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How Much To Replace Car Ac Compressor

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Cost To Replace Car Ac Compressor

How to Replace an AC Compressor in your Car

The labor rates and the location of service can greatly affect the cost as well as the make and model of the vehicle. Expect to pay almost double if youre servicing a German car.

In order to service an AC compressor, the vehicle must also have an evacuation and recharge performed. The refrigerant must first be removed so that the compressor can be replaced and then, the refrigerant must be recharged back into the system.

This is an additional cost that must be added to the completed replacement cost. This can range from $100 to $200 depending on where you are servicing your vehicle. Some places may just roll this cost directly into the repair and not even tell you as you must perform this service first anyway.

At most independent repair facilities, the labor rate will be much less than the dealership and parts costs will also be much less. Assume that the independent shop has a labor rate of $100 and all parts are aftermarket.

Most independent shops will replace the entire compressor as most aftermarket parts suppliers do not make just clutch or coil replacement parts. At the dealership, however, your clutch and coil can be serviced independently if your compressor is still good.

On an everyday car like a Honda Civic, the labor component of the AC compressor cost at an independent shop would range between $200 and $300. An aftermarket complete compressor would range between $125 and $225.

What Is Done During An Ac Compressor Replacement

  • When you take your car to the garage with a suspected AC compressor issue, the mechanic will perform a few diagnostic tests.
  • Theyll check the overall pressure of the AC system, before checking for power and ground at the compressor itself.
  • If they find the compressor to be faulty, the first step is the removal of all the refrigerant in the system.
  • They will then remove the compressor, orifice tube, receiver drier and the expansion value to allow any debris and foreign material to be flushed from the system.
  • The new compressor will then be fitted, alongside the new orifice tube and receiver dryer if required.
  • The AC system will then be evacuated and recharged, before checking for any possible leaks in the system.
  • If the installation appears to have gone well, they will test the full operation of the system to ensure full functionality has been restored.
  • What Happens If You Don’t Repair Your Ac Compressor

    Unlike a lot of the systems that exist under the hood of your car, the air conditioning system is not an integral part of the car’s function. That means it can run perfectly fine with no air conditioning. After all, for many years’ cars didn’t have air conditioning and people just rolled their windows down, right?

    If you don’t repair your AC compressor, your car won’t cease to function properly by any means. That said, it does make it much more uncomfortable especially if you live in a hot climate.

    Dehydration is a serious risk factor in a car that doesn’t have air conditioning on a hot day, however. If you must drive in hot weather without air conditioning, you need to make sure that you have adequate water on hand for you and your passengers. Small children, the elderly, and pets are all at high risk of this when sealed in a hot vehicle.

    That’s why it’s recommended that you do get your compressor fixed whenever it’s possible. Just because it’s not vital to the functioning of a car does not mean that it’s not important either. No one wants to be more uncomfortable than I have to be when in a car, and even if you feel alright, you need to remember that your passengers’ comfort is important as well. You wouldnt want a small child or a dog to have to suffer if they didn’t have to.

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    Signs And Symptoms Of Failure

    Not sure what your AC troubles mean? It might be the compressor. Have any of these occurred when you tried to use the AC?

  • Weird noises: could be caused by worn or broken belts/pulleys. This could be related to several other issues that need to be addressed promptly.
  • Smell of burning: likely the wiring of compressor is damaged or burnt.
  • Leaking dashboard: clogged hose or drain could be to blame. Age and moisture can also cause system leaks.
  • The above symptoms indicate a severe problem in the system and should be fixed as quickly as possible.

    Read here for more signs and symptoms.

    Do I Have A Bad Ac Compressor

    Bad A/C Compressor Symptoms (and Replacement Cost in 2021)

    One of the tell-tale signs of your compressor not working is a sky-high electricity bill. If you notice that your electric bill has increased for no apparent reason, the compressor may be faulty. This is because the compressor does not compress the gas, which reduces the overall efficiency of your air conditioner.

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    How Much To Repair Ac Compressor In Car

    How Much Does Car A/C Compressor Repair and Replacement Cost? Car a/c compressor replacement costs about $994 for car a/c compressor with average prices of car a/c compressor ranging from $842 for a compressor to $1146 for car a/c compressor in the US for 2020, according to

    How Much Is An Ac Compressor For Nissan Altima

    4.2/5Nissan Altima AC compressorcosts

    Correspondingly, how much does it cost to replace a AC compressor?

    The cost of an AC compressor unit can range from $195 to $736 for the part itself, while the cost for parts and labor can be between $376 to $986. This will depend on the model of car and how much work is involved in the repair, with some units being substantially more difficult to replace than others.

