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How To Check Used Car

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Requesting That The Dealership Runs The Vehicle History Report

How to Check a Used Car Before Buying (Checking the Engine)
  • 1Demonstrate your interest in a car. Before requesting that the dealership or previous owner pay for a VHR, demonstrate that you are a serious buyer. Devote your attention to one car instead of several cars on the lot. Talk to the salesperson about the vehicle and your financing options. Take the car for a test drive. Have the car looked over by a trusted mechanic.XResearch source
  • 2Request that the dealership pay for the VHR. Dealerships often subscribe to a VHR service. This allows them to run VHRs economically on every car in their inventory. After demonstrating your interest in a vehicle, express your interest in the car to the salesperson and indicate that you have a few reservations. Indicate that the dealership’s willingness to pay for the VHR would ease your remaining concerns about making the major purchase.XResearch source
  • When talking to the salesperson, you could say: âI really love this car, but I have a few reservations. My last car was in the shop all of the time and I want to make sure this vehicle doesn’t have a long history of repairs. In order to commit to the car, I need to see a detailed vehicle history report. This would really ease my concerns. Would you be willing to provide me with one?â
  • Wait until you are close to purchasing the car to request a VHR. A dealer is unlikely to run these reports on a number of vehicles.
  • How To Get The Best Deal On A Used Car

    No matter where or who youre buying a car from, our best advice is to be polite and fair.

    Its human nature to want some money off and, while some sellers will be open to negotiating, others will be less keen.

    Take a positive approach and view it as a challenge – sellers rarely respond well to buyers making insulting offers and taking an over-the-top approach to haggling.

    Walk around the car with the seller and highlight any issues youve found.

    Theyre likely to already know about these – and may have already taken them into account when pricing the car – but itll help them see it from your point of view.

    Before going to see the car, you should have looked into how it compares with others on the market , so youll know how much its worth.

    With this in mind, set your budget in advance and stick to it.

    If you feel the car is overpriced for the condition its in, make an offer and be prepared to walk away if the seller isnt willing to move.

    You may find that the seller makes a counter offer – if not straight way, perhaps when youve driven home and showed youre not willing to pay more money.

    If youre buying from a dealer, there may be scope to get some extras thrown in free rather than simply money off.

    Ask for a full tank of fuel, for example, or a service or MOT if the car needs it.

    Avoid being pressurised into buying a used car.

    If you’re not 100% sure on the car, walk away there will always be more to see.

    Don’t buy a car from a private seller in a public place.

    Different Types Of Sellers:

    There are three types of sellers from whom you can buy a used car:

  • Individual seller – If buying from an individual seller, the absence of a middleman in the deal ensures that the buyer gets the used car at a good price. However, the buyer should ensure that the seller is reliable by spending some time in investigating about him/her. Although the process is cumbersome, you can get the best deal by getting a mechanic to help you out in checking the vehicle before sale.
  • Car company – Almost all car companies have their own used car outlets. Even luxury cars are available in the pre-owned car market. The safest way in which you can get a pre-owned car is by visiting the car company. The car ownership transfer process will require minimum overseeing from your part, and you are also likely to receive a warranty on the car. Free servicing and exchange bonuses are other benefits of opting to buy from the car company. However, the selling price of the car will be higher when compared to an individual seller.
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    How To Check Imported Vehicles

    Many of you are wondering how to check the VIN’s car, the possibilities are few. Before you buy a car necessarily find out what is its VIN number. Checking VIN before buying doesnt cost anything especially checking VIN in autoDNA database. Buy the report on autoDNA web portal, thanks to that you may avoid bad choice of vehicle and lose the money.

    Read Our Used Vehicle Checklist To Help You Make A Safer More Informed Choice When Buying Any Used Car

    12 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car

    The checklist of things you ought to be aware of when buying a used car is not quite the terror inducing catalogue it once was in days gone by. Improved reliability, better manufacturing practises and, of course, huge improvements in records for insurance write-offs, outstanding finance and MoT history mean you can get a good idea of a used cars past more easily than ever before.

    Naturally, there are still risks, and that applies whether you are buying from an independent trader or dealership, privately or from an approved main dealer. Nonetheless, combining our used car checklist with a bit of common sense and diligence means you can buy with confidence.

    Before we get into the specifics, the two main rules to keep in mind when buying a used car are: buy with your head and not with your heart, and secondly, if you arent convinced about anything, be prepared to walk away.

