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How Do I Find Out If My Car Was Towed

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What If Your Car Was Towed For A More Serious Reason

Ask Trooper Steve: Was my car towed? Here’s how to find out

If your car was towed because the driver was unlicensed or had a suspended license, you will need to call to get a vehicle release.

As the owner of a towed car, you may request a hearing to determine the validity of the tow. Tow hearings are conducted without need of appointments Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM, by calling . If the line is busy, please hang up and call back in a few minutes.

Also please email a photo of your drivers license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance to to aid in the release of your vehicle. To avoid delays, do not change the vehicles registration to another persons name.

The SFPD will charge an administrative fee of $194 for all vehicles towed due to an arrest and pursuant to Sections 22651, 22651, 22655.5 of the Vehicle Code. This is separate from any towing and storage fees that will be charged by the City and County of San Francisco Impound. Fees cannot be waived if the vehicle was towed in the commission of a crime.

Can You Get A Replacement Title Online

In this world of being able to transact all manner of business online, we might assume this applies to replacing a car title. The simple truth is that in some states, you can, and in others, you cant. Only New York accepts applications for replacement titles online in our three state examples above. Even here, though, New York restricts online applications to New York residents replacing a title on which they are the listed owner.

Check with your states DMV.

Vi Request A Tow Hearing

Consumers that have had their vehicle towed or booted without their consent are entitled to a hearing. The VSF, towing, or booting company must provide consumers a notice that informs them of their right to a hearing and that identifies the justice court having jurisdiction. This will be the court where you file a request for a tow hearing. Consumers must file their request for a hearing before the 14th day after the car was placed in the VSF or booted.

The notice on tow hearings to consumers must include:

a statement that consumers have the right to submit a request within 14 days for a court hearing to determine whether probable cause existed to remove or boot the car

a list of the information that must be included in a request for a hearing

the amount of the filing fee for the hearing

the name, address, and telephone number of the towing company that removed the car or the booting company

the name, address, and telephone number of the VSF

the name, address, and telephone number of the person, property owner, or law enforcement agency that authorized the tow and

the name, address, and telephone number of the justice court where the VSF is located or, for booted cars, the name, address, and telephone number of the justice court where the car was booted.

A consumer’s request for a tow hearing must contain the following information. The towing company or VSF is required to provide you with the information necessary for you to complete items through below.

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The Best Ways To Locate Your Towed Vehicle In Los Angeles

There is no worse feeling than parking your car somewhere in Los Angeles and later finding out it got towed away mysteriously. At first, you may think someone stole your vehicle if youre not aware of any traffic or parking violations made. After all, there probably wont be any warning signs posted where you parked either.

So, why would your vehicle get towed? The most common reasons are parking on private property without permission from the owner or parking on public property longer than allowed. If you have violated one of these rules, the property owner or city can tow your vehicle without letting you know about it first.

Besides, how would the owner or city be able to contact you? They may see your license plate on your vehicle, but they wont immediately know your cell phone number. Instead, your vehicle will get towed, and the towing company will notify you via mail after a couple of days.

Any reputable towing company will notify the police about the tow because they are expecting you to call them to report your car missing. At that point, the police will inform you that your car has been towed to a particular towing companys tow yard. They should give you the phone number and address of the tow yard so that you contact them to retrieve your car.


Cars get towed in Los Angeles when they are trespassing on private property or violating public parking laws or regulations.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get It Back

Car Corral Towing

Naturally, getting your car back comes at a cost.

First there’s the release fee to recover the car which costs £100 if you retrieve the vehicle in 24 hours.

After this time, the release fee goes up to £200 and it costs a further £21 a day to store your car on site.

On top of this, you’ll also have the penalty for what it was that got your car towed.

If your vehicle was towed because it has no tax or insurance, you will have to rectify this before collecting your car and bring evidence with you to the impound site.

It’ll cost you £160 for a surety fee if you do not tax your vehicle before release or intend to SORN the vehicle.

The surety fee applies to motorcycles as well as cars, larger vehicles like buses or heavy load vehicles can cost either £330 or £700 in surety fees.

Any vehicle must be taxed if it is kept on a public road, it can be taxed or have a Statutory Off Road Notification if it is kept off-road.

