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Are Car Lots Open On Sunday

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Why Are All Wisconsin Car Dealers Closed Sundays

Every car and motorcycle dealership in Wisconsin is closed on Sundays. In fact, its against the law to sell a car or motorcycle that day of the week.

WISC-TV looked into the reason why.

The Rev. Jerry Olson from Christ Lutheran Church in DeForest explained how blue laws play a role. Blue laws are decades-old state statutes that restrict business activities on Sundays to preserve the religious nature of the day.

The laws can vary across the nation Wisconsins law says a dealers license could be at stake if they keep their place of business open on Sunday for the purpose of buying, leasing or selling a motor vehicle.

Back in the day, blue laws forced a majority of businesses to close on Sundays. Most of them except the car sales law have since been repealed.

AJ Stark from Stark Automotive in Sun Prairie said that regardless of being closed, Sunday is their busiest day.

A lot of people, they want to go out and look and they dont want to be bothered, Stark said.

Its also a day dealers dont have to worry about competition because of the law. So Stark said hes happy hes able to give a break to his hardworking employees.

Overall, I think its a good thing, Stark said.

Olson said God probably wouldnt mind.

I took a poll of the church basement ladies and they said and I think I agree with them God probably doesnt care what you sell on Sunday, Olson said. But he does care that you keep Sabbath.

Should This Law Be Taken Off The Books

Like many outdated laws, the law that Colorado car dealers must stay shuttered on Sundays is obviously outdated. But that hasnt been enough to get officials to outlaw it.

This begs the question of whether it really is outdated, or whether its a relevant, important law that should remain in place even today.

Were reviewing the positives and negatives that would come with throwing out this law so that you can decide for yourself whether it should remain on the books.

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Are Car Dealerships Open On Sundays In Illinois

A question we often receive here at Muller Honda is if car dealerships are open on Sundays in Illinois. The answer is no car dealerships are not open on Sunday. Illinois is one of 18 states that limit or ban car sales on Sundays.

Why Are Illinois Car Dealerships Closed On Sundays?

The ban or restriction on car sales on Sundays goes back to colonial laws, often called “Blue Laws”. These restrictions were originally meant to enforce religious beliefs and restrict certain activities during periods in which people were expected to attend church services. Since their inception, there have been multiple attempts to overturn these bans, which faced opposition from Illinois Car Dealerships.

Why Are Illinois Honda Dealers Opposed To Being Open On Sundays?

There are two reasons why many auto dealers oppose being open on Sundays. The first reason is that retail employees work long hours and they appreciate knowing they at least one guaranteed day to spend with their family. While most of our sales, finance, and service associates have a day off during the week, it may be difficult to spend time with family as spouses are often at work themselves and children are in school.

How Can Illinois Drivers Shop For A Car On Sundays?

Sundays typically result in the largest amount of online inquiries. Muller Honda has made it easy for customers to find model research on our website. We are your online solution for new Honda models for sale, used cars and trucks, and instant price quotes.

Financing And Auto Service At Berglund Automotive

Are Car Dealerships Open On Sunday In Texas

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No More Sunday Funday

Depends on what your definition is. Today, 17 states still uphold the Sunday car sale ban. Several of these states senators or governors have attempted to repeal the Blue Laws, but business owners simply arent having it. Many car dealership owners like the fact that theyre forced to be closed one day of the week, so that they dont feel compelled to be open for competitive reasons.

Seven states have mixed restrictions, and the rest of the states have left it up to the individual dealerships. Rhode Island is included in this category, and well get to our own laws shortly.

Ironically, those who have the freedom to stay open still remain closed on Sundays. Why? Wouldnt opening on Sundays allow for more business, given its generally the only other day most people have off during the week?

Not necessarily. Many dealer owners feel as though their annual sales wont automatically increase by being open seven days instead of six. Plus, they want to give their employees at least one mandatory day off to spend with family, and not feel enticed to work seven days in a row.

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Are Dealerships Open On Sundays In Nj

A common question we receive here at DCH Paramus Honda is customers asking if car dealerships are open on Sundays in New Jersey . The answer is no. New Jersey is one of 18 states that restrict or ban car sales on Sundays.

What’s the reason New Jersey car dealerships are closed on Sundays?

The ban on car sales on Sundays can be traced back to colonial laws, often called “Blue Laws”, which were originally intended to enforce religious standards and restricted certain activities during times where people were expected to attend church services. There have been several attempts by local lawmakers to overturn this ban, all of which faced opposition from New Jersey Car Dealerships.

Why are Car Dealers in NJ opposed to being open on Sundays?

There are two main reasons why the majority of dealers are opposed to being open on Sundays. The first reason we commonly hear is that being in the retail business typically means that the employees work extensive hours and they appreciate having at least one guaranteed day to spend with their family. Yes, most employees may have a day off during the week but still find that day difficult to spend with family as spouses are usually at work themselves and children at school.

What do customers shopping for a vehicle do on Sundays?

Article by Jason Cohen, Business Development and Customer Relations Director 6/15/2016

Are All Dealerships Closed On Sundays

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No, not all dealerships are closed on sundays but it depends on the law and regulation of that particular state if dealers are allowed to open on sundays or not. And most dealerships prefer closing on sundays as they want to give a day off to their staff members so most of the dealerships are closed and most of the dealerships work according to the law.

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Getting Rid Of A Law Is A Difficult Process

Taking a law off of the books is a long and difficult process. It isnt one that a single dealership can tackle on its own.

In order for this law to ever be thrown out or changed, lawmakers in the state would need to take on this battle together, and invest the time and money it would take to get this law changed.

When To Stay Opened Or Closed Should Be Up To The Business

Many businesses in all kinds of industries choose not to operate all seven days of the week. In fact, many small businesses choose to close on Sundays to allow the owners and customers to spend time with their families or attend religious events.

