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What To Do If I Lost My Car Title

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Lost Vehicle Registration Could Be Bothering

How to get a lost title replaced for my vehicle

Losing your vehicle registration can be a hassle, especially when you were depending on it to provide information you needed to insure your vehicle or obtain a lien on it. However, there are other ways to locate your title number beside your registration, such as contacting the DMV or the lienholder or locating it on other paperwork. With this in mind, you can quickly locate your title number and go about your business.

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Duplicate titles are issued when the original title for a vehicle is lost, stolen or destroyed. Once a duplicate title is produced, the original title is no longer valid. Only the current owner, lienholder or a New Hampshire licensed dealer of a vehicle may request a duplicate title for that vehicle.

Apply for a Duplicate Title

To get a duplicate title for a vehicle, the current owner must provide the following:

  • if applicable.

Applications may be dropped off at most of our DMV offices, or you may mail it to:

NH Dept. of Safety23 Hazen DriveConcord NH 03305

Once the application is received and verified, a duplicate title will be produced and mailed to the vehicle’s owner within five to ten calendar days.

A duplicate title may be mailed to a New Hampshire licensed dealer if the owner so indicates by signing the “Authorization for Mailing” on the Duplicate Title Application.

Joint Ownership: If two people are listed as owners on a title, both owners must sign the application for a duplicate. The duplicate title will be mailed to the first listed owner.

Lien Release Required: If a lien was recorded on the vehicle when purchased, the owner must provide a Release of Liensigned by the lienholder with the application for a duplicate title.

Adobe Acrobat Reader format. You can download a free reader from Adobe.

New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles | 23 Hazen Drive | Concord, NH 03305TDD Access: RELAY NH

How To Go About Getting A Replacement Car Title

What Happens When You Lose The Title To Your Car? If you have recently lost the original title to your vehicle, you can easily get a replacement from the DMV.

It can sometimes vary slightly state by state but its generally a similar process. After explaining the general process, we will provide some of the key differences between the three main states we operate in.

However, if you dont live in one of those states then you can look up your state here.

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The Title That Wasnt In Your Name

If you have bought a trailer from a seller, but you lost the title before transferring it to your name, .what can you do now?

One solution is to request the previous owner to submit the replacement request .you must be careful about that you need to pay to get lost title for a trailer.

If you cant contact your previous owner, you may go to take the court order to obtain the title.

Replacing Your Lost Car Title

My Vehicle Title

If an institution such as a bank has a lien on the title, you dont need to worry about getting the title if you plan on selling it to a dealership. The dealer contacts the lender and takes care of the transfer for you. Once the lien has been satisfied, you can go forward with the trade-in process and the dealership typically cuts you a check for any balance left over.

If you misplaced the original car title and its in your name, the good news is that getting a copy of the title is a simple procedure. All you need to do is head to your local DMV or Secretary of State and complete the appropriate paperwork. To get a copy of the title you typically need to have your Social Security number, drivers license, and vehicle identification number , but additional requirements can vary by state. Once you fill out the paperwork, you either get the title immediately or may need to wait a few weeks before its mailed again, this depends on your state and their procedures.

If you dont have the title because of death or divorce, it gets a little more complicated. With a divorce, its important you have your attorney transfer the title to you during the divorce proceedings. But, if this isnt possible, you need to have the titleholder sign the title over to you, and with a divorce, this isnt always easy to do. Once the title has been signed over, you take the title and copy of the divorce decree to the DMV to officially make the change.

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To Apply For A Duplicate Title You Must Submit:

  • An Application for Missouri Title and License , completed in full and signed, including the following:
  • A Missouri address must be indicated in the owner area on the application
  • Indicate the reason you need the duplicate title located in the “Duplicate Title Only” near the bottom of the form
  • Have the form notarized. Your signature must be witnessed by a notary public, and the notary must complete the notarization box in the block named “Duplicate Title Only”
  • If you are applying for a duplicate title because your original title was mutilated, you must return the mutilated title with your application
  • If the title is to be mailed to an address other than that indicated in the owner’s portion of the application, and no lien is indicated, please place an “X” in the “Mail To” block and write or type that address in the space provided. A title may be mailed to an address other than that indicated in the owner’s portion of the application if there is only one lien indicated.
  • What Is A Bonded Title

    A bonded title is a regular title that is marked “bonded”. Maybe you have heard of a salvage title or a rebuilt title? Those are titles that have a title brand.

