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How To Fix Ac In Car

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What Causes The Car Ac To Smell Bad

How to Fix Car AC (the Easy Way)

In short: moisture.

Your vehicles air conditioning system does not actually create cold air it takes heat and moisture out of the air that is outside of your car, which in turn, makes it feel much cooler than the air around you.

The coils in the AC unit work to condense the heat and moisture in the air, taking out the humidity before pushing the cooled air into your car.

As these coils are colder than the air around them, hot air flowing into the unit can create moisture pockets that surround the condensing unit in your AC system which create small pools of water that are drained outside of the car via the drain line.

However, if moisture becomes stuck or for whatever reason cannot find its way out of the AC unit, by drainage or evaporation, the water will pool inside the unit and around the coils creating moisture inside of the AC unit.

The culprit: mold.

If your drain line is damaged or you frequently use your AC system, the unit is likely to stay damp all the time, which creates a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

The air that passes through the evaporator and the units mold build-up will carry the foul smell inside of your car through your dash vents.

Mold is the most common culprit for causing raunchy smells to come out of your cars AC.

Odor-causing mold loves to reside in your cars AC unit because it is always moist and dark ingredients for a happy home for mold.

Theres A Problem With The Compressor

Your air conditioning relies on a compressor to keep the air moving, but if the compressor isnt working properly, that refrigerant isnt going to move around. One of the main reasons a compressor goes bad is from not being used for long periods of time, and the long cool seasons of fall and winter means that many Ohioans dont run their air conditioning for several months.

A compressor can also have problems if the clutch on the compressor gets stuck. If it gets stuck in the on position it will make your air conditioning run continuously, and if its stuck in the off position it will keep the compressor from engaging. Youll need to have your mechanic look at what is causing the problem with your compressor.

An Ac System Refrigerant Leak

When your vehicle’s AC system develops a refrigerant fluid leak it can be challenging to detect due to the fact that refrigerant fluid instantly evaporates when it comes in contact with air. A professional mechanic uses specialized tools to determine if there is a leak by introducing ultraviolet fluid to show signs of low refrigerant pressure in the AC system. Signs of an AC system refrigerant leak:

  • Audible click when the AC is turned on.
  • AC cycles on and off frequently.
  • Hissing sounds from the AC system .
  • Oil residue around AC pipe fittings and hoses.

A refrigerant leak repair may include repairing or replacing the specific failing component. If a large amount of fluid has been lost, your AC system will need to be flushed and the refrigerant fluid will need to be replaced to function properly and get the cool air flowing. *Please note that refrigerant is a very harmful toxic chemical and should not be handled without the proper equipment operated by a trained professional.

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How To Repair The Ac Compressor Clutch

The ac compressor clutch turns on and off the compressor when you turn on and off the AC unit. Having such an important task, the ac compressor clutch is bound to fail at some point. Once you uninstall the ac compressor clutch, you can take it to a mechanic to repair it, or you can get a new compressor clutch.

How you can repair the ac compressor clutch:

  • Remove the AC belt with a wrench. The compressors magnetic coil has a connector that you will need to disconnect. There should be a 6mm socket on the center of the AC clutch which you will need to remove.
  • Disconnect and pull out the clutch. Make sure that you dont lose the spacers from the shaft because they gap the clutch and you will need them later on. On the shaft, you will see a snap-ring, remove it and slide it off the shaft.
  • Clean all the parts that you just uninstalled. You can use a WD40 to clean all the parts. Once you are done with the cleaning, insert the new pulley and put the snap-ring back.
  • Install just one spacer on the shaft, then install the new clutch. Use the 6mm socket to fasten the bolt.
  • Measure the gap between the clutch and pulley with a feeler gauge. If the clearance is incorrect, you should add another spacer. The recommended gap is determined by the car manufacturer.
  • Test the ac compressor clutch. If everything went well, the ac compressor clutch should engage at this point. Turn on the ac and see if the clutch engages.
  • What Makes A Car Ac System

    AC Repair

    Just like any visible part of your car, its hiding parts are just as crucial to maintaining in every manner. One can never tell when a machine stops working, but we can make sure such occurrences probability to lowest by maintaining them.

    So before you go out looking for a solution for car ac not blowing cold air, let us get you familiar with the different parts that comprise your cars AC.

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    What Causes Car Ac Compressor Failure

    While the air compressor is just one part of your car AC system that can break down, its a part that many drivers understand from dealing with AC problems at home. Here are some common causes of AC compressor failure:

    • Refrigerant is too low to maintain air pressure
    • Low lubricant
    • Midas Touch Courtesy Check includes visual checks of brakes, battery, air filter, fluids, belts, and hoses.

