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What To Have In Your Car

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Many Car Owners Also Recommend Having The Following On Hand

Top 10 Emergency Items to Have in Your Car

The center console armrest is another great place to store your odds and ends, especially those that you like to keep within reach at all times. Some of the top things to keep in your car can be stored here, including:

  • Your mobile phone charger – there is also often a USB port positioned within the cubby so that you can keep your device safe while it charges.
  • Bottled water – not all door pockets can fit a bottle of water, and the armrest cubby might actually keep it cooler
  • Tissues – because there is nothing worse than having a runny nose during a long trip
  • Roll of quarters – you might not be able to sweet-talk your way past the toll booth attendant, so remember to keep cash on hand

This comprehensive guide to essential items to keep in your car will go a long way to helping you in times of crisis, or just to make your day-to-day commute easier. For even more tips, be sure to read our guide on what to keep in your garage.

Things To Keep In Your Car

  • 1

    Jumper cables should be kept in every automobile. It is almost inevitable that you will be stalled by a dead battery at some point. If not, a pair of jumper cables will allow you to help another motorist in need.

    Most jumper cables have a label to make sure you connect them correctly

  • 2

    A small blanket can serve many purposes for a stranded driver. Most importantly, a blanket will provide much needed warmth for a stranded driver in cold weather. A blanket can also serve as a pad on which to lie if you need to get underneath your car to inspect damage or make a repair. A simple blanket can also be useful in a variety of medical emergencies.

    The woman wrapped in a blanket waiting for help on the road

  • 3

    A small one or two gallon gas container will come in handy if you run out of gas. These small gas containers can be purchases for only a few dollars and are compact enough to be easily stored in your trunk. If you ever run out of gas, one of these containers will allow you to purchase just enough fuel to get your car to the nearest gas station.

    Refueling on the road with the help of a gasoline can

  • 4

    Distilled water serves two purposes. In an emergency situation that leaves you stranded for a long period of time, water will be necessary for hydration. If your car overheats, you will be able to use distilled water to cool your engine. A gallon of distilled water can be easily stored in your trunk or cargo area.

  • helpful

    How Can I Add A Wi

    Built-in Wi-Fi is convenient, but it probably doesnt warrant buying a new car. However, its possible you can still get Wi-Fi in your car you just need the right equipment.

    OBD II devices

    Some car Wi-Fi devices, like the AT& T ZTE Mobley | 503 or the Verizon Hum OBD reader, plug into your cars OBD II port. These devices are often available from the service provider and may cost $100 or more.

    You may be wondering, whats an OBD II port and where do I find it? Its most likely located below your steering column or dash. Its what mechanics plug into to run vehicle diagnostics, but you can use it to create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

    Installed wireless routers

    While more expensive than OBD II devices, an installed wireless router will give you a better connection and you wont have to worry about plugging in anything. Car routers can range from $200 to $600 and should be professionally installed.

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    How Do You Keep Things Cool In Your Car

    The best way to keep things inside your car cool, is to keep your entire vehicle cool. There are some pretty simple ways to do this, as well as a few life hacks you may want to consider. Firstly, be sure to avoid parking in direct sunlight whenever possible. Covering your dash and steering wheel also helps to keep the ambient temperature down, and using a sunshade or window visor further helps in this regard. You can also rely on a solar-powered fan when on the move, since it won’t draw from the car’s electronics, which can actually increase overall heat instead.

    Spare Tyre And Car Jack


    You’d be surprised by how many breakdowns are caused by tyre punctures. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a spare tyre with you. Most new cars come with one, but if yours doesn’t have one, it’s definitely worth making the investment. If you’re going to go to the effort of carrying one, however you should also pack a car jack and wrenchotherwise, you won’t be able to change it!

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    Is A Single Can Of Unopened Beer/cooler Open Or Closed Liquor

    It is not 100% clear whether or not a single can of beer would meet the definition of open liquor or not. Some people would argue that the container is the cardboard box that beer cans comes in, so if the beer can is not in the cardboard box anymore or if the cardboard box is open, then it is open liquor. You can buy single cans at the Liquor Mart and then you do not get a cardboard box at all, so does that mean you are leaving the store with open liquor? Other people would argue that the purpose of the laws are to prevent people from consuming alcohol while in their vehicles. Therefore, if the can itself is not open, then it would be impossible to consume the contents – so as long as the can itself is sealed and closed, then it is closed liquor. So, there are arguments on both sides. It is a lot easier and cheaper to treat single cans as open liquor than it would be to get charged with an offence, proceed to trial, and then possibly win. So if you have a single can or a few single cans, treat it as open liquor and avoid the headaches of a ticket.

