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How To Add Heated Seats To Your Car

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Are Heated Seats Expensive To Fix

How to add Heated seats to your car (easy)

The average seat heater replacement cost is between $578 and $612 for most makes, models, and years of vehicles today. The labor costs are between $2128 and $161, usually taking between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete this procedure. Lastly, the cost of the parts is generally around $450 for this expensive fix.

Add Comfort To Your Vehicle Today

If you are in the Philadelphia area and are looking for an effective way to make your vehicle more comfortable, drop by Perzan Auto Radio on Market Street and speak with a member of our sales team about heated seats. Wed be happy to figure out the perfect solution for your vehicle and provide you with an obligation-free quote. For more information, give us a call at 610-734-1234 or send us an e-mail using our online contact page.

The Best Way To Do Options

If theres a particular feature the model youre buyingdoesnt have that you really must-have, and you dont have to buy a load ofstuff you dont want as part of a package to get it, then buy it for thatreason. If your main focus is to help your vehicles eventual resale price thenstandalone options are rarely the answer.

The best way to get features that will help your eventual resalevalue is to go for a higher trim level. As vehicles get older and their valuedepreciates, the difference between high and low trim levels getsproportionally smaller. That inevitably means higher trim levels become evenmore desirable as theyre then more affordable than when they were new, andthey make lower trim levels a lot less desirable in the used market. No matterhow much money you spend on available options, youll never get anywhere nearas much of your money back in the resale value later as you would do if youstepped up a trim level or two in the first place.

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Can I Get Heated Seats Installed In My Car

Heated seatsvehicletheseatThevehicle can have heated seats installedthe

Accordingly, how long does it take to install heated seats?

of the installer however the average install time is 1 hour per seat.

Additionally, can you put heated seats in a car with cloth seats? You can absolutely introduce a heated seat option with a cloth seat. Traditionally, we think of leather or ventilated seats with heat. This is because, with leather seats, you almost have to have heating and cooling elements to adapt to temperature changes.

Consequently, are heated seats bad for you?

Men who use heated car seats could be unwittingly putting their fertility at risk, new research suggests. Scientists warn that the seats could damage sperm production by raising men’s temperature to unhealthy levels. Scientists tested the effect of heated car seats on 30 healthy men.

How much does it cost to install heated seats in my car?

Nearly any vehicle can have heated seats installed after the fact. The kits are simple, the installation is pretty straightforward, and the cost is surprisingly affordable .

Perzan Auto Radio Can Add Heated Seats To Your Vehicle

Heated Car Seats

Did you know that Perzan Auto Radio in Upper Darby can add heated seats to almost any vehicle? Thats right! Whether it is a classic car, your trusty daily driver or you simply didnt want to pay for options you didnt want on a brand-new vehicle, our team of expert technicians can integrate heating elements to make your vehicle more comfortable.

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Simple Design For Great Comfort

Adding heaters to seats is a simple process in concept. Our seat heater kits include two heating element pads, a control switch and the wiring we need to install the system in your vehicle. Where the concept evolves is the removal and disassembly of your seat covers. No fear our installation technicians are the best in the area, and they have extensive experience with installing seat heater kits.

The Perfect Remote Starter Accessory

If you have added, or are considering adding, a remote car starter to your vehicle, then ask us about adding seat heaters. You can turn the seats on when you leave your vehicle and they will start warming up later, as soon as you activate remote starter. That extra few minutes of warm-up time makes a big different to your comfort. If you have leather seats, seat heaters make an even more significant difference.

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Are You Looking For A Way To Manage Muscular Pains + Sores

If so, youll be glad to know that there are a variety of options that come with massaging features. Tests have proven that heated car seat covers can help your muscular pains and sore via massaging controls.

If this applies to you, then strongly consider the brands that provide this significant feature. Many people suffer from chronic back or neck pain and driving long journeys doesnt help this issue. Thats why the invention of car seat covers with massaging control is tailormade for those with such medical conditions. If you are somebody with such medical conditions or you just want to feel extra soothed during your rides, then this may be the most viable option for you.

How Do Seat Heaters Work

Add HEATED SEATS to your car this Winter!

Just like the seat heating elements that automakers use, our seat heater kits use flexible carbon fiber heating elements that are woven into a flexible cloth mat. When turned on, the carbon fiber heating threads heat up to add warmth to your seats. Each kit includes a pair of heating pads for the bottom and back surfaces of the seat, along with a control switch and a control module.

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What Are Heated Cooled And Ventilated Seats

Heated seats have been around for some time. They come pre-installed in many models with either cloth or leather upholstery. Although heated seats arent often pre-installed in entry-level vehicles, they are common even in some less expensive packages and trim levels. How do heated seats work? A long strip of metal runs in the seat. This metal is pumped with electricity, which makes it warm up, Bockmans Autocare explains.

