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What Happens If Car Insurance Lapses

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What to do when your car insurance lapses

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Can A Lapsed Insurance Policy Be Reinstated

If you pay within your grace period time, great your car is still insured under the policy. However if you miss the grace period limit again, your insurance will automatically be cancelled. This will make it harder and even more expensive for you to get car insurance after lapse in coverage, so make sure you dont get to the point where your policy could lapse.

It is possible to have a lapsed policy reinstated, but there is added hassle and additional charges that you would definitely want to avoid.

If your policy lapsed a week or two before, you should immediately contact the insurance company and request them to revive your policy, of course you will have to pay a certain amount of fee for that to happen and maybe this time the premium amount will be higher. But if it has been a couple of months or a year that you have not been insured, chances are you will have to start from scratch.

Be prepared to go through the entire application process again. This time you can also shop around and look for another insurance company that may have a better package designed out for you.

What Can Cause An Insurance Lapse

Any amount of time that your vehicle is registered but not insured can cause a lapse in your insurance coverage. An insurance lapse can occur between the date your insurance is cancelled and the date

  • your new insurance begins
  • you surrender your vehicle plates
  • your registration expires
  • ‘other proof’ of insurance is valid
  • your insurance company reinstates your insurance coverage

A lapse in insurance coverage can also occur between the date you register your vehicle and the date your new insurance coverage begins. 1 See Respond to DMV insurance letters and orders for instructions on how to resolve an insurance lapse.

If the registration suspension period is more than 90 days, you must surrender your vehicle registration and plates. The DMV will also suspend your driver license. Your driver license will be suspended for the same number of days as your registration suspension. To reinstate your driver license, you must pay the DMV a $50 license suspension termination fee.

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Is There A Grace Period Before The Lapse Is Official

Grace periods give you an amount of time between a missed payment and a cancellation that would result in a lapse in coverage. States require insurers to notify policyholders before canceling their policy, and the grace period typically ranges from 10 to 20 days. For example, New York requires automobile insurers to give at least 15 days’ notice of cancellation when the reason is nonpayment.

Check your state laws and with your insurer so you know how much time after a missed payment to avoid cancellation.

What Are The Financial Consequences Of Driving With Lapsed Coverage

Lapse In Car Insurance : Why You Should Never Let Your Car Insurance ...

Even if your coverage lapses by a day, expect to pay higher insurance premiums after a lapse in coverage. Youll no longer be eligible for continuous coverage discounts. And because insurance companies assume people with gaps in coverage are higher risk, even if your driving record doesn’t mark you as a high-risk driver, your premiums could increase substantially even if youre not in an accident during the gap in coverage. In some states, you may need to carry an SR-22 which will increase the cost of your policy. Your new car insurance quote will reflect that increase.

If youre in an accident and its your fault, youll have to pay for all the repairs to your vehicle and the other drivers vehicle. Your canceled auto liability policy would have taken care of them.These bills can add up quickly even for a minor fender-bender.

If you cause a major accident, youll not only be responsible for the cost of repairs, but you could also be accountable for the medical bills incurred by the other driver and the vehicles occupants. Youre also at risk of being sued by the other driver and if you dont have the money to pay a judgment if they win their case, they could go after your assets.

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Common Reasons For Coverage Lapses

Drivers who suffer a lapse often do so because of a cancellation of their car insurance policy due to:

  • Nonpayment of premium.
  • Failure to renew.
  • Excessive traffic violations or serious accidents.

If your insurance company drops you for some reason, you need to get a new policy in place before the old one expires. Also, if you choose to switch providers, you must make arrangements carefully to avoid a lapse between when your current auto insurance policy ends and your new one begins.

If My License Is Suspended For A Lapse Of Insurance What Can I Do

If your registration has not expired, you must surrender your plates. A driver license becomes suspended when the lapse is 91 days or more or if the time period of the lapse has not yet been determined. To determine the lapse period

  • the plates must be surrendered, or
  • the plates must be reported lost/stolen/confiscated, or
  • the registration must expire, or
  • the plates must be transferred to another vehicle by DMV, or
  • DMV must receive proof of new or reinstated insurance, or
  • DMV must receive other acceptable proof

Once the lapse is determined, the registration, and if the lapse period is 91 days or more, your driver license will also be suspended for the same number of days. The suspensions may not be effective on the same date. Therefore, you may serve the suspension on the driver license first or you may serve the suspension on the registration first. The suspension on the driver license will not end until you have paid the suspension termination fee and have served the suspension.

