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Does Walmart Change Car Batteries

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Who Makes Everstart Batteries

How To Test & Replace A Car Battery – COSTCO vs WALMART

Regardless, Johnson Controls Inc is the firm that produces batteries under the EverStart name, according to their website. 1. Johnson Controls, Inc. was founded in 1885.

Similarly, Are EverStart good batteries?

EverStart batteries are sold at Walmart and are created by the same manufacturer that makes premium brand batteries. These provide exceptional performance at a low cost. The amp ratings are ideal for harsh weather and temperatures below freezing. It requires minimal maintenance and is very simple to operate.

Also, it is asked, What brands of batteries are made by Johnson Controls?

Interstate and DieHard, the two most popular replacement market brand names, are both Johnson Controls products, as is the Optima brand.

Secondly, Who owns EverStart battery?

Johnson Controls, the exclusive provider of EverStart batteries to Walmart as of 2022, manufactures the batteries. Johnson Controls is a big battery company, and its EverStart batteries are low-maintenance, high-quality, and long-lasting. Depending on the style and size, they might range from $50 to $130.

Also, What is the difference between EverStart and EverStart Maxx?

With the receipt, Everstart + batteries are covered for two years. The Everstart Maxx batteries have a 3-year warranty, with the first two years prorated.

People also ask, How long do Walmart EverStart batteries last?

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Are Walmart Car Batteries Any Good

So your next question is probably, “Are Walmart batteries any good?

All the batteries we purchased from Walmart have lasted as long or longer than the warranty period.

Is it possible that a Walmart battery will fail before the warranty expires? Absolutely. But if that does happen, you are covered by the warranty.

If that is the case, stop by any Walmart store to get a free replacement. You don’t even need the receipt.

We have found that Walmart car batteries are as good, if not better, than DieHard batteries sold at Advance Auto Parts and Duralast batteries sold by Autozone.

Battery Reuse And Recycling

At almost all locations, Walmart will recycle your vehicles battery for free. If you want to take advantage of this service, you should bring your old battery with you when you purchase a replacement.

If you buy a new battery but dont replace your old one, Walmart may charge you a core fee ranging from $5 to $10, depending on where you live.

In many cases, core fee rebates are provided in the form of cash or credit toward the purchase of a replacement battery.

Some stores may require the original receipt to prove that you purchased the battery and paid the core fee at Walmart.

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How Does The Walmart Battery Warranty Work

If your battery stops working within the warranty period, you are eligible to swap it out for a replacement battery at no charge.

If your car battery no longer holds a charge, take it back to a Walmart store to get a replacement. Just make sure you are still within the warranty period.

If you don’t remember when you purchased the battery, look for a sticker on the battery side. It has the month and dates the battery was purchased.

  • The battery no longer holds a charge.
  • Corrosion or battery leakage
  • The battery case begins to bulge.
  • The battery will not charge to its full capacity.
  • The battery will not start your vehicle.

Keep in mind that if you abused the battery, you might not get a free replacement. Below you will see the types of damages that are not covered under warranty.

  • If your battery was damaged.
  • The vehicle was involved in an accident, and the battery was damaged.
  • The battery is left exposed to outdoor elements and was destroyed.
  • You installed the battery backward.

Ultimately, your Walmart store has the final say, and it is at their discretion to make that determination.

What About If You Dont Have The Receipt

OPTIMA RedTop AGM Spiralcell Automotive Battery, Group Size 75/25 ...

Your warranty may still be valid if you dont have the receipt. Like a battery return, the store can use other ways, like the serial number of your battery, to identify the purchase date.

The final say on your Walmart car battery warranty without a receipt rests with the store manager at each location. A manager should always be on duty, even if its a nearby 24-hour superstore.

See our guide on the best auto detailing carpet extractors.

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What Other Services Can You Find At Walmart

Next time youre heading out for your weekly shop, you might be wondering Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras, Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice, or perhaps Does Walmart Make Keys, as well as how to use the Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental, Does Walmart have a Coinstar, and finally, how to find out about Walmart Hidden Clearance products in 2022!

Does Walmart Check Car Batteries For Free

Walmart Auto Care Center will test and install a new battery for free.

It is important to note that not all Walmart stores have Auto Car Care Centers. Typically Walmart Supercenters have auto care centers, so those will test your car battery for free.

Because most Auto Car Centers are very busy, it may take anywhere from 20 min to 45 min for them to test your battery.

If you don’t have a Walmart Supercenter nearby, you can test your car battery yourself using a simple and easy-to-use Car Battery Tester.

This video shows how to test a car battery yourself.

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Signs When Its Time For A New Car Battery

You should watch for certain critical warning signs that your battery life is coming to an end. The first is the presence of the check engine light on the vehicles dashboard.

This is usually an indication that the battery is losing its charge, but it can also signal that the vehicles alternator is malfunctioning.

