cause of your squeaky brakes.

If it is a minor cause, like a stone in the brake pad, or a heavy load, then there should be no long-lasting issue as its likely to resolve itself in time.

However, if the cause of your squeaky brakes is because the brake pads are sufficiently worn then you should not drive anywhere until they have been replaced. Worn brake pads simply wont give you enough stopping power.

Imagine this your brakes have been squeaking for around a week now. Youre on a country road, a deer jumps out, and your car simply cannot stop in time as the pads are worn down to bare metal. Driving with worn brake pads can be dangerous, and even fatal.

Because it can be hard to decipher the cause of your squeaky brake pads, its best to have them checked by a mechanic whenever the issue arises. Its the safest option, and well worth the money that you spend.

Why Is My Car Squeaking When I Go Over Bumps

How to Fix a Squeaky Belt (figure out where the squeak is coming from)

When you go over bumps on the road, you may sometimes hear a squeaking noise coming from either side of your car. Equally, you might hear a squeak from underneath in the chassis. This noise is not only embarrassing, as everyone around you turns their head to see your car, but can be a sign that there is something seriously wrong. This can lead to damage to the vehicle or even result in an accident. Read this oneHOWTO article if you want to know the reason why this problem happens and find out why your car squeaks when you go over bumps.

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Common Reasons For Squeaky Brakes

Aside from worn brakes, there are a number of other reasons why your brakes might squeak. As previously mentioned, foreign matter in your system could cause squeaking. If you drive your vehicle in an extremely dusty or sandy area, you might hear squeaking from your brakes afterward. Very cold or icy weather can also cause squeaking.

Similarly, snow or hard rain can create a thin rust layer on your brakes that will squeak the first few times the brakes are used. If you park your vehicle outside overnight, a similar situation can happen with dew getting into the system. Noises that arise from these causes are usually temporary and should disappear after a few uses.

If youre hauling a big load with a truck or SUV, you might experience squeaking due to the brake parts heating up and swelling. Similarly, if youre going down a long grade in any vehicle while using your brakes, they may heat up from the strain. If you own a brand new vehicle, you might experience squeaking due to the extra hard brake pads that are often installed.

Why Does My Car Squeak When I Drive

My car seems to be running fine, but thereâs a squeaking sound whenever I drive. What could be causing it?

worn-out brake pads

  • Worn brake pads: Brake pads are actually designed to squeak when itâs time to have your brakes checked.
  • Loose fan belt: If your fan belt is loose or worn out, your car will emit a high-pitched squeal when accelerating or starting your car in cold weather. This could also indicate a problem with your timing belt.
  • Vacuum leak: If the sound is more of a whistle coming from under the hood, one of your hoses in the air intake system may be leaking.
  • Low steering fluid: If you hear the squeak when turning, your power steering fluid may be low or contaminated.
  • Worn-out ball joints: If the sound happens when you turn and adding power steering fluid didnât fix the problem, your ball joints may be worn and need to be replaced.
  • Faulty alternator: The most serious cause is a faulty alternator, which will cause a squeaky noise coming from your engine. This could also include a burning smell and a warning light on your dash.

get your car checked as soon as possible

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Here Are The Most Common Reasons Why Is My Car Squeaking

Porsche 993 Why is My Car Squeaking

A vague, undefined squeak is coming from your car. Youre not sure of its exact origin, but you can hear it and are at least able to identify the direction from which its coming . This isnt a good situation in which to find yourself, and the less you know about the inner workings of your car, the worse it will feel.


If you have no idea where to start looking, but would like to narrow down the possibilities before taking it to a shop for repairs or would like to identify the problem so that you can repair it yourself, then youre in luck, because I can help you.

I will always suggest that you try to identify the problem yourself, before taking it into a garage because, even without having any mechanical knowledge yourself, the more you can tell your mechanic about the sound, the less of their time, and your money will be spent trying to find the problem.

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Brake Pads With High Metal Content

Youll find a certain amount of metal in all types of brake pads, but there are bargain brake pads that contain much higher amounts of metal than average. These pads often have large pieces of metal embedded into their construction. These highly-metallic pads can cause squeaking sounds when they press against your rotor. The pads tend to last quite a while .

To avoid this, invest in higher quality pads that contain more organic material like fiber and rubber.

Regular Car Maintenance Reduces Squeaking

In many cases, you can avoid a squeaking car by simply keeping it maintained. For example, if you are having the brakes checked at regular intervals, you can replace the pads before they get too worn. By replacing the brake pads early, you also save the life of the rotors.

Additionally, power steering fluid flushes should be included with your regular maintenance schedule. By flushing out the power steering fluid regularly, debris cant build-up, so its always fresh.

