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Where To Buy Car Paint

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How To Find My Paint Code By Brand

Finding Your Paint Code & Colour Matching Your Paint // Supercheap Auto

Searching for a paint code for your car? Youre in the right place. While you wont need your cars colour code when using the Holts Paint Match Pro search function, weve collected paint code details and information for the major car manufacturers and provided instructions on where youre likely to find the code by the make.

Note: While Weve tried to be as accurate as we can about where youll find different manufacturer paint codes, the location of the serial number may differ depending on the model of your car.

Best Acrylic Car Paint Lacquer Aerosoldupli

With over 16,700 reviews, the Dupli-Color EBUN01007 universal gloss spray is a customer favorite when it comes to acrylic car paint lacquer. It’s available in an array of shades so you can get the ‘perfect match’. “It went on like a charm,” wrote one satisfied reviewer, and another explained, “My project consisted of the air intake cover, the hood heat extractor, and inner fender covers… In my opinion, they turned out absolutely beautiful saving me almost $500. Well worth my time and effort. Excellent match!”

Best Automotive Paint 2021dupli

Not only does the Dupli-Color BSP200 Paint Shop Finish System lacquer provide a beautiful finish, according to many of the reviewers it’s also great for beginners too since there’s no mixing involved, it applies very easily, and isn’t inclined to run. “By far the best-priced paint for the results,” wrote one enthusiastic reviewer, and another added, “This paint is amazing. Easy to use, looks great, and shines even before the clear coat.”

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Best Automotive Paint Top Coatpor

One of the best top coats on Amazon is this POR-15 46801 rust preventative paint. It comes in various sizes and colors, can be used directly on metal without the need for a primer or undercoat, and is UV resistant. Designed to pair perfectly with the POR-15 45101 preventative coating, you can apply this top coat using a spray gun, paint roller, or brush, and it dries to the touch in 30 minutes.

The Best Automotive Paints In 2021 As Per 35000+ Reviews

Pick The Most Eye

Welcome to the Thomas guide to the best automotive paints 2021. Thomas has been connecting North American industrial buyers and suppliers for more than 120 years. When you purchase products through our independent recommendations, we may earn an affiliate commission.

When deciding on the best automotive paint for refinishing a car, there are many factors to consider. Obviously, the aesthetic appeal is of utmost importance but other factors needing consideration include the application process, car paint drying time, potential health hazards, and automotive base coat paint and finishing options. Urethane car paint, as well as acrylic car paints, are popular options, and we’ve chosen some of the best of them on Amazon to aid in your selection.

Image credit: Shutterstock/Andrey Popov

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Where To Buy Oem Touch Up Paint

There are 4 primary places to buy OEM auto touch up paint. Two are private label and two have manufacturing labels.Private Label OEM Auto Paint Providers

Automotive Touchup

Automotive Touchup by Microfinish, LLC, is headquartered in New Orleans. This company is our leading recommended seller of OEM auto touch up paint.Automotive Touchup has more than 100,000 OEM based colors it uses to created hundreds of thousands more custom colors to exact color match vehicle. This is only company we have found that has the capability of match faded car paint. If the area you need re-touched is sun faded then getting the original bright paint color of your vehicle may not do you a lot of good.We have comparison shopped found Automotive Touchup’s pricing to be better than other alternatives.Automotive Touchup has said their paint is OEM certified and they guarantee a color match. The paint is sold under the Automotive Touchup brand label.Here are direct links to specific car brands where you can order the Automotive Touchup paint:

Paint Scratch

Places To Buy Car Window Paint

Car window paint is used to decorate car windows. You might write “Just Married” on the back of the car window, or you might decorate your side or back windows in your school colors, with your sports team name or numbers. You might also proclaim things like “State Bound” or “Good Job.” It is important to know where to buy car window paint, so you get the right paint for the job.

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No Colour Code Or Name Of A Car Paint

Would you like to buy car spray paint, but is the colour code or name missing? Dont worry, our colour mixer is able to identify any colour. We use a special spectrophotometer that scans objects without any additional information required. After we have attained the results, we can mix car paint in a paint can, aerosol or car touch up paint pen.

Buy Car Paint Online With Confidence

How To Find The Paint Code on Your Car or Truck

Buying car paint should be easy, which is why we have gone to efforts to make the process as simple as possible. If you dont know your car paint colour code, then we can help you out. Just give us the model of your car and its number plate, and then we will be able to tell you how to find the information that you need. Then you will be able to go on and browse our car paint selection with complete confidence.

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In Your Owners Manual

Your car colour code will also be in your owners manual.

Making a note of your colour code makes it easier to find the right car paint, one that will match your car exactly. You can use Paint Match Pro to find a paint, or just find a stockist and visit them and they will help you to find your paint. However you can also find the right car paint without it.

