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Where Can I Get My Car Windows Tinted

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Tinted Windows What The Law Says

How to EASILY Remove Old Window Tint
  • The windscreen film must let in a minimum of 75% light.
  • The front side windows must let in a minimum of 70% light.

Before you decide to add window tint film to your car, you need to be aware of the laws on tinted windows, as outlined by the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency . These rules are for the windscreen and front-side windows only, though theres a chance you could be stopped by the police if they think rear window tinting is affecting your cars safety.

If the police or the DVSA suspect that your car doesnt let in enough light, they can use light measuring equipment to check. If they find that the tint on your windows is too dark youll be issued with a prohibition notice, preventing you from driving the car on the road until the tinting is removed. You could even receive a fixed penalty notice or court summons if they feel its serious enough.

The laws are there to make sure all drivers have a clear view of the road. It also means that other road users and pedestrians are able to make eye contact with the driver, so they know theyve been seen.

Window tint manufacturers in the UK arent allowed to sell films which dont conform to the DVSAs safety limits, so only ever buy aftermarket window tint film from reputable sellers.

Benefits Of Tinted Car Windows

The glass that comes in your vehicle already does block some of the UV rays, but window tint will help increase that protection if it is applied correctly by professionals.

As a result, it also protects the interior of your vehicle in addition to your own skin. Your upholstery, dashboard, or carpeted areas will be less likely to fade or crack over time after exposure to the sun.

Window tint is also able to give you a few safety benefits. In a car accident, the window tint film may be able to help reduce how much your glass breaks. Instead of shattering all over the place and potentially hurting you, it will break into slightly larger pieces.

Another benefit of window tint is that it will be harder to see into the vehicle, so people won’t be as tempted to take something out of your vehicle. Darker windows mean thieves may be deterred.

Do you struggle with keeping your air conditioning at the right level? Window tinting may be able to help because depending on the tint grade you get, the film can block some of the solar heat as well as the UV radiation.

This means your car climate will be a little more balanced and comfortable, as well as require less fuel consumption to cool.

Crossing State Borders With Tinted Windows

Window tinting on car windows has many advantages. It can reduce UV radiation, the reduced light transmittance on side windows, the windshield or rear window help to preserve aspects of car interior like carpeting and leather seats. Window tinting keeps the internal temperature of our motor vehicle lower, which can even help save money on fuel.

Aesthetically, window tint creates a clean vehicle appearance. Tinting also offers a certain level of privacy to you as a driver. If you spend a lot of time driving or commonly cross the state line, you know that the darker windows add a layer of separation between you and other motor vehicles. The drivers and passengers in other vehicles on the road cant see into your car quite as easily, so you dont have to feel as though youre being watched all the time.

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How To Tint Your Car Windows At Home

If youre looking to add some tint to your vehicles windows but arent sure if you want to spend money on a professional, you might be wondering if you can tint them yourself. Luckily, with the right tools and steps, you can get your vehicles windows tinted in no time. Keep reading to find out how you can tint your car windows at home.

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Does Tint Make It Hard To See At Night

Best Place I

Car window tinting by definition will reduce the amount of light passing through the glass, which will make it harder to see in low light conditions hence the restrictions on the front windscreen and front windows. Always speak to your local car window tinting specialists for their professional advice.

Find a window tint specialist near you

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Should I Wait Before Rolling Down My Windows After I Get A New Tint

Just to be safe it is smart to wait about three to five days before rolling down your window after getting a tint. This helps to make sure the tint has adhered to the glass completely. Factors like sun exposure can shorten the time to three days. However, if youre storing your car in a cool, potentially damp place, waiting the extra time is common sense. So it is important how long you should wait to roll down the tinted windows.

How Much Does Auto Tint Cost

In short, auto tint can cost anywhere from $59 to $1000 depending on the project. That said, the average customer will pay around $100 $400. For example, tinting the front 2 on a coupe starts at $99 whereas tinting all sides and back window on an SUV starts at $259.

There are a variety of factors affecting tint price including the type of tint, warranties, and how many windows you are tinting. All of that said, lets dive into showing you a fair price for window tinting on your specific type of vehicle.

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How Do I Wash My Cars Window Tint

We advise our customers to hand clean the insides of their tinted car windows with ammonia-free glass cleaners, microfiber cloths, and clean sponges.