    Reason #: The Compressor Has Gone Bad

    The compressor keeps your A/C moving at all times. Without it, the refrigerant cannot circulate through the system and youll never get any cold air. The most common reason that a compressor goes bad is due to long periods of time without use. Lack of use tends to shock the system when it finally is used again such as in the spring or summer after sitting dormant all winter long.

    To best combat this issue, we recommend running your A/C system on full blast for at least 15 minutes roughly once every three weeks or so, regardless of the outside temperature. This will help keep the compressor fresh and extend its overall lifespan.

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    Plan Ahead To Stay Cool This Summer

    Unlike many of the systems in todays cars, there arent any warning lights that will alert you to problems with your air conditioning system.

    Since you dont want to wait until a problem occurs, and all too often those problems pop up at the most inconvenient times, its a good idea to take your car in before the hot weather arrives and make sure that the hoses and fans are in good working order, no leaks are evident and your refrigerant levels are good.

    Taking the time to have your air conditioning checked before summer gets underway, or as soon as you notice a problem, can save you a lot of grief, time, and money. And it will also help you keep your cool all summer long.

    Why Is My Ac Blowing Hot Air

    How to Fix AC in Car That’s Blowing Hot Air (EASY & Cheap AC Recharge)

    Between the compressor, the AC clutch, and the refrigerant level, there are several reasons why a car air conditioner can stop blowing cold air:

    • Refrigerant loss: Low refrigerant is the most common cause of AC problems, and the solution is a Car AC Recharge — plus repairs to any leaking AC components that may be causing your vehicle to lose refrigerant faster than expected.
    • Blocked air flow: Anywhere between the compressor, the condenser, and the air vents into your cabin, any blockage to air flow will shut down your AC system.
    • Broken or worn AC parts: Depending on the vehicle, your AC system may include a compressor, AC clutch, condenser, thermal expansion drive, receiver, dryer, orifice tube, accumulator, evaporator, and blower. Any of these parts, and the lines and connections between them, may need service.

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    How Much Is This Going To Cost Me

    First of all, avoid the temptation to perform your own AC service, even if your car is no longer under warranty. There are environmental regulations that must be followed, and specialized equipment is required to service an air conditioner correctly. The DIY recharge kits found at auto parts stores may help in the short term, but improper service could cause further damage to the system or mask more serious AC problems, leading to a more expensive car AC repair down the road. You’re better off having a trusted mechanic or even a certified technician perform the work on the air cooling system.

    If your AC system is low on refrigerant, a technician will add some and use a specialized sensor to check for leaks. If no leaks are found, a system check and recharge service may cost only around $100. But generally, AC systems shouldn’t need periodic recharges, so if your mechanic is regularly recharging your AC, there is almost certainly a larger underlying problem.

    If a technician finds that your AC compressor is malfunctioning, it’s possible that your whole AC system will turn out to be contaminated with rust or metal particles. To fix this issue, a mechanic will have to flush it out, which can get expensive. Having an air conditioning service performed at the first sign of trouble can reduce the risk, although it’s not cheap: Replacing the compressor and flushing the system can cost over $1,000.

    How To Detect Air Conditioning Leak In Car

    Here detailed are ways to determine some major car air conditioner leaks that occur in different parts of the vehicle:

    Inspect Visually: If the leak is slow, you should then look for refrigerant or PEG oil residue in the compressor, refrigerant lines and compressor.

    Spray Soap Solution: Prepare a soap solution in a spray bottle and spray it on all the internal parts, after completely charging your cars AC. If any of the pipes or components are ruptures, bubbles will appear over there. This technique, however, does not detect chink on the front seal of the compressor or evaporator.

    Use Black Light: Check refrigerants under black light, as a few are mixed with a UV dye. But, black light does not detect car air conditioning leak on the evaporator or compressor front seal.

    Sniffer Device: An AC leaking in the car is easily detectable using a sniffer device. The device can spot the refrigerants chemical particles, but make sure the air conditioner is clean before using it. Moreover, test for leaks in an area with no air and dirt, as these elements can affect its performance and yield wrong results.

    Now that you know how to detect air conditioning leak in car, lets learn how to fix AC leaks.

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    Lets Do This Refilling Refrigerant

    Its important to get the correct type of refrigerant for your vehicle. The wrong kind can cause damage to the system, and may even damage other parts of the vehicle in the process. Older vehicles that use the R12 coolant will need to be professionally refilled, as they cannot be repaired at home.