Cooled seats work differently and are fairly new. Youll find them mostly in top-trim models and luxury cars. There are two types of cooled seats, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. The ventilated kind runs air through a series of chambers inside the seats. That air is pushed upward through little holes in the upholstery, like the perforations common in leather seating. Cooled seats work similarly. The air passes over a cooling element, such as a chilled piece of metal, before blowing through the upholsterys holes.

What Are Aftermarket Leather Seats

When you ask the dealer to install aftermarket leather seats, youre asking them to remove the stock seats and replace them with complete leather seats. Katzkin is the choice brand for many dealers who install leather seats, and they offer a wide variety of color and material options.

Katzkin, along with many other reputable aftermarket leather seat brands, offers seats designed to work with certain makes and models. If you do a search on the brands website, youll find a list of aftermarket leather seats that are compatible with your new car.

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You Ask And We Answer All Your Questions About Heated Seats For Your Vehicle

How does a heated car seat work?

Believe it or not, a heated car seat isnt much more complex than a heating pad you might apply to an injury. A heating coil is placed below the seat cushion and electricity passes through it. As the electricity flows through the coil, it is resisted which causes the friction that then produces heat. When the seats are turned on, the electricity flows into the coil from a circuit, and it is a very small amount only enough to start the formation of a magnetic field. That field then flips a switch called a relay, and the seats begin to receive energy directly from the cars battery. So, how does the seat know when to shut the heat off?

A thermostat regulates the temperature. If the coils just continued to stay hot and receive power, they would eventually cause a fire and damage not only your car but you in the process! The thermostat shuts off power to the coils by switching off the relay once the temperature hits a certain mark. Once the temperature gets too low, the relay will switch back on and the power from the battery will begin to reheat the seats.

How hard is a heated car seat to install?

Can you install a seat heater in a cloth seat or does it have to be leather?

So how much does it cost to have heated seats installed near me?

So how do I get heated seats installed?

Can You Install Aftermarket Heated And Cooled Seats In Your Car

Adding Heated Seats To Your Car, Truck, or SUV? We Do That!

Installing aftermarket cooled and heated seats is possible but not exactly easy. These features cant be installed in your cars existing seats. But some companies that revamp cars interiors can install new seats with cooling and heating features. For instance, Katzkin sells seats with heating and cooling installed. According to Focus Daily News, aftermarket leather interiors actually cost less than factory-installed interiors of the same quality.

There are other options available for aftermarket interiors that may provide heated and cooled seats. But when it comes to Katzkin, theres more to it than utility. The companys aftermarket interiors also allow personalization. They include two-tone options, fancy piping, and even custom embroidery. Though some customers might simply want cooled and heated seats, others may opt to add personal touches. Katzkin does both.

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Universal Fit Seat Covers

When deciding on the right heated car seat cover, you need to ask yourself in what vehicle it will be used. If its simply just for your car and nothing else, then this feature isnt going to be too important. However, there are many people who like to use the one car seat cover in another vehicle they may own like an RV or a truck. For you, you may want to use a heated car seat cover in your home or office, so make sure you lookout for this feature while shopping.

Most heated car seat covers now come as a universal fit, so it wont be too difficult to track one down. Investing in a universal fit is a great way to save you time and money as it can act as a versatile option to be used in your car, truck, home or office.

Adding Heated Seats With Audio Garage

September 5, 2018 By Nick Paulson

Theres nothing better than getting into your car on a cold winter morning and being greeted by heated seats installed by Audio Garage in Fargo, North Dakota. Most clients believe that seat warmers are only available as part of a premium upgrade package when you purchase a new car, truck or SUV. Our team of expert automotive accessory technicians can install premium carbon-fiber heating elements in most vehicles in about a day. Lets look at how seat heaters work to make your vehicle more comfortable.

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Add Heated Seats To Your European Car At Perzan Auto Radio

If your European car or SUV didnt come with heated seats, drop by Perzan Auto Radio in Upper Darby to find out how we can make your vehicle more comfortable. Our seat heater solutions add comfort and warmth to the bottom and back cushions of your seat to take the chill off a cold winters morning and let you drive to work or school with a smile on your face. Lets look at how our seat heating options work and why Perzan is the best choice in the Philadelphia area to work on your luxury vehicle.

Do Cooled Seats Use Ac

How To Install HEATED SEATS in ANY Car!!! *EASY*

Air-conditioned seats feature built-in fans that circulate air to keep your body cool. Once in motion, the air is blown through a diffusion layer under the seat fabric. The cooling effect then spreads upward to the surface, so occupants get a maximum effect from the cabs AC cooling or heating system.