  • 1. The registration suspension will last for the same number of days that your vehicle was registered in New York without auto liability coverage. If you are suspended you must either
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    One Day Lapse In Car Insurance

    Even a one day lapse in car insurance can create complications for a driver. When there is a lapse in car insurance coverage, even for one day, it can be more expensive to purchase insurance. Of course, you may not be lacking insurance because you cant pay your policy or because youre a bad driver. For example, you may just have lived in a situation where you didnt need a car for some time.

    Even so, a one day lapse in car insurance can make it more expensive to purchase a policy. However, its vital to secure car insurance right away when you plan to own a vehicle. Even though its more complicated to get car insurance after a one-day lapse, securing insurance can protect you from liability in the event of an accident, and you dont face fines and other penalties for driving without insurance.

    Renew Lapsed Car Insurance

    What To Do If Auto Insurance Coverage Has Lapsed

    Despite these regulations, lapsing of car insurance is an unfortunate reality. About 26% of cars in major Indian cities have lapsed insurance policies. In this article, we shall discuss the renewal of car insurance after due date, the consequences of such a lapse, how to get a new policy, and how to take advantage of the car insurance lapse grace period that insurers offer.

    You can also find tips on how to prevent your car insurance from lapsing in the first place. Prevention is better than cure, so read on.

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    Which States Have A Penalty For A Lapse

    Different states have different laws around auto insurance, but many have penalties for allowing your coverage to lapse. In most cases, these penalties start small for the first offense and then increase for each subsequent offense. While most penalties start with monetary fees, driving without insurance can result in severe penalties, such as license suspensions or jail time.

    The Importance Of Maintaining Insurance Coverage

    When your budget is tight, you may be tempted to cut corners wherever you can. Auto insurance may be one expense you might consider letting it go, but car insurance lapses can come with some major risks.

    Before missing a payment or calling to cancel, read on to learn about the consequences of coverage gaps, what to do if your policy lapses, and when it can make sense to stop your coverage.

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    How A Lapse In Coverage Affects Car Insurance Rates

    If you have a lapse in coverage, your car insurance company may perceive you as a higher-risk driver and may charge you more as a result. Policyholders with a lapse in car insurance coverage pay an average of $1,861 per year for full coverage insurance, nearly $200 more than the national average of $1,674 per year, according to our analysis of data from Quadrant Information Services.

    On average, those with gaps in their insurance pay around 11% more for their coverage. Its also possible for your insurer to decline to reissue your coverage after a lapse. In this case, you would have to find a new policy with a new carrier. Since your insurer is required to report your lapse to your states DMV, any new insurer will know about it and may charge you higher premiums as a result.

    What Do You Do When Your Coverage Lapses

    What Happens If Car Insurance Lapses : Getting Car Insurance Again ...

    When faced with an auto insurance lapse, you should reach out to your insurance provider at once to see if they can reinstate your car insurance policy. If not, then youâll have to find a new car insurance policy and maybe a new insurer.

    Shopping around the local and national car insurance carriers for different auto insurance premium rates is certainly an option, but you should be mindful of the time you spend with your vehicle uninsured.

    Obtain car insurance quotes from different auto insurance companies, and youâll find that every car insurer has its own way of judging gaps in auto insurance coverage, so find the insurance company with the most affordable rate.

    Above all, donât drive your vehicle without insurance. There arenât just insurance consequences but also several legal ones. You may face extensive fines, license suspension, and even jail time. Your car may also be impounded. Then you not only have to get a new auto insurance policy, but you also have to reinstate your drivers license, which is its own can of worms. The best you can do is stay on top of your car insurance policy to prevent a lapse.

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    Consequences If Your Car Insurance Lapses

    • Penalties for driving without insurance range from fines up to $5,000 to jail time.
    • If your car insurance lapses, you may experience higher premiums when you go to get a new policy.
    • If your state was notified about your lapse in coverage, you may face additional fines or license suspension.
    • You may need an SR-22 to reinstate your driving privileges after a lapse in car insurance.

