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Does Car Color Affect Insurance

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Car Color Choices Might Correlate With Personalities

Car Insurance : Does the Color of a Car Affect Insurance?

Numerous color studies have shown a direct correlation between color and personality and how color can affect your character.

White, for example, is classic, timeless, and elegant. It is sensible and safe for a car color. A person with a white car is more likely to have a cleaner house too.

Red, on the other hand, is sensual and sexy. A person driving a red car demands attention, and the vehicle itself earns that attention. Those driving red cars most likely have an outgoing, social personality who do not mind being the center of attention.

So, would someone with a red car be more daring? Willing to speed? It may explain why people would assume red cars cost more, but in reality, it is the driver of that red car and their driving history.

Factors That Directly Affect Insurance Rates

These factors have a greater impact on your insurance rates than the vehicle’s color:

  • Age
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Mileage

One of the biggest factors that influence insurance rates is the driver, so having a clean driving record and improving your credit score can help keep your insurance rates lower. The make, model, and year of your vehicle will also make a difference, regardless of the color.

The level of coverage that you have is also a significant factor when it comes to rates. Full coverage insurance policies, with comprehensive and collision coverage included. will cost more than minimum coverage. Your deductible also matters. A deductible is an amount you will have to pay when you file a claim. The higher your deductible is, the less your premium, or monthly insurance cost, will be. But, keep in mind, if you go with a higher deductible and have to file a claim, you will have to pay more out-of-pocket.

Do You Need To Tell The Dvla About Car Modifications

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency needs accurate records of your car’s details for tax and road safety purposes.

Insurance companies and the police use DVLA records to get information about your car, including the colour, model and engine size.

You can look at that data for free using our car checker tool.

You’ll also need to contact the DVLA to update your vehicle details if you make certain modifications to your car.

This includes changing the:

  • Chassis or bodyshell
  • Seating capacity
  • Weight of a large vehicle, for example goods vehicle or campervan

To make any changes, you’ll need to update something called a V5C .

This is the paperwork you get from the DVLA to prove that you’re the registered keeper of a car.

All you have to do is complete section 7 of the V5C and send it off to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA.

You should get a new V5C should be sent to you within two to four weeks.

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Does Car Color Affect Insurance Rates

The color of your car doesn’t affect your insurance rate. Instead, your insurance company uses other information, like your car’s age, location, usage, and your driving record, to help determine insurance rates. Learn more about the cost factors that impact rates.

Custom paint jobs are another story if you add a custom paint job to your vehicle, optional custom parts and equipment coverage can be added to your policy to protect the added value.

Pare Down Your Coverage

Does Car Color Affect Insurance Premiums ...

Most states require a certain amount of bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage. But there are other coverage options that you may be able to get away with not having, depending on the state.

Less coverage usually means lower premiums, but it could also lead to higher costs in the long run, so its important to approach coverage decisions with caution.

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Does The Colour Of Your Car Affect Insurance

Yes, it can! The reason colour affects the cost of car insurance is some colours and paints, like metallic and pearl shades, can be costly for the insurer to replace or repair. They also cost more and affect the value of your vehicle.

That being said, the answer isnt entirely black and white.

We dig into detail about:

  • which factors affect your premium,
  • how safe certain car colours are, and
  • six of the stranger reasons why prices go up or down!

Flashy Colors Often Correlate With Equally Flashy Cars

When you buy an expensive car, you want the world to see it and recognize you inside of it.

Fast cars, sports cars, convertibles, and coupes are typically purchased in silver, according to Kelley Blue Book. However, 6.9 percent are in bright red, and 5.5 percent are in medium red, and 2.6 percent are purchased in dark red.

However, it could be theorized that a person buys an expensive luxury car or sports car, and the color is red, which means that the type of car increases the insurance premium not the color. After all, a convertible has more risks than your average minivan, and a sports car with high clock speeds would have a higher risk, but also higher replacement value, increasing insurance premiums.

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Car Color And Auto Insurance

Does the color of your car affect your insurance rate? It can, but not directly. Auto insurance companies will not use the color of your vehicle in their calculations for your insurance premiums. They will, however, factor in the cost of the car and the cost of any repairs to that car model and color. Depending on the vehicle and on the availability, this can have a significant impact.