    Unless youre in the market for a super rare classic or exclusive hypercar, there will be another set of wheels as good, if not better, just round the corner. How can we say that? Because weve been there and also, with more than 8 million used cars sold every year in the UK, the odds are stacked in the buyers favour.

    Once your head is in the right place for used car shopping, its time to get down to the nitty gritty. The used car buying tips set out in our guide below will help to guarantee that unmissable used car deal is a genuine bargain.

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    Documents To Check When Buying A Used Car In India

    The automobile sales figure in India is growing at a robust pace. A large part of this growth is credited to the used car market in the country. On the contrary, the process of transferring the ownership of a used car in India is quite complicated. The entire process requires only a limited set of specific documents but the second hand car registration procedure is long-winded. Here, we explain the documents that need to be furnished for used car ownership transfer.

    Spotting Engine Oil Leaks

    Reverse the car a few yards, turn it off, and have a look at the ground where the engine was above and see if theres any oil lying there. If the car is cold, it’s likely been sitting there for at least a few hours.

    Obviously the preference is for no oil leaks at all. A few drops of oil on the ground are acceptable. But if I saw a pool of oil say 4 inches square, Id walk away from the car. Thats quite a loss of oil and will only get worse. While driving it you could literally run out of oil, unless youre regularly checking it, and the cost of that will be a blown engine.

    If the accumulated oil is just a few drops, grab your torch and get under the engine to see how wet the bottom or sides of the engine are. A leak of just a few drops can just be a sump gasket leak, which is an easy and quite cheap repair, generally in the region of $120.00. But if the engine is wet with oil above the sump, then the oil is coming from somewhere else and the leak could be expensive to repair.

    Auxiliary coolant tank

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    Documents Check For Used Cars

    The most important document you need to check when buying a secondhand car is the V5C, also known as the registration document or log book.

    Make sure the make and model of the car youre buying matches that on the V5, as well as the number plate.

    You can also check that the Vehicle Identification Number known as the VIN, matches the VIN on the vehicle, which can be read from outside the vehicle in the lower part of the windscreen.

    Read our full guide to VIN number checks

    If youre buying privately, check that the name of the registered keeper is the same as the person youre dealing with, and the address is the property youre buying the car from.

    If its not, ask questions – the seller might be a dealer masquerading as a private seller, or the car could even be stolen.

    The V5 will also tell you how long the seller has owned the car, and how many previous owners its had.

    Be concerned if the car has had lots of owners over a short period of time – it could be problematic, although there may also be a genuine reason.

    Look Through The Car Maintenance Record

    How to Check Used Car Before Buying – DIY Inspection

    The maintenance record of the car you want to buy should be neat and precise.

    This is one of the most important parts when learning how to check a used car before buying.

    If everything is OK it should have:

    • Who did the maintenance
    • Locations of dealerships or mechanics
    • What was exactly done
    • Precise date of all the maintenance and repairs
    • Proof of validity
    • When is the next maintenance work due

    This is the ideal scenario. Another acceptable option is some sort of personal valid record with receipts for parts or repairs.

    In newer times, all this data is computerized making it perhaps even better and easier to track down. When checking a used car, ask for this option if theres no written record.

    If all of this is missing, then youre buying in the dark. Never depend on hearsay. Maybe no one wants to swindle you but a precise thing like a maintenance record shouldnt be a matter of memory. Some work or facts may be easily distorted or overlooked.

    Remember, a clean maintenance record is future money in the bank. For instance, if some of the bigger repairs were made like the dual mass flywheel, brake overhaul, replacement of the timing chain or timing belt, then youre carefree from huge expenses in the future.

    If you find a car like this, dont hesitate to pay more money, its a good future investment for sure.

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    Read More From Our Special Coverage On Car

    The biggest problem many of us face while inspecting a car at a dealership or at the sellers place is how to make sure that we are not duped with a faulty car. Below are some easy steps to help you inspect a car thoroughly and more conveniently before you go for professional or outside help.

    Even before you start…

    Go for a sunny day!

    Its always better to go for a physical inspection during daytime, especially when there is bright sunshine. You will not be able to carefully check certain aspects such as paint and dents when inspecting a car in low-light conditions.

    See it in the open

    Make sure that you get the car parked at a place where you can get a complete 360-degree view. This will help you look from all possible angles and to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. If it is parked towards a wall or on an uneven surface, you can always ask the seller to drive it to an open area.

    Go for level ground

    Make sure that the car is on level ground so that you can check the straight-line areas better. Uneven surfaces make spotting deformities in places such as window panes and roof lines difficult.