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Comfort And Warmth On A Cold Winter Morning

If you have a remote starter in your car or SUV, you can leave the seat heater control switches in the on position so they will start to warm up right away. Not only will your engine be warm and your car ready to drive, but your cloth or leather seats will also be nice and toasty. The vehicle ignition controls the seat heating system, so theres no need to worry about a dead battery if you leave the seat heaters turned on.

Can You Add Aftermarket Heated And Cooled Seats To Your Car

Few things are more uncomfortable than a hot car during a heatwave. Leather seats turn sticky and searing, and even cloth can become uncomfortably warm in blazing-hot weather. Cold seats are no picnic either. During any extreme weather, riders may find themselves hoping for heated and cooled seats.

For those fortunate enough to have these features, cold or warm weather isnt as uncomfortable. But for drivers whose cars dont have existing cooled and heated seats, there may be a solution.

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Prices For Upgrading To These Special Seats

Naughty: cooled and heated seats that dont come standard. Were nice. #LuxuryUncovered#LincolnMKX


Katzkin offers seats that provide heat only and seats with both heating and cooling elements. The company refers to its seats as air-conditioned, meaning these are not ventilated seats. Katzkin calls its system Degreez and claims it can be installed in any make or model with an updated interior. The company has technicians across the nation, but theyre not the only game in town.

The price for installing aftermarket seating depends upon several factors, including location and the cars make, model, and year. Theres also the design to consider. Installing aftermarket heated and/or cooled seats means getting a new interior, and some design prices run higher than others. Because of those factors, nailing down an average price can be difficult. But quotes are free and easy to request on the Katzkin website.

However, if you want heated or cooled seats without modifying your cars interior, special seat covers can also do the trick. These covers range from about $50 to $100 and can be found on Amazon, Sharper Image, and other online retailers.

Expert Installation By Ralphs Radio

Drive Through The Winter By Adding Heated Seats To Your ...

As important as the quality of components we install are, how they are installed is equally important to the reliability of the system. All of the wiring for our heated car seats is run along same paths as factory wiring to ensure everything is safe from damage. We solder all the electrical connections we make for maximum conductivity and reliability. Unlike taped or T-tapped connections, our process can handle vibrations, temperature changes and humidity variances that can wreak havoc with inferior installation methods. Our goal is to meet or exceed the standards set by automakers for all of our wiring so that your upgrade will function flawlessly for many years.

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Philadelphias Automotive Accessory Experts

If you live in the Philadelphia area and want to upgrade your European car or SUV with heated seats, we invite you to drop into Perzan Auto Radio in Upper Darby and speak with a member of our sales team. They will ensure we create a solution that will make your vehicle a lot more comfortable. If you have any questions about our seat heaters, remote car starters or audio system upgrades, give the store a call or send us an e-mail using our online contact page.

Guide To Buying The Best Heated Car Seat Cover

Arguably the most effective way to keep warm while you drive in your vehicle is to invest in a heated car seat cover. These covers were created to do one thing: produce heat in your car seat with the added bonus of providing some padding to keep you comfortable during your journeys. However, its important not to rush into buying such a product, as its important to pick the right one for your needs.

In this section, we will discuss the various features that you need to know about in order to choose the best heated car seat covers:

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Proximity Based Passive Keyless Entry System

Lets say you want to purchase a new car with a proximity based passive keyless entry system and dont want to pay for an expensive package that has it. You can actually add this to your new vehicle. A kit available from VAIS Technology adds keyless entry, walk-away lock, and illuminated entry all based on proximity. A small tag to carry and get all these features added.

How Does A Heated Car Seat Work

  • Written by Brynn Dahlquist on Jun 12, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by H.R. Helm on Nov 15, 2019

Heated car seats are great additions to any boat, truck, or car and are included on many luxury models. The technology behind heated car seats, however, is no more sophisticated than that in an electric blanket. In fact, a heated blanket is essentially what the manufacturer has turned the car seat into.

The Resistor

Heated car seats work because a heating coil has been placed beneath the seat cover of the vehicle. A heating coil is a long element of wire through which electricity passes. The heating coil is referred to as a resistor because as the electricity is flowing through the coil it is resistant. The resistance causes friction and is released in form of heat.

The Relay

The Thermostat

The thermostat is also what controls the high and low settings within many heated car seats. The buttons on the steering wheel or seat bracket connect to different setting levels for the thermostat. This allows for the thermostat to have several levels at which it turns on or off to control the heat.

Heated Car Seat Covers

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