Here is how you should clean your cars tinted windows from the inside of your vehicle:

  • Step One: Get your hands on a soft cloth and use it to brush large debris from the interior of your cars windows
  • Step Two: Grab a clean sponge and dampen it with clean water
  • Step Three: Use the clean and damp sponge to wipe the window
  • Step Four: Apply mild soap to the clean sponge and thoroughly wipe the window again

Tip: Only wash one window at a time, otherwise the soap might dry on the film.

  • Step Five: Use a soap-free sponge and wipe down the window
  • Step Six: Dry the window with a clean and soft towel

Tip: Wipe from the top of the window down to avoid streaking and water spots.

Does Rain Damage Recently Tinted Windows

How To: Properly Apply Window Tint

Car care services suggest that it is safe to avoid rolling down windows after the tint and keep the windows dry. When the rain starts after tinting windows, car owners start thinking that will rain ruin my window tint?.

The answer is no

Since window tints are applied to the inside of cars, rain doesnt damage your windows. However, if the weather is rainy, it extends the drying time. Just make sure that you wait enough time to roll down the windows.

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What Are Tinted Windshields

Tinted windshields have been around for several decades and have proven themselves a reliably useful tool. Windshield tinting is a thin film that covers your windshield without reducing visibility. Tinting may prove to be rather expensive, although tinted windshields offer several benefits that make the high price worth it in the end. So why might someone get their windshield tinted?

Window Tint Definitions For Legality

When you review that detailed list posted by our friends at AAA, youll notice several terms which describe specific attributes of the window tint. Some of these terms are a bit confusing and technical. So, here is an easier to understand listing of the technical language youll find.

Tint Darkness: The darkness of window tint is measures by the visible light transmission percentage. This is often abbreviated as VLT%.

Front Side Windows: When a regulation talks about the front side window, they are referring to the two windows directly next to the driver and passenger seats. In a sedan, this would include the front doors, while a coupe would include the only two doors on the vehicle.

Rear Side Windows: The side windows or rear side windows will refer to windows that are behind the driver and passenger seat. For multiple row vehicles such as SUVs, this will include any windows on doors behind the front or solid windows molded into the body. There are also regulations for rear window installations, but they are usually not as stringent as other vehicle window locations.

Window Shade Band: The front windshield may receive a window shade band, which is applied to the top section of the windshield. The size of this film and the tint darkness percentage will vary based on individual states and providences.

Tint Reflection: As we mentioned above, some window films such as metallic window tint has a reflective quality.

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Window Tint Law Exemptions

Many states provide car window tinting exemptions for drivers who have a legitimate medical or vision-related need to limit their exposure to sunlight. For example, a medical exemption certificate for dark window tinting may be issued to a person diagnosed with lupus or other medical conditions.

Typically, the driver with sunlight sensitivity may apply for a permit, waiver, or exemption from the states tinting law through the department of motor vehicles. The driver must submit the application with documentation that supports the medical necessity.

The Hybrid Dye And Metallic Tint Film

When Should I Get My Car Windows Tinted?

If youre looking for the best of both tints above, the hybrid tint is a good option. This type of window tint is typically comprised of a grey dye and titanium metallic flakes. Its not too dark, nor reflective, which makes it good for blocking UV rays, reducing sun exposure inside, while providing a mid-level tint film that doesnt negatively impact night driving.

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What Are The Different Types Of Window Tints

There are several types, each with specific features, characteristics and properties.

  • Dyed: Mostly used for appearance and privacy.
  • Metalized: Embedded with metallic particles that reflect heat and UV radiation.
  • Hybrid: Combines the best characteristics of dyed and metalized tints.
  • Carbon: Micro layers of polymer and carbon reduce UV and IR.
  • Ceramic: Highest quality and most technologically advanced tint available.

You can purchase window tint pre-cut for your vehicle, or on a roll that you cut to fit.

Can You Save Money By Doing It Yourself

Buying a kit to install window tint yourself may seem like a cheap and easy option. However, taking the DIY route isnt always a more affordable alternative than hiring a window tinting professional.

Applying a DIY tinting kit requires specific tools and skills. Even if you have experience detailing vehicles, its not guaranteed youll do a sufficient job applying the tint. With DIY tinting kits, you have to make sure that the modification you make to your car is within your states limits. Plus, theres an increased chance of your tint bubbling up, causing you to have to restart the entire tinting process.

You can easily skip over the legal concerns, the frustration of applying your own tint, and the added cost of having to repurchase a tinting kit by going to a nearby window tint shop.

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Get Help With Window Tint From A Mechanic On Justanswer

The Drive recognizes that while our How-To guides are detailed and easily followed, a rusty bolt, an engine component not in the correct position, or oil leaking everywhere can derail a project. Thats why weve partnered with JustAnswer, which connects you to certified mechanics around the globe, to get you through even the toughest jobs.