    Take somebody along

    Two is always better than one. A companion such as a friend, a relative or a known mechanic or car expert — can offer extra insight or opinion on the car. Make sure to take someone who is at least concerned or even marginally interested in the task at hand. At times, taking someone totally uninterested along might demotivate you to finish things quickly.

    Cast A Wide Net: Look Further

    When researching cars, no matter how much you think you want one specific brand or model of car, try to maintain enough of an open mind to look at more options first. You might surprise yourself as to what youll find in the incredibly rich and varied used car market place.

    Not only could you start to question your brand choices, but you might even question the style of car that you want. For instance, some families who start out looking for used SUVs to use as a family car will turn on a dime and start to favor the minivan, a type of car they never previously considered. They discover, however, that minivans are more stylish than they thought, more varied, more comfortable, more family-friendly, and so on.

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    The Vital Prepurchase Inspection

    Experts agree that used cars must be inspected by a qualified specialist before the final negotiation for purchase. The ordinary car buyer, even if mechanically savvy, really can’t do it justice. A thorough, professional inspection can tell you whether you’re about to buy a peach or a lemon.

    You should try to have the inspection performed by a mechanic with whom you’ve already built a relationship. And ideally, the inspection should include a test drive over a route that includes hills, bumps and potholes to reveal suspension problems and engine performance issues. Having a third party inspect and test the vehicle establishes trust and increases your familiarity with the car. Sure, there’s a ton of information available on the web about every model, but what you need at this juncture is detailed information about this particular car. A professional inspection will tell you both what might be wrong with this vehicle and also what’s right with it.

    Smart sellers, too, know the value of a presale inspection. Having the car thoroughly scrutinized by a reliable third party before listing it provides an additional selling point in the form of a written report. While this is useful information and lends credibility to the seller, you should still insist on getting your own independent inspection before making the purchase.

    Black Box Car Insurance

    INFOGRAPHIC: Things to Check When Buying A Used Car

    Having a black box fitted means your driver behaviour is monitored. The telematics box reports back to your insurer about how you accelerate, brake and negotiate sharp bends, as well as what time you drive and on what sorts of roads.

    The data is analysed, and if your scores are positive, your car insurance may be discounted over time.

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    When You Go To See The Vehicle

  • Ask to see the V5C vehicle registration certificate . Make sure it has a DVL watermark, and the serial number is not between BG8229501 to BG9999030, or BI2305501 to BI2800000. If it is, the V5C might be stolen – call the police as soon as its safe to.

  • Make sure the details in the log book match the details youve been given.

  • Check the vehicle identification number and engine number. Make sure these match the details on the log book.

  • What To Check When Buying A Used Car

    Friday, 19 February 2021

    Whether youre looking for your dream car or trying to find a cheap runaround, buying a used car is a great way to upgrade your current vehicle without breaking the bank.

    When youre buying a car privately you wont have the same legal protection as you would if you were buying from a dealer, so its important to know which questions to ask and what items to check for when youre viewing a used car.

    From basic mechanical checks to ensuring you have all the correct documentation our checklist covers all the essential things you need to know and ask before purchasing a used car.

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    Buying A Used Car In Indianapolis At Indy Auto Man

    If you worry that you dont have enough skills to check a used car transmission yourself, look for a reliable car seller in Indianapolis. When you come to Indy Auto Man, you can be sure that a used car will not bring you an unpleasant surprise. All vehicles from our assortment undergo thorough technical diagnostics. We give a 7-day guarantee so that you can return a used car if it doesnt suit you.

    Visit Indy Auto Man today and get behind the wheel with no headache!

    Open And Close The Doors

    How to Test Drive and Buy a Used Car

    Open and close every door, as well as the hood and trunk or liftgate, to make sure they work smoothly and close tightly, and that the locks work. If the vehicle has a power liftgate operated by the key fob, test it out. While the trunk lid or liftgate is open, make sure theres a spare tire and jack or a tire inflator kit, which is becoming more popular with automakers these days.

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    Vin Numbers On Older Cars

    Since 1981, each new car has been given a standardized 17-digit code, which includes a serial number. Older cars may have VINs too, although they dont follow the standardized formula.

    The history of the VIN began in the 1950s as automakers began stamping identification numbers on key parts and automobiles themselves.

    However, standardization did not come until the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finalized the current method of tracking every car that rolls off an assembly line in the early 1980s.

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