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How To Organize Music On Usb For Car

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Use A Usb Stick To Play Music In Car

How To Play Songs In Order On A USB Stick

Car stereo, also named as car audio, automotive head unit, etc. is one of must-have items in cars. In most cases, car stereo systems include a USB port, which allows you listen to music you’ve accumulated on your computer.

When car stereo systems include USB ports, you will have more options on music. Download music from various music websites and transfer them to a USB drive. Plug the drive into your car stereo and you can listen to them while driving.

But there are cases where a car doesnt have a USB port. If so, then youll need some additional hardware before you can listen to music in your car from a USB flash drive.

How To Sort Music On A Usb Flash Drive

How to sort music on a USB flash drive?Hello Members,My humble car ICE includes a Blaupunkt MP47 with Sony Xplod speakers. I am using a Sandik 4GB USB drive for listening music. It has 5 folders with less than 150 songs in each folder. The problem is that whatever I do, the way I arrange music on my USB, the player has its own logic while sequencing the songs. I would like to have it play following MY sequence. How do I go about it, please let me know.Thanks in anticipation of help!SaketLast edited by saket77 : 25th March 2013 at 12:12.Reason: typo
re: How to sort music on a USB flash drive?Quote:
Originally Posted by saket77Hello Members,The problem is that whatever I do, the way I arrange music on my USB, the player has its own logic while sequencing the songs. I would like to have it play following MY sequence. How do I go about it, please let me know.Thanks in anticipation of help!Saket
re: How to sort music on a USB flash drive?Quote:
Originally Posted by ProwlerUsually the player sorts the files in the given directory on alphabetic order. So if you want a song to be played in the first, make the file name of the song as 0001-some-song.mp3 and so on. You need to do this with your PC and use your Windows Explorer setting it to sort on the basis ‘name’.
copy /b some-song.mp3 +,,

Last edited by Prowler : 25th March 2013 at 14:02.Reason: Added more information

The following BHPian Thanks Prowler for this useful post: saket77

Folder Structure And File Limits

In most cases, you are limited to no more than eight folder layers. So, beyond the root folder, you may have subfolders by genre of music, artist name and album name. This configuration is fine as the music is stored four layers deep. It is worth noting that extremely long folder names may, depending on the radio and its available memory, cause problems. We recommend keeping everything as short and efficient as possible.

Different source units have significantly different limits on the total number of tracks they can play and the number of files or subfolders they can interpret. Many radios have a limit of 255 or 999 files or folders per directory and can only detect up to 999 files. Some radios increase this to 5,000 or 9,999 tracks. A few units on the market can read an impressive 65,535 files per folder, and there are a couple with supposedly no limits at all.

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Dont Put All Your Files In One Folder

When you are planning on buying a new radio, its worth spending a few minutes to find out whether it will play your music as you have it organized on your USB stick. Some radios wont randomize songs in different folders, and others are extremely finicky about the total number of files. If you need help choosing a receiver that will sound great and play your digital media collection, drop by your local specialist mobile enhancement retailer and give the radio you have in mind a try!

Formatting Usb Flash Drive For Car Stereo

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You may need to format USB flash drive for car stereo due to the following reasons:

  • The car stereo doesn’t read the USB flash drive.
  • The car stereo only support FAT32 file system, while your USB flash drive is 64GB or larger. In this situation, you need a tool to format exFAT 64GB drive to FAT32 file system.
  • Your car stereo may support FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS file system. In this situation, you may need to format the USB drive to exFAT or NTFS file system, so that it can hold files larger than 4GB.
  • Anyway, you need to start formatting USB flash drive for car stereo. To format the USB drive, you can use file explorer or Disk Management.

    Here is the tutorial on formatting USB flash drive for car stereo via File Explorer:

    • Connect the USB drive to a Windows computer.
    • Open File Explorer.
    • Find the USB flash drive in This PC and right-click on it.
    • Choose .. option from the context menu.