Listed below are seven indicators that your cars battery is going bad:

Can I Get A Walmart Car Battery Replaced If I Have No Receipt

Walmart Battery vs. Costco Battery (3 Year Update)

Walmart will exchange a bad car battery even if you have no receipt as long as the battery was bought at a Walmart store and is still under warranty.

The battery has a serial number label, and the store associate can use this number to determine when the battery was purchased.

If you are unsure how old your Walmart battery is, look at the month/year sticker on the battery.

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How Long Does Walmart Guarantee Batteries

All new Walmart batteries come with a one, two, or three-year warranty. The warranty period varies based on battery grade, Everstart Value, Plus, and Maxx.

Each grade has a different warranty period.

  • Value Power: Free replacement within ONE year of purchase
  • EverStart Plus: Free replacement within TWO years of purchase
  • EverStart Maxx: Free replacement within THREE years of purchase. Prorated warranty from year three to five. No warranty at all after five years.

Different batteries have different warranties, so you should check the warranty for the battery that you buy.

The return is fairly painless, except that it must be done at the automotive service desk. The technician may test your old battery to determine if your battery is bad or not.

How To Buy A Cheap Car Battery From Advance Auto

  • Visit Advance Auto Parts > Car Batteries website. Enter your car information. Make, Model, Year
  • Pick the car battery that fits your car, which shows IN STOCK at a store near you.

  • Select Pick Up At Store under Delivery Options. Don’t select ship to home.

  • Apply Advance Auto Parts coupon code. Look for a discount code at the top banner of the website. If you don’t have an Advance Auto coupon, check for current discount codes on the Advance Auto Parts home page or under the Special Offers page. Copy the code and apply it at checkout under the Promotional Code field.
  • Once you pay for the battery online, write down the order number you will get at the end of the checkout. Next, head over to the Advance Auto Parts store to pick up your battery. They usually have the battery ready for you in 15 minutes.
  • If you prefer, ask the Advance Auto Parts associate to replace your car battery free of charge.
  • CORE CHARGE: You will notice a core charge ranging from $18 to $25. You can get the core charge refunded by returning your old dead battery to Advance Auto Parts.

    If you are changing the battery yourself, don’t forget to return the old battery to refund the core charge. If you don’t have the old battery removed, don’t worry. You can take your old battery back later to get a refund for the core charge if you don’t have it removed yet.

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    Find The Correct Battery Size For Your Vehicle

    As mentioned earlier, batteries may look similar physically. They, however, a capable of different things and are built to meet different needs. The easiest way to find out the size of battery to use is by using the vehicles manual.

    The manual will list all the details necessary, all you have to do is flip through it. If you dont have a copy, the internet may have your back. Various manuals for different models can be found online. If that is still a challenge, then its time to consult the battery.

    Most batteries come with all their details listed on the sides. These sizes will usually appear in number form such as 65, 67, 35 or 36. These are not just random numbers, they are short codes that denote the height, length and width of these batteries.

    This is a standard mandated by the Battery Council International as a way of standardizing battery sizes, instead of having to deal with different manufacturers coming up with their own arbitrary sizes. What a nightmare that would be when it came to replacing the batteries.

    How To Get Free Battery Fitting At Walmart

    EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group 86

    I love Walmart! Is there anything they dont sell? While Walmart sells a massive range of car care products, it must be said unless your local Walmart store has an Auto Care Center attached, you wont be able to avail of the great free fitting service they provide. You can check for your nearest Walmart Auto Care Center here.

    So that said, how do you get Walmart to fit your car battery for free? Simply buy your new car battery from them and theyll be happy to fit it FOC. Okay, but what if you already bought a new battery from another store, yep theyll fit that too, but theyll charge you a fee of $10.

    Im a mechanic for twenty-five years plus and I can tell you without hesitation, these Walmart prices are hard to beat. I think they represent amazing value for money, and the great deals dont stop there, they offer a ton of other auto care services at knock-out prices. You can check out the complete list here.

    Heres a list of the battery services they offer and the prices.

    Battery Service

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    How Much Does A New Car Battery Cost At Walmart

    The cost of a new car battery will depend on the type you need as well as the make and model of your vehicle. You can use the Walmart car battery finder tool on their website to get an estimate of how much it will cost to replace your one.

    You will need to enter your cars make, model, sub-model, and year as well as the engine type. The types available to your car and the corresponding costs will be displayed for you to peruse through.

    How Can You Tell When Your Car Battery Is Going Bad

    5 Telltale Signs That Your Car Battery Is Dying Headlights are dim. Your car battery will not be able to properly power your vehicles electrical components, including your headlights, if it is failing. When you turn the key, it makes a clicking sound. Crank slowly. To begin, you must depress the gas pedal. Backfiring.