    Secondly, how much is a compressor for a 2013 Nissan Altima? Our 2013 Nissan Altima AC Compressors products start for as little as $11.99.

    Then, how much is a compressor for a 2014 Nissan Altima?

    Our 2014 Nissan Altima AC Compressors products start for as little as $26.99. Plus, when you shop with Advance Auto Parts, you’re shopping among top auto parts brands.

    How long does it take to fix a AC compressor?

    It usually takes about 46 hours to replace a compressor , depending on the size of the unit and access to the compressor. Here are the steps to do it right: Recover and evacuate the existing refrigerant from the system.

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    How Much Does A Car Ac Compressor Replacement Cost

    May 13, 2020

    One of the most common causes for a car AC to stop blowing cold air is a faulty AC compressor. Even though most AC compressors used on modern cars are durable and reliable, many different things can fail inside the compressor. Luckily, many of these components can also be replaced, eliminating the need to buy an expensive new AC compressor. To help you save money on your next compressor replacement, heres everything you need to know about the average replacement cost of an AC compressor as well as the different options available to you.

    Ac Compressor Clutch Replacement Cost

    Replacing The AC Compressor In Your Car: New Or Remanufactured? – AutoZone

    Last Updated on June 11, 2021 by MechanicWiz Team

    Although the clutch of your cars AC compressor is busted, you can still drive your car safely. Yet, the more you prolong the replacement of the AC compressor clutch, the more costly it would be. The damage may spread to other parts of your AC system. So, you will be required to foot a more costly bill afterward. Hence, if you know that it is the clutch of the AC compressor that is defective, you should be prompt in replacing it.

    On the other hand, the cost of replacing the whole AC compressor may range from $180 to $700 for the unit itself. This amount, however, doesnt include the labor cost and other individual parts that should be replaced. So, the abovementioned price may further go up to more than a thousand dollars. Moreover, your car model will also factor well in the calculation of the overall costs of the AC compressors replacement.

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    How To Cut Your Cost On Ac Compressor Repair

    Save money on AC replacement cost by purchasing the parts from an online platform like Amazon or Walmart, all of which make it really easy for anyone to access auto parts. If youre already good with your hands and are comfortable handling car parts, then you can easily perform the repairs yourself. Just make sure to do some research beforehand and youll save yourself a ton of money in labor costs as well.

    If the issue is with the AC compressor, then you should have an easy time removing it because its a really straightforward process. However, most amateur technicians might still struggle with a few things, like removing the refrigerant, because draining it can be quite tricky. But if you dont want to do the repairs yourself, then just get a professional mechanic to do that part for you and you should be fine for the rest of the job. Also, make sure that you know how to test the AC compressor, as youll have to give it a try after youre done to make sure that it works optimally.

    You can also find service providers online by typing how much does it cost to replace AC compressor car, AC compressor replacement cost or how much does it cost to fix car AC on any of the online search engines.

    How Does The Ac Compressor Work

    The air conditioning compressor is powered by mechanical energy from the drive belt on your engine, and compresses R134a . It is essentially a pump, drawing in refrigerant, compressing it, and pumping it out. This pressurized refrigerant then makes its way through the AC system, where different components take the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid, which cools it rapidly, where its cold state does its job to keep the vehicles cabin interior cool.

    The compressor contains several parts which can fail. One of the most common of these parts which can have problems is the compressor clutch, which engages or disengages to turn on or off the compressor as needed. If this part breaks while engaged, the compressor will always be running. If it breaks while disengaged, it wont run at all.Other times, the bearings located within the clutch can also fail, causing noise. Compressors can also have bad seals, causing leaks, or the mechanical internals can simply fail due to wear, age, or lack of proper oil.

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    What Is An Ac Compressor

    In your car’s air conditioning unit, the compressor is kind of like the engine that makes it all work. The compressor, as the name suggests, puts pressure on the coolant in the system. It puts it under high pressure and then forces it towards the air conditioners condenser, which is where it changes state from a gas into a liquid.

    The compressor of your air conditioner is likely powered by a serpentine belt that’s connected to your engine. Interestingly enough, the coolant that flows through the compressor is actually quite warm. When it gets pumped through under all that pressure into the condenser it strips the heat away and that’s where the cooling begins to come into play.