  • Use a thermometer to check the ambient temperature under the hood.
  • Find the low-side service port for your vehicles air conditioning system.
  • If you cant see it right away, check your vehicles service manual to find its location.
  • Use a clean rag or towel to clean the area near the service port. Youll want to make sure that there is no debris or dirt near the port.
  • Connect the can of refrigerant to the service port using the hose that came with the can.
  • Dont stretch the refrigerant hose too far. If you cant get the can to connect to the service port from where youre able to reach, take the car to a mechanic.
  • If the can came with a pressure gauge, be sure to connect and use it.
  • Using the ambient temperature you took earlier, determine the correct pressure using the gauge to fill the system properly.
  • Turn the valve on top of the can until the seal is broken and you can start filling the system
  • Hold the can upright to allow the refrigerant to flow freely.
  • Gently shake the can occasionally.
  • Observe hoses for leaks while youre refilling.
  • Once your pressure gauge reads that the system is full, remove the hose and store it somewhere cool and safe.
  • How To Fix A Car Air Conditioning Leak

    How to fix AC that wont cool at idle in your truck or car ...


    Car air conditioning is the single most important system dedicated not to the operation of the vehicle, but to the comfort of the individuals inside. Basically every other systemengine, fuel, electrical, cooling, exhaust, drive train, braking, suspension and ignitioncontributes to the functioning of the vehicle itself. A car or truck without one of these systems wouldnt work.

    The air conditioning system of a car, on the other hand, could be removed without any loss of function. Indeed, an A/C compressor draws power from the engine, slightly reducing the efficiency of the vehicle. The functionality of the driver and passengers, however, is dramatically enhanced by air conditionings cooling effect, which is why its important to know how to fix an A/C leak.

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    How To Fix The Air Conditioning In A Car

    ByRod Hoss | Submitted On May 07, 2009

    Air conditioner in car has become a necessity these days. It is very difficult to travel in a car without an AC in scorching heat. The car AC is very small and the designing and the functioning is completely different from that of the air conditioners used in offices and homes. There are two sides of an air conditioning system of a car, viz high side and low side. The compressor of the AC begins at the high side, and performs the functioning of the pump. The refrigerant is moved through the system with the help of the compressor. The expansion valve is there at the low side, which restricts the flow of refrigerant. This helps in reducing the temperature and the pressure of the refrigerant.

    The car air conditioner works almost like a refrigerator and has a multi-component piece of machinery. The warm air is removed from the car and the cool air is pushed inside the car. This helps in maintaining the temperature of the small space in the car, and moderates the area.

    There may be times when the AC in the car stops working or does not give effective cooling. A repair is required at this stage. Each and every car is made of different design and model. But, the basic functioning of the AC in most of the cars is the same. The basic problems with the car air conditioner and the basic ways to fix the problems of car air conditioner have been listed below:

    The condenser performs the function of changing the refrigerant to the liquid form.

    What Is Black Death

    If youre about to go to bed and want to avoid nightmares, you might want to put off reading this until morning. If youre about to get in the car, please read on.

    While Black Death is not the same as the deadly plague during the 14th century, a car A/C system experiencing Black Death will be infected like the plague. Black Death starts out inside the compressor after refrigerant breaks down. Since refrigerant acts as a working fluid much like how motor oil is the fluid which provides lubrication to protect the engine, a refrigerant breakdown will result in ugly wear, starting in the compressor. From there, the sharp and grimy metal particles created during compressor breakdown can then travel through the rest of your A/C system, wreaking havoc on the entire system. Before you know it, all cold air, and airflow for that matter, will be long gone. Cue the A/C grim reaper.

    The best protection from Black Death is an A/C Performance Check. Schedule one today.

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    What Are The Signs That Show An Auto Ac System Needs To Be Repaired

    There are going to be certain instances in which you know auto AC repairs will need to be done to your car. If, for example, your car only sends out warm air when you have your AC turned on, thats a pretty clear-cut sign that you need to schedule auto AC repairs and prepare to pay the auto AC repair costs that come along with them.

    But there are alsoa whole host of other signs that will show you that its time to consider having your auto AC system repaired. Theyre sometimes a little bit more subtle than the first example we used here and might not stand out right away. You should look out for these signs at all times:

    • You hear loud noises coming from the general direction of your auto AC system
    • You see what appears to be refrigerant leaking out from under your car
    • You spot damaged wiring while looking at your auto AC system

    It might be easy for you to ignore some of these signs when they present themselves. The auto AC repair costs might scare you and make you want to put car AC repairs off for an extended period of time. But that isnt going to make the problem with your auto AC system go away. In fact, it could make the problem even worse over time if you dont do anything about it. Its why you should seek help with your cars AC system right away.

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