So if you have a question or are stuck, and talk to a mechanic near you.

Window Tinting Keeps Your Car Cooler Protects Interior Surfaces And Offers Privacy Save Money By Learning How To Tint Car Windows Yourself

Can Ceramic Window Tint Keep Your Car Cooler? + Minimize Window Tint Tickets

Tinting your vehicles windows adds style, reduces sun glare and keeps interiors cooler. It blocks up to 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation rays and filters 90 percent of the suns infrared radiation . This helps protect interior surfaces from damaging sunlight and allows your air conditioner to operate more efficiently.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends reducing exposure to UV rays as an effective defense against UV radiation, a leading cause of skin cancer. Read on to learn how to install window tint film yourself, saving you hundreds of dollars.

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  • Apply the Tint Film
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    How To Tint Car Windows

    Bill Oxford/Getty Images

    Install window tint in a clean, dry, shaded, dust-free area working in a garage is best. Be patient and dont rush. Carefully follow all steps to do the job properly. It may take 30 minutes or longer to correctly install window film on each side window.

    Use soapy water to keep your fingers wet. Dont crease the film while installing. An extra set of hands is helpful.

    How To Tint Windows

    When you are looking to start tinting your windows at home there are a few things youll need to get started. To tint your windows you will need window-tint film, window-tint film application solution or soapy water, a cleaning cloth, a razor blade, a razor knife, a scraper, a squeegee, and a heat gun. It is recommended to tint your windows in a dust-free environment on a day that isnt too hot or too cold. Check out this video below from TintStuff on YouTube to learn how you can tint your own car windows.

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    Tinting your windows at home will take some time but doing it properly can save you money in the long run. Follow this guide to help you tint your car windows at home or contact our service department with any questions you have about tinting your vehicles windows. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, head over to our online inventory to view our lineup of new and used vehicles.

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    States Determine Tinting Laws

    State laws regulate the level of darkness permitted for auto glass tinting. Window tint laws are created as a safety issue for drivers to see other vehicles better when driving and for law enforcement officers as they approach a car.

    When determining how much to tint windows, you must check your states department of motor vehicles to learn about the regulations, such as the legal light transmission levels. Once you determine the levels allowed, you can choose the appropriate window tint film for your car.

    State laws specify the level of tint allowed for each window of passenger vehicles. All states have restrictions on tinting applied to front windshields.

    Most states limit the amount of tint on a cars windshield or front side windows.

    What Are The Types Of Tinting For Car Windows

    10FT x 20"  15% VLT Window Tint Film Professional Black Automative Car ...

    Did you know that there are more than 1,000 individual blends of window tints for cars on the market today? As there are so many options, choosing the right tint film is usually a time consuming and frustrating process. That said, there are generally six different types of tinting for car windows. With each grade or type of tinting comes different benefits and price-points.

    Here are the top six types of window tints for automotive applications.

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    What Is Car Window Tinting

    Window tinting is a plastic film applied to your vehicles windows that darken the glass. This helps reduce Visible Light Transference , the amount of visible light passing through glass. Tints are rated by their VLT. The higher the VLT percentage/number, the more VL it lets in.

    Virtually every vehicle sold in the United States comes standard with tinted glass. To stay within your states legal limits, its important you compensate for factory VLT before adding aftermarket window tint. Know your states laws before choosing the VLT percentage.

    Can You Wash Your Car After Getting Windows Tinted

    Yes, you can wash your car after getting the windows tinted. The tint is applied on the interior part of the windows, and a car wash will clean your vehicles exterior! However, dont wash or clean the interior part of the window just after its tinted.

    The window cleaning process is simple. Apply an ammonia-free window cleaner onto the glass and wipe it with a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt. To clean your cars exterior, we recommend you take it to a professional car wash near you. You can find some of the best car washes near you on Use the app or website and book a top-rated car wash near you without any hassle.

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    When Can I Wash The Inside Of The Window

    We recommend that you wait one week before cleaning the inside of the tinted window. After this time period, you can use an ammonia-free window cleaner and a soft cloth or rubber squeegee. We tend to advise people they use foam cleaners because they dont leave streaks on the surface, and they tend to work well with ammonia-free applications. Be careful if you tend to use rubber squeegees because sometimes the blade at the back can be too hard on the film, and leave scratches. Likewise, you want to be very wary of anything that could potentially leave scratches, scrapes, and dents on the tint of the window.

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