    A bonded title is just a title with a “bonded” brand. It implies there is a surety bond attached to the title.

    The “bonded” brand can be removed from the title in 3-5 years, and you can go apply for a clean title.

    To get a bonded title, your local DMV will require you to purchase a Lost Title Bond as a form of insurance for them and any previous owners of the vehicle.

    Further instructions are below for how the Bonded Title process works.

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    Why Is A Title So Important

    From a practical standpoint, a car title protects both a lien holder and a buyer. It ensures the lien holder receives payment because you cant complete a title transfer without a lien release. A buyer can match the VIN on a title to the VIN on the vehicle and find out if the odometer reading on the title is less than the reading on the vehicle.

    From a state DMV perspective, titling not only establishes ownership but also provides a basis for collecting taxes and fees. In addition, a database containing vehicle title information assists law enforcement personnel.

    Handling Private Seller Agreements

    How To Replace A Lost Car Title

    If your buyer is a friend or family member, you can arrange to send your car’s title at a future date, once you have located the title or the title has been released from the lien holder or the DMV. In this case, the website Legalzoom recommends filling out a bill of sale agreement as proof of the transaction. For a vehicle bill of sale form, you can contact your local DMV, or find a template available online.

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    Conditions Of Getting A Bonded Title

    If someone comes forward later on and says that they are the owner of the vehicle and that you should not have been granted a bonded title, they can make a claim on your Lost Title Bond. If the claim is determined to be valid, the surety company would pay the person a fair amount. It would then be your responsibility to repay the surety company.

    You Will Not Get Your New Title At The Dmv

    When you apply for a replacement title at a DMV office, you will NOT be issued the replacement title while there. All title certificates are printed in a secure facility in Albany and are mailed to the owner. For this reason, the fastest and easiest way to apply for a replacement title is to do it online.


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    How To Replace A Lost Title

    State DMV laws outline the procedures for getting a duplicate title. Some states will only issue a duplicate title in person, while others will process a duplicate title request online. Regardless, youll need to complete a duplicate title application, pay the required fee and supply the required identification documents and information.

    For an in-person request, this usually means a copy of your valid drivers license or state identification card. For an online request, you’ll typically need to provide the last four digits of your Social Security number, your drivers license or state ID number, and personal identification information such as your birth date and eye color.

    In most states, same-day service is available for an additional fee. Otherwise, the duplicate will arrive by postal mail within seven to 10 business days.

    Missing Titles / Applying For A Duplicate Title

    My Vehicle Title

    For a checklist and additional information, . If you applied for your title four weeks ago or more and wish to check the status of your application, please use our online inquiry form.

    If you are planning either to buy or sell a vehicle and the vehicleâs title is missing, the owner of the vehicle must apply for a duplicate title. The sale is not valid without a properly assigned title. If the title has been mutilated or otherwise ruined, the owner of the vehicle must apply for a duplicate title in order for the sale to proceed.

    If your title has been lost, mutilated, or destroyed, you may apply for a duplicate title.

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    Duplicate Title Application Process

    California has made the title replacement process pretty straightforward. To complete an application for duplicate title youâll need to provide:

    • Driver license number or ID card number
    • License plate number
    • The vehicleâs make and year
    • Vehicle registration card for proof of ownership
    • Notarized Lien Satisfied/Legal Owner/Title Holder Release form
    • Lienholder information

    In Section 3 of the form check the âLostâ box so that the CA DMV knows your original title may still be floating around somewhere. The duplicate title will void the original, but itâs still need-to-know info. Sign and date the form and youâre all done.

    Donât forget you also have to get a CHP vehicle verification within 90 days of replacing your title.

    Same Address? Snail Mail It!

    As long as your address is the same, you can submit your title replacement application through snail mail rather than squaring away a few hours for a DMV office visit. Mail your completed form along with the duplicate title fee to:

    Department of Motor Vehicles

    Sacramento, California 94269-0001

    Do I Need A Title To Sell My Car

    You do need to have your vehicles title to sell a car. If youre looking for your title because youre preparing to trade it in at a dealership, in title-holding states the lender typically sends directly to the dealership so they can transfer ownership once the loan is paid in full.