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    How Can You Tell If Your Car Battery Is Going Bad

    Connect the positive and negative battery connections to the multimeter. You may have a faulty battery if the voltage isnt around 12.6 volts. Now start the vehicle and check for a voltage reading of more above 10. When the voltage dips below 5 while the automobile is operating, it is defective and should be replaced immediately.

    How Important Is A Car Battery Warranty

    Walmart Battery vs. Costco Battery – Price & Warranty (3 year update in description)

    The battery is one of the most understated components in a car.

    It helps to crank the engine when you start the car and not just that it also powers the headlights, heated seats, horns, and other accessories in your vehicle.

    Like every other component in your automobile, it is also important that you incur that your battery is also under warranty.

    Your car batteries specifically are not designed to last a lifetime, instead 4 years or so and sometimes not even that.

    With the battery under warranty, you are covered when your batteries die early within the free replacement period. This helps to reduce the suddenly incurred maintenance cost.

    Before you buy a car battery, make it a point to take time and research the car battery, especially the Walmart car battery warranty information.

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    What Is The Walmart Car Battery Warranty Without A Receipt

    After the 90-return window lapses, your car battery is only returnable to Walmart under its warranty. Luckily, all batteries sold at Walmart come with a warranty included in the purchase price.

    Walmart sells three types of exclusive car batteries that you cant find anywhere else, including EverStart Maxx, EverStart Value, and EverStart Plus.

    As long as your car battery doesnt violate the warranty, you can return it to Walmart for a free replacement for a new one and not a refund. Warranties for house brand Walmart car batteries are as follows:

    • EverStart Maxx: Free replacement within one year of purchase.
    • EverStart Plus: Free replacement within two years of purchase.
    • EverStart Maxx: Free replacement within three years of purchase.

    To make a return, you should bring the battery to the automotive department or Walmart Auto Care Center along with the original receipt. If the battery is damaged under conditions outside your control, a new battery replacement will be installed at no charge.

    What Is Special About The Prorated Warranty

    Walmart has a prorated warranty option for its EverStart Maxx range.

    After the initial 3 years, if your battery fails within 5 years, you get the chance to replace the battery with an adjusted prorated amount.

    It is a simple calculation that you can do yourselves. The formula is as below:

    Walmart will add a sales tax to the amount you receive in the above calculation. With this in hand, you can easily calculate without being influenced to buy a new car battery.

    The best part of it all is that the 5-year warranty starts anew with the new battery.

    The prorated warranty has been under dispute in the online community recently. Few say that it is still in place while others allege that Walmart has discontinued it.

    So, you might want to call your local store to verify the details before you walk in for a claim.

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    Help Me Find The Right Car Battery For My Vehicle

    Yes, Walmart offers both online and in-store help in determining the best kind of battery for your specific vehicle.

    Of course, it is always best to go into a store so that they can make sure that you are receiving the right battery.

    Walmarts automotive technicians will be happy to walk you through all the different battery options that they have available for your model.

    Their online Walmart Battery Finder tool allows you to input your vehicle type to determine what they have available in stock at your local Walmart

    How To Know If Your Car Battery Needs To Be Replaced

    How to change a car battery

    Car batteries last about 4 to 5 years. The period can even be shorter in places with extreme weather conditions. As your car battery ages, itll begin having issues and should be replaced.

    Heres a list of signs that your battery needs replacement:

    • Slow starting engine: If your engine starts slowly or cant start at all, its a clear sign that your battery is dying. Be aware of the signs of a bad battery if youre getting paid to deliver cars across the country.
    • Dim lights and electrical issues: Lights that come on dimly, power windows not working, fading FM radio for a drive-in movie, cant charge your phone, and other electrical issues are clear signs that you have a dead battery.
    • Check engine light is on: The check engine light comes on when your battery has issues, especially if your car doesnt have a dedicated battery warning light.
    • Battery swelling: If the entire battery case starts to bulge, consider replacing your battery immediately.
    • Corroded connectors: Its characterized by sulfurous or egg-like smells and green discoloration around the terminals.

    See our guide on help buying a car from a dealer.

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    About Walmart Auto Services

    Walmart may be better known as a retail giant, but it has branched out to do some basic auto maintenance. Walmart Auto Services can present buyers with great deals with their Walmart Auto Services prices. Their services are pretty basic though and if you want something more thorough, you will need to go to a professional garage.

    Walmart Auto Services sells basic auto-parts and provides some basic repair and maintenance services. If you don’t have the time or know-how, you can turn to Walmart Auto Services to do it for you.

    Walmart focuses on three basic services. First, there is the tire change services at $12 per tire. Next, there’s the battery change, with free installation. Finally, there’s oil and lube services for just around twenty dollars. Additional services are possible, like headlight installation and more. They are all set at affordable prices so that you would be able to save on these basic repairs and maintenance.

    Above are the latest Walmart Auto Services prices.

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