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How To Choose A Car Seat

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Factor #03 Comfort Size And Space In An Baby Car Seat Add Up To A Happy Baby

How to choose and use your car seat

We all know that a happy wife equals happy life.

Well, a happy baby equals an easier life. The comfort of your baby is very necessary. It does go a long way in giving you an easy time. When the child is cosy, he/she is calm, and thus there are fewer tantrums.

Some of the comfort features include a sun visor that protects him/her from getting sunburns, the energy-absorbing foam liner that cushions the child in the seat and the seat covers that also add to keeping him snug in the seat.

Theres also the adjustable harness that allows you to adjust the shoulder height as per the growth of the baby, a foot/leg cover that helps create a cosy, comfortable ride for your child and the list goes on. If you want to avoid the endless cries, these are some of the features you need to consider.

The size of the seat also matters.

If you want to carry the baby to the seat at times, you need to consider purchasing an ultra-lightweight car seat. You might also look into the babies car seats that come with a travel system so that removing and attaching the seat is smooth and effortless.

Some of the seats have click connect technology systems which enable one secure attachment to stroller thus making an easy attachment, read about Stroller Gadgets. A light seat makes your movement less tiring and flexible. You can carry out your chores without worry. So consider these two factors as you choose the right option for your child.

Car Seat Safety Features

Here are the safety features to pay attention to when youre shopping for a car seat.

A five-point harness: This type of harness consists of two shoulder straps, two waist straps and a between-the-legs strap that all meet in a middle buckle. Five-point harnesses are safer than three-point harnesses because they spread the force from a crash over more areas of the body. They also hold your baby in place, preventing them from wiggling into an unsafe position.

Easy harness adjustment: A harness cant do its job unless its properly fitted, and youll have a much better chance of getting it right if its easy to adjust. Look for a no-rethread harness if possible that means youll be able to move the seats shoulder straps up and down without having to manually reroute them.

Higher rear-facing weight limit: As we mentioned above, riding rear-facing is safer for your little one than forward-facing. Choose a seat with a high rear-facing weight limit for extended use.

Side-impact protection: In about a quarter of crashes, your car is hit from the side rather than the front. Currently, side impact protection is unregulated, so the National Highway Safety Administration is researching how to test side-impact protection and what laws should be passed. You definitely want something that advertises side-impact protection, but be skeptical of claims that one brand has more than another because theres no objective testing standard yet.

Extend2fit Convertible Car Seat


Measurements: 22 x 19 x 25 inches

For parents who want their kiddos to stay rear facing longer, the Extend2Fit might be a perfect choice. Its five-inch extension provides more legroom, so even taller children can safely and comfortably rear-face to a weight limit of 50 pounds.

A no-rethread harness makes height adjustments easy as your child grows, and this seat can take you from the hospital ride home all the way to kindergarten or beyond. Graco also added their ProtectPlus Engineering for side-impact and other crash types, which goes above and beyond federal safety minimums.

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Opt For One With Installation Diagrams As Well As Text

You’re not finished once you walk out of the store. Make use of all the instructions you can those in the instruction booklet , and the diagrams on the seat itself to have the best possible chance of installing the seat correctly.

Although all companies continue to simplify the installation process videos on YouTube supplement some instruction books it’s still recommended that, after you install the car seat, you have your work checked by a professional. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration makes it easy for you to find an inspector near you: Just enter your location here at NHTSA to search.

The easiest way to ensure correct installation though? Have a Child Passenger Safety technician in your area do it for you. CPS technicians can be found at police stations, fire stations, hospitals, your local AAA, and more.

Clicktight Convertible Car Seat

Choosing a Car Seat for Your Child

Measurements: 23 x 18 x 23 inches

Weight: 27 pounds

Britax is often perceived as the Cadillac of infant car seats, and its true that their products are heavy-duty and full of impressive features. The Marathon ClickTights main selling point is the ease of installation. All you need to do is thread the seatbelt through a panel in the seat, then snap it shut.

Plus, with a ton of easily adjustable harness heights, growth spurts are no longer a cause for frustration! Britax also goes beyond federal standards with a steel frame, impact-absorbing base, and side-impact protection. The only drawback is that you cant use it as a booster.

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Pick A Convertible Car Seat That’ll Grow With Your Child

Take it from us: Not having to invest in another car seat in the midst of that crazy first two years will be a blessing. Newborns can sit in two kinds of car seats: a rear-facing infant seat, or a convertible seat . Buying a convertible car seat saves money because it lasts through toddlerhood, and it’s completely sound in terms of safety.

The only drawback? Convertible car seats cannot be taken in and out of the car like an infant seat can.

