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Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up

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Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up $100

Why did my auto insurance go up?

Since people are driving more and more, accidents are on the rise. This causes an increase in how much is paid out by insurance companies for each claim. Rising medical costs is the reason for the steep hike in price for cost per claim, which translates to higher auto insurance premiums. Health care costs are climbing.

Why Did My Car Insurance Company Raise My Rates

Its common for insurers to raise car insurance rates after youve been in an accident, filed a claim because a tree landed on your vehicle, or had an unfortunate run-in with a deer. But sometimes rates can increase without warning.

The insurance company may raise your rates for many reasons, and some of them have nothing to do with your driving record or claims history. This is why its important to understand why you need to know what car insurance covers and the factors insurers use to determine your premium.

How Do I Learn More

You can contact us at EINSURANCE for more help with understanding why did your car insurance go up, what you can do about it, and how we can help you with all your auto insurance needs.

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An Increase In Uninsured Drivers

It’s illegal just about everywhere to drive without insurance. Despite this, more people are doing it every day. In fact, the rate of uninsured drivers rose by almost a percentage point between 2010 and 2015, from 12.3% to 13%, according to statistics from the Insurance Research Council. This leads to increased insurance claims by those who do have insurance when they need repairs after an accident with an uninsured driver, and higher premiums are a result.

Not All Accidents Make Your Insurance Rates Go Up

Why Did My Auto Insurance Go Up?

Not all car accidents are chargeable. Here are typical examples of non-chargeable accidents:

  • Your car was legally parked when it was damaged.
  • Your car was struck in the rear by another vehicle and you were not convicted of a moving traffic violation in relation to the accident.
  • Your car was struck in a hit-and-run accident.
  • The driver of another car was convicted of a moving traffic violation associated with the accident, but you were not convicted of a moving traffic violation.
  • The accident was caused by a collision with an animal or fowl.
  • The damage was caused by falling objects or flying gravel or missile-like objects.
  • The accident happened when you were responding to an emergency and you are a volunteer or paid member of the fire department, first aid squad or law enforcement agency.
  • Your car insurance company was able to recover 80% or more of your collision insurance claim through subrogation .
  • You were reimbursed by the person who caused the damage.
  • There is a court judgment for the accident against the person who caused the damage.
  • Accidents in which claim payments are made under the personal injury protection coverage and no payments are made under liability or collision insurance.

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How Do Operating Costs Affect Your Auto Insurance

Why are my Allstate rates increasing? Why did my auto insurance go up with Progressive, State Farm, or another large company?

One of the largest factors is the cost of operating an insurance company, which continues to increase as more insurance policies are issued, more claims are filed, and more employees are needed to manage the workload.

The insurance providers have to charge enough in rates to manage their business while paying out all valid claims.

Do Auto Insurance Rates Increase With Age

Demographics are also something out of your control.; Some companies charge you more based on your age and gender, although some states like California have outlawed that practice.

How much will my insurance go up as I age?

Lets look at just how much your age and gender will affect your auto insurance rates.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Age and Gender


Young males pay the most, while older females pay less.

One thing that you can control is the vehicle that you drive. The age and type of vehicle you drive can play a role in your auto insurance rates. Generally, newer cars will cost more to insure.

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How Does Car Insurance Work

Insurance, by its very nature, spreads the risk around a large group of people. At a basic level, each person pays their premiums and transfers the risk of loss on their assets, in this case, a car, to an insurance company.

The insurance company takes the payment but also promises to pay for covered losses to any of their clients.

Insurance companies are able to project the number of losses they will have in any given year with a pretty good degree of accuracy. They use software that looks at historical data on the number of losses they have, as well as the amounts of claims money paid outs.

The companies then use this data to determine their premium rates.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, but they are also heavily regulated by each states department of insurance. This means that while their goal is to make money, they also have a lot of oversight and have to be fair to their customers.

You Got Into An Accident Or Got A Ticket

Why Did My Home & Auto Insurance Price Go Up??

Besides all the unexpected reasons car insurance can go up, theres also the obvious ones ;like if you get a speeding ticket, get caught for a traffic violation, or become involved in an accident thats considered your fault.