    Here is the tutorial on formatting USB flash drive for car stereo via Disk Management:

    • Connect the USB drive to a Windows computer.
    • Open Disk Management by pressing “Windows + R” keys at the same time, entering “msc” in the Run box, and then hitting Enter key.
    • Right-click on the USB flash drive partition and click .. from the context menu.
    • Choose a proper file system and keep other parameters as default. Then, click OK button to start reformatting process.
    • Click OK on the pop-up format warning window.

    Here is the tutorial on formatting USB flash drive for car stereo via MiniTool Partition Wizard:

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    How To Hear Music In The Car From A Usb

    Music has become more mobile than ever before, as numerous devices can store and play music on-the-go. Companies have developed car audio decks that incorporate USB ports in the faceplate. This allows flash drives to be plugged into the deck, and music on the drive to be played. Flash drive format issues are minimal, considering nearly all flash drives are formatted in the FAT32 file system by default. FAT32 is readable by any operating system, or stereo deck with a USB port.

    Determine if the stereo deck in the vehicle is capable of playing music off a USB flash drive. Read the stereo deck user’s manual, or inspect the deck faceplate for a USB port.

    Plug a USB flash drive into an available USB port on a computer.

    Check the drive to make sure there is enough available space for music files. Using Windows, double-click the desktop icon labeled “My Computer.” Right-click the flash drive icon, and select “Properties.” Capacity will be shown. Using Mac, click the flash drive icon once it appears on the desktop. Click “File” in the top menu bar, then click “Get Info.” A dialog box appears, and capacity is listed.

    Drag and drop any desired music files onto the flash drive. Be sure the files are in .mp3 format. Although some stereo decks are capable of playing other music types, the .mp3 extension is universal and all decks will play it.

    Close the drive window, and safely eject the flash drive from the computer.

    Plug the flash drive into the stereo deck of the vehicle.

    Save Yourself Some Time: These Solutions Dont Work

    There is a thing called m3u playlist files. Basically, they are simple little text files that describe the order you want your songs to play in. Media players support them but most car stereos dont

    It doesnt matter if you are using mp3 files or .wav or any other format, the problem is the same

    The type of USB device or USB flash drive doesnt matter

    The format of your USB flash drive doesnt matter. That is assuming your car stereo is reading your USB flash drive. I mean, FAT, FATX, whatever, are all different file system formats. But if your car stereo is ready the drive then the irresponsible re-ordering of your music files is caused by the same issue we described above.

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    Determine How Your Car Will Read The Usb

    Before you can organize your music on a USB drive, you need to determine how your car stereo system will read the music files. The stereo will read the files alphabetically or in the order in which you copied them. Copy a few songs on a USB and listen to them in your car to figure this out.

    Once youve got that down, you can then move on to organizing your music collection on the USB drive.

    Organizing Music On Usb Flash Drive

    How to Create Music folder playlist in pendrive | Audio file sort | Mp3DirSorter.exe
    This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. The original thread starter may use the Report button to request it be reopened but anyone else with a similar issue should start a New Thread. Watch our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site.
    This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. The original thread starter may use the Report button to request it be reopened but anyone else with a similar issue should start a New Thread. Watch our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site.

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    How Car Radios Understand Usb File Structure

    Unlike a computer, your car radio is very limited in its ability to interpret different USB drive formats and the subsequent file structure. Most systems require that the USB drive be formatted using the FAT or FAT32 file format. Some new multimedia receivers can understand NTFS and exFAT file formats, so larger storage devices can be used.

    Next, you need to maintain a standard long file name format that allows for a total of 255 characters, including the file extension . An important part of the standard is avoiding command characters such as /, \, *, :, ?, , < , > and|. These characters may be misinterpreted by the system and result in a file being unreadable, or on extreme cases, cause the system to stop reading subsequent filenames.

