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What Do I Need To Detail My Car

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Enjoy Your Freshly Detailed Ride

A Detailer’s Secrets On Interior Detailing For Your Car.

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Essential Car Detailing Products Every Detailer Needs

If youre new to car detailing, its likely that youve been swamped with a plethora of products that you can buy. Each job has dozens of different products from a wide range of detailing companies, so it can often be tough to know what to shoot for.

Ive already written a guide on the beginners car detailing kit, but I wanted to look more at the enthusiasts for this guide and products that I like to keep stocked.

What Ive found is that products come in and out of vogue for me. Some Ive used for years and have no reason to change, whereas others get chopped and changed a little more often.

Either way, this guide on the essential car detailing products includes products that I think are the best of the best.

One of the driving factors behind this page was to allow people to possibly surprise loved-ones with car detailing gift ideas, that stretch further than the leather chamois packs that you can pick up from most road-side garages. As an enthusiast detailer, I know that any product on this page Id love to receive.

So, lets dive into the list. Remember, this page will likely keep evolving over the years, so feel free to keep checking back.

Car Interior Detailing Procedure Step By Step Guide

How do you detail the inside of a car? What chemicals, brushes, and equipment do you need? In this segment of Detail Kings Auto Detailing Guide, the team breaks down the best interior detailing process that will allow your team to tackle even the dirtiest interiors.

  • Start by removing all loose items and bag them for the owner, in a loose items bags. Care should be taken to look for strange items such as firearms, knives or anything not usually found in vehicles.
  • Remove mats and seat covers including ashtrays. Ashtrays should be soaked to insure proper cleaning. Mats should be vacuumed and prepped to remove grease and ground-in dirt.
  • Using your air compressor purge all loose dirt by starting with the inside of the rear window, then the rear floors pushing all dirt to the front of the car. It is a good idea to gently use the air compressor around the vents and the top of the dashboard. Care should be taken not to break or dislodge any air vents. Be cautious when reaching under the seats for needles, razor blades or other dangerous items.
  • Remove any pet hair with a Fur-Zoff or Rubber Pet Hair Brush, if hair is not dislodging put two ounces of fabric softener in a quart of water and mist the area to eliminate the static charge holding the hair. You can always vacuum after above steps are completed.
  • Clean all levers, pedals, pockets, center console, in-between seats, seat handles & all fixed items in the interior. Look for stains or spills that need special attention.
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    Interior Detailing Products And Steps

    Now, lets go through some of the steps, useful car detailing tools , and car cleaning products youll need to get professional-looking auto detailing at home. Weve even included tips from car detailing professionals .

    • Start by taking out the trash. A small trash bag can come in handy here, as well as latex or nitrile gloves. Pick up old napkins, food wrappers, car parts, loose coins, and anything else thats too big for the vacuum cleaner to pick up. Dont forget to check the glove box, console boxes, door cubbies, cup holders, and change bins.
    • Remove all floor mats and clean these separately. Use a stiff brush and car wash soap, like Turtle Wax MAX Power Car Wash, to clean rubber mats. Upholstery cleaner, such as Turtle Wax POWER OUT! Carpet & Mats Cleaner, and a stiff brush or steam cleaner can be used on carpeted floor mats. Once cleaned, hang the mats to dry.

    Pro Tip: Use a wet-dry vacuum to suck out as much water from carpeted mats to accelerate drying.

    Eliminating Odors And Car Interior Sanitation

    Here Are the Car Detailing Tools You Need, According to An ...

    Now that the vehicle looks clean we also have to make sure the car IS clean! Interior sanitation and odor removal all depend on your needs for your vehicle.

    There are hundreds of sanitation and odor removal products and tools on the market so the process depends on what you end up purchasing. Most sanitation is performed by alcohol and hydrogen peroxide based disinfectants along with commercial steam cleaners and ozone machines which can cost you hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars.

    An easy way to disinfect major surfaces such as door handles, door panels, and steering wheels would be to use disinfectant wipes or spray. Just make sure to wipe down all your interior surfaces prior to applying your car interior protection. If done afterwards it will possibly strip off your protection.

    As for lingering odors I recommend you use an Enzyme based odor eliminator, they are typically in aerosol format and can be left in the vehicle overnight eliminating most odors in your car’s interior.

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    Trust Casey’s Car Wash & Detail Center For Exceptional Results

    At Casey’s Car Wash & Detail Center in Fort Collins, we want to leave your car in immaculate condition, and one way we accomplish this goal is by offering a wide range of detailed service packages. In addition to our packages, you can customize your own package so that you get the results you are searching for from a detailing facility.