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Height And Weight Limits

Most of the seats in this review claim to be suitable for children from 5 lbs up to 40-80 lbs and height of 40-57 inches tall depending on the seat. However, we think the design and features of an infant seat are better suited for younger babies, and parents should avoid convertible car seats until their baby reaches at least 9 months or has exceeded the maximum height or weight limit for their infant seat .

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Car Seat Safety: What You Should Know

Its important to be aware that there are many car seats available for you to buy, marketed at different age groups by different brands. Its best to use a car seat that matches the size of your child, and fits well with your vehicle.

If you have a two-seater car or truck, it should be common sense that these are a big no-no for your children. Make sure you have a car that is safe and has a set of seats at the back to provide added protection for your child. Not doing so can be considered a major breach of the law, and cause other disastrous results for your family .

Always inspect your car seats for rips, tears and breaks, and make sure that theyre covered by the federal and also state seating standards. Remember, higher price doesnt always correlate to a safer car seat make sure that your child fits the seat comfortably as this is directly linked to safety.

Car safety is something you cant take lightly and based on the statistics to our right, it only reinforces the point. Too many lives are unnecessary taken away each year from families dont be a statistic.

Lower Anchor Weight Limits

How to Choose a Car Seat

Lower anchors have weight limits set by the vehicle and car seat manufacturers. You can determine the lower anchor weight limit by checking the warning label or installation diagrams located on the side of the car seat. If your car seat does not have a label, you can determine the maximum allowable child weight for lower anchor use by subtracting the weight of the car seat from 65 pounds.

Lower anchor weight limit = 65 lbs weight of car seat

Know the Facts

Once your child outgrows the vehicle or car seat manufacturers established limits for the lower anchors, stop using the lower anchor attachments and reinstall the car seat using the vehicles seat belt.

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Factor #02 Convenience Simplicity Versatility And Uniqueness Are The Right Dose For A Fantastic Infant Car Seat

Simplicity is the key factor in any child car seat or any product whatsoever.

I dont think anyone would want a seat that makes life hell for them. So when you decide to choose an infant car seat, it should be a factor worth considering.

You need a seat that gives you an easy time. How easy its to use goes a very long way in ensuring you are happy with your choice. The base, the straps and the adjustment harnesses and how easy its to latch it on to the seat or a stroller are the features you should consider regarding simplicity.

Some products are quite different than others. Some have click technology systems, others have a versatile travel system, and others have a taxi- safe belt path. Look at the unique features as they could be an added advantage to you. They make your choice easier.

A single product is, the better it might be for you. So dont ignore the simple, unique features some seats might have. They are very significant.

It should also be very convenient. You dont need one that will make your headaches permanent. You dont need a belt adjustment system that makes loosening and tightening the belts on the seat an everyday task. You need one that is very convenient.

You also need to look at the possibility of having an infant seat which you can purchase as part of a travel system a combination of an infant seat and a stroller.

Words from the Wise on Babies Car Seats

He expressed this in a certain interview when he was discussing his journey of fatherhood.

The Different Kinds Of Child Restraints

0 to 6 months Capsule

A baby/infant capsule is rearward-facing with an inbuilt harness, which is the legal requirement for babies under six months. Capsules can be used for babies up to about six months of age or slightly older if they still fit into the seat. Unlike other types of car seats, capsules can be easily taken in and out of the car and used as a carrier or attached to a pram to mimimise disturbing your baby.

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What Should You Look For In An Infant Car Seat

First things first: spending less money on a car seat doesnt mean its any less safe.

Every car seat sold in the US must meet the same federal safety standards set forth by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. While each individual state may have their own guidelines around car seats , any seat sold in the US must meet the same benchmarks around safety and installation.

So what will a more expensive infant car seat get you? More expensive seats often means more extras like luxury materials, larger canopies, easier installation and potentially some additional safety features not currently required by law.

Here are some factors to take into consideration when choosing a seat:

For more details about car seats, read our How to Choose a Car Seat guide.

Height And Weight More Important Than Age

Choosing The Right Convertible Car Seat For Baby  Miss ...

There are two different regulations in car seats: i-Size and ECE R44/04 car seats. i-Size uses the length of children to classify car seats, ECE R44/04 uses weight to divide car seats into groups.

i-Size regulation

i-Size, or also known as UN R129, is a new EU safety standard and increases the safety level for children in cars. It provides extra protection in several ways, most notably by providing rearward facing travel for children up to 15 months.

i-Size uses the childs length to determine the fit in a car seat rather than weight or age. Parents seem to know the length of their children better than their weight and there is a lot of variation between the length of children and their age/weight. Length tells best if a child fits a seat well and when a parent should switch to the next car seat.

i-Size car seats, therefore, are always designed to be used for a range of height .