A DUI is another fast track way to paying way more for coverage or even losing your insurance coverage all together, as youd be considered high risk from the insurers standpoint. Moving violations, which are defined as any violation of the law committed by a driver while driving, are another reason you might see an increase in your insurance bill.

The best way to avoid seeing these kinds of increases is by keeping a safe driving record. Another good reason to keep your driving record pristine? Over time, being classified as a safe driver could actually become a factor in when your car insurance rate starts to go down.

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How Car Insurance Pricing Increases Work In Nova Scotia

What you may not know about insurance pricing in Nova Scotia is that insurance companies cant simply jack their rates up whenever they want. Car insurance is regulated by the government in Nova Scotia so companies have to file for rate increases and go through a grueling approval process before theyre able to raise their rates. The office of the superintendent of insurance is responsible for accepting or rejecting rate filings based on applications. Companies need to prove that a rate increase is required to maintain profitability in order to be approved.

Since the government is ultimately responsible for approving insurance price increases in Nova Scotia, you can always write your local MLA if youre upset about your price increase.

Beyond Being A Cautious Driver

If youre safe on the road shouldnt your premium also be safe from big hikes? Not necessarily.;There are many many other factors that can also lead to premium increases. Some are largely beyond your control.

Auto insurance is a business, after all. If costs go up for insurers, this can mean higher rates for customers, even those who do everything right on the road.

Auto insurance is heavily regulated, so there is no margin for insurers to absorb increases in costs. So when costs rise, rates rise, explains James Lynch, chief actuary and VP of research and education with the Insurance Information Institute.

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Your Carriers Rates Changed

Some changes to your car insurance rates arent directly related to you. Insurance providers regularly review the data available to them and may adjust premiums for all policyholders if current rates arent covering losses.

For example, if an insurance company has had to pay out weather-related claims at a higher rate over the past few years, its current insurance premiums may not cover the costs. The insurance company then raises rates for everyoneeven if you havent had a claimto cover the higher risk.

Or, if more drivers are getting into accidents because of an increase in texting and driving, an insurance company may increase rates across the board.

Talk to your insurance agent when your rates go upit could be a good time to review your policy and look for any discounts or savings you might be missing.;

Will Better Credit Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Why Do My Auto Insurance Rates Keep Going Up Even Though ...

It may surprise you to learn that increasing your credit score can also improve your car insurance rates. Many companies will charge you more if you have a low credit score since they believe a low score will equal more claims.

This table shows you how much your credit score will affect your rates.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates Based on Credit Rating


According to Experian, the average U.S. credit score is 703, which falls in the good category. If your credit score is below that, improving your score will help your auto insurance rates as well as any other loans or purchases you make.

Increasing your credit score will help you in a variety of areas, not just with auto insurance.

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Why My Auto Insurance Cost Increased Even Though I Did Not File A Claim

The price of auto insurance policies is determined by a variety of factors.;

There are many reasons your car insurance premium went up in recent months.; While some price increases in car insurance can be attributed to factors you control, others are due to widespread problems that affect drivers all across the country.

know different types of insurance companies.

Why Auto Insurance Rates Are Increasing

Your insurance company sets your car insurance rate based on a number of factors, and while you do have some control over what determines your rate for example, driving history, filing claims, speeding tickets there are other factors out of your hands:

Increasing repair costs. Since the cost of repairs is going up, particularly because of new vehicle features made with expensive technology, your insurance company might raise your rate to account for the higher claims theyre paying out for repairs.

For example, a simple fender bender with a newer car, equipped with new safety technology, like rearview cameras or sensors, can cost much more than a fender bender with an old car. These complex designs in cars mean more costly materials and expensive repairs.

Increasing medical costs. On a similar note, the cost of medical care is also rising, so insurance companies are maxing out on policy limits to cover the increasing costs of medical expenses. These changes could also result in a possible rise in your car insurance rate.

You moved. When you change where you live, you change where you drive. New areas can mean a different rate since you might be moving into an area with a different type of traffic for example, moving from the gridlocked traffic of Chicago to gravel roads in rural areas.

More drivers means more accidents. One of the biggest reasons car insurance rates are going up across the country is that there are more drivers on the road than ever.