The surety fee will only be refunded to you if you can confirm within two weeks of the vehicle’s release that tax has been paid.

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How Do I Know Which Towing Company Took My Car

If youve ever been towed, you know the feeling of being completely lost and confused. You were probably asking yourself: What tow company took my car? Who should I call if I want to find out where my car is? How do I know which towing company pulled my vehicle? These are all questions that bombard people when they have a car impounded. This article will consider all these questions to let you know some next steps you could take.

Find Out The Local City Impound

Once you confirm that your car got towed and once you reach out to the local city impound, you want to confirm whether your vehicle got to their impound or not, think about the city impound as a small car jail. It’s going to be extremely guarded so it’s not something you can walk in and pick up your car. However, there are some steps you have to follow to take your vehicle out properly.

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Perhaps You Were Illegally Towed

Its one thing if you parked in the wrong place and violated the parking law for that area, but it is not right and unjust to be towed and pay hundreds of dollars when you were unaware or perhaps there was truly no sign or citation before the tow.

If you believe you were wrongfully towed, pursue it! Request the towing company to provide you with a number to call to dispute it. They are most likely legally required to provide that for you. Also, read up on it and do your homework!

Now, even if you think you were wrongfully towed and are going to fight the towing charges, go get your vehicle right away.

Do your best to get there before they close. There are always overnight fees for having a towed vehicle kept in a towing yard.

Check out this other article on finding out if your car was towed illegally towed and what you can do about it!

How Does Towing Affects Insurance Rates

Hey RVW! How Do I Find Out What My Vehicle Can Safely Tow?

Your car being towed can be an unhappy affair. But, you can relax as it wont adversely affect your auto insurance rates, provided it happens just once. You cant file a claim as you cant ask your insurer to pay the towing fees. Mainly, your auto insurance company wont be covering it.

But, be careful that your insurer will know if youre a regular visitor to the local impound lot. So, expect your insurer to surge the insurance rates if towing happens for not paying the penalties at the DMV. The insurer sees this as a sign of bad driving behavior and financial instability.

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Was Your Car Towed Or Stolen

Before you assume youve been robbed and call the police, think long and hard. Parking violations aren’t the only reason cars get towed. Did you miss a few car payments last month? Was your vehicle at risk of being repossessed? Did you have outstanding traffic tickets? If so, your car couldve been towed for those reasons.

If you’ve ruled out all the reasons why your car could’ve been towed, still aren’t sure, or you believe it was stolen, it’s time to call the police. They can help you find out if your car was towed or stolen. But unless the vehicles window is getting smashed in front of you, don’t call 911! Use your areas non-emergency police line instead . You could also visit your city’s towed vehicle locator website if one is available and search for your vehicle by VIN number and/or license plate number.

Get The Insurance Information

In some impounds and insert in cities, they might ask you for the insurance information, and if your car doesn’t have insurance, that gets extremely complicated. So, therefore, you’ll want to reach out to the insurance company and get some details because you’ll need those once you reach out to the impound area.

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Stopping A Tow In Progress

The owner of the vehicle being towed, or a person entitled to possession, can request the release of the vehicle before the tow truck is in motion.

In that event, the car must be unhooked and released and a binding agreement must be executed in which the owner consents to pay the vehicle release penalty.

The owner must present a current drivers license and the registration, title, insurance identification, and car keys. If the vehicle is a rental, you must produce a rental agreement and car keys. If it is a company car, you must present your company identification.

To review the City of New York’s parking summons penalty schedule, visit our fines page.

Check For Tow Zones And Signs

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Car Back From Being Towed ...

Look for restricted parking signs, tow zones and other signs in the area where you parked. Take pictures of the signs, especially if you believe that you were towed without a valid reason.

If you see “No Parking” signs and there’s a number listed, call it for the location of your towed car. If not, call the local police department. If your car has been towed they will give you information on the vehicle’s location, such as the impound lot address.