Custom paint jobs, for instance, will almost certainly increase the value of your car and, therefore, the cost of repairs. This, in turn, will result in the insurance company charging more to cover your vehicle. So, do you need red car insurance? Not likely. As we saw in the Axalta study, red cars arent in particularly high demand.

What about other factors? According to Adams, Red vehicles may attract more attention, even from the police. If you get a ticket for speeding, having a moving violation on your driving record can undoubtedly cause your auto insurance rate to rise.

So while insurance may be more expensive for red cars in some situations, it isnt directly due to the car color. Your auto insurance company is just one system that relies on numerous other systems for its data and functionality. When these different systems cause a price increase linked to car color, this value hike can be reflected in auto insurance.

Tickets And The Insurance Company

Does the color of your car affect your auto insurance premium? -Basic Auto Insurance

When an insurer looks at your driving record to determine your rates, they want to know whether you are a high-risk driver. Just one speeding ticket can raise your rates as much as 15 percent. Two tickets can raise your rates by as much as 40 percent. That means tickets do have an impact on rates, but only for the driver who got the ticket. Claims are a bigger factor to insurance companies as they cost the company money. Cars with higher frequencies of claims or higher payouts than other vehicles will be rated higher. In those cases, higher rates are paid no matter your cars color. In other words, if you are buying a Corvette, your rate will be the same no matter if the car is red or black.

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Does A Red Car Cost More To Insure

There are many different colors of cars that are available. Some are more popular than others. Red is one that has always been on the popular list. A concern with this is will this color increase the insurance premiums? Many people think this is true.

It is true that red colors in vehicles make them more expensive to buy. So, based on this is an assumption that they will be more costly to insure. The color red does not cause a rise in insurance premiums. The cost of the vehicle itself, however, is important to the insurance companies.

Does Car Colour Affect Your Car Insurance

Yes and no. You’ll often hear people say that certain car colours are more expensive to insure than others.

Red and yellow cars, for instance, are often labelled as “risky” and therefore attract a higher premium.

But that’s actually a myth about how car insurance works.

The colour of the car you buy from a dealer isn’t factored into the price you pay for insurance.

So choosing a red Toyota Corolla Hatchback over a grey one, for example, won’t increase your premium.

If you change the colour of the car after you’ve bought it, however, your insurer may charge you more for a policy.

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What Color Cars Are Cheaper To Insure

Some drivers wonder if the color of their car affects insurance rates and what color cars are cheaper to insure. Studies have found little direct connection between the color of a vehicle and insurance rates, however the color of a vehicle may indirectly affect insurance rates in some ways.

Some drivers wonder if the color of their car affects insurance rates and what color cars are cheaper to insure. Studies have found little direct connection between the color of a vehicle and insurance rates, however the color of a vehicle may indirectly affect insurance rates in some ways.

Choosing The Right Insurance

Does Car Color Affect Insurance

Looking at car colors may be of interest to some. It does not affect insurance premiums. Shoppers for Insurance need to focus on the other important factors. Not everyone is buying a new car. Those that already have their vehicle have to try to get the best deal they can based on this vehicle. Using quotes to achieve this is can provide excellent results.

There are so many insurance companies to choose from. They are not all the same when it comes to premiums. Although a lot of people assume that they are. They will all rely in general on the same data and metrics. However, they may create different levels of importance on these metrics. It is what can make the difference in the premium quotes.

Insurance discounts are something else that should be of interest. Many drivers assume the insurance companies will inform them about these. It may not be the case. Therefore it is important to ask about them.

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Does The Color Of Your Car Affect Your Insurance Rates

Bigfoot, Loch Ness, and red cars all have something in common.

These topics are widely speculated, but are they true?

While we cannot weigh in on the validity of Loch Ness or Bigfoot, we can rely on data to dispel one popular myth: red cars increase insurance rates.

Yes, it is true.

A red car might look devilish and expensive, but in reality, insurance companies do not care what color your car is, and it holds no weight in your premium assessment.

Other Bizarre Factors That Affect Car Insurance

So, now you know that the colour of your car does affect your insurance, you might be wondering what else could change the cost of your premiums. You wouldnt be the only one.

This question came up as part of a Senate Inquiry into the general insurance industry in 2017, where it was revealed a variety of factors can affect the cost of car insurance. Some of these included:

  • the colour of the car,
  • your marital status,
  • your address
  • You might think that what you cooked for dinner or when you went shopping shouldnt matter, but it all provides information which can be matched to data gathered by the insurer to determine the risks involved and how much they will charge for cover.