    How To Protect Your Car Exterior

    Contaminants safely removed, and all surfaces thoroughly dried and polished, its time to throw a little armor on that machine, at which point it behooves us to recommend going the ceramic coating route. Why? Well first of all, the level of protection a high end ceramic coating offers remains unrivalled, as is its ability to repel water, while offering years of protection. Secondly, youll be delighted to learn that the majority of the labor involved in the application of a ceramic coating is in the surface prep stage, a procedure that you have just completed!

    So while waxes are inexpensive and easy to apply, they typically only last a few weeks before requiring reapplication, with ultra high-end products lasting as little as two to three months.

    Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, offer unparalleled protection and shine on a far more permanent basis. Sure, they may require a little bit more elbow grease and time during the application process, and they do indeed cost a bit more, but when considering that they only require reapplication every 2 to 5 years, the value swings ceramics way every time.

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    Dont Spend $100 For A Professional To Detail Your Cars Interior Again After Doing It Yourself A Few Times Youll Be Way Ahead

    Products like Surface Steam Cleaner can help you detail your car’s interior on a budget.

    Professional detailing can be downright expensive. Depending on the type of car you have, how dirty it is, and what level of cleanliness you want, you can be spending hundreds of dollars just on the interior of your car alone. Instead, you can buy everything you need to detail the inside of your car at a professional level for less than the price of one detail.

    Better yet, youll have the main items in your possession after that so you can detail your car again and again. Itll never be cleaner and you wont have to break the bank to do so! This is what youll need.

    Idaho Falls Car Detailing Services

    Should you detail a brand new car?

    When it comes to car detailing, there are a variety of services that may be available. We offer three different car detailing packages basic, premium, and platinum. We know it is not always easy to know what will be the best choice for your vehicle. Check out our packages to find the best fit for your needs. You can also choose from these add-on options.

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    Steam Saves Water When Car Interior Detailing

    Steam cleaning a car interior uses a minimal amount of water. For example, DetailXPerts can clean 15 vehicles using just 2 gallons of water with our innovative steam cleaning methods. In comparison, in-bay automatic systems can use approximately 35 gallons per vehicle. High-pressure touchless methods can use up to 70 gallons per vehicle.

    Brushes For The Exterior And Interior

    There are instances when dirt and grime have clearly built up into one sticky mess that regular cleaning simply cannot get the job done. Even if you use the best car detailing equipment complete with a solution that is designed to dissolve the chemical bonds of this gooey mess, you will still require a really sturdy brush to get rid of stubborn dirt. Professional auto detailers use a variety of brushes in their detailing chores depending on what they would like to achieve.

    For example, when it comes to cleaning the wheels of your ride, wheel woolies are simply incomparable since their cylindrical design allows them to be inserted through even the tightest of spaces in a wheel. These are also exterior scrub brushes that are primarily used to remove heavier particles that may not be easily done by conventional car cleaning products. For the car interior where the surfaces are usually more delicate, appropriate interior scrub brushes can do a good job of cleaning the inside of your car. There are also car detailing brushes that serve to provide a more precise cleaning and applying of finishing materials into smaller, more delicate surfaces of the car.

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    Why Is Car Detailing Important

    Running a car through a car wash might wash the dirt off of it, but it doesnt keep the car in pristine condition like a thorough detail. Unlike a car wash, detailing not only keeps a car clean, but it also protects a cars paint and interior, so theyre not as vulnerable to natural elements and to use. Detailing is important because it extends the life of a vehicle and helps it maintain its maximum resale value. Regular professional detailing will help customers enjoy their cars, add value to their cars, and save money in the long-term.

    • Customer Satisfaction Who doesnt love driving a new, shiny car? Cars are one of our biggest investments and expenses, so many people want to take good care of them.
    • Saves Money While it obviously costs money to get a car detailed, doing it regularly will actually save car owners money in the long run. More people are driving their cars longer, and regular maintenance is very important to keeping a car on the road. Once someone is ready to sell their car, a clean and well-maintained car will always have more value.
    • Safety and Wellness A clean car removes dust and any other hazardous particles which protects drivers and riders from allergies and other sickness. Clean glass on the windshield, windows, and mirrors helps drivers see better and avoid accidents.