    Single can

    Be safe rather than sorry, treat it like open liquor

    Personal Things To Keep In Your Car

    Your car is your safe haven when on the move, so it’s no surprise that it ends up accumulating some personality along the way. Here are just a few personal things for your car that give it that lived-in feeling:

    • Face mask – with the current global health crisis, you should never go anywhere without it.
    • A bottle of water and some snacks – for those longer road trips or even when running errands around town.
    • Emergency makeup – if you’re a woman or a teenage girl , it never hurts to have a little bit of touch-up makeup on hand
    • Brush – always useful if you need to freshen up before a meeting

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    A Bigfoot Air Freshener That Smells Just Like A Sasquatch Luckily It’s Pine

    Promising review: “A faithful and friendly traveling companion, my very own Big The Foot brings not just humor and delight, but the refreshing scents of a Northwest pine forest to my car. Perfect for Jeeps, families, and overcoming the odor of wet Labrador Retrievers.” M. Formica

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    When Should You Plug In Your Cars Block Heater

    10 Essential Items You Need To Have In Your Car
    • 6 December 2016

    We all know Canadian winters can be rough. They can be particularly harsh on your car. With our -20° Celsius temperatures, there are many reasons youll want a warm car when its not in use, including personal comfort!

    You can, however, actually improve your cars fuel efficiency, keep gas emissions lower and reduce engine wear and tear. Whats the best way to do that? Using a block heater warm your car before turning the key in the ignition.

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    Essentials To Keep In Your Car

    Your car is your home away from home. Stay safe with the correct tools and gear to help you in a jam

    Whether most of your outings are to the grocery store or you’re planning a road trip, your car is your base camp when you’re out of the house. In addition to the tools you should carry to change a tirea lug wrench, sealant, pressure gauge, and, of course, a spare tireplan to stow a few extras you may need for other situations, to tide you over until help arrives. You should be able to carry all these items and still have room in your trunk for luggage.

    Things to keep in your car:

    Jumper cables: Don’t assume the person who stops to help will have cables. Or you may be called on to help someone else. This dead-battery remedy can be a whole lot faster than waiting for the garage guy you calland cheaper too.

    Car registration: Chances are it’s in your glove compartment, but maybe you removed it to prevent identify theft. Check your state’s laws, as you may be required to have it in your vehicle at all times.

    Owner’s manual: Full of handy information if something suddenly goes awry, and when else do you need it but when you’re with your car?

    Flashlight: As helpful for finding a contact lens as it is for changing a tire on a moonless night. Get a crank-style so that you don’t have to think about batteries.

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    Duct tape: Still a go-to for temporary fixes to hold that muffler or mirror in place till you get to the garage.

    A Full Water Bottle To Stay Hydrated

    It’s a good idea to keep a couple of water bottles per car rider while traveling because you never know when traffic will keep you from the nearest rest stop. Don’t forget about your pets, eithermake sure you set aside water for them as well. AAA also recommends having electrolyte drinks on handyou can add a pack of Gatorade to your trunk or a more compact pack of Gatorade Powder Sticks to add to your water.

    Before hitting the road, make sure to fill up your reusable water bottle, too. For a reusable bottle that’s guaranteed to keep your water cold for hours, the Brita Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottle is our top choice among the bottles we tested. It not only keeps water ice-cold, but it also filters out the taste and odor of chlorinewhich may come in handy when refilling it at rest stops.

    For kids, we recommend the Kids’ Hydroflask Wide Mouth Bottle out of all the bottles we tested. The colorful bottle features a convenient straw lid and is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to travel with or store in a kids’ backpack.

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    A First Aid Kit In Case Of Injury

    No matter the time of year, it’s always a good idea to keep a first aid kit in the glove compartment or another accessible spot in your car. No matter if it’s a small cut or a more serious wound, keeping a kit in the car can help make accidents or injuries more manageable.

    This travel-size kit from Swiss Safe features everything youd need in case of emergency: Band-Aids, gauze, alcohol prep pads, an ice pack and moreall in a conveniently compact bag. Plus, this model comes with a comprehensive 18-page first aid guide to help you properly administer first aid in a variety of emergencies.