ECE R44/04 regulation

ECE R44/04 child car seats are divided into groups, based on the weight of the child .

9 months to 3½ years
Child 15 to 36 kg 3½ years to 12 years

Never buy a child car seat that is too big, make sure it is appropriate for your childs height or weight from the first day of use. The appropriate category is stated on the orange ECE approval often placed at the bottom of the car seat. Age categories are also often stated, but because one child can be heavier than the other, the age group should be considered primarily an indication.

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Summary Of How To Choose A Baby Car Seat

We expect that you will carefully read the baby car seats descriptions and understand their importance differences before committing to purchase. If you are not satisfied with your infant car seat, you can always return it if it has that policy or gets a replacement. I know you want to enjoy your baby seat for as long as you can. If you are not satisfied with its features as well, you can always customise some seats by attaching add-ons.

If you have never bought an infant car seat, you can swing by a retail shop and have a feel of the baby seats you are considering or they might have. Sometimes, this is more helpful than just making a final decision online.

Whats Your Lifestyle Like

Some parents install their childs car seat once and dont look at it again until its time to adjust the straps or reposition the seat for forward-facing. But others may need to swap cars often, sharing a seat between two parents or with a babysitter. Think about whether youll move the seat, buy different seats for each vehicle, or maybe buy two of the same if it fits well in both spots.

Think about other habits, too, like whether youll use a stroller that can accommodate an infant car seat snapping in on top. In that case, your newborn may benefit from a rear-facing infant seat with a handle. But if you plan to babywear or already have a standalone stroller, a combination seat might be a better choice.

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What To Know Before You Buy

Know your child: Get used to keeping track of your child’s height and weight, which can determine seat size and when its time to move up to the next level. Note: Any behavioral or health issues will also affect your choice.

Know your stores: Some retailers will let you test-install a seat in your car, which is great because we’ve found that cushion angle or seat belt placement can make a car and child seat incompatible. Also a must: a store that accepts returns. Large department stores such as Target and Walmart offer a limited range of products in stores and a wider selection available online. Online retailers such as Albee Baby, , Buy Buy Baby, and offer an even larger selection of seat brands and models. Many retailers offer free shipping on car seats. Make online purchases only after you’ve seen the models in real life. You can find higher-end models at specialty stores or boutiques.

Know your car: Check the child-safety sections of your vehicle owner’s manual, and study up on relevant features such as belts, LATCH, and seats.

Choosing The Right Car Seat : What Are The Key Points To Check

How to choose and fit a toddler car seat

Always check that the car seat is approved according to the European standards in force. All Renolux car seats are R44/04 or R129 approved.

Test the comfort of car seats, observe the quality of materials, fabrics, finishes. Your childs wellness is paramount : he must feel comfortable in his car seat. Renolux offers car seats with maximum and matchless comfort, smooth and welcoming, in particular thanks to its patented technology Softness®.

Compare the features and settings offered by different car seats. A car seat which is easy to install, adjust and use will be a real ally in everyday life. Renolux has thought of both children and parents by providing ingenious and ergonomic systems, such as the swivelling car seat of which it is the inventor, or even highly scalable car seats for a long period of use.

Learn about the manufacturing conditions and origin of the car seats, the trustworthy and reliability of the manufacturer. Renolux has been manufacturing high quality car seats in France for over 40 years, and has them regularly tested in independent laboratories approved by the relevant European authorities.

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Are The Instructions Easy To Understand And Follow

Many people find fitting child seats difficult. The most important thing is to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some instruction booklets are clearly written and well illustrated. Others are difficult to understand and use. Ask to see the instruction booklet before you buy.

Are the instructions easy to read and follow? Yes No

When Is It Time To Switch To The Next Stage Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi advises waiting as long as possible to switch from a baby to a toddler car seat. Babies are best-protected travelling in a rear-facing direction. This way, the energy of the impact is absorbed and distributed by the seat shell and car seat belts.

Switch from baby to toddler seat

Your baby has outgrown his baby car seat when the top of his head reaches the top of the seat back. Do not switch to the next stage car seat until this time. Make sure your baby’s head is generously protected by the seat. Note: it is not a problem if the child’s legs extend beyond the edge of the seat.

Switch from toddler to child seat

From a toddler seat, step up to a group 2/3 child seat if your childs shoulders are 2 cm above the highest openings for the shoulder straps in the toddler seat when the headrest is set in its highest position. Make sure the headrest of the child car seat is set at the lowest position when switching over.

No more car seats

You no longer legally require a child car seat if your child is 1.35 or 1.50 meters tall . See the list of countries below for exact maximum height. Children no longer using car seats must use the regular car seat belts at all times.

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