    Find Out How Your Car Stereo Reads Files

    There are likely two possibilities

    1. By Order of filename

    2. By Order they were copied to the drive

    Its easy to find out by doing a quick test

  • Copy a dozen or so music files to a USB. Note the order they appear in on the drive.
  • Play the files in your car
  • Did they play in the same order as they appear on the USB drive?
  • If yes, your car plays in FILENAME ORDER
  • If no, your car plays in COPY ORDER
  • BAM!!!! Now you know which beat you need to slay

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    How To Organize Your Music Library

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    Whether you’re a fan of death metal, jazz, or country music, nothing is more satisfying for the music-obsessed than looking over a healthy music collection. But your collection of tunes is scattered across different locations on your computers and devices, it can be hard to find the exact song you’re looking for. Cleaning up and reorganizing your digital music library make your collection more manageable and is the perfect reason to spend a day listening to records.

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    How To Sort Music On Your Flash Drive For Your Car Stereo

    A few years ago my CD changer died and I decided it was time to install a new deck. The new deck had a USB port so I could plug in a flash drive with MP3 or WMA files and easily listen to all the music. Its been great to have so much music to listen to , but there was a slight annoyance.

    My music wasnt always sorted. Id search through folders and see Queen, Vertical Horizon, then Ah-Ha. When I looked at the flash drive on my computer, everything was sorted nicely.

    The solution is to use DriveSort, a utility that sorts the files directly on the flash drive. Heres how you too can have sorted music with your car stereo.

    When Copying From Usb

    For music files to be visible when copying, they must be stored in a folder on the USB device from which they are copied. If the music files are stored directly on the root directory then they will not be visible. You can still import music files stored on the root directory by selecting to import All tracks or by storing the music files in folders before starting to copy.

    Music can be copied from subfolders that are max. 8 levels down.

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    How To Play Music In A Car Without An Aux

    Many people use an aux cord to play music in their cars through their phones, but if this is not an option for you, you can always stick to a USB, an FM radio transmitter, a cassette adapter, or sound routing apps. Many modern cars also have built-in Bluetooth, which can wirelessly connect with a phone and play music through the cars stereo system.

    Head Unit Digital Music File Types

    How To Play Music From A USB Drive On A Kenwood Car Stereo

    The first thing to look at is a file format, which refers to the way that your music files are encoded. Common digital music file formats include the ubiquitous MP3, Apples AAC, and open-source OGG, but there are much more. There are even high-resolution audio formats like FLAC and ALAC, although there is a limit to how many of these large files you can take with you on the road.

    If your digital music files are encoded in a format that your car stereo doesnt recognize, then it wont play them. So if you plug a USB flash drive into your head unit and nothing happens, thats the first thing to check. The easiest solution is to find the owners manual for the head unit to see what types of files it can play, and then compare that list to the actual file types on the USB drive. If a manual isnt easily available, the same information should be available via the manufacturers website.

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    Problems With Usb Drive File Locations

    The last common issue that can prevent you from listening to music in your car from a USB drive is if the head unit is looking for the files in the wrong place. Some head units are capable of scanning the entire drive, while others provide you with a rudimentary file browser to locate files on the drive. But, there are some head units that make you look in a very specific place.

    If your head unit only looks for music files in a specific directory, then you will have to determine what that directory is by checking the owners manual or visiting the manufacturers website. You will then have to create the appropriate directory on the drive and move all of the music files into it. After that, the head unit should be able to locate the music files without a problem.

    Listen To Music From A Usb Drive In Your Car With No Usb Port

    If your car doesnt have that capability already, you will need to add a USB port to your car stereo system in some way. The easiest option is to use an FM transmitter that includes both a USB port and the appropriate hardware to read and play music files. These features arent found in every FM transmitter, so its important to check the fine print before buying.

    While FM transmitters dont provide the best audio quality in the world, and they often wont work at all if the FM band is too congested with powerful signals, they are exceedingly easy to use. A slightly better option, in terms of sound quality, is to wire in an FM modulator, although this will typically provide you with an auxiliary port rather than a functioning USB port.

    With an FM modulator or a head unit that includes a built-in auxiliary port, the missing piece of the puzzle is hardware or software that is capable of decoding the digital music files and playing them back. This can come in the form of a dedicated MP3 player or a phone, but there are also inexpensive solutions out there that are essentially just an MP3 decoder on a board with a USB connection, aux output, and power leads, that provides something of a do it yourself alternative to actually replacing your head unit.

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