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Why Does My Car Overheat When The Ac Is On

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Signs Your Engine Is Overheating

This will destroy your radiator. Car Overheating when AC is on. How to Fix a Overheating Car. Check

If youre able to take steps to cool your engine before it overheats to the point of failing, you may reduce the risk of irreversible engine damage. But first, you’ve got to notice the symptoms of overheating, which can include:

  • Steam coming from under the car hood.
  • An engine temperature gauge on your dashboard that spikes to “H” or into the red.
  • A strange smell coming from the engine area. For example, leaking coolant can smell sweet while leaking oil might smell more burnt.

As soon as you notice the engine overheating, take the following steps and contact your nearest repair shop.

What To Do If Your Car Overheats Due To The Ac

If you car overheats, the first thing you should do is turn the A/C off and pull over. While you will need to be careful, you should open up the hood and let the heat escape. Be careful to keep your face and eyes away from any steam. Let the engine cool before doing anything to it. Taking off the radiator cap can be very dangerous if the engine is overheated due to the AC.

Park the car and put it into neutral. Revving the engine can help you to release some of this excess heat, but don’t do it too much in case there is some other damage to the engine. This is what you might be able to do if the engine overheats initially. However, this isn’t the same as the longterm problem.

Sometimes, if an air-conditioning gas is not suitable for your particular type of vehicle, it can cause insufficient cooling. This gas is a refrigerant which acts to help cool the system. There are, however, different types of cooling mechanisms, so you need to ensure you have the right one for you. You can ask a mechanic to refill the refrigerant gas if you are unsure. You can do it yourself by removing the cap from the low pressure port and attaching the gauge. You will have to have the car running when you do this, so wear safety glasses and gloves. Refill the gas until the pressure is at the right level and then refit the cap. Check the temperature from the AC vents before and after you refill the gas so you can tell if it has indeed made it cooler.

Why Does My Car Overheat When Ac Is On

When you are sitting in your car with the AC on, and you suddenly notice that the interior of the car starts to feel warm. You ignore this initially thinking things will start to get cooler but the problem persists, and finally you notice that the car is starting to overheat, but only when the AC is on. Sounds familiar?

Cars can overheat when the AC is on because the serpentine belt that turns the AC compressor also connects to many other engine parts including:, the power steering pump, water pump, crank shaft, radiator fan, and alternator. If the AC compressor is not working well, then the engine has to work harder, making it overheat.

Another reason for over heating is when the AC condenser is not working properly and or the water pump, creating excess heat.

If you have this problem you are not alone. This problem is face by many others who have gone through this same issue with their car. An overheating engine is an important issue to resolve the first time it happens or expensive damage could occur, taking time and patience to fix.

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Reason #: Loose Or Broken Belt

Your cars serpentine belt performs many functions, such as ensuring the power steering, air pump, and other components work properlyand one of the components the belt powers is the water pump, which is part of the cooling system.

In terms of a malfunctioning belt, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that there arent a lot of ways your belt can break. The main issue to be mindful of is timeeventually, your belt can loosen and not work efficiently, or grow old and, again, not work efficiently. The bad news is not servicing the belt can cause a lot of problems, such as:

Are There Any Other Reasons My Car Might Overheat In Traffic

Why Does My Car Overheat When AC is on?

The cooling system for the Subaru BOXER® engine is impressively efficient and reliable. However, there are components in this system the will need to be replaced as a part of recommended maintenance. If things like the coolant, thermostat, drive belt, or even oil changes are neglected, the engine could run hot. To prevent such inconveniences and others, we recommend setting up a regular Subaru maintenance schedule with an authorized dealer.

With our expert technicians and comfortable lounge, Carlsen Subaru is proud to be your source for Subaru service in Redwood City, California.

Carlsen Subaru

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Why Does My Air Conditioner Not Work When Idling

The cooling fans purpose is to keep the radiator and condenser for the air conditioning cool during the idling function of the vehicle. If the cooling fan is not working, this will cause the radiator and condenser to get very hot. When the radiator and condenser get hot, this can cause the vehicle to overheat and the air conditioning not to work.

Solutions For Car Overheats When Ac Is On

Repairing the cars components or engine is always an expensive solution. But due to the car air conditioner system issue, repairing a car engine is not the ideal solution. There are many components in your car that cause the car to overheat when ac is on. So, Before you repair anything for this issue, you need to be certain.

