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What To Do In The Car

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Choose A Scenic Route

What Kids Do In The Car

In order for you to be able to take beautiful snapshots that you could post on social media, its a great idea for you to pick a route that allows you to come across picture-perfect sceneries.

This means that before you leave your home, you should pick up a map or log on the web to determine the most suitable route for the job.

Especially if youre not really in a rush to get to your destination, you may consider stopping by as many popular tourist attractions along the way as possible. You may also choose to drop by some of the hidden gems that various cities or provinces have to offer.

More importantly, it will let you have a road trip that also doubles as a learning experience that you wont be able to get from any school personally seeing places that you used to see only in books and online can definitely broaden your horizons and make you feel more confident and accomplished.

Just Before You Put The Key In The Ignition

Taking a long car ride by yourself can considerably limit the things that you can do in order to stay entertained until you arrive at your destination.

However, it doesnt mean that it has to be way boring and exhausting than sharing the car with some family members and friends, provided that you know how to keep yourself entertained.

Above, we have discussed 15 things that you can do on the road asyou get to the journeys end one mile at a time it is completely up to you toexperiment with different ones to see which of them suits your personality themost.

Just remember that preparation is very important as some of the things that you may do to keep boredom at bay while youre on the road on your own require the right tools.

So while packing your bags, make sure that you get your hands on everything that you will need to be able to carry out some of the tips discussed above.

Have a happy and safe drive!

What Can You Do In The Car When You Are Bored

After a couple of long rides, you will discover that it is not so difficult to entertain yourself as long as you are prepared. During our countless road journeys, we spent hours keeping ourselves entertained while driving through country roads or fighting through traffic jams. No matter if you are traveling by yourself, with a loved one, family, or friends, it is important to have a ready list of fun things to do on a car ride. The first of many things which you can do on a long car ride to keep yourself entertained is to listen to podcasts.

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The I Spy Road Trip Game

It doesnt matter if youre travelling with babies, toddlers or teenagers: the key thing is to keep everybody entertained, and one of the most loved classic childrens games, I Spy, is a great way to get children interested in the scenery and the route. Items such as road, clouds and sky are all predictable choices, but the chances of success can be increased by opting for more unusual options, such as unique landscape characteristics, like glacier, valley and pasture. This is a great game to play not just in the car but during all your outdoor adventures. But be warned: players should make sure that the object is visible throughout their turn.

Come To Jiffy Lube For A Regularly Scheduled Radiator Coolant Exchange

Wheelmate Steering Wheel Table For Easy Eating and Working In The Car

Replacement intervals differ from vehicle to vehicle so you should consult your owners manual for the proper interval for your vehicle. Bring your car to Jiffy Lube and a trained technician will:

  • Completely drain and properly dispose of the used radiator fluid
  • Replace it with fresh radiator fluid that meets or exceeds your manufacturers specifications
  • Inspect the engine cooling systems seals, gaskets and hoses
  • Replace them if necessary

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Experiment And Play With Your Child But Not Forgetting About Safety

Remember that playing with your toddler or child while traveling allows you not only to fight boredom and monotony, but also improve the safety of all the passengers. A well-fitted baby seat is responsible for the toddlers safety and comfort. Take a look at avionaut.com and choose a baby seat for your child according to their height and weight for the best driving experience!

Can You Trade In A Leased Car For Another Lease

Yes and no. Depending on where you are at in your lease term, it may not be financially advantageous for you to do so. Working with your dealership, they can act as your liaison with the lease company to calculate what your contract obligations are to see if it makes sense to payout your obligations or roll it into your new lease. The leasing company may not be willing to take on excessive debt and deny the new lease.

The new lease will include all of the fees and penalties from your original lease and add them onto your new lease, so it usually more expensive. So any costs you incur because of excess damage or annual kilometre penalties get added to the new lease, but that also means the cost is spread out over the lease rather than all up front. If you can take that extra financial hit, there are plenty of times when it can make sense.

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How To Keep Your Child Busy In The Car Recommended Games And Activities For Little Ones

In our overview, we have included most of the games and activities that can be carried out without the use of toys or other items because each additional item carried in the car during sudden braking or other road incident can shoot out with enormous force, injuring the passengers. When thinking about how to keep your child busy while travelling, first of all, remember about safety.

