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How To Pay Off Your Car Loan Faster

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How to pay off your car loan FAST! The easy way! 2 Simple Tricks

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Increases Chance For Mortgage Approval

A car loan can even complicate the mortgage approval process. Mortgage lenders look at your debt-to-income ratio, which is your income divided by your monthly debt payments. A bank usually wants a DTI less than 36%, which includes your current loans and future mortgage payment.

An auto loan balance may put you over that 36% limit, making it hard to qualify for a mortgage and even harder to secure a low interest rate. If you pay off the car loan, youll have a lower DTI and a stronger case for approval.

Round Up Your Monthly Payments

Round up your monthly payments to the nearest $50 for an effortless way to shorten your loan. For example, if your auto loan costs you $220 each month, bring that number up to $250. The difference is too small to make a tangible dent in your budget, but large enough to knock a few months off the life of your loan and save you a significant amount in interest.

For a potentially even bigger impact, consider bumping up your payments to the nearest $100.

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Tips For Paying Off Your Car Loan Faster

Owning your own car is a milestone that many people hope to achieve. Owning your own vehicle provides you with more freedom and plenty of possibilities, but the cost of purchasing a car might feel steep. A new car can cost $30,000 or more, and for people who dont have enough cash lying around to pay for the car up front, they usually end up getting a car loan.

A car loan can help you get the vehicle faster, sure, but all loans have interest, meaning youll end up paying more than the initial price of your vehicle. Each month, youll pay a certain amount that will go toward the principal balance as well as money that goes toward the interest accrued. So youll want to look for the right car loan with the right institution. At Rivermark, you have many options for keeping your interest costs low while you work to pay for your car.

Regardless of how you pay your loan or who youre paying it to, the faster you pay it off, the more money youll save. Here are a few ways you can start paying your car loan off faster.

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How to Pay Off Your Car Loan Faster

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Saving You Money More Ways Than One

Extended car warranties are designed to save you money, but when you use those savings to bump up your loan repayments, you pay it off much sooner and save on interest too. Best of all, every Endurance protection plan includes 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and trip-interruption costs as standard. So even if the worst happens, you never have to worry about your wallet.

For maximum savings, EnduranceAdvantage is the perfect package, and taking your vehicle in for maintenance couldnt be simpler. All you have to do is visit your local ASE-certified mechanic, show proof of your Endurance membership, and well reimburse them for the work. It doesnt cost you a dime.

Request a free, no-obligation quote in minutes, or head over to our Learning Center for lots of helpful advice and tips.

Early Auto Loan Payoff Calculator Faqs

What is a pay-off car loan early calculator?

A pay-off car loan early calculator is a calculator that helps you know how much time you can shave-off from your car payment and the interest you can save by increasing your monthly car payments.

How will an auto loan calculator help me with extra payments?

Auto loans that span for a long period are great, but they accrue a lot of interest to be paid over time. Our auto loan calculator will show you just how much you can save on these interests by making extra monthly payments.

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The Thought Of Paying Off Your Car Loan Early And Doing Away With Your Monthly Payment Is Appealing But Should You Do It

Maybe you have a little extra cash each month, or you recently came into a large amount of money. Should you use those funds to pay off your car loan early? There are potential benefits, but also some possible drawbacks, to consider when deciding whether to pay off your auto loan ahead of schedule.

Ways To Pay Off Your Car Faster

How to pay off your car loan fast – Pay off car loan early

1. Pay every two weeks

Some lenders allow you to make half your monthly payment biweekly, which means you will make 26 half payments over the year and effectively add an extra full payment every 12 months. Because youre paying more regularly, overall interest will be reduced. Youll also be able to knock several months off the time it takes to repay the debt.

2. Add more to your payments

Use an auto loan payoff calculator to get an idea of how adding extra cash to your monthly payment may help. Enter the price you paid for the vehicle, your down payment, APR, the duration of the contract and the number of months remaining. Alternatively, just enter the original amount of the note into the vehicle price field, without having to enter the down payment as well.

