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How To Draw A Cartoon Car

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Tutorial On How To Draw A Race Car:

How to draw a cartoon race car

Every little boy is a race car driver.

Little boys often indulge in imaginative car-racing games. Here is one such car drawing for kids, a race car, based on the Ferrari 333 model.

You Will Need:

An A4 sheet or drawing book, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stencil with different shapes, and a scale ruler.

How To:

  • Take the scale ruler and draw a horizontal line on the paper. We will start the car bottom-up, which means we begin with the tires and take it from there. Draw two circles on the base line, a few centimeters apart as shown in the image. Notice that the rear wheel is slightly bigger than the front wheel. This gives the car a slight inclination towards the front. See figure 1.1.
  • Draw the rims of the wheels as seen in Figure 1.2.
  • Start drawing the body with a line joining the two wheels at the bottom this line should be just a few centimeters above the baseline to keep the ground clearance low. Extend this line from the front tire for the overhangs. We will keep the overhangs short for this race car. Draw the rear overhang and complete the rest of the body as shown in the figure. Observe that the rear end is higher than the front end. See figure 1.3.
  • Draw the windscreen in the front and a high airbox or engine air intake in the rear. It is high and is centered, just before the cockpit . See figure 1.4.
  • The final step is to add the drivers helmet. Draw a helmet-shaped sphere in the cockpit, with a small triangle that widens in the front. See Figure 1.5
  • How To Draw Cartoon Cars

    How to draw cartoon cars? The greatest 5 steps technique to get nice and lovely cartoon cars drawn has been shared here! The tutorial of Cartoon drawings of cars MalaysiaMiniLover taught before is one of the best few easy steps technique to draw a nice cartoon car. It can even let the beginner to learn to create very nice muscle car cartoonsand get it printed on t-shirts or cap to wear it!

    Imagination, Creativity, and Innovation is always the main 3 key to create real nice and attractive cartoon cars. If you look at the muscle car drawings, you will find the imagination is very important because you will have to draw what you see on the road on to a piece of paper and present it like a cartoon cars which probably with an exaggerated nose, mouth or eye in the windscreen space. Lets start with some simple example to customize a car and by drawing some cartoon face. Check out these related information before you start your drawing:

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    Add Patterns On The Car Windows

    Car windows are typically reflective, thus resulting in visible diagonal patterns. Draw multiple parallel diagonal lines on each car window to create the illusion of a reflection.

    Now that you have successfully drawn a car, its time to the most exciting partcoloring your awesome car drawing! Go ahead and pick the colors to make your car vibrant and colorful!

    Cars come in a wide range of designs and exist in every color. So, if you have a favorite color, theres most probably a car with that color.

    This gives you a lot of color options to choose from when coloring your car.

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    How To Make An Easy Car Drawing

    Drawing activities are so much fun! Kids can learn step by step how to draw a car and then customize it with colors and details so it can be as cool or classy as they want to.

    Besides being a fun screen-free activity, learning how to draw a car is a creative, and colorful art experience for kids of all ages that helps them develop their creativity and imagination.

    Lets Draw The Guidelines And The General Forms Of The Car

    How to Draw a Cartoon Car · Art Projects for Kids

    We will start by establishing the general form of the car and the perspective grid.

    Use your graphite Pencil to draw the lines but don´t draw the lines too thick. Keep them very light because we will erase them later on.

    The perspective grid is very simple in this drawing. Just draw a rectangle in the shape as seen below and then make a box out of it by drawing parallel lines from its corners in 90 degrees up. Then connect the ends of the lines to create another equally sized rectangle. and with this, you have your box.

    This box will later become the lower part of our car.

    Draw another vertical line on the front face of the rectangle to split it in the middle. then draw a line from the point where the line and the edge of the rectangle meet slightly upwards toward the middle of the square.

    This is going to be the Engine Hood.

    Next up draw the lines, that you see below, using the guidelines, that you drew before.

    I started with the curved line. I divided the front face into four equal parts and drew the curved line from the end of the first quarter to the beginning of the last quarter.

    Then I drew the straight horizontal line, which just goes slightly over the right side of the rectangle and ends slightly before the left side of the rectangle.

    Then I connected the straight and the curved line and you are done.

    You don´t have to do it the exact same way as I did and you don´t have to have the exact same dimensions as I do. So don´t worry too much about it!

