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What To Do If Someone Claims You Hit Their Car

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Someone Claims That I Hit Their Car When I Know That I Didn’t And Left Me A Note On My Windshield

What To Do When Someone Hits Your Car

I had parked my car outside my apartment and when I returned a few hours later I had a note on my windshield saying that I had hit the car next to me with my door when I know that I had not. The note stated that they were in their car at the time that I had apparently done this and they recorded my plate number/scratch on their car and they would like me to call the number they provided before they go further. What should I do? If they were in their car and said I did this why didn’t they get out instead of leaving a note?

What Is An At Fault Car Insurance Claim

Budget Direct defines an at fault claim as any claim that cannot be recovered from another party, either in part or in full, such as:

  • an accident where, given all available evidence, it is reasonable for us to decide the driver of the Budget Direct-insured car is partially or entirely at fault
  • an accident where, given all available evidence, it is reasonable for us to decide the driver of the other vehicle or another person is entirely at fault but you cannot tell us, or we cannot obtain, their full name, residential address and vehicle registration number
  • theft, attempted, theft or a malicious act
  • storm, wind or hail
  • fire
  • an accident involving an animal.

If you make an at fault claim, youll need to pay the applicable excess/es and your no claim discount will be reduced by two years .

Note that your discount is not affected by claims arising from storm, wind or hail damage .

Somebody Claims I Scratched Their Carapril 19 200: 32 Pm Subscribe

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What Happens If You Never Hit Someone At All

In rare situations, a driver might make an insurance claim against you even though you never hit the other vehicle. Its unusual but it can certainly happen.

In this situation, your insurance company should support your innocence. If you legitimately did not hit the other driver, then the insurance company should investigate the situation and verify that information.

Your insurance company can also provide legal representation to you. The lawyers job is to defend you against fraudulent claims like this.

Understand Your Injury Coverage

What to do if someone hits or damages your parked car ...

In most states you would make a claim for your injuries through the at-fault persons auto insurer. If they are uninsured, you could make a claim through your own uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage, if you have it, or through your health insurance.

There are some states that require you to purchase personal injury protection and have slightly different rules for collecting for your injuries after an accident. For example, your PIP coverage pays for your medical expenses and lost wages, even if you are not to blame for the crash. Receiving your PIP benefits requires you to make a claim under your own insurance policy. A deductible and/or copayment may be due when you use your PIP coverages.

This is commonly the situation in no-fault states although the law differs in each one. Some no-fault states give you the option of contacting the at-fault driver’s insurer to recover medical expenses not paid by your PIP. Your vehicles property damage would still be claimed through the at-fault partys liability coverage in no-fault states .

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 12 states and Puerto Rico have no-fault insurance laws: Florida, Hawaii,, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota Pennsylvania and Utah. If you live in one of these states, its wise to check with your insurance agent, or your state insurance department, for the tips on how to handle third-party accident claims.

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Next Steps Make Some Decisions And Some Phone Calls

The biggest decision you have to make are you going to pay for this damage yourself, or are you going to claim on your insurance? Well look at the pros and cons of each below, but first, there are other steps you can take.

If you have the contact details of the third party who hit your car, give them a call..

If the third party opened their car door onto yours, or if they drove into your car while you were parked. They may offer to pay for the damages for you. In which case, its time to get a quote for the repairs.

But if you have nothing to go on, call the police and file a report. After all, the third party broke the law when they didnt leave their details!

How Much Will My Car Insurance Go Up After A Claim

The size of your car insurance premium increase will depend on whether or not you were at fault. If the accident was not your fault, the price hike will be much smaller than if you were to blame.

Your premium increase will also depend on other factors such as whether youve made a claim on your insurance before, the cause and severity of the accident, and your overall driving history. However, youll usually be looking at an increase of between 20%-50%.

You will also generally lose any no-claims discount you have built up, unless you have protected this. Be aware, however, that even if its protected you could still see your premiums rise.

This is because a no-claims discount is a reduction from a baseline car insurance premium. Having an accident could increase this baseline charge, meaning – even though the size of the discount is the same – you will see higher premiums overall as a result.

How long does a car insurance claim stay on your insurance record?

