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What Happens When Your Car Is Stolen Without Insurance

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Does Car Insurance Cover Theft Of Personal Items

If You’re Not Doing This Before Starting Your Car, You’re Stupid

What to do if your car gets stolen? Lets say you do have car insurance. You file a police report. The police arrive to gather the facts . Your insurance company processes the claim, then pays out the actual cash value of your vehicle.

Be prepared to be asked plenty of questions. The vehicle owner is the primary suspect when a vehicle is stolen. Insurance companies lose billions to fraud every year. Before paying out a claim, the insurance company will do everything in its power to rule out fraud.

Some insurers also impose a waiting period for all stolen vehicles. If your stolen vehicle is recovered during this period, then the insurance company will not pay out your stolen vehicle claim.

If your stolen vehicle is never recovered, and the insurance company doesnt suspect you of fraud, then your auto insurance company will reimburse you for the actual cash value of your car. This is the price you paid for the car minus any depreciation. Finally, youll receive a check for this dollar amount .

Keep in mind that in the event of a total loss, the actual cash value of your vehicle could be negotiable. Insurance adjusters start with the low end of a vehicles value with the assumption the owner will negotiate. Dont be afraid to research, check comparable values for your vehicle, and deny the companys initial offer.

What Happens If My Car Is Stolen And It’s Still Being Financed

Until your car loan is paid in full, you are still obligated to make payments, even if it is not recovered. Your payout can be directly applied to help pay off your car loan. If there is still a balance owing after youve paid the claim amount to your finance company, you will be responsible for paying the difference out of your pocket, unless you have gap insurance.

Park In Public Places With Plenty Of Light

Make sure to park your car in a lighted area if at all possible. Park in a place where your car is visual to the public. The more eyes that are on it, the more difficult it will be for a thief to do anything to it.

A car is more likely to get stolen if it is parked in a dark area where a thief can slink up to the car than if in a well-lit area thats more visible.

Michelle Megna contributed to this story.

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How Long Does The Insurance Claims Process Take For A Stolen Car

On average, it takes 11 days for an automobile to be found and 30% of recovered vehicles come back with damages.

Most companies have a minimum waiting period before closing the claim. Typically it is 30 days. This happens to see if your vehicle can be recovered. Since companies are different in how they handle claims, ask them about the expected time frame.

Does Insurance Cover A Stolen Car If The Keys Were Left Inside

What happens if I drive without insurance?

There is good news and bad news if you leave your keys in the car and it gets stolen.

Typically, comprehensive coverage will pay a claim on your stolen car even if it was stolen because you left the keys inside. However, you may be liable for damage caused by the thief while driving your car. You could be subject to a negligence suit for that damage under the theory that your negligence in leaving your keys in the car led to the harm.

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Not All Insurance Policies Cover Stolen Cars

Whether your insurer covers stolen vehicles will depend on the type of car insurance policy you have.

Usually, you’ll only be covered for theft if you have a fully comprehensive policy or third-party, fire and theft insurance.

Third-party insurance alone won’t cover you if your car is stolen because it only insures against injury or damage that you cause to other people’s cars.

What Kinds Of Car Insurance Cover Theft

The only type of car insurance coverage that will pay for a stolen car is comprehensive. It covers all sources of damage to your car except crashes, such as vandalism, hail or water damage.

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Does Auto Insurance Cover A Stolen Car

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

Car insurance does cover a stolen car, but only if you have comprehensive coverage.

If you do, you’re covered for the outright theft of your vehicle, as well as damage to your vehicle that occurs during a break-in. You’ll be paid up to the actual cash value of your car, minus your deductible.

Unfortunately, no other type of car insurance covers theft, so if you don’t have comprehensive insurance, you’re on your own to cover the cost of a replacement vehicle.

If your car is stolen, file a police report immediately and contact your insurance provider to find out if you’re protected. The sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll be able to replace your car and the odds of your car being found will be higher, too.

Coverage Required For Car Theft Insurance

She paid a broker for car insurance and ended up uninsured

With comprehensive car insurance, you should be protected against vehicle theft and other vehicle damage as a result of random non-collision situations, which can include events like vandalism or flooding says ValuePenguin. If your insurance policy has reimbursement coverage added for car rental, you can claim back what you paid for car rental, up to the maximum allowed, while your insurance provider assesses your claim.