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Know Your Rights When Your Car Is Being Towed

There are statewide caps for much it is to tow a car in Oklahoma. For a vehicle weighing 8,000 pounds or less, the maximum hookup rate a wrecker can charge is $81.25. Tow services can charge hourly rates or distance rates, but not both. If your tow truck charges by the mile, for the same car mentioned above, its $3.75 per mile for 25 miles or less. Wreckers charge $3.13 per mile for distances greater than 25 miles. If they charge by the hour, its $75 per hour , but the towing company can bill a minimum of one and a half hours.

If youre a car owner whose vehicle has been towed, you have the same rights as you would if your car was parked in a garage. Your car is still available to you, but first you must pay for the storage fees. You will not be allowed to remove your car from storage until you have paid, but you have the right to access your car and retrieve contents from inside it.

In Oklahoma, maximum storage rates for cars up to 20 feet in length range from $18 to $30 per day. Larger vehicles can have rates as expensive as $42 to $54 per day. The most you can be charged for an after-hours release is a $15 fee. Tow yards can charge you a full days rate even if your car is there for only a portion of the day, but they cant charge more than one days storage if your car has been in their possession less than 24 hours.

Avoid Getting Your Car Towed Again

Finally, once you retrieve your car, it should be a hard lesson for you because you’ll need to take all precautions to prevent getting your car to it again. I understand where you parked your vehicle and learn exactly about the potential causes for your vehicle to get towed. Once you understand them, you can prevent them in the future.

Also, if you’re in an area and would like to extend the stay, consider checking the parking meter or understand how to extend it without losing your spots. There are plenty of tips and tricks that you can implement to avoid getting your car towed again.

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Understand Whether Your Car Got Towed Or Stolen

Before moving further, you must confirm that your vehicle got towed and was not stolen. Many people assume that their vehicles got killed because of a delayed payment or any other reason, but they never think the vehicle could be stolen.

It’s not very common for vehicles to get stolen unless you park in a dangerous area or any place you’re unfamiliar with. That’s why most automotive experts recommend never parking your car in an area you are aware has safety issues. However, if you think you had to park in that area, you might want to consider purchasing some guard or additional security features that help you keep track of your vehicle.

Since this article is not focused on locating stolen vehicles, we recommend that you read some online articles that provide you with steps to find or confirm whether your car is stolen or towed.

How To A Complaint On The Find My Towed Car Website

Is the Tow Illegal?

If you want to file a complaint on the wrecker company, storage lot, or some other party, you can voice your concerns directly on the Houston Find My Towed Car website.

Their complaint page requires that you again enter information about your car , your contact information, and the details of your complaint.

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Looking For Your Vehicle



Did you miss a NO PARKING SIGN? Was that TOW AWAY ZONE sign covered? Did your car get towed due to parking tickets?

We can help!!! is the internets ultimate directory for finding cars and vehicles that have been towed and/or relocated. We have put together the ultimate towed car location system directory! Best of all, we provide our directory for free! This service is 100% supported by our advertisers! This means you dont have to pay to get the most up to date information for finding the resources you need to locate your towed or relocated car! If you are looking to locate a towed vehicle online, for information online on how to redeem a towed vehicle, or you just want to find out how to retrieve your towed car, we can point you to the answer!

Do I Need Insurance To Get My Car Back From The Towing Company

You might need proof of insurance to get your car back. That’s one reason it’s a good idea to carry proof of car insurance in your purse or wallet, or cell phone, for times like this . If you don’t have car insurance, your car may not be released from the tow lot until you can provide proof that you’ve got the right type of coverage.

Fortunately, Direct Auto Insurance can help with thatand fast. When you come to Direct for affordable car insurance, you won’t have to wait for your insurance cards to come in the mail before you can rescue your car from the lot. We can provide you with instant proof of insurance in person at one of our local offices or online and get you reunited with your trusty vehicle ASAP.

Once you’ve provided the tow lot with your driver’s license, registration info, proof of insurance, tow charge payment, and any other additional documentation, they’ll tell you what to do. For example, if you have outstanding traffic tickets or fines, theyll tell you to pay those before giving you your car!

Don’t wait too long to get your car back from the towing company. Many lots charge an hourly or daily storage fee, meaning your towing costs could multiply the longer your vehicle sits in the lot. In some states or cities, impounded cars are taken to auction in just a few weeksor as soon as the tow charge equals the market value of the car. Yikes!

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