Read Reviews As A Car Activity

Match the Car to the Driver

If you are on route to a fantastic family holiday, then its important to get to know the local area you are visiting. Its now easier than ever before to gain information about a holiday destination. There are also thousands of reviews online, so make the most of their advice and suggestions, you may find a really cool activity or restaurant for your holiday.

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Things To Do On A Long Car Ride

When it came to what to do on a long car ride, I wanted to find the best apps, crafts, games and rest stop activities. We needed to pass the time as we drove for hours on end to get from point A to points B, C and even D, E and F.

We didnt want to get bored or hear the kids whining, as Im sure you can relate.

So, here is what we found that worked for our crew.

The Dos And Donts Of What To Do When Your Car Overheats

Uh-oh! Its happened! Now what? Heres your step-by-step game plan of what to do:

  • DO Immediately turn off the air conditioner. This will help reduce stress on the engine and cooling system.
  • DO turn up the heat. Huh? Crank the heat? Yes! This will help divert heat away from the engine.
  • DO find a safe place to pull over and shut off the engine.
  • DO allow the engine to cool for at least 15 minutes. Keep an eye on the gauge , waiting until it moves back to the normal range.
  • DO take out your phone. You need to get your car to a repair shop, so call a friend or a tow truck.
  • DO add radiator fluid . A quick top-off could help protect your engine from further damage.
  • DO carefully restart the engine . Drive to the nearest repair shop, all the while keeping an eye on the gauge/light. If it begins to creep up/illuminate again, pull over and let it cool.

Knowing what to do when your car overheats is important. So is knowing what not to do:

Now that you know what actions to take when your car overheats, lets look for ways to help prevent the problem in the first place.

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Use Your Phone To Play Games

Okay, and sometimes we should use our phones to the best of their abilities!

There are plenty of games on the phone like Words with Friends that you can play with each other in the car or get the kids to play together.

Obviously you can just play your games alone if you want, but its more fun if you get everyone involved in some sort of competition.

Make The Kids Edible Necklaces To Munch

This Brilliant Backseat Car Organizer Holds Tablets, Snacks, Drinks ...

This idea has novelty value and practicality all rolled into one. Thread snacks with holes – pretzels, cereal, biscuits, dried apple rings – onto a string then tie it in a knot as a necklace.

And voila! Your kids have their own portable snack bars for the trip.

Get tips for making edible necklaces at Blondie and Brownies.

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Simple Ways To Entertain Yourself On A Long Car Ride

Dodge boredom with these 17 tried and tested ways to entertain yourself on a long car ride.

During my massive road trip around Europe, I spent hours keeping myself busy whilst we clocked up some serious mileage. Thats why its important to have a big list of fun things to do on a long car ride by yourself.

From unique ideas to the best apps, this guide has got you covered. Read on for a long list of things to do on a long car ride.

Let me know in the comments if you have any tried and tested ways to stay entertained on a road trip. Car ride fun can come in many forms, and this article details them all!

Lets jump into my favorite ways to pass the time on a long car ride.

Read Each Other Stories

Why not take it in turns to read to each other as well?

It might have been years since anybody read you a story! But, trust me, its bloody lovely. You feel like a little kid again.

Its nice for the driver as well.

They can focus on the road without being distracted by loud music or boisterous conversation.

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What Do I Do If My Car Wont Start

Depending on the reasons behind your car failing to start or turn over, you may be able to fix the issue yourself or with the help of a fellow driver.

However, some issues arent quite so easy to fix, including those not on this list such as such as faulty components, electronics, mechanical failure – so for complete peace of mind consider RAC breakdown cover that includes home start assistance.

If its a reoccurring issue, you might want to use the RAC Approved Garage Network to find a local garage thats guaranteed to provide quality work and exceptional customer service, giving you complete peace of mind.

And just in case the worst should happen out on the roads, make sure you have the correct breakdown cover in place.

Sharon Randall: What To Do When You Cant Do Anything

20 Things Only Stupid People Do to Their Car

What do you do when it seems theres nothing you can do?

I recently spent 10 days visiting family in the small Southern town where I grew up.

We celebrated my sisters birthday, told stories and ate a frightening lot of fried food. It was hard to say goodbye, to leave my sister in a nursing home, and my blind brother all alone in his apartment. But saying goodbye is often the price we pay for getting to say hello for finally being together after too much time apart.