    Specialty Car Interior Detailing Services To Tackle Odors

    Do I Need a Subwoofer in My Car

    Journeys are not pleasant if there is a bad smell inside the car. Children who suffer from motion sickness when traveling by car are also particularly sensitive to odors. Therefore, it is important to keep your car smelling clean and fresh between steam cleaning details. These suggestions may help:

    Car AC Vents and Switches

    AC vents are often neglected because they are not the easiest places to clean. Dirty vents can lead to unpleasant, musty smells developing. You do need the right tools to do the job, such as a long-handled pliable brush to reach into crevices. Alternatively, clean your car AC vents and switches with a steam cleaner to tackle stronger odors that are hard to shift.

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    Schedule Car Detailing Today

    High Caliber Cleaning is the Idaho Falls car detailing business dedicated to providing quality service at a great value to residents of Idaho Falls and surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient car detailing in Idaho Falls experience possible. This is the reason that we offer a variety of packages and additional services to meet your needs! Whether you want to drive around in a clean, new-feeling car, or want to increase your car’s resale value, we have the perfect detailing package for you. To make your life easier, we also offer pick-up and delivery of your vehicle, so all you have to worry about is scheduling an appointment with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Get a Quote!

    Whether you’re looking for a simple car detailing or the ultimate package, we can do it all. From headlight restoration to eliminating odor, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you out!

    Start A Car Detailing Business By Following These 10 Steps:

  • Plan your Car Detailing Business
  • Form your Car Detailing Business into a Legal Entity
  • Register your Car Detailing Business for Taxes
  • Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card
  • Set up Accounting for your Car Detailing Business
  • Get the Necessary Permits & Licenses for your Car Detailing Business
  • Get Car Detailing Business Insurance
  • Define your Car Detailing Business Brand
  • Create your Car Detailing Business Website
  • Set up your Business Phone System
  • You have found the perfect business idea, and now you are ready to take the next step. There is more to starting a business than just registering it with the state. We have put together this simple guide to starting your car detailing business. These steps will ensure that your new business is well planned out, registered properly and legally compliant.

    Hear startup stories and business insights from real founders on the Startup Savants podcast.

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    Step : Set Up Your Business Phone System

    Getting a phone set up for your business is one of the best ways to help keep your personal life and business life separate and private. Thatâs not the only benefit it also helps you make your business more automated, gives your business legitimacy, and makes it easier for potential customers to find and contact you.

    There are many services available to entrepreneurs who want to set up a business phone system. Weâve reviewed the top companies and rated them based on price, features, and ease of use. Check out our review of the Best Business Phone Systems 2022 to find the best phone service for your small business.

    Recommended Business Phone Service: is our top choice for small business phone numbers because of all the features it offers for small businesses and it’s fair pricing.

    Start A Car Detailing Business In Your State

    Select your state below for an in-depth guide on completing each of these steps in your home state.

    Dont Forget The Seat Belts


    Seat belts and buckles are frequently touched items in the car but are often overlooked in car interior detailing because the belts retract when not in use and then lie flush against the car seat. It is important to include them in car interior detailing because belts retain dirt and stains. The material can get grubby from food spills, coffee splashes, transfer from hand cream and so on. Handy car wash interior cleaning hacks for sprucing up seat belts include making a solution with vinegar and water to wipe down and sanitize them. Use three parts vinegar to one part water for a DIY all-purpose disinfectant.

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    What Are Common Car Detailing Prices

    Car detailing prices differ depending on a couple of things such as the reputation of a business, its professionalism, the type of detail, and the size of the car. The higher the quality of service, the higher the cost.

    Different car detailing packages are offered for different prices. A basic package includes vacuuming, window wash, tire cleaning, trim cleaning, wax and a wash. For such a package, $50 to $75 is the average price for an average-sized car, but for a van or an SUV, $75 to $150 is the average cost.

    For an upgraded package, more attention and detail is given when cleaning the car. For that reason, a higher price should be expected. In most cases, the price is always above $175.

    Whatever the price, it is good that you make the most of your money by:

    • Using Materials Wisely If you decide to detail your car by yourself, use materials sparingly so that you can use them a couple of times and in that way, save on costs of buying materials now and then. Additionally, make sure you follow instructions to the letter. For example, most detergents require water to dilute them. If you do not read the instructions carefully, you will be forced to keep buying new materials now and then.

    Schedule An Appointment With The Herb Chambers Dealership Group For Your Next Boston Car Detail Service

    When it comes to your vehicle, any service that can refresh your look and add shine back into the paint job can go a long way to ensuring it stays on the road a long time. We want to make your experience with us enjoyable and affordable, which is why we’re happy to provide service and parts specials that can help you save every time you visit one of our service centers. For Boston drivers looking for car detailing, we recommend visiting a Herb Chambers location or scheduling an appointment with our team today!

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