Comprehensive car insurance is often available as an addition to your insurance policy, but you need to confirm with your insurance provider if this is included in your specific policy. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to claim any compensation in the event that your car is stolen.

Liability insurance is usually the very minimum insurance coverage that most drivers have, and it’s important to know that it doesn’t cover you for car theft. Rather, it covers you for damages that you may cause to other people’s property or other cars and their drivers.

Collision insurance covers your own vehicle’s cost of repair when you are involved in an accident, which does not include other cars. However, it does not include coverage for another vehicle or for the theft of your vehicle.

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Can I Get An Anti

Some insurers offer discounts for vehicles with manual and passive alarms or tracking devices. You may even earn a discount if your car’s vehicle identification number is engraved on the window or door glass. Progressive offers an anti-theft discount in some states. Eligibility varies by state and requires comprehensive coverage.

Looking for more information about auto insurance? Our car insurance resource center has you covered.

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Claims For Stolen Cars Won’t Stay On Your Record Forever

All car insurance claims are added to the Claims and Underwriting Exchange , which is a big record of every single car claim made in the UK.

When you get a car insurance quote your insurer will also ask lots of questions about your driving history, including any accidents you’ve had and the claims you’ve made.

They’ll use this information, along with other details, to work out the price of your policy.

Technically claims never disappear from your record but insurers usually only ask for claims made within the last 5 years.

This means that claims and accidents from more than 5 years ago won’t affect the cost of your policy.

It can vary though, and some insurance companies ask for your claims history for up to the last 10 years.

You need to be honest about your claims history as your insurers can check the CUE and might cancel your policy if you’ve lied.

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How To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen In The Future

While it may be too late to protect your stolen car, there are several things you can do to ensure that your next vehicle is safer from thieves. Some of these measures will even help lower your auto insurance cost.

Here are some simple tips to reduce the chances of your car being stolen:

  • Close your windows
  • Install a car alarm system
  • Install a GPS tracking system
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Lock your vehicle
  • Park your vehicle in safe areas
  • Store keys in a safe area away from your vehicle
  • Turn off the ignition when not operating the vehicle
  • Use a physical anti-theft device

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the authors opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.

What To Do if Your Car is Stolen

  • 1. File a Police Report
  • 2. Contact Your Insurance
  • 3. Call Your Loan/Lease Company
  • 4. Attempt to Track Your Stolen Car

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Who Owns The Items Inside A Recovered Vehicle

Membership means peace of mind knowing that you will have the police ...

In most cases, your auto insurance policy doesn’t cover personal items inside your vehicle. Renters or homeowners insurance most often protects items stolen from inside a car. If your car is recovered, the items inside it are still yours, even if the car itself is now the property of the insurance company.

Your policy also may pay for the cost of custom parts or modifications if you have custom parts and equipment coverage. Comprehensive and collision coverage may pay up to a certain amount for custom parts, depending on your insurer, but any damage beyond this amount requires CPE coverage. This coverage protects upgrades and modifications to your vehicle, like rims or a custom stereo system. If your vehicle is stolen, this coverage will pay the additional replacement cost of those items, up to a specified limit.

Looking for more information about auto insurance? Our car insurance resource center has you covered.

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Does Car Insurance Cover Theft Of Personal Items In A Stolen Car

Suppose you have car insurance for your stolen car. After you file a police report, your insurance company investigates the claim and pays out the actual cash value of your vehicle.

However, your auto insurance will not cover personal items in the car, including cell phone, briefcase, and laptop. You need renters or homeowners policy to cover your belongings, even if the car was not stolen on your property.

Your insurance company may offer personal property coverage for an additional fee, which covers the personal items in your stolen vehicle.

How Long Does It Take For The Insurance Company To Pay Out On Your Stolen Car

If youve had the comprehensive insurance for your car, you should file a car stolen insurance claim at once. The insurance company will investigate the case before paying out for your loss.

Car insurance companies typically have a waiting period of 30 days, before they will pay a stolen car claim, as it gives time to see if the car would be recovered.

If your car is recovered but comes back damaged, the car insurance company will determine whether the car can be repaired or is a total loss. If your vehicle is considered as a total loss, youll get the actual cash value of your car from the company.

If your stolen car reappears after your insurance settlement, your insurance company will retain the ownership of the vehicle. The vehicle would be sold for salvage or at an auction.

You can buy your stolen car back if the laws and the insurance companys guidelines allow.