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    Draw The Cartoon Face

    Lets start our drawing by sketch out 2 big round and shining eyes. Sketch out 2 circles where bigger circle cover a smaller and darker circle to form the eye. Draw some lines in between the eye to form the nose and a banana look-alike mouth. Drawing a cute face is important, if the face is cute, your cartoon car will look cute even on a Lamborghini limo, a long limo with a cute cartoon face on it!

    Selecting The Lineart Layer To Fill With Local Color

    To fill your drawing with local color, first go to your lineart layer and hit Ctrl + A select it. Then, right-click on your selection and select Inverse this will now select only your lineart and not the whole of this layer.

    After this, create a new layer and fill this selection with a medium gray. Move your lineart layer above this new one so you can still see the drawing.

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    Tutorial On How To Draw A Cartoon Car:

    How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car

    Cartoon cars are fun, especially for kids. Unlike the regular kids drawing cars a cartoon car has eyes, nose and mouth. Whats more, it smiles too! So here is how your child can draw a cartoon car in a few steps.

    You Will Need:

    An A4 sheet or drawing book, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stencil with different shapes, and a scale ruler.

    How To:

  • Lets start with the cars eyes, nose, and mouth. Start by drawing two small circles, a few centimeters apart, on the right-hand side of the page. Draw another tiny circle inside each circle the smaller circle is to the left of the larger circle and dark. This forms the eyes, which also act as the headlights. A little below the eyes, just between them, draw three small lines to form the nose. A little below the nose, draw a banana shaped mouth, as shown in Figure 4.1.
  • For the body of the car, start with the bumper a bigger banana shape under the mouth. From the right end of the bumper, draw the body as shown in the image. Add the base of the car, connected to the left corner of the bumper, with a provision for the wheels. See Figure 4.2.
  • Make the wheels by drawing two circles in the space where they go. Draw a trapezoid, with the body as the base, with one end on the center of the hood and the other on the trunk as shown in Figure 4.3.
  • Draw the lining for the hood. Draw a line to divide the trapezoid into two for the windows. A rectangle right below the window will make the door.
  • Color it to complete it!
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    How To Draw A Cartoon Car Color Values

    Lets accelerate to the final painting in this series

    In the previous part of our video course, you learned ho to draw a cartoon car and tidy up your line art.

    And, now youre done with the lineart, its time to gear up for adding some color!

    Before you start, make sure youre completely happy with your finished drawing and take a look at your reference photos if you need to.

    Here, you can see how our artist April Eriksson decides to change the hood of the Mustang slightly and alters the angle of the most prominent part.

    Shes also made the front and rear wheels larger and changed the angle of the rear wheel so it points inwards. This helps push the features of the car and make it more cartoon-like and fun.

    As an artist learning how to draw a cartoon car, you should never be afraid to take one last look at your painting and make changes if necessary. See whether there are any ideas that can be pushed in order to sell your idea better.

    So, get ready to pick up those tablets and buckle up as we prepare to learn all about local color values!

    How To Draw A Cartoon Police Car That Looks Great

    Drawing a cartoon police car is definitely a challenging task. Creating realistic parts using mostly basic shapes and lines can be overwhelming. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a vehicle that looks cool without adding too much details or digital effects. My goal was to find the right balance between the difficulty level and how realistic the result should be. Ready? Let’s proceed with the first step now.

    Do you like this illustration? Good news! It can be yours now! Learn how 🙂

    Working on the body of the car

    First, we need to draw the main shape of the vehicle using mostly simple curved lines. Then, you can draw all three visible wheels using long oval shapes. Finally, you can work on the windows using once again a mix of curved lines. Excellent! The biggest step is the next one! 🙂

    adding essential parts on the cartoon police car

    First, you can draw the lights on top of the vehicles using long rectangular shapes. Both mirrors are added using rectangles with soft corners. On the side, you can draw two lines to form the door .

    Simple patterns are drawn in front of the car. Don’t forget to draw the lights. Inside both wheels on the right side, you can sketch a second oval shape. Another simple shape is added below the vehicle.

    More details to increase the level of realism

    adding bright plain colors

    gradient fills to create more depth

    simple shadows to create even more volume

    highlights to create the final touch

    good job drawing this cool police vehicle!

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Car: Step By Step Tutorial

    So you have always dreamed ofowning a car of your own? Well, thats a wonderful dream that you can spice upwith a little drawing to keep you reminded so you can efficiently work towardsfulfilling your dream.