    If you’re trading in a vehicle in a non-title-holding state, you need to bring the title to the dealership with you so you can sign it over to them.

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    How Do You Transfer Car Ownership For Buyers

    Here are the steps for the buyer to transfer it :

  • Make sure the VIN matches the VIN number on the permit
  • Complete the bill of sale portion of the Used Vehicle Inspection Package
  • Complete the Application for Transfer
  • Bring the UVIP and vehicle permit to Service Ontario within 6 days of the sale
  • Pay the retail sales tax
  • Pay the licensing fees for the plates, permit, and sticker
  • Always check the lien information on the Used Vehicle Information Package.

    Skip The Line Let Us Do The Hard Work For You

    How do you get a lost title for a car? | AFX

    We are a small group of vehicle specialists who are passionate about combating title fraud. In addition to VIN Checks and Vehicle Accident Reports, we can get you a new car title and fresh license plates! Our process is quick, easy, and transparent. Buy now or bookmark for later:

    Contact us with any questions. If you lost a title and need help, contact us for a no-obligation chat.

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    New Mexico Replacement Title Process

    To create a duplicate replacement car title in New Mexico, the process will be done through the New Mexico DMV office. Youll need to have the following:

    • Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title
    • A replacement fee is listed on the application
    • Current registration and your drivers license
    • New Residents will have to take completed applications directly to the MVD field office in person.
    • Non-new residents can apply in person or by mail.

    The process is quite simple. Remember, the duplicate auto title will be given only to the vehicles registered owner / legal owner.

    Replacing Of Lost Or Stolen Plates Permits Or Stickers

    1 – Replacement of Plates

    A lost or stolen licence plate or a plate which number you don’t like, may be replaced at any time at your local Licence Office

    Documents Required:

        • Application – Requires the identification of owner
        • Registration of both: The vehicle and the plates to be replaced.

    The plates must be returned to the Ministry of Transportation.

    If one plate is missing plate and it is not the validated plate, In order to obtain credit for the validation sticker it is necessary to return the validated plate.

    If the missing plate is the validated plate, In order to obtain credit for the validation sticker it is necessary to return the no validated plate along with a police report filled out with and signed by the constable on duty at any police station.

    2 – Replacement of Permits

    General Information: The document that confirms the proprietorship of your vehicle is the Vehicle Permit In Ontario this document is composed by two sections: The Vehicle Portion and the Plate Portion.

    The two sections look similar and some information is common to both sections but in fact they contain some different information.

    Information on Vehicle Portion :

    Information on Plate Portion :

    Note: If the vehicle is unplated the plate portion will not contain any information

    The plate portion normally contains the same name of the vehicle portion except in the case of a vehicle leased. In this case the owner of the plate is different to the owner of the vehicle

    Documents Required:

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    Obtaining Your Title From Dmv

    Depending on where you live, your car title will either be mailed to you by your state’s DMV, or you may be required to pick up the title in person at a DMV branch office. For example, the Ohio BMV mentions that car owners will get a title from the lender, and they can either use that or go to a local title office to receive a clear title document.

    To find out how the rules in your state, contact your local DMV or BMV office for information. You can find contact details and hours for each county through your state’s DMV or BMV webiste.

    I Lost The Title To My Car What Can I Do

    My Vehicle Title

    Imagine you are getting ready to sell your car. You remember exactly where the title is so you dont bother to look for it until the day of the sale. But lo and behold, it isnt there! Did it go missing last week or last year? Maybe it was in that box the movers lost 20 years ago? Maybe the dog ate it? Who knows!

    Solution:Youve probably heard stories of how difficult replacing a lost title can be, but in most states the process is actually quite simple. Lets go through the steps right after this photo of a massive line at the DMV.

    Want to skip the line? Let us do the hard work for you.

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    Title A Motor Scooter

    In Ohio, a motor scooter must be compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and considered roadworthy before it is titled.

    Motor scooters should be equipped with a motor with a piston displacement between 50 and 100 cubic centimeters piston displacement that produces not more than 5 brake horsepower and is capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed greater than 20 miles per hour on a level surface.

    Please Note:

    What Do I Need to Bring to the Title Office?

    Payment for title fees, including a lienholder notation , and sales tax on the purchase price are required at the time of titling.

    Repossessed Vehicle

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