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How To Deep Clean Leather Car Seats

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Clean Leather Car Seat: Car Leather Isn’t Other Leather


What do I even mean by that?

This is to remind you that we are filled with many leather items in our world: leather shoes, belts, gloves, hand bags, etc. etc.

And the point is that “car leather is car leather”. Leather car upholstery is different than the other types of leathers in your world.

Leather car seats exist in many of the cars and trucks today, and no longer is it just a material reserved for the elite among us. Leather can be found in everything from sports cars, sedans, trucks, SUV’s, vans, and even higher end RV’s.

“Darren, can you just show me what you would do”

Tips And Tricks To Remove Stains From Leather Seats

For removing stains from leather car seats, you will find many methods that are proven and work best on most car seats. However, considering all stains the same is not wise as each stain is different in its nature. In reality for each stain, you need to follow its proven method to avoid negative chemical reaction. In short, you need to be very careful while dealing with types of stain. For your guide, here we will talk about common car stains and their best technique of cleaning.

What Do I Need When Cleaning Leather Car Seats

Cleaning the inside of our cars isnt usually as high on the agenda as taking care of the outside. The whole world can see your grubby windows and muddy alloys, but the remains of your McDonald’s drive-thru adventure can be fairly well hidden from public view.

To clean the outside of our cars, we just need a sponge, a hose, and a bucket of soapy water. Easy. But for some reason, the car interior seems like a much bigger job.

What do you actually need to get those leather car seats looking squeaky clean though?

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Check For Perforations And Holes

Most modern leather seats are designed with perforations or holes in them. These holes help to regulate seat temperature, allowing heat or cool air to circulate. While venting holes make heating and cooling convenient, they can make cleaning more challenging. These small holes require special care when cleaning.

You may have some common household items that can be used to clean perforations or venting holes. Toothpicks, inter-dental brushes, or similar items that feature small, flexible tips are useful in prying debris out of your seat’s small holes. Take your time and use caution with any objects you are using to remove stubborn dirt.

Whether you are a detailing pro or someone who loves cleaning the car on the weekends, you will find that an air compressor is the perfect tool for detailing perforated leather. Compressors provide a non-abrasive way to blow out almost any type of dirt, dust, and debris. A shop vacuum is a great alternative because you can use it to either blow or vacuum up debris.

Whether perforated or not, all leather upholstery will experience wear and tear over time. Before you clean, take note of any damage, punctures, or wear in your leather seats. Be especially gentle with any worn areas. Keep any areas of concern in mind throughout the cleaning process.

Clean Off The Dirt And Grime That Have Not Been Removed By The Vacuum Cleaner

Pin on Car Cleaning Before and After

Over time, a layer of dirt and grime can accumulate on car seats. Especially if you dont clean your car seats often, surface dirt can easily be spotted on your car seats. Some of them may not be sucked off by the vacuum cleaner and left behind.

You will have to clean them with a microfiber towel that has been sprayed with the cleaner. Gently rub the soft cloth on the seats section by section to do a thorough removing stains.

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Apply White Shoe Polish

White shoe polish may be applied to white leather car seats to restore their shine and make them look good as new.

After cleaning white leather seats, if you wish, you can do an additional step of enhancing the appearance of your white leather car seats by adding some shine with some white shoe polish. Dip a cloth into the shoe polish and work it onto the leather seats.

Our Simple Straightforward Guide To Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Leather Car Seats


Stepping into a car, a supple leather-appointed interior is one of the first things most people notice. From basic to bespoke, car manufacturers offer many different options when it comes to leather seating for style and comfort. In years past, luxury carmakers often used richly-hued, untreated aniline leather. While visually stunning, these seats were porous and hard to maintain without a protective coating. These days, while there are still some variations to types of leathers, most leather seats are coated and treated to be much more stain-resistant. Fortunately, that makes cleaning and maintaining them a much simpler task than ever before. Read on to make sure youre handling yours the right way.

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Option A: Picking Out A High

For a hassle-free experience and true peace of mind, simply pick out a high-quality leather conditioner such asTorque Leather Restore. Designed to nourish, revive, and protect, this conditioner truly does it all to leave your leather looking great through the years.

Beyond gentle cleansers, it contains vitamin E to nourish the material, keeping it soft and supple. It also includes UV protection that shields the leather from the suns damaging rays even through the summer season. As an added benefit, the conditioner is ready to spray onto the cloth and also works on vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim.

A Final Leathercar Seat Cleaning Tip

Best Tips Cleaning Car Leather Seats

Whether you want to use one of the seat cleaners werecommend or opt for a branded cleaning product, you should also put somethought into the type of cloth you use to clean your leather seats.