Here are some solutions when car overheats with ac on:

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The Most Common Causes Of Cars Overheating

Engines can overheat for many reasons. Usually, the cooling system has a problem releasing heat generated by the engine to the outside air. Hot coolant flowing through the radiator should be cooled as air from the cooling fan, or normal driving, passes over the radiator.

If your car overheats once, itll do it again. An engine overheating can affect drivability and air conditioner efficiency. Ignoring the temperature warning light or a temperature gauge thats in the red can seriously damage your engine.

Regular Maintenance Can Keep Engines Cool

CAR Overheating when AC is on. Car Engine Overheating.Causes and Symptoms of Over Heating Car Engine

There’s nothing good about an overheating problem. If your engine is running hot you should try to fix the problem as quickly as possible. A hot engine can do damage to itself, even if it isn’t fully overheating.

Regular maintenance can help with this issue. Beyond flushing your radiator, check your oil regularly to be sure you are providing adequate lubrication to your engine. Keep up with other maintenance as well because anything you can do to reduce heat buildup helps.

Remember, it’s important to keep an eye on your engine temperature. Many people mention that their engines are “running hot,” though they don’t seem too concerned. Fixing a cooling problem is usually fairly inexpensive, even if it involves a trip to the repair shop. On the other hand, engine damage due to a neglected cooling system and regular overheating can be expensive. You may even lead you to think about getting rid of the car altogether.

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Why Does My Pontiac Torrent Overheat When Ac Is On

My 2007 torrent only overheats when ac is on and I am idleing at a traffic light or stopped in a parking lot. when ac is turned off not overheating at all. the air also blows warm when this happens and the switch for normal vent in switches back and forth to max ac. this happened last year around the same time, and we drained and replaced coolant that didn’t correct the problem, then we were told it was the dual fans, which they lubed and they worked fine. Is this possibly a short and if so why does this keep happening? wonder if fans need to be replaced? could this be a fuse? how would I troubleshoot to figure out what this is besides taking to a mechanic? even so I would like to be informed myself. thanks for any help

The Thermostat Is Faulty

Your vehicle’s cooling system is equipped with a thermostat that helps your engine warm up faster. When you start your car, the thermostat valve will be closed, and coolant won’t be able to get into the engine. Once the engine reaches operating temperature, the valve will open up and allow the coolant to do its job absorbing extra heat. If the thermostat is broken, the coolant flow will be impeded, and the engine may begin to overheat. If you’re sitting in traffic when the engine warms up, it may appear that the engine only begins to overheat then.

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What Causes A Car Fan To Overheat When Stationary

Common causes of overheating with no other obvious signs is waterpump, well documented on here. Basically the plastic impeller comes adrift internally so could well be the cause if it hasnt been changed, perhaps more noticable when in traffic, no air flow to cool the rad. The secondary electric fan is for the aircon.

Reason Why Car Overheats When Ac Is On And The Solution

Why is My Car Overheating?

You dont need to go to a professional or auto repair shop to know why your car overheats when AC is on. However, with my experience, I will tell you the symptoms of car overheats when with AC on, the reasons, and how to fix it.

But, the surprising thing is that many car owners go to the car mechanic or a professional and spend hundreds of dollars just to find out why their car overheats when AC is on. And also for similar issues like engine hot ac off. But as a car owner, first, you should try to address these issues by yourself.

In fact, if your car overheats when the ac is on and idle, you should not worry because you will also get the solution for that. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, a truck or car, the vehicle overheats when ac is on the issue comes from the vehicles components which are the same for both car or truck.

Now, Lets know the most common five reasons why your car overheats when AC is on and symptoms of a car overheating when AC is on.

Quick Table of Contents

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Common Reasons Why A Car Overheats When The Ac Is On

The air conditioner system adds an extra load to the car cooling system. Many drivers find that this additional cooling load from the air conditioning system or while climbing long grades is enough to cause overheating of the engine, potentially leading to catastrophic problems. However, the most common causes and solutions of overheating when the AC is on include:

  • Broken fan belt
  • Overload while driving in high-temperature conditions
  • Failing AC condenser

If you suspect any of these conditions, have your cooling system checked immediately before being stranded at the side of the road with steam billowing from the engine compartment. The following provides more detail regarding symptoms and solutions when your car overheats with AC on.

Why Does My Car Overheat

There are many things that can get in the way of smooth drivingdrunk driving, poor vision, road rage, sleepy driving, and engine trouble caused by overheating. It pays that you know engine trouble shooting. Before taking out your tool box, you need to answer this question first: Does your cars engine have enough antifreeze in the radiator?