    After the condenser, the coolant needs to be depressurized in the expansion valve and then run through the evaporator where it becomes extremely cold and the air is blown into the car from that point. It is the AC compressor that starts this whole process off and powers the entire unit to keep the cycle going. If your compressor isn’t functioning, then your air conditioner will not work at all. When you press the button, you’ll start getting nothing, but warm air blown into the cabin.

    How Is The Air Conditioner Compressor Attached To The Engine

    Car Ac Compressor Repair Cost India

    The compressor has a pulley and clutch assembly on the front so that the belt can always be attached to the engine and the compressor can also be turned on and off with the clutch. The speed of your engine and the cooling load of your air conditioning determine how often the compressor is switched on or off.

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    How Old Is The Air Conditioner

    The typical lifespan of an air conditioner is anywhere from 10-15 years. If the ac compressor goes bad on an older air conditioner , then it would be wise to replace the whole unit. Why? Well, normally, the closer an air conditioner gets to the 10 year mark, the more likely parts will begin to break down and malfunction. If the compressor is replaced, its still likely that other parts will begin to show signs of old age and break down. Along with this factor, also consider the next factor as well

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    Scam #: One Bid Is Way Lower Than The Others

    Cheaper is better, right? Well, not always. If a bid is too far below the others you get, its probably because the company is willing to cut corners and hopes the lower bill distracts you. A smaller invoice now is not worth it if its going to lead to another repair job when all is said and done maybe even from the same company that did a shoddy job in the first place.

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    Can I Carry Out The Aircon Compressor Replacement Myself

    Replacing an aircon compressor requires a few specialist tools, especially when draining and recharging the system with refrigerant. It also demands the mechanical knowledge and experience of removing and replacing the fan belt . With that in mind, wed suggest that this is a job for a professional mechanic.

    How Much Do Ac Compressors Cost

    How to Replace AC Compressor in Your Car

    If youve established a failed compressor as the cause of your AC issues, you might be wondering how much it costs to replace. The price is dependent on a lot of different factors which we will outline below:

    • Extent of the issue: if the damage has spread to other components that cannot be effectively cleaned, they will need to be replaced too.
    • Make and model: part prices vary for each individual car. A Natrad workshop will be able to provide detailed quotes on specific part pricing for you.
    • Labour and repairs: there is more to consider than just the cost of a replacement part. When replacing a compressor it may be necessary to regas the system and replace other parts too. The labour costs of this job will also be factored in.

    We cant definitively name a price for any one car unless it has been inspected. Natrad workshops can provide a thorough inspection and diagnosis of any AC system issues. If the problem is the compressor, Natrad technicians will be able to supply a quote for expected replacement and repair costs.

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    How Long Does An Aircon Compressor Replacement Take

    Once again, weve worked out the averages from our records.

    Looking at those averages, an aircon compressor replacement should take between 1 and 3 hours. For larger vehicles or those with more complicated and restricted access, the job can take longer than if access is straightforward, and can be carried out without any additional issue.

    Take a look at the figures our reports delivered. They should provide a little inside information into the variation from vehicle to vehicle.

    Car Make

    Car Ac Compressor Cycles On And Off

    Turning the air conditioning compressor on and off simply means that the air conditioning is working properly to lower the temperature in the car. Normally it should run about 2-3 times per hour, but you can expect a longer run time if the temperature is higher than normal. If the A/C compressor continues to cycle on and off, this is a cause for concern.

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    Factors That May Affect Ac Compressor Cost

    There are a variety of air conditioning systems that you can use to cool your home window units, portable systems, ductless air conditioners and central air conditioning systems. No matter what system you choose, they all work in basically the same way. According to The Spruce, there are five important parts to every air conditioner:

    • Refrigerant
    • Expansive valve
    • Evaporator coil

    There are a number of factors to consider to help you determine if its worth replacing the compressor on the AC unit or buying a whole new system:

    Weird Noises Coming From The Compressor

    How Much Does An AC Compressor Cost?

    Another symptom that you should be wary of is when you hear weird sounds coming from the compressor. Sounds are usually indicative of damage inside the compressor. So, you should inspect the different parts of the compressor and check where the noise is coming from. However, in such a case, you need to replace the whole compressor.

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    How Important Is Replacing Your Ac Compressor

    You may think its designed only to keep you cool. While it does so, the AC compressor also draws moisture out on the defog settings, maintaining clear windows so you can see.

    Typically, a failed AC compressor wont cause safety-related concerns but instead an annoyance for the driver and discomfort for all occupants.

    If youve read this far, you obviously care about your car. A lot. So next time you need a service, repair or inspection, visit

    We let you search and book from over 1600 qualified mechanics, who eat car troubles for breakfast.

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