Many car buffs recommendchamois leather as the best material for cleaning and conditioning your cars leatherseats. However, a chamois cloth can do more harm than good. Because chamoiscloths arent designed with the specific objective of cleaning leather carseats in mind, dirt particles often get trapped in between the seat and thecloth. This can cause potentially permanent damage to the leather covering yourcar seats. Instead, we recommend using micro fibre towels. These have beendevised in such a way that any dirt particles which remain on the surface arecaptured by the towels fibres, eliminating the possibility of scratches orother damage.

The above DIY solutions willmake cleaning and conditioning your leather car seats a much easier job, butthey can also be used for regular domestic cleaning. Remember that leather is an extremely delicatefabric you must clean your seats several times every year if you want them tolook nice and shiny at all times!

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Types Of Leather In Cars

Before getting all set to clean your car seat, you must also know the basic information that many car seats leather is coated with synthetic fiber that means its easy and safe to remove stains. But if your car has pure leather seats, you should know that there are four leather types that your car seats must be wearing on. These include:

  • Corrected Grain Leather

So knowing which leather type your car seats have is an important step before you learn how to remove leather car seat stains.

How To Use Leather Cleaning Products

Each store-bought product often has explanatory steps to guide you through using their product. Many products recommend first cleaning the surface with a vacuum before applying a cleaning solution. Gently working the cleaner into your seats is most effective in removing stains and dirt from your seats. Reviewing the cleaner’s specific instructions can help ensure you apply the cleaning product correctly.

If you’re still unsure of how to use the leather cleaning product or don’t want to risk damaging your seats, you might consider taking your vehicle to a detailing professional. These professionals can help expertly clean and condition your leather seats with fewer chances of damaging or staining your seats. These professionals also often have access to premium tools and solutions to give your seats their best clean and shine.

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Use A Car Steam Cleaner

The best way to deep clean car seats and the entire cabin of your vehicle, including carpet, is with a commercial-grade steam cleaner. Models such as the Fortador Electra are light and easily maneuverable for do-it-yourselfers to use. Steam cleaning renews your car seats to a like-new condition. The steamer process does much more than remove dirt and stains from car seats. It disinfects them too. The high temperature of the steam plus the sheer force produced by the machine blasts away undesirable particles and kills organisms like viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold, mildew and many other things that can make you sick. With such power, you’ll clean seats and other interior surfaces in less time. Also, you won’t have to spend as much effort scrubbing away stains as the blast of steam will do most if not all of the work.


Tough Stains On Leather Seats What You Should Know About

Clean your leather seats with this DIY cleaner! #tipoftheweek #diy # ...

Having a genuine and pure leather seating feels great and it smells nice. But leather needs care and cleaning the leather wrapped on the steering wheel, shift knob and seats is compulsory to enjoy that feel and comfort of a fresh and clean car. The dirt, oil and fluids spilled on car seats will not make it look untidy but will give a bad impression to others. Where having genuine and pure leather seats are a symbol of luxury, elegance and exclusiveness, cleaning them is that difficult. It is because the natural leather absorbs the water and other liquids deeply if not cleaned immediately. In the worst case, the stains become so tough that they are impossible to remove.

Here you might be wondering why it is so difficult to remove leather car seat stains. Let us tell you about this.

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Whats The Best Way To Condition My Leather Seats

Once youve cleaned your seats, you want to use a leather protector or conditioner on them. This will keep them soft, give them a pleasant smell, and also guard them against the elements.

Since leather is dead skin, it gets dry if you leave it on its own. Conditioner will make your seats look alive again and draw positive attention to your cars interior. Choose one which is water-based and doesnt contain petroleum distillates or silicone which would give a greasy, oily finish to your seats.

Leather conditioners can extend your seats lifespan considerably. However, you shouldnt overuse them, as this can backfire by saturating your seats with an artificial solution.

To use leather conditioner:

  • Give your seats a good cleaning and make sure that everything has dried up before you continue. If your seats have heating, turn it up just to make sure.
  • Pour a good amount of conditioner on your seats and use your hands, a brush, or a towel to spread it.
  • Wipe any excess conditioner with a microfiber towel and let it sit there for 20-30 minutes.
  • Make sure that you repeat this process every four weeks. If you do this, youll have leather seats that will not only feel good but look great and are less likely to crack in the future.