Welcome To Car Colour Services

The condition of your paintwork is one of the first things that someone will notice about your car. So any scratches, chips or damage will really attract a lot of unwanted attention. If your paintwork is a little past its best, then you have come to the right place.We are Car Colour Services, the number one place to buy car paint in the South East. With a large number of paints available at some of the best prices in the area, its no wonder we are the favourite of many motorists.

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Automotive Paint: Urethane Vs Acrylic

Urethane paints are an industry standard for automotive paint, and for the past two decades have mostly replaced acrylic paints as the best car paint and automakers preferred choice. Although it is difficult to replicate authentic factory paint nowadays, and neither acrylic nor urethane paint offers that option, many car restorers argue that urethane provides a nicer-looking finish. Urethane paint is the most durable auto paint and is also chip-resistantwhen properly maintained, a coat of urethane paint will outlast most acrylic paints.

Acrylic paints are generally water-based. This means the resin adheres to the product using water as its primary agent, whereas polyurethane paints often depend on a solvent. In this sense, water-based acrylic paint is far less toxic than urethane. Hardeners and other added chemicals are unnecessary, so acrylic paint is ready to go directly from the can. The application process, however, is slightly different than urethane, as acrylic paint tends to emerge in smaller droplets. Acrylic lacquer auto paints can be costlier than acrylic enamels. The drying process is much slower than urethane paints and leaving a coat to sit for 24 to 48 hours before applying another coat is recommended.

The Car Paint Suppliers Uk Customers Love

5 Steps to DIY Car Paint Touch Up

Youll find so many different kinds of car paint here at Car Colour Services. We sell paints for a wide range of car models, as well as ones that are perfectly suited to classic cars. So whether your car has only just come from the showroom or its an older model that you are trying to restore, we will be able to help you have it looking as good as new again. We also sell paint for commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

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Buy Car Spray Paint In Any Desired Colour

CROP sells the perfect automotive paint for car paint repair. We make custom-made car paint based on the colour code or name of cars, motorcycles, caravans and all kinds of other vehicles. We are able to make any colour in a 1K or 2K car paint quality. We sell car spray paint for the car paint shop in aerosols/spray-cans, paint cans and car paint pens.

Best Automotive Wheel Paintdupli

Whether you are taking on the task of repainting the whole car, or just want to change or freshen up the wheels, Dupli-Color has got you covered. The EHWP10800 high-performance acrylic wheel coating sprayis easy to use, provides a durable finish that is resistant to brake dust, dirt, and chemicals, doesn’t crack, flake or peel, and is dry in just 30-60 minutes.

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Where To Get Custom Auto Paint In Spray Can

Where can i get cans of spray paint with the color custom matched?Located in Toronto.I found “paint circuit auto body supply” & .i’m just looking for some other suggestions/recommendations.

Just Moved To Somewh

rcmpvet wrote: If it is just for the aerosol spray you may be better off with having the shop make you up a can of your custom paint and use your own sprayer. These come highly recommended in the boating world for touch ups:

Just Moved To Somewh

zakregent wrote: You can try Canadiantire and look for duplicolor spray cans. Generally they should have the color you’re looking for. If they dont you can go to Cawthra Automotive Supplies or carquest and get it custom made. I picked up a can for 25 tax in at Cawthra the other day for my car.

UrbanPoet wrote: Thanks…I looked for pre-made products. Dupli-color & a few other brands offer spray cans in my color code.Canadian tire carries duplicolor, but not the one i want…Its $14.99 cad for a 8oz can @ ctIts $14.99usd on amazon but they don’t ship to Canada…How many oz is that $25 can?

Scarborough / Markha

I get mine from Paint circuit, IIRC it was like $27 +tax for a rattle can.

Best Automotive Paint Gun Kitcustom Shop

How Much Does Automotive Paint Cost?

If you’re starting from scratch without any equipment, getting a good automotive paint gun kit, like this Custom Shop urethane paint package is a good place to start. Included in the paint gun kit is everything you need to get your car looking like new: base coat, hardener, and color tint , an applicator spray gun with regulator, and a technical information and instruction manual.

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What Is The Best Oem Paint

Make it easy on yourself and get a guaranteed color match. Go with this company:

Automotive Touchup

The best OEM paint is the one that makes your car or truck look new again. It covers the chips and scratches and it is not noticeable that repair work was done.After evaluating numerous factors, including:

– Guarantee

Best Car Paint Primerspeedokote

If you’re looking for a good car paint undercoat set, the Speedokote SMR-210/211 high-build urethane primer and multiuse activator duo provides superior adhesion, dries fast, and makes for easy sanding. “This stuff is great for the money,” “easy to apply and coverage was great,” and “goes on smooth, sands beautifully,” are just a few of the comments by happy Amazon shoppers for this product.