When taking out car insurance, you will usually be asked to disclose details of any accidents youve been involved in over the past five years. This includes those where you were not at fault.

If you are not honest about your claims history, your policy may be invalidated and any future claims would be rejected.

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Ive Had A Car Accident What Should I Do

If youve had an accident, and assuming youre physically able to, you should:

  • Make sure you and anyone else involved is safely off the road.
  • Get the details of the other drivers name, address, contact number, vehicle owner and registration number and give them yours .
  • Try to get the names, addresses, and contact numbers of any witnesses.
  • If its safe to do so, take photographs at the accident scene.
  • If your vehicle is undriveable, call us on 1300 885 996 to organise a tow or, if you prefer, book your own.
  • Which Driver Is At Fault In A Rear

    Car Insurance Explained, & What to Do After a Car Accident!

    Typically, the driver who rear ends the car in front is presumed to be at fault.

    Thats because the tailing driver is expected to leave enough distance between them and the car in front to avoid a collision if it suddenly and unexpectedly slows down or stops.

    The drivers insurers will consider all the evidence including any dash cam footage before determining liability.

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    Should I Make A Claim On My Insurance

    Though you need to tell your insurers when someones hit your parked car, its up to you as to whether you make a claim on your car insurance.

    If you make a claim, you might have to pay your excess, and you might lose your no claims bonus. So get a quote on the price of repairs. In the long-term, it might prove less costly to pay for the repairs yourself than to claim on your insurance.

    Should I Talk To The Other Partys Insurance Company

    If you are filing a third party claim you will do so directly with the other driverâs insurance company, which means you will be in contact with them. However, if youâve filed a claim with your own insurance company, itâs typically smart not to talk to the other personâs insurance company and to let the insurers work it out between them.

    Theother personâs insurance company has their own interest in mind, meaning they are going to ask you questions, and if you contradict any of the details in the original report you could make things more difficult for yourself. If the other personâs insurer wants to talk to you, you should ask your insurance company if this is advisable before speaking to them.

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    How To Deal With Parking Lot Accidents

    It’s only a common fender bender, but all parties involved should know what to do.

    Especially during the holidays, but even on many typical weekends, parking lots at malls and supermarkets are packed, increasing the possibility of a fender bender and door dings on your car, truck or SUV.

    If you hit, scrape or otherwise damage a parked car or if you’re the victim of such an accident don’t panic. Here are some simple steps you can take:

    Will My Car Insurance Be Affected If Someone Claims Against Me

    What to do when someone else hits your car

    Whether or not you were at fault, many insurers data shows drivers who were involved in an accident are statistically more likely to be in an accident again within the next few years. This means you could see a rise in your premium at renewal the rise could be higher if you were to blame for an accident.

    Dont be tempted to keep the incident to yourself you are obliged to tell your insurer if youre involved in any incident. If your insurance company finds out about the accident they can cancel your policy or refuse to pay out on a future claim.

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    What Is Parked Car Insurance

    Parked car insurance is a phrase people use when talking about carrying only comprehensive coverage on a vehicle theyre not going to drive for a while.

    People usually consider parked car insurance when theyre planning to park or store a vehicle in a garage for an extended period of time.

    It isnt an actual type of car insurance, though. You dont buy parked car insurance from an insurance company. In most cases, you just drop your liability coverage and collision coverage, if you have it to get it.

    Maintaining comprehensive coverage while your car is parked protects it from damage caused by:

    • Animals
    • Vandalism

    It also lets you avoid an insurance lapse, which can be costly.

    Will parked car insurance help if you hit a parked car or if someone hits your parked car? Unfortunately, it wont. LLC has made every effort to ensure that the information on this site is correct, but we cannot guarantee that it is free of inaccuracies, errors, or omissions.All content and services provided on or through this site are provided “as is” and “as available” for LLC makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site or to the information, content, materials, or products included on this site.You expressly agree that your use of this site is at your sole risk.

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    Things You Should Know After You Have Hurt Someone In A Car Wreck

    In a former life, I was a claims adjuster. After that unpleasant experience, I vowed that I would NEVER represent an insurance company again. For the past 14 years, I have kept that promise.