You can then type in a dollar amount as an additional monthly payment to see by how many months the repayment period is shortened and what the interest savings may be. Adjusting the additional payment will indicate just how fast you might be able to pay off the vehicle.

Heres an example:

Enter an amount of $25,000 with a 72-month term, 5 percent APR and 36 months remaining. Give it a helping hand of $100 as an additional monthly payment and the calculator estimates the time it takes to pay off the car is shortened by seven months, along with total interest savings of $220.

3. Make a large payment

4. Refinance

5. Keep good habits

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Arriving At An Early Payoff

Buying a vehicle is one of the largest purchases we make in life, and paying it off early can bring great satisfaction along with the potential savings. With numerous options available, think about what changes your budget may accommodate and what offers most benefit.

* These statements are informational suggestions only and should not be construed as legal, accounting or professional advice, nor are they intended as a substitute for legal or professional guidance.

RoadLoans is not a credit counseling service and makes no representations about the responsible use of or restoration of consumer credit.

Shop For A Lower Car Insurance Rate

If you haven’t shopped around for cheaper car insurance in the past couple years, it’s time to review your policy and get quotes from other carriers.

If you’re happy with your current company, talk to your insurance agent about different strategies to lower your car insurance premium. Review all available discounts and evaluate the possibility of increasing your deductibles and/or lowering your coverage. Keep in mind that changing those factors will lower your premium, but if there’s an incident, you’ll be responsible for more out-of-pocket costs. Take a balanced approach.

If you’re open to change, get quotes from two or three other insurance carriers. Try your best to get quotes on the same coverage from each company so it’s easy to comparison shop.

Consider working with an independent agent to speed up the process of getting quotes and lowering your costs. Independent agents contract with multiple insurance companies.

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Pay More On Your Extra Pay Periods

Depending on your pay schedule, you may have an extra paycheck a few times per year. For example, if you get paid weekly, you usually get four paychecks per month. Four months every year, you receive five paychecks.

If you get paid biweekly, you typically bring home two paychecks a month. Two months a year, you’ll get paid three times in a month. These extra paychecks are perfect to put toward your car loan.

This applies any time you receive “extra” or unexpected money. For example, pay raises are an excellent opportunity to pay down debt. Pay raises add a little extra to your paycheck each month, and you can add that extra to your car loan payments. Chances are that you won’t miss it.

Couponing On Necessary Spending

Pay Off Your Car Loan Much Faster Using These Hacks ...

Of course, there are plenty of items that are necessary. These include groceries, cell phone, gas, and so on.

In todays digital world it is so easy to find coupons to help us save money. I recommend grabbing the Honey extension for your internet browser to help you with necessary online shopping . Then for in-store shopping, I would download the Ibotta app on your cell phone .

These apps help my wife and I save money each and every week which in turn can be used to pay off our car loan faster.

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Round Up Your Loan Payments

Lets say your car loan is $205 per month. If you round up your car payment to $250 then you pay an extra $45/month towards the principal of the car. After 12 months, you stashed away the equivalent of 2 and a half extra car payments towards paying off your car loan.

After three years, you already cut 6 months off your payment.

Switch To Biweekly Payments

Biweekly payments simply make more sense for the average worker, who gets paid biweekly. You can schedule your payments to coincide with your paychecks.

Specifically, split your monthly payment in half and set up automatic payments every two weeks. It may seem like youd just be paying the same amount each year. But you really make 26 half-month payments each year, or 13 months worth of payments each year rather than 12.

You get to pay off your car loan early without even noticing the impact on your monthly budget.

You could also pay more than a half-month payment every two weeks to pay off your loan even faster.

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Think About Snowballs And Avalanches

These are two ways to think about paying off your debt. Knowing what youre up against and how youll respond makes it easier to stick to your plan and pay off your debt with confidence. The snowball method means starting with the smallest debts first, while the avalanche method is all about paying off high-interest debt first. These are relevant to anyone with more debt than just the car loan.