    Why Is It Difficult To Remove Leather Car Seat Stains

    As you know leather is obtained from animals skin i.e. cow, snake, buffalo, eel and alligator and the same is used to make cover for automotive seats, steering wheel and shift knob. These high-end leather is made after passing through a series of procedures and treatments. The car seat leather is different from ordinary fabric and its more complex. It has more absorbing capacity even though it is highly treated and dyed to make it less absorbent. Thus, any liquid whether it is oil, water, or grease it soaks into the leather seat cover. In order to prevent this, it is highly advised to clean it with a dry towel which is made with microfiber. With this, any detergent, dish wash liquid or household cleaning agent should not be used to avoid damage to the leather.

    If the leather cover gets wet, it spreads the stain and it will penetrate deep into the surface and you will find it more hard to remove. The general rule of thumb is to remove the stain with a dry cloth.

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    Look For Damage And Clean Up Loose Dirt

    One of the first things you want to do before using liquid products to clean your leather is to inspect your seats closely for any damage mostly tears, holes or frays. Youll want to note where these are and be particularly careful when cleaning these areas, as you dont want the inner foam of the seat to get too damp or saturated, because that can cause long-term damage.

    Once youve noted where the wear and tear is, this is the part where you sweep away any crumbs or surface dirt. If youve got a vacuum, use that now. Its a good plan to do this before you clean the leather because wet dirt is not pleasant, and you dont want that embedded into our leather seats it kind of defeats the purpose of the clean!

    Three: Wash With A Microfiber Cloth

    How To Clean ACTUAL Dirty Leather Car Seats

    With the first two steps completed, take a microfiber cloth dampened with the cleaning solution and begin to scrub your leather seats. Be careful not to saturate your leather surfaces with too much cleaning solution. Soaked leather takes a long time to dry and can eventually get moldy if not properly dried.

    With your cleaning cloth in hand, scrub any stains or dirt spots you can see until they are gone. If the stains havent settled into the leather, you should only need to use a little bit of elbow grease to get rid of them. More resilient stains and marks may require some additional scrubbing to fully remove.

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    Four: Wipe Clean And Dry

    Its very important to note that you cannot leave your leather seats wet overnight or allow them to air dry by themselves. In many cases, doing so can warp the leather and cause it to crack. Instead, take a second, fresh microfiber cloth and dry your leather seats with it after scrubbing.

    Your leather seats may still have some moisture inside the fabric, and this is perfectly normal. The key is to remove a majority of the moisture to lower the likelihood of mold or material damage.

    Assess And Remove Loose Dirt

    First up is giving your cars interior a good look over. You’re on the hunt for any damage to the car interior, including holes, tears or frays. You also want to check if there’s any perforated areas – if you get liquid stuck inside these areas, it’ll damage the inner foam and your seats will soon be done for.

    Once you’ve taken stock of any blemishes, you can go hoover-happy. Trapped surface dirt can be very abrasive and it’ll strip the colour off of the hide and scratch your material, so it’s got to go. You want to start off by getting rid of any crumbs that have lodged themselves in the seat crevices. Getting rid of all of this surface dirt will make tackling the seats with car leather cleaner much easier later on.

    Whip out your hoover and get vacuuming. Suck up all the surface dirt, and if you’ve got an air compressor, you can use this to blow stubborn dirt particles out of those irritatingly hard-to-reach areas.

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    Never Let The Cleaning Products You Spray Dry While Wet

    As you work, keep the cleaning products wet as you scrub and wipe the surface. You dont want to scrub when the leather is dry, or it could leave scratches and even impact its color. So, check your cloth often and add a bit more cleaner to it as needed to keep the surface wet as you wipe away the dirt.

    Allow Yourself Ample Time To Complete The Task

    Deep washing car seat

    Though this sort of falls into the same category as making sure you pick the right day to deep clean your car seats, I think it deserves its own reflection.

    Even if you have spent time prepping your car seats before you deep clean them, bought or made the best cleaning products for your upholstery, and made sure you are going to deep clean your seats on the appropriate day the whole thing will be a fail if you dont make sure you have ample time to complete the task.

    The reason is thisyes, you could start the project then stop and finish the rest of it another day. But just like the need to give the car ample time to air out after cleaning you also need to give the car ample time to dry before you drive it, or pile people back into it.

    Different materials dry differently. Making sure you know the drying time of whatever product you decide to use will help you know how long it will take before the car seats are ready to be sat on again.

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    Or Opt For A Diy Alternative

    That said, other cleaning experts favor a homemade alternative.

    “A good DIY cleaner for leather is a simple mixture of white vinegar and water,” Sokolowski says. “A citrus-based solvent can also yield good results. , moisturizing soap and some warm water can provide good results. The moisturizing aspect is to prevent the leather from drying outit is an organic material, after all.”

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