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Documents Required For Theft Claims Process

  • Claim form that is filled and signed by the policy holder
  • The Motor Insurance Policy
  • Original Registration Certificate
  • The FIR filed at the police station
  • All the original keys to the vehicle
  • Original sales invoice of the car or the Tax receipt
  • Informing the theft to the RTO and signed transfer papers from the RTO with forms such as Form 29, Form 28, Form 30 and Form 35.
  • Indemnity Bond

Does Liability Insurance Cover A Stolen Car

SAPD: Car thieves using technology to hack key fobs, steal vehicles

No. Liability insurance will cover you if you cause bodily injury or property damage to someone else, but it won’t cover a stolen vehicle. Collision coverage won’t protect you from theft either. Comprehensive is the only coverage that can cover car theft or damage to your car caused by a theft or break-in.

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Will I Lose My No Claims Discount

A no claims discount is a great way of reducing the cost of your car insurance.

Every year you drive without claiming, the cost of your insurance for the following year is discounted.

Unfortunately if your car is stolen and isn’t returned by police, your no claims discount will suffer.

Any time you are forced to make a claim to your insurer that results in a pay-out, your NCD will be affected.

Many insurers will let you pay extra to protect your NCD, if you have a few years of no claims under your belt this might be worthwhile.

How Do You File A Claim For A Stolen Car

When you file a car insurance claim for a stolen vehicle, expect your insurer to open a investigation.

You will be expected to provide the following information :

  • When and where the incident occurred : The time, date and location it was stolen.
  • Vehicle details : Year, make, model, kilometers, other distinguishing marks .
  • Police report : Insurers will want a copy of your police report.

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When Your Car Is Missing But Not Actually Stolen

Before you report your car stolen, double check to make sure youre actually in the right place. There are smartphone apps you can install that pair with your car and help you track it down if you think you may have forgotten where you parked it.

If you parked illegally, or if you owe money on parking tickets or other violations, its also possible that your car was towed.

Depending on where you are, your city may have a hotline or an online tool that will let you look up a towed vehicle if you have the license plate number, and give you instructions to retrieve it.

File A Car Insurance Claim

Car Accident Without Insurance â Whatâs Next?

You can do this over the phone with your insurance agent or later online, but you should do this as soon as possible. These are the things youll need when you file a car insurance claim for a stolen vehicle:

  • The date and time of the event.
  • A brief description of what happened.
  • The police report case number.
  • Any photos of the location where it was stolen or damaged pieces left behind.

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You Can Get A Vehicle Tax Refund If Your Car Is Stolen

The DVLA will cancel your car tax once you let them know that your vehicle is stolen.

You’ll automatically get a refund cheque for any full months left on your car tax.

Refund cheques are sent to the name and address on the car’s log book).

If your car had a personalised registration number that you want to keep, you’ll have to apply for a tax refund yourself.

The DVLA won’t refund you for the following charges:

  • The 5% surcharge on some Direct Debit payments
  • The 10% surcharge on a single six-month payment

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Gap Coverage: For Loan And Lease Payoffs

If your car is stolen, your insurer will pay you the actual cash value of the vehicle minus your deductible. It’s possible that the ACV amount wouldn’t be sufficient to pay off your loan or lease due to factors like interest and depreciation. If the amount you owe is greater than the value of your vehicle, consider purchasing gap coverage, which can cover a percentage of the difference between the balance owed and the ACV. At Progressive, we refer to this as “loan/lease payoff” coverage, and it only costs around $5 per month on average.

How Much Do You Get Paid By Insurance If Your Car Is Stolen

What Happens When Your Car is Totaled?

If your automobile is stolen and not recovered, it will be considered a total loss. You will work with your insurer to agree on the market value or actual cash value . This is the amount you will be paid out. You will not be reimbursed for the original value of the vehicle or the cost of a replacement.

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Is Theft Covered By Car Insurance

Similar to hail damage or vandalism, car theft is considered a non-collision event. That means comprehensive insurance can help cover the cost of your stolen car whether or not its recovered minus your deductible.

Unlike auto liability coverage, comprehensive coverage is optional if you own your vehicle outright. If you have a loan on your car, chances are your lender requires collision and comprehensive insurance. But regardless of whether or not its required by your lender, comprehensive coverage is the best way to ensure youll be protected in the event your car is stolen.

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