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Find Local Car Body Repair Experts

Being at the centre of our local community brings a lot of benefits to our customers. If your car is in need of a body repair, then we can recommend the right people for the job. Thanks to our contacts in the industry, we can point you in the direct of body shops in Chelmsford, Brentwood, Romford and other parts of Essex.

Well listen carefully to you and will only ever recommend a car body shop who we know will be able to complete the job to the highest possible standard. We know that the companies we associate with reflect on us, which is why we only work with those who use industry-rated products and equipment.

Alternative Parking During Snow Removal

Automotive Custom Paint Albuquerque NM

Permit holders can use some public parking lots during snow removal. Remember to display your permit clearly on your vehicle’s dash. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Available parking lots during snow removal include:

Bayview Hill Community Centre and Pool
114 Spadina Road
1300 Elgin Mills Road East

Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1M5

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Best Rust Preventative Automotive Paintpor

You can say goodbye to rust with the 45101 preventative coating from POR-15 which provides a durable, rock-hard finish that won’t crack, peel, or chip. “Worth every penny,” reads one five-star review. “This stuff works. One quart covered the entire floor of my Sprinter… and still have leftovers… It really grips to rust.” Another reads, “Applies easily with a cheap bristle brush. Flows to a smooth finish. Once it’s set, nothing is getting through.”

We Appreciate Our Customers

About, owned and operated by Trinity 1945 Inc., is a leading online retailer of quality automotive paint, primers, clear coats and automotive paint kits. For over 20 years we have been supplying car and motorcycle enthusiasts with quality paint that is easy to use and provides a beautiful lasting finish. a Name that You can Trust

We are an A+ rated business by the BBB of New Jersey. We have shared on our testimonial page many letters and pictures that we have received from our customers. We invite you to check them out.

Safe and Secure Shopping is Our #1 Priority

We know that security is important to our customers. We have made shopping on our website safe and secure. Our website is secured by GeoTrust SSL certificate which provide 256 bit encryption thereby offering the highest level of encryption and security. This means you can be sure that communication between your browser and our web servers are private and secure.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

For the fastest and most reliable shipping, we use Fedex ground. Our staff has many years of experience with ORM-D shipping. Our shipping times with few exceptions are 1-2 business days for processing.

We use industrial strength cartons for all our deliveries that meet or exceed ORM-D shipping requirements.

We Offer Quality Automotive Paint at a Lower Price

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Best Car Paint For Scratchesdupli

A must in every car’s glove compartment, the Dupli-Color AFM0229 scratch fix can erase any little nicks and scratches faster than you can say, “Honey, I scratched the car!” There are many shades to choose from so you can get an exact color match, and primer and base coat is combined in the formula so it’s always ready for use.

Best Automotive Paint For Plastic Bumpers And Trimrust

How to find Car Paint Code locations on Most Cars

Trims and bumpersas the name suggestsmight need a little more of a regular touch-up than the rest of the car, and the economical Rust-Oleum 251574 trim and bumper spray is the perfect way to keep these looking like new. One of the many happy reviewers raved, “I’ve had this paint on my bumpers and trim for over five months now, and it still looks like it did the day I painted it. Amazing stuff. I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

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Premium Paint & Panel Suppliers

Automotive projects arent always just motorcycles and cars, this could also include vehicles like caravans and even boats. Thats why we like to cover our bases with a wide range of abrasives, primers, paints, clears, tapes and even polishers for any type of automotive requirement. This is particularly pertinent if youre looking for a solution or product that will provide the utmost protection against harmful elements. This could include rust protection against damp and rain or even something to guard against ultra-violet rays. Our automotive paint solutions can ensure that your vehicle is always looking its best.

If youre looking for something that you dont see on our auto paint online collection, dont hesitate to contact your nearest branch. We have outlets located throughout New Zealand to provide the utmost in convenience. Our team is standing by to ensure that you walk away with the car touch up paint you need.

Customer Service

How Do I Find My Car Paint Colour Code

Want to know how to find your cars paint colour code? Youre in luck. This guide will tell you how to locate the paint code on your car, so you can quickly find an exact colour match for your paintwork.

Why do you need your cars paint code? Whether youve dinked the paintwork and need to buy the right spray paint to finish off a repair or youre looking to replace a component, youll need to know the exact colour of the paint and the code will tell you this.

Even if two paint colours look the same, car manufacturers make loads of different exterior paint colours and they can all vary from year to year, so you need to make sure the code is right to get an exact paint match.

In this guide, we offer general tips and advice on how to find your cars paint code. If you need help finding a paint code for a specific make and model, .

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