    Its important to note that some insurers have a grace period after a missed payment or if you forget to renew your policy. If you are within a grace period, you should be able to make a payment and have your insurance fully reinstated without any consequences. If you are past the grace period, or your insurer does not have a grace period, you should get a new car insurance policy as quickly as possible.

    To learn more, check out WalletHubs guide to the dangers of driving without insurance.

    Be Aware Of Policy Dates

    If you are considering switching to car insurance companies, it is important to put your new policy into effect on the same date your previous policy is canceled. The best way to handle this is to secure your coverage with your new insurance company and then call your current insurance company and tell them what cancellation date to use, which should be the effective date of your new policy. Make sure to talk in detail about this with insurance agents at both companies to avoid a lapse in coverage.

    Rate increases after a lapse

    When a customer experiences a lapse in their auto insurance, car insurance companies are wary of them. This lapse tells insurers that you have some barrier to completing your end of the contract. Namely, making your premium payments on time. It also implies that you may drive while uninsured, which is the type of disregard for vehicle laws that insurers see as a red flag of risky driving.

    Thankfully, once you obtain insurance coverage again, you could see your premiums decrease over time if that coverage is maintained. Also, without a lapse in coverage for some time could mean you are eligible for insurance coverage with more carriers, giving you more options to find competitive premiums that suit your budget.

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    How Do I Avoid An Insurance Lapse

    Remember this simple rule: no insurance, no plates!

    • keep the address for your vehicle registration and driver license current with the DMV
    • have liability coverage from a company licensed by the NYS Department of Financial Services and authorized by the NYS DMV
    • have your insurance company report any changes to the DMV immediately
    • keep insurance coverage on your vehicle for as long as it is registered in New York
    • respond to DMV Insurance Letters and Orders immediately
    • surrender your vehicle registration and license plates to DMV before your New York State coverage ends for any reason

    If you do not have valid auto liability insurance coverage for your vehicle, you must immediately surrender your registration and vehicle plates.

    Motorcycle plates do not have to be surrendered to DMV when auto liability insurance lapses. However, it is illegal to operate a motorcycle when it does not have proper auto liability insurance.

    How To Avoid A Car Insurance Lapse

    Problems created when auto insurance lapses or is dropped on a vehicle

    The best ways to avoid a lapse in car insurance is to make your payments on time, tell the truth when you’re purchasing coverage or making a claim, and maintain a clean driving record on the road. To avoid a lapse in coverage, you should also:

    • Contact your insurance company: If you receive a cancellation notice, you should contact your insurance company right away. This way, you can learn about your company’s grace period, potential ways you can avoid cancellation taking place, and possibly reinstate your coverage before it’s too late.

    • Know your policy’s expiration date: Pay attention to the term dates of your policy so that you don’t simply forget to renew your insurance coverage when it’s time for a new policy.

    • Start a new policy on time: When switching car insurance policies, make sure your new policy starts the same day as your old policy ends. Even one day between policies can result in a lapse in coverage.

    • Shop for quotes: If you can no longer afford your car insurance premiums, you should shop for quotes from other companies. A high rate at one insurance company does not necessarily mean a high rate at a different company.

    • Evaluate your coverage levels and deductibles: You could also rework your coverage if you’re having trouble making payments. If you’re paying for more insurance than you need, or if your deductible is low, you could lower your total premiums by adjusting your policy.

    Compare rates and shop affordable car insurance today

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    What Does It Mean To Have Your Car Insurance Lapsed

    Whenever your auto insurance policy expires or is canceled, it begins the period known as auto insurance lapse. Your auto insurance is kept as a record, and a period of being uninsured shows up as a gap in it. Thatâs actually where gap car insurance gets its name from.

    When you have a lapse in your car insurance coverage, it means that you should waste no time in getting your car insurance reinstated with or without your previous auto insurer.

    After two days, youâll notice that your auto insurance rates werenât as low as before.

    Driving without auto insurance can also get you in trouble with the police if you are pulled over for something as simple as running a stop sign.

    Will My Auto Insurance Rates Increase After A Lapse

    A lapse in your auto coverage will almost always increase your auto insurance rates if youre unable to reinstate your policy. Coverage lapses are red flags to auto insurers that suggest you are a high-risk driver. After all, lapses typically occur when you have multiple recent accidents and moving violations or youre unable to meet your monthly premium payments.

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