Heres how the snowball method works:

  • Start by looking at the total value of each loan from lowest to highest.
  • Focus on the smallest loan first. Pay as much as you can against that one while making the bare minimum payments against your larger loans.
  • Once your smallest loan has been completely paid off, youll probably feel great about it. Rank your remaining debts and use that burst of positive energy to get to work on your next smallest loan.

Compare this with the avalanche method, which is intended to minimize your interest payments:

The avalanche method is normally better for reducing the actual size of your payments over time. Still, though, many people choose the snowball method because it keeps them energized and motivated. The choice is a personal one, so think about how different your interest rates are and how many little victories you want to have while you keep yourself disciplined as far as saving money.

Round Ups And Extra Repayments For Paying A Car Loan Off Early

How to Pay Off Your Car Loan Faster! | Paid My Car 2 Years Sooner

Using the previous example, a $25,000 car loan at 5% p.a. will cost $471.78 per month over five years. Lets say we round up to the nearest increment of $50, in this case $500. This will save you about $213 in interest and reduce your loan term by three months. You can do this manually by adding the amount on top of your direct debit or ask your lender if you can make such repayments without penalty.

An alternative is to make periodic once-off payments to reduce your car loan term. These may be extra money you get from bonuses or tax returns, which you can then use to reduce your overall car loan term.

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Refinancing A Car Loan With A Shorter Term

If you have a car loan with high interest due to having bad credit and have made good progress without missing payments, you may want to apply for a car loan refinance.

A car loan refinance is usually used to reduce your interest which can reduce your overall repayments. However, if you refinance a loan it is taking out another loan to pay out the previous loan. This means choosing your own repayment frequency and loan term.

If your budget can accommodate it, trying to pay off your loan in a shorter time frame will help you reduce interest overall.

Talk to a loan consultant to see if a car loan refinance with shorter repayment terms are right for your situation.

Paying Off Your Car Loan Early: Is It Possible

cars, utes

Found out some exciting news and need to buy a bigger car to fit in the new addition? Manufacturer released a new model youve been salivating over and simply must get your hands on? Perhaps youre looking to reduce the total amount of interest over the length of the loan?

Or maybe, just maybe, youre thinking about selling all your worldly possessions to buy a boat and sail the seven seas looking for buried treasure and saying arrr a lot .

For whatever reason, youre considering paying off your car loan before the end of the loan term that was originally agreed upon with your lender. And because of this, you might be wondering if its even possible and have a few other questions about it all, which hopefully well answer in this article.

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Consider Refinancing Your Current Car Loan

If your car loan came with a high interest rate or other monthly fees, refinancing your auto loan could provide you with better terms and a lower payment if your credit score has increased since you applied for the loan .

As you look at options for refinancing, keep in mind that your goal is to pay off the loan quickly. Refinancing with a new 72-month loan is still a relatively long time 72 months is six years, more than half a decade. Instead, youll want to look at a shorter term say 60 or fewer months and a lower interest rate, if possible. If you do refinance for a long-term loan, consider paying extra toward the principal every month to pay off the loan more quickly.

Put Monthly Savings Into Your Installment

How to Pay Off Your Car Loan Faster

Finding thrifty tricks to reduce your household expenses and then putting your savings into your car payment can do even more for you than just rounding up your installment. Turn it into a game there are lots of ways to save without turning your life into a misery. For example, if you usually eat out twice a month, reduce this to once a month and calculate the amount you will save so that you can add it to your installment.

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Increase Your Payment Frequency

Increasing your repayment frequency helps you pay off your car loan faster and shorten the overall length of your loan.

Many borrowers may choose monthly repayments, however, paying fortnightly rather than monthly means that you end up making an additional payment each year. There are 12 months in a year, but if you make fortnightly payments you end up paying extra because there are 26 fortnights in a year.

Check with your lender on how they calculate the car loan repayments, and whether paying at different frequencies would be beneficial, as some may calculate the fortnightly payments slightly differently and you want them to be exactly half of a monthly payment amount for you to make an extra payment.

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