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Reason #1 Insurance Goes Up When They Simply Increase The Price Of Insurance

Sometimes, insurance companies revise their rates. When an insurance company has a rate adjustment, its almost always upwards. In some states, those rates have to be approved by the state as reasonable. ;In other states, theres a concept called File and Use.

File and use is;exactly what it sounds like the insurance company raises the rates, files the new rates with the state, and uses them while theyre under review. ;That review is often a lengthy process because insurance rate filings are complex documents. ;Its;possible the state could deny the increase after the fact, resulting in a refund for some people.

We can think of only a few instances in recent memory where that has happened. ;If the rates are not approved, the insurer will absolutely give you a refund. ;The majority of the time, however, the new rates are approved and youre stuck paying;the higher rates or shopping;around.

Rate increases can often be motivated by profit, such as in a case where stockholders or analysts are expecting;a certain set of;financial results from the company. ;But file and use or not, insurers also can raise rates;on certain types of business depending on the sort of policy they aim to write.

Increase In Repair Costs For Your Vehicle

Ask Sonnet: Why did my auto premium go up? | Sonnet Insurance

The more repairs you do, the higher your premium will be and the more expensive it is to replace. If you have a car that has been damaged by an oil change or other damage, you may need to call your local car mechanic. An increase in repair costs increases your monthly bill on your car insurance. This can include: Replacement of parts replacing old tires replacement of old brakes replacement of old tires new paint job changes and repairs fixing broken parts replacing worn out or damaged windows replacement of cracked windows with new ones replacing old windows with newer ones repairing broken glass using a window. The costs of car repairs are getting higher because of the increased cost of maintenance. When you buy a car, you pay more money for the service and insurance that you get from the dealership.

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A Drop In Credit Score

Some insurance companies use parts of your credit history to determine your car insurance rates. If your score goes down after you purchase car insurance, theres a chance your insurance company will use this new credit information and look at additional factors to update your premiums.

Some states dont let insurance companies increase existing premiums based on changes to your credit score, and a few states dont allow insurers to base premiums on your credit history at all.

Reasons your credit score might drop include:

  • Paying bills late or missing payments
  • Maxing out your credit limits
  • Applying for new credit

Life changes, like losing your job, could also affect your ability to pay your bills on time and potentially lower your credit score. These changes could negatively impact your score, which may be used by your insurance company to determine your new insurance rate at renewal.

How To Prove Youre Not At Fault

An auto insurance company might require proof from you that an accident was not your fault and therefore not chargeable. Satisfactory proof can vary among companies but often includes:

  • A police report that says who was at fault.
  • A statement from the other drivers insurance company accepting fault.
  • A legal document showing that you were reimbursed for damage.
  • A drivers written statement, under penalty of perjury, attesting to their fault.

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Why Are Auto Insurance Rates Going Up For Everyone

Insurance companies are ultimately businesses that want to turn a profit. So as costs rise, so will rates.;

Auto insurance companies pay out billions of dollars in claims each year. When insurance companies take a hit, they look to offset these losses with rate increases for their customers. This is done across the board, regardless of your driving record.;

Why Is My Car Insurance Going Up Every Year

Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up When I Had No Claims? List ...

So, now weve got an idea of why car insurance can be high you might be especially confused, since providers often put their prices up even if you dont feel like youve done anything to deserve an increased premium.The truth is, you could have a year or completely incident-free motoring but still be asked to pay more next year.;

The reason?;

Its often got a lot to do with customer behaviour. In 2018 alone, its estimated that 4.2 million UK drivers just accepted the automatic renewal price that was sent to them by their insurer. The result? A combined figure of nearly £600 million in missed savings and all it would have taken was some quick comparisons.

Insurance companies know that huge numbers of people will just continue to pay the price they ask and with that in mind, they will often happily charge you more if you dont challenge it.

There are other reasons as well that can cause insurance premiums to rise such as economic uncertainty along with changes in the exchange rate or labour market. As most car parts are imported then any economic factors here can cause fluctuations. Also, the number of claims and their totals in the broader market can have a knock-on effect on individuals policies. Insurers may also have to pay Insurance Premium Tax which over the years has increased from 2.5% to 12%.

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