But for most businesses, this choice is left up to the business owner. If money gets tight or business begins to wane, those businesses can choose to open on Sundays.

In addition, businesses continue to pay rent and utilities, even on days when they arent open. Forcing car dealers to close on Sundays limits the control that dealers have over their own business. They have to continue to pay for rent and utilities, even when they cant be open for business.

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Dealerships Are Losing Out On Business

For communities located on the borders of Colorado, dealers located on the Colorado-side of the state-line could be missing out on big business by being closed on Sundays.

If customers choose to shop on Sundays, or if Sunday is the only day that they can shop, theyll go over the line to look for their next vehicle. This could mean thousands of dollars in lost sales for those Colorado-based dealers.

States That Ban Dealership Car Sales On Sunday

Should car dealers be allowed to open on Sundays?

Without a rule about closing on Sundays, the dealerships that do close would lag behind sales, making it likely that nobody would close. Statewide bans on dealerships allow them to close without the risk of losing customers or business.

The 13 states that forbid car dealerships to sell vehicles on Sunday are:

  • Oklahoma
  • Michigan

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Should The Law Restricting Dealership Hours Be Changed

Strangely, the law enforcing the closing of dealerships does not seem to be heavily affecting consumers or business. Dealerships say that customers dont typically demand Sunday car-shopping, and they dont believe they are missing out on potential sales.

This has become even more true as so much of the car-shopping process has moved online with the rise of the internet. Customers dont feel the need to spend as much time in a dealership observing the cars in-person when theyve already spent hours researching at home.

Why Are Car Dealerships Closed On Sundays

The law requiring automotive dealerships to be closed on certain days dates back to something called blue laws. These began in colonial times and were used to regulate how people spent their time on Sunday, with the goal of encouraging more pious behavior and observance of the sabbath. Over time, the required day off turned more into an obligatory day of rest for workers.

Most blue laws have been repealed by the modern day, but two persist in Texas. One is that hard liquor cannot be purchased on a Sunday, and the other is that car dealerships must close for at least one day of the weekend.

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Can Dealerships Remain Open On Saturday And Sunday In Texas

Dealerships in Texas are allowed to commence their business operations on Sunday as they are not prohibited by any law. Certainly, they have a law that states dealership cannot operate on both Saturday and Sunday which means they have to close at least one day. At the time of holidays, its illegal to operate the car dealership for a whole day.

Dealers Get Sundays With Their Families

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One of the reasons why this law is on the books is likely the long-standing tradition that Sundays are family days.

While car shoppers have the freedom to choose to skip shopping for cars on Sundays in order to spend them with their families, car dealers in many states dont get this option.

They have to continue to stay open on Sundays in order to stay competitive with other dealers in their area.

This Colorado law helps dealers preserve their family time by requiring that all dealers stay closed on Sundays.

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What Dealerships Are Open Near Me On Sundays

If youre in the East Providence, Cranston, or Pawtucket area, and Sunday is your designated car shopping day, youre in luck. At Stateline Nissan, were open from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Sundays.

Plus, with our easy car buying process, itll still be like your stress-free day of restjust like the original lawmakers intended .

If youre interested in stopping by on a Sunday, you can contact us at any time via our online form.

What You Can Do On A Car Lot On Sundays

If your local dealership is open on Sundays and you find a vehicle you want, you can at least get started on the transaction its likely you could even be approved for financing and get to drive a new vehicle home that day with temporary tags issued by the dealership. If youve prearranged financing with your bank or credit union and arent reliant on the dealerships financing sources, that gives you even more leverage. If the dealership cant pull off the transaction for any reason, you could put a deposit on the vehicle you want so it will be pulled from the dealerships inventory. You may still have to come back to the dealership on Monday to finalize the deal, but the worst part of the transaction will already be done.

If a dealership isnt open, chances are good you could still go to the lot and walk around in search of an appealing vehicle. That due diligence, plus a website tour of the dealerships inventory, will give you an inside track on what the dealer has to offer and how it looks in person before returning during regular business hours to make a purchase.

Carfax Used Car Listings

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Legislation To Allow Sales Not Good For Business Or Workers

Car dealers hate government regulations, right?

Not on Sunday.

In Illinois, Texas and New Jersey, lawmakers who want to allow Sunday sales face vehement opposition from dealers. Sunday sales, dealers argue, are too hard to conduct with banks closed, make hiring and keeping quality workers difficult and are disliked by most consumers.

“The hours we work now are long enough that consumers have plenty of time to buy a car during the week,” said Bob Muller, general manager of Muller Honda of Gurnee in Gurnee, Ill. “A lot like to come here on Sundays to look and not be bothered by somebody. And it gives salespeople and managers time to spend with their families.”

Currently, 18 states ban or restrict Sunday car sales. In those states that allow them, many dealers say they are open that day only because competition demands it.

“We’d like to be closed, for the employees,” said Loy Todd, president of the Nebraska New Car & Truck Dealers Association in Lincoln. Nebraska allows Sunday sales. About 10 years ago, Nebraska dealers tried to get a law to prohibit them, but “it was controversial,” so dealers remain open on Sunday, he said.

Bob MullerMuller Honda of Gurnee, Gurnee, Ill.

The hours we work now are long enough that consumers have plenty of time to buy a car during the week.

Utah and Texas: A dealership must not sell cars either Saturday or Sunday. Most choose to close on Sunday.

Rhode Island: Allowed, open from noon to 6 p.m.

Illinois has banned Sunday sales since 1983.

What States Allow Car Dealerships On Sunday

Are Car Dealerships Open On Sunday In Texas

There are few states which still allow car dealerships to operate on Sunday with the restrictions of Blue law. The states who operate their car dealerships on Sunday are Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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