    Prepare An Emergency Car Kit

    Everything you have in your car

    Always have winter safety and emergency equipment in your car. A basic car kit should contain the following:

    • Food that won’t spoil, such as energy bars
    • Waterplastic bottles that won’t break if the water freezes
    • Blanket
    • Extra clothing and shoes or boots
    • First aid kit with seatbelt cutter
    • Small shovel, scraper and snowbrush
    • Candle in a deep can and matches
    • Windup flashlight
    • Whistlein case you need to attract attention
    • Roadmaps

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    Switch To Winter Wiper Blades

    Ordinary wiper blades get packed with snow, causing the blade to streak or miss large swaths of your windshield. Winter wiper blades eliminate that problem. A rubber boot encloses the entire blade, preventing ice and snow from sticking or packing. They make for much better visibility and safer winter driving. Remove your old wiper blades and store for use again next spring. Then snap on the winter wiper blades and see clearly all winter. Clean your cars headlights to see clearly during the long nights of winter.

    A Can Of Wd40 Ez Reach Spray Because It Can Do Just About Anything From Loosening Extra Tight Lug Nuts On Wheels To Removing Leftover Residue From Embarrassing Honk If You’re Bumper Stickers

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    Mobile Phone Charger & Torch

    No matter how often you charge your mobile, there’s no telling how long you might be stuck waiting for recovery or traffic to clear up. The last thing you need is a dead phone when you need to call a recovery service, so keep a portable phone charger in your car at all times.

    Additionally, you should purchase a wind-up torch for your car. If you have to check under the hood of your car in the dark, you need to be able to see what’s going on. Regardless of how handy your phone’s torch function might be, you never know when your battery might die .

    A Set Of Six Led Road Flares With Nine Lighting Functions For Roadside Emergencies Without The Hassle Of A Chemical Pyrotechnic Display

    BEST MUST HAVE CAR ACCESSORIES! – Enhance Your Driving Experience

    Promising review: “Excellent designed product. Our FD is using these instead of traditional safety flares. There are flexible light pattern settings and can be used on top of traffic cones or underneath to illuminate. Set on the roadway they can be run over without breaking apart. Magnet is strong for sticking on side of the vehicle or use handy hanger which sits neatly in the groove when not used.” Jacqueline Shadford

    Get it from Amazon for $32.99

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    The Complete Guide To What Every Man Should Keep In His Car

    When I was growing up, I noticed that my father kept his car well-stocked with supplies. A lot of the equipment was for his job busting poachers as a game warden, but most of the things were for emergency situations that could happen to anyone. And there were plenty of times when my dad was able to put those supplies to work.

    Be it a maintenance issue or a snowstorm, keeping the following items in your vehicle can save you time and discomfort, and perhaps even your very life, should an emergency arise. Obviously, the necessity of some items depends on the environment in which you live/are driving through and the season .

    1. Paper maps. Sometimes okay, plenty of times Google Maps or Waze doesnt want to cooperate. And if you dont have service, their reliability is of no import anyway. Its always a good idea to keep paper maps handy of the areas youll be driving through.

    2. Snacks/MREs. You never know when youll be stranded for long periods of times in your car. And depending on where you are, you could be dozens of miles from the closest source of help. Keep some MREs or granola/power bars in the back of your car to munch on while you wait for a tow truck to come, or to sustain you for a long walk to a gas station to call for help.

    No Matter Who Is Driving You Need To Be Prepared With An Emergency Kit

    ** PSSST ** Were giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Card to help you start your emergency kit on NOW!! >

    We all know who will be madder than a hornet on an August afternoon if the family gets stranded on the side of the highway without a proper emergency kit. Ive driven across North America, and I know how to pack a car, especially supplies to help solve roadside misfortunes.

    You know that feeling when pulling out of the driveway that you forgot something? Dont get it on your next trip when you use this list for car emergency kit must-haves.

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    Exercise Extra Caution When Driving In These Winter Road Conditions:

    • Blizzards: The most dangerous of winter storms, combining falling, blowing and drifting snow, winds of at least 40 km/h, visibility less than one kilometre and temperatures below -10°C. They can last from a few hours to several days.
    • Heavy snowfall: Refers to snowfalls of at least 10 centimetres in 12 hours, or at least 15 centimetres in 24 hours accumulation may be lower in temperate climates.>
    • Freezing rain or drizzle: This can lead to ice storms, with ice covering roads, trees, power lines, etc.
    • Cold snap: Refers to temperatures that fall rapidly over a very short period of time, causing very icy conditions.>
    • Winds: They create the conditions associated with blizzards, and cause blowing and drifting snow, reducing visibility and causing wind chill.>
    • Black ice: Refers to a thin layer of ice on the road that can be difficult to see or can make the road look black and shiny. The road freezes more quickly in shaded areas, on bridges and on overpasses when it is cold. These areas remain frozen long after the sun has risen.>
    • Slush: Wet snow can make for slushy roads. Heavy slush can build up in the wheel wells of your vehicle and can affect your ability to steer. Large trucks and buses can blow slush and snow onto your windshield, leading to a sudden loss of visibility.

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