I tried to focus on the laughs we had shared. But I still had to keep wiping my eyes as I packed up to fly home to the place my mother, rest her soul, always called California of All Places.

As much as I hated to leave, I wanted to go home to be with my husband and children and grandchildren and to sleep in my own bed. I was exhausted, not from work, but from the adrenaline that had kept me going nonstop for 10 days.

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These Documents Always Need To Be In Your Car

Posted Mar 7th, 2018 in CARINSURANCE

In Ontario, there are specific documents that you must always have in your car, however, many dont know what they are – weve made it easy for you and listed them. Youre welcome!

When it comes to driving on Ontario, we often forget about the documents we should be keeping in our car in the case of a situation. Make sure you are aware of the three documents weve listed below, as they will help you in any scenario you find yourself in.

Productive Things To Do On A Long Car Ride

11. Take a Nap if not Driving

If youre not driving, why not have a little snooze to help the time pass quicker? If youre finding it hard to sleep in the car, put in your headphones and listen to relaxing instrumental music or a calming audiobook to help you drift off to sleep.

12. Write a To-Do List

Kill some time on a long journey by writing a to-do list for when you get home. Itll help you feel more organized and get important tasks done.

Additionally, by writing tasks down, you can forget about them until you get home, meaning you can fully concentrate on the road trip.

13. Take Exercise Vreaks

Long stints of driving can make you feel tired. Stopping for regular breaks to stretch your legs will help you stay alert and feel good in yourself.

Its best to take a break every 3-4 hours to get your blood flowing and joints moving, before hitting the road again.

14. Listen to Audiobooks

Platforms such as Audible offer a wide variety of exciting audiobooks. If youre bored in the car, put on an entertaining audiobook that everyone else in the car will enjoy.

15. Learn a New Language

If youre not driving, why not install language apps such as Duolingo on your phone and start learning a new language?

After a couple of hours using the app, youll be surprised at how much you learn in such a short period of time.

16. Write a Meal Plan

17. Stop at a Car Wash

A trip in a clean, clutter-free vehicle will help reduce your stress levels as well as those of your passengers.

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Eat Some Road Trip Snacks

I think having a car full of snacks is a prerequisite for a successful road trip.

Theres nothing worse than being hungry on the road. Having an ample supply of tasty treats will prevent that eventuality and lift peoples moods.

Dont overindulge in the unhealthy stuff though.

Youll end up feeling sick, which is the last thing you want when youre spending hours in the car. Pack a mixture of healthy and unhealthy snacks to keep you satiated and satisfied in equal measure.

Wondering what else to bring along on the road trip? Check out this post full of things to take travelling.

With so much road to cover, youll definitely need some road trip food to keep the munchies at bay!

Check And Add Coolant

DIY Car Maintenance

If your coolant level is low, a quick top-off could help protect your engine and prevent overheating until you can get things fixed. However, this step won’t do much good if a coolant hose is clogged or the source of your troubles is a broken radiator fan or water pump. Consult your owner’s manual to find the location of your coolant reservoir tank and to learn how to add coolant to your vehicle.

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Get Clever With Your Snack Packing

Fearful of a snack armageddon over every surface of your car?

How about this cool idea: buy pill organiser boxes with separate lids for each compartment to stop major spillages. Fill the little compartments with M& Ms, sultanas, small crackers, etc.

That way the kids get a variety of small snacks to munch and you minimise the mess.

The Kluger’s leather accented interiors also mean you can wipe off any accidents if they do occur.

Its Easy To Check Your Coolant Level Yourself

Its a good idea to do this every few months, or before you hit the road for a long trip. Knowing how to complete this simple task is almost as important as knowing what to do when your car overheats.

  • Release the hood.
  • Find the radiator reservoir .
  • Visually inspect the level on the side of the reservoir. The level should be between the low and the full marks.
  • If its beneath the low mark, allow your engine to cool down and add more coolant. Check your owners manual for the correct fluid. Use a funnel to prevent spills on the engine .

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Caring For The Stuffed Toy

While driving, you make sure that your child isnt bored but who will look after their beloved stuffed toys? Any toddler will be happy to take care of their favorite teddy bear / doll. They will play with it, show it the landscapes outside the car window, or put it to sleep. A cuddly toy is a simple but very effective way to occupy the small passenger.

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