    Will this benefit your finances or hurt them? It could go either way. As noted by the Financial Rights Legal Centre in their submission to the 2017 Senate Inquiry, The use of granular data may lead to more targeted pricing for some consumers, but others will be left underinsured or uninsured.

    There can be trillions of different premiums for car insurance policies based on how much data insurers can gather.

    You can influence some of these factors, and doing so can help reduce your car insurance premium, which you can learn about in our handy guide.

    An Investigation into the Relationship between Vehicle Colour and Crash Risk. Stuart Newstead, Angelo DElia, Monash University Accident Research Centre, Monash University. 2007

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    Does The Color Of Your Car Affect Your Car Insurance Rates

    So if red doesnt make your insurance higher, what about other colors?

    Experts say it doesnt matter for your auto insurance rates because insurance companies are concerned about other factors.

    In a couple of decades of purchasing various cars and insurance, I have never been asked the vehicles color, says Manos.

    Thats because insurers are more worried about other details. Your vehicles color is irrelevant because it doesnt affect the way you drive or your cars safety, says George. Instead, insurance companies care about your cars safety and theft rates, questions that are revealed when they ask for your make, model or vehicle identification number.

    In fact, having a red car could be a very good thing, according to a 2012 study by CCC Information Services. The study found that car thieves choose red last, instead preferring the nondescript color of silver for their criminal endeavors. After silver, cars in green, gold, black and white were the most popular for auto-related crimes.

    Theyre very common because theyre very in demand, and thus a thief would have less difficulty reselling it, says Fabio Rosato, Founder of

    Emily Deaton, a financial journalist at Let Me Bank, says that theft isnt the only problem with dark or neutral-colored cars, citing that darker cars can pose greater problems due to difficult visibility in harsh weather or during nighttime.

    Personal Auto Insurance Covers My Vehicle For Business Use

    Does the color of my car affect my insurance rate? – Ask The Zebra Anything

    Although your personal policy typically covers you for business errands, a commercial auto policy will be required if you’re using your vehicle for delivery services, or if you have a specific vehicle type that’s used for business purposes. You may also need rideshare insurance if you’re transporting passengers for a fee with apps like Uber and Lyft.

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    Does Vehicle Color Affect Insurance Rates

    vehicle color has no effect on insurance ratesticketspeedingthere is nothing to corroborate this trend in ticketing patterns influences insurance rates.studyaccidenteven this does not mean that insurance rates change accordinglyremarksMORE5 unexpected factors that affect car insurance rates

    How Tickets Affect Your Car Insurance Rate

    Tickets matter when an insurance company looks at your driving record to calculate your individual rates and decide whether you are a high-risk driver.

    One speeding ticket can raise your rates by 15% and two tickets as much as 40%, according to data gathered from six major carriers for by Quadrant Information Services.

    The key detail in the ticket factor is that insurance rates will change only for the driver who got them, not the car

    Insurance companies are mostly concerned with claims, which directly affect their bottom line. A car with a high frequency of claims or a record of more expensive claims will be more costly to insure for everyone who buys that model of car.

    The risk level of the driver is a from the risk factor of the car. certainly a radar gun or speed camera doesnt know the difference between flashy red and sedate beige.

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    Do You Need To Tell Your Insurer If Your Car Colour Changes

    If you decide to change your car colour , let your insurer know as soon as possible.

    They’ll need to change your car insurance details to keep your policy up-to-date.

    Always be honest about any changes made to your car. If you don’t, your policy might be invalidated.

    This means that you may not be covered if you need to make a claim on your car insurance.

    Is It Right For You To Change Your Car Color

    Does the Color of Your Car Affect Auto Insurance Rates ...

    With car modifications, you may see an increase in inconvenience on your end. For starters, it has become more attractive to thieves, as we have discussed above. So, it will be more at risk than it was before. Apart from this, it could spike up the price rate for you, which may eventually be a problem to afford if you are not willing to spend a fortune on it. So if you are a young driver, this may be worse for you.

    You must also know that drivers under 25 years of age have to pay more insurance rates because of their added risk of accidents and injuries on the streets. That is why we recommend you not to get any color changed until necessary.

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