    A simple drawing of a car, aschildish as it might seem, would go a long way in keeping you motivated notjust in buying a car for yourself, it would keep you pumped up about taking adriving lesson to hasten the fulfillment of your dream.

    So then, how do you draw a car, especially when you have no prior artistic training? These easy steps will help you draw a cartoon car with ease.

    You will need to get a drawing paper, a pencil, and perhaps a marker to thicken the lines and an eraser for mistakes that are bound to happen and overlapping lines.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Car

    How to Draw Cute Cartoon Cat Driving a Car from ...

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    The modern automobile was invented in the late 1800s. Ever since, the car has been a beloved part of our technological culture.

    It wasn’t long before cartoonists were personifying cars and other vehicles by giving them eyes, mouths, and personalities of their own. This type of image has become increasingly popular since the release of Disney’s feature film Cars in 2006.

    Would you like to be able to draw your very own cute cartoon car? Now you can, using this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    All you will need to draw a cartoon car is a piece of paper and a pencil, pen, or marker. You may also want to have some crayons, colored pencils, or markers handy to color your finished drawing.

    As you follow the step-by-step drawing guide, you will notice that each step is accompanied by an illustration. In the picture, new lines added in that step are highlighted in blue. Sketch lightly at first, as you will likely need to erase some of your early lines before you finish the drawing.

    It’s time to put the pedal to the medal and draw a cartoon car. Gentlemen, start your engines…ready, set, go!

    If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Boat, Train, and Monster Truck.

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    Locking Your Color Fill Layer

    Having created a new color fill layer and filled this with gray, you now need to lock this layer so that any brush strokes you apply will only show up within the selection.

    To do this, go to the padlock icon in the top left-hand corner of your Layers Palette and click it to lock this layer. Doing this while learning how to draw a cartoon car will make working on your painting so much easier and will save you a lot of time.

    /08/2016 Easy Step By Step Tutorial On How To Draw A Modern Car Pause The Video At Every Step To Follow The Steps Carefully

    How to draw simple car step by step learn easy drawing a How to draw a car easy step by step for beginners 8. 02/12/2019 · easy step by step slowly drawing on how to draw car, you can pause the video at every step to follow the steps of drawing carefully and you can enjoy with co. 15/08/2016 · easy step by step tutorial on how to draw a modern car, pause the video at every step to follow the steps carefully.

    How to draw simple car step by step learn easy drawing a 02/12/2019 · easy step by step slowly drawing on how to draw car, you can pause the video at every step to follow the steps of drawing carefully and you can enjoy with co. How to draw a car easy step by step for beginners 8. 15/08/2016 · easy step by step tutorial on how to draw a modern car, pause the video at every step to follow the steps carefully.

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    Using Your Magic Wand Tool To Fill In Areas Quickly

    Another way to fill in areas quickly is to go to your lineart layer and use the Magic Wand Tool to select an area and then hold down Shift to select multiple areas.

    Go to Select > Modify > Expand and then expand your selection by 2 pixels to fill the whole area in neatly.

    This is one of those occasions when its really important to remember which layer youre working on and you need to make sure you go back to your color layer before applying the fill.

    After applying your fill, you might find you need to go back in with the Brush Tool to clean up areas.

    Tutorial On How To Draw A Muscle Car:

    How to Draw a Cartoon Car

    A muscle car is a high-performance car with a powerful engine and a solid body. In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw the first generation Dodge Challenger, a popular muscle car that was manufactured in the late 1950s.

    You Will Need:

    An A4 sheet or drawing book, pencil, eraser, sharpener, stencil with different shapes, and a scale ruler.

    How To:

  • Draw a horizontal line for the base. Muscle cars have a wider wheel base, a longer hood, and trunk. Draw two circles on the base the first one on the right-end of the baseline and the other in the center, as shown in Figure 3.1. The wheels have to be of the same size. You can use a stencil to ensure that.
  • Draw the base of the car draw a line connecting the wheels and extending to the sides for the front and the rear overhangs. Complete the wheels and add another wheel in the front, by drawing a semicircle and a small curved line to its left, connecting the bottom of the hood and the ground. See Figure 3.2.
  • The next step is to draw the body. Muscle cars have a particular shape they are slender and slightly angular. Start by drawing the long overhangs of the car and move on to create the connected waistline, which is slightly higher from the ground . Observe that the lines are not fully connected at the end. See Figure 3.3.
  • In the third step, draw the doors, windows and a line indicating the trunk. See Figure 3.4. Notice that the line passing through what is the door does not go till the end.
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