Common causes of overheating

Youd be able to know your car is on the verge of overheating by looking at that plastic bottle and removing the radiator cap. When the engine has cooled down, peek in the radiator. Look at the level of the water. In most cases cars hold 1.5 gallons of water mixture and coolant. Test the cooling pressure for leaks or cracks. Youll be able to tell by looking at the engine compartment and spills on the ground.

Front wheel drive cars have a cooling fan installed in front and behind the radiator. The cooling fan helps air flow across the radiator every time you stop and shift gear. The fan has sensors that normalize your engines temperature.

Steps to troubleshoot your overheating car

Overheating is not a one-sided problem, but it mainly results from these common reasons. Drive safely.

Further Readings:

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What Causes A Car To Overheat

Why is my car overheating? You might ask. There are a few engine problems that can cause a car to run hot. Hot temperatures alone might not be causing your vehicle to overheat. If your cars cooling systems arent functioning correctly, it can lead to serious damage to your engine and expensive repairs. Here are a few car overheating causes:

Flush The Coolant System

WHY IS MY CAR OVERHEATING?!? 5 Reasons why and how to fix them

You should find out if this is what your car needs when it has overheated. Do this to make way for a new coolant mixture. Youd also be trying to get rid of corrosive substances, salts, dirt, rust, and so on.Tip: Check the coolant system of your car regularly. Doing this will help you discover issues at their early stages before they become critical.

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What Happens When Your Car Overheats

It’s not an unfamiliar sight. You’ll see a car speeding down the road with what at first appears to be smoke coming out from under its body. Initially, you might wonder why the driver doesn’t grasp that his car is on fire. But it isn’t on fire, and that’s not smoke from a fire but vapor coming from its overheated cooling system. Most likely, there’s a leak in the cooling system somewhere, and that leak could quickly lead to an overheated engine. In turn, an overheated engine could lead to a massive expense.

In all types of cars, the engine is the costliest “system.” Overheating can leave it beyond repair in a matter of a few ill-timed seconds. Naturally, you might wonder: What happens when your car overheats? Before we get to the final answer on that, though, let’s examine why engines overheat in the first place.

Fault In The Temperature Sensor

This possibility is unlikely but happens in some cases. The coolant temperature can be measured and then compared to that of the temperature indicator on the dashboard. Sometimes due to the fault in the temperature sensor, this reading is false which causes inaccurate dashboard indicator readings.

If it reads normal and the engine temperature is raising your engine could overheat. You should check the functioning of the thermostat if you suspect this might be the reason your car is having temperature readings issues.

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Why Is My Car Overheating And Ac Not Working

Engine overheating typically occurs if the engine cooling thermostat has failed, the water pump, or drive belt, has a problem, theres a blockage in cooling passages, including through the radiator, cooling fans dont work, the engine is out of tune, the head gasket leak, coolant is leaking and thus the coolant

Pull Over To The Shoulder Of The Road And Wait

Why is My Car Overheating When the AC Is On?

The time-tested method for dealing with overheating – just wait for you engine to cool off! If your engine is still overheating after implementing the previous actions, then pull over to the shoulder, pop your hood up, and wait for the temperature warning to disappear. You may want to wait a few minutes after the temperature warning has disappeared to continue driving, as your engine could easily overheat again if you let it cool to its bare minimum operating temperature.

Engine overheating can be caused by mechanical issues, as well. Low coolant levels can contribute to overheating. You should NEVER fill coolant while the car is hot, though, since the system can be under pressure and you might scald yourself. When at home, wait for the engine to cool to an acceptable level, then fill the coolant system with an appropriate volume of antifreeze. Another cause could be a faulty thermostat, which you can get checked out a licensed mechanic.

If you have any more questions, feel free to shoot us a message over instant chat or to book an inspection from one of our expert technicians!

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Reason #: Your Coolant Level Is Low

Any time your car’s engine is overheating, it’s a good idea to check the coolant level and make sure there’s enough coolant in the system. If the coolant level is low, that tells you there is a leak somewhere in the system. If there isn’t enough coolant in the system, the engine can easily start to overheat while you sit at a stoplight or in traffic.

You can check the coolant level yourself by popping the hood and taking a look under the radiator cap. The fluid level should come up to nearly the very top. But first, a word of caution: Do not attempt to check the coolant level when the engine is hot! The coolant is under pressure and, when you remove the cap, steam and scalding hot coolant could gush from the radiator fill port and burn you. It’s a good idea to wait at least a half-hour after the vehicle was driven before checking the coolant level.

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