    I only represent people who have been hurt in car wrecks and are fighting against insurance companies. What most of you may not understand is that neither the people I represent nor I am looking to sue anyone. Before hiring me, my clients are given the choice of either letting the insurance company totally rip them off, or doing something about it to make them do the right thing.

    But if you are on the other side of me, i.e., the person who was negligent, I am here to give you some help. You need to know that you are simply a pawn to the insurance company that represents you. You are at a disadvantage to what you do not yet know.

    I am going to give you 5 things you need to know to help yourself in this process.

    1- The Plaintiff cannot sue your insurance company in personal injury claims.

    The only way to bring and file a lawsuit is to file the lawsuit against you directly. Is that the way I wish it was? No. Id love to directly sue Allstate, Direct, Travelers, or State Farm directly, but the rules do not allow that. My fellow trial lawyers and I have tried to legislatively change that rule, but amazingly, the insurance companies like the rules just the way they are and fight us with all of their vast, unlimited resources.

    They gambled with your money and lost. Now you owe.

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    How Do Insurance Companies Determine Fault In A Car Accident

    Before we decide how insurance determines fault, its key to look at how the state views it. In most states an accident is fault-based, meaning someone is at-fault or negligent, even if the fault is shared between the drivers. A few states have no-fault insurance laws. In these states each persons insurance company pays for medical expenses up to a predefined amount. But even in no-fault states, the cost of repairs is still subject to fault.

    Your insurer will determine fault by the reviewing details about how the accident happened. Theyll review site-specific details including photos and other physical evidence of damage. Adjusters take into account statements made by those involved in the accident and compare them against third-party eye-witness accounts, if available. Theyll also review the police report for details of negligent driving actions of those involved.

    In states where no-fault accident insurance is required, insurance companies will adhere to applicable state laws that define negligence. This is important because the way a state interprets negligence will impact how claims are paid out and how fault is determined. Frequently, the fault for causing a car accident is shared.

    That shared degree of negligence can define terms for claim settlements and payouts made by insurance companies. Because states define negligence differently, its important to understand the terms they use and where these laws apply:

    Legal Dos And Donts After Hitting A Parked Car:

    What to Say to Insurance Adjuster After a Car Accident
    • DO leave a note and/or call the police
    • DO talk to witnesses
    • DO inform your insurance company
    • DO pay for damages
    • DO contact an attorney
    • DONT freak out and leave the scene
    • DONT put yourself at risk of further injury by standing or waiting in an area with traffic
    • DONT forget to document the accident
    • DONT admit fault or apologize

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    Ask About Your Insurance Companys Subrogation Investigation

    Your auto insurance company is a strong ally for locating a hit-and-run driver or verifying fault. If your injuries meet the PIP tort threshold and you make an uninsured motorist claim, theyll verify the facts however they can. Because fraud is an ever-present concern, insurance companies confirm facts through independent witnesses and other drivers involved in an accident. They will conduct an investigation similar to your mini scene investigation, only more comprehensive.

    Potential subrogation collections provide a strong incentive for finding a hit and run driver. Insurance companies put their full resources behind such tasks. If your insurance company pays for vehicle damages and medical payments benefits, or they settle your uninsured motorists claim, it will have subrogation rights and will seek reimbursement of paid damages from whomever it believes was at fault. Unfortunately, if the driver remains at the scene, lies about negligence, and verifies having liability coverage, it can sabotage subrogation efforts and also diminish your chances of settling an uninsured motorist claim.

    How And When To File An Accident Report

    Following an accident, you must file a report with your broker, agent or insurance company within seven daysor as quickly as possible after that. Failing to report within a reasonable amount of time may result in your claim not being honoured.

    You will need to provide the following when making your report:

    • Your policy number
    • Make, model, year, registration and licence plate number of the vehicle
    • Accident details drivers name and licence number
    • Date, time and location of the accident
    • Extent of any injuries
    • Extent of damage to the vehicle
    • Your description of the accident
    • Names and drivers licence numbers of all drivers involved
    • Names of insurance companies, and auto insurance policies of all drivers involved
    • The name and badge number of the investigating officer if the accident was reported to police

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