Maintenance also extends to the tires and suspension. With regular inspections, you can tell when its time for a wheel alignment or new tires before the squeaking begins. You can also replace worn suspension parts before they start to cause issues.

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What Is The Cost To Replace A Serpentine Belt

A serpentine belt replacement is a relatively low-cost engine repair. The belts are usually reasonably accessible in the engine, and therefore, theyre easier to replace . Plus, a serpentine belt isnt a costly part, most price between $30-$80.

Overall, the cost to replace a serpentine belt can vary depending on your vehicles make and model. Heres a quick ballpark estimate of what to expect:

  • New Serpentine Belt $30-$80
  • 1 to 1.5 Hours Labor $100-$200

Therefore, a total replacement cost is usually in the range of $150-$250, although some vehicle makes and models might cost more to replace. This is because some engines have two belts which the additional belt is normally used to drive the a/c compressor. In addition, your vehicle may require a stretch fit belt over a v type construction instead of the normal belt tensioner. Special belts may require more labor, so contact us to get an accurate price quote.

How To Stop Your Car From Squealing On Start

The Secret to Fix a Squeaky Belt in Your Car

Turning on your car just to have it squeal loudly is as annoying as it is embarrassing. Everyone with in earshot will look around and want to know where such a distinct sound came from. Luckily, about 90% of the time there is a single, easily-fixable culprit.

Lets take a look at

Why does my car squeal when I start it?

Schedulea Service Appointment

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How To Tell If My Serpentine Belt Needs Replacing

A lousy belt is hard to miss. Youll notice the high-pitched persistent squealing as soon as you start the engine. And when you accelerate suddenly, the squealing gets worse. On rainy days or during those humid summer days, you notice a greater frequency in the squealing. Unfortunately, a failing belt usually doesnt turn the check engine light on, and therefore, youll want to watch out for the signs and symptoms.

Beyond the high-pitched squeal, a failing or bad serpentine belt also causes other noticeable issues. They include:

Will A Squeaking Noise Impact My Insurance

Regular vehicle maintenance helps to keep you and others safe and extends the life of your car. It is also required by your car insurance cover.

Car insurance wont pay for any maintenance repairs. It is up to you to make sure your car is in good repair and that you are not violating any policy terms in the case of an accident.

Government guidelines are also clear that you are responsible for making sure your vehicle is safe to drive. Remember your vehicle can still be considered unsafe even with a current valid MOT certificate.

Driving vehicles in a dangerous condition can incur:

  • penalties of £2,500

Adding penalty points to your licence could mean paying extra in car insurance.

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Road Materials In The Brakes

Every time you drive, theres a small chance that little objects, such as sand or grit will fly up and embed itself in your brakes. This is perfectly normal, and you wont even notice it most of the time.

However, on occasions, a bigger stone or piece of grit will get stuck in your brakes. This will cause a squeaking noise as youll be able to hear the stone being squeezed onto the brake pad.

This issue will usually resolve itself, but it may need to be removed manually if it persists.

Underinflated Or Overinflated Tires

Why is my Car Squeaking

Under- or overinflated tires are the number one and most obvious cause of tire squeak, especially when turning. The tread area contacting the road surface is greatly reduced on tires that are under- or overinflated. This causes tires to deform, slide sideways and squeak. Follow your vehicle manufacturers recommended specifications for tire inflation and make checking your tire pressure part of your monthly maintenance routine.

Pro Tip: Tire pressure is important to your cars overall safety and performance. Tires that are under or over inflated are prone to blowouts, negatively impact fuel economy and braking and steering responsiveness. Pick up a tread depth gauge and air pressure gauge online or at your local parts store and use them regularly. Replace any tire that has tread measuring 4/32-in. or less.

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Why Are My Wheels Squeaking When Driving

Your wheels squealing could be a great source of worry, because if anything goes wrong you could easily lose control.

This is an issue that you shouldnt ignore and you should be prepared with the knowledge necessary to handle this situation should it arise in your vehicle, which well provide below.

What To Do About Your Squeaking Car

This depends on the cause of the issue. The post above should give you an idea of what the issue could be.

It could also help you figure out which ones you can handle with a few things in your toolbox. For instance, you could apply some oil to the parts of your car that needs to be lubricated.

However, nothing beats a visit to your local auto repair shop. Thats about what you can do here let the experts handle it.

As for what not to do dont ever ignore these strange sounds coming from your vehicle. They could be early warning signs of a much bigger problem that could cost you a lot more in the long run. Regular maintenance and servicing of your vehicle is also recommended.

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