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How Do I Know What Trim My Car Is

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What Are Packages And How Do I Choose

F-150 Trim Levels: Everything You Need To Know

Not all carmakers offer option packages. Honda, for instance, doesnt. But manufacturers that do will bundle options into packages they calculate people will pay extra for when buying cars. Sometimes the package features are related, such as an all-weather package with heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and heated windshield washer nozzles. Other times, the relationship among a packages features is tough to spot.

Choosing to buy or not buy a package is fairly cut and dry. But, do you need or want the options in the package, and can you afford the cost of adding it to the bottom line?

Note: Once you wade into the options and option packages, they can really add up. This is particularly true of higher-end imports.

Determination Of Your Cars Trim:

There is an easiest way to find the original sales invoice of the car along with the ownerâs manual. In the given manual, there is a document which should have a listed trim value. Some models of the car also come with the trim designation emblem or decal on the back portion but it is only becoming very less common. If you canât able to determine the trim for the particular car, it is better visiting the official website of the manufacturer and use the VIN decoder in order to get this information and also different available options in the vehicle. There are also the specialized online tools available to provide you such an amazing opportunity to enter your VIN number of the vehicle in order to get the actual trim information and value of your vehicle. It is highly suggested to get the fairly basic trim details in order to determine the final price of your vehicle.

What Is My Vehicle Trim

Trim typically denotes specific name-based packages that a vehicle is manufactured and sold as.

Some examples include: DX, EX, ECO, FX, GT, Hybrid, LX, LTD, Pro, S, ST, STD, SVT, Sport as well as other numerical or single letter additions to a vehicle’s model name.

These are generally displayed as stickers or often with raised chrome lettering or badges on the trunk or tailgate fascia of a car or truck.

Why is this important to know when buying tires? Vehicle assembly year, make, model and trim levels can vary significantly in their wheel or rim sizes, which directly affect the tires that will fit.

Where else can you find this information?

Your registration information should indicate your vehicle trim if it cannot be found elsewhere. Entering the VIN in a VIN decoder tool can also help show what trim level your vehicle is.

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Vehicle Trim & Value:

The base trim levels donât come with the numerous options in order to make your vehicle stand out of the different models. This is why they are unlikely to have any extraordinary value when selling or trading in. Even though the standard options are required for the best functioning of the car, the people are looking for the cars at the higher trim levels. Going for the high end trim level means more luxury options in the vehicle and it will also potentially have the higher resale value. Before buying or selling a car, you have to do more home works to find the actual vehicle trim value by considering all of its values and features. For this purpose, it is always suggested to see the Kelley blue book value of your preferable vehicle in order to find out if making investment on the high end trim will surely provide you the best trend on the future sale or if you can boost the selling cost of your used car due to the additional options existing with its trim.

No Luck Here’s How To Find Your Vehicle’s Tire Size

Quick Answer: How Do I Find Out The Trim Of My Car ...

If you’re still not sure of trim level, you can still find the correct Original Equipment tire size for the vehicle, as specified by the manufacturer. Just look for the tire information placard, which will tell you the OE tire sizes and the recommended tire inflation pressures.

If you have a newer car, look for this placard on the “B-pillar,” which is the driver’s side doorjamb. For vehicles that do not have a B-pillar, the placard should be attached to the rear edge of the driver’s door, unless it’s too narrow — in this case it should be placed on an inward-facing surface next to the drivers seat.

In older vehicles, placards can also be found in other locations:

  • The driver-side door or doorjamb
  • Rear passenger doorjamb of Ford sedans
  • Fuel filler door
  • Glove box or center console door
  • The engine compartment

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Test Drive The Ford Escape Trim Levels

If youre still not sure which Ford Escape Trim level is best for your commutes around the Indianapolis area, the best thing to do is try them out. Contact Andy Mohr Ford and well set you up with a test drive around the Plainfield and Brownsburg area, and answer any questions you may have.

Come to our dealership and schedule your test drive of the Ford Escape today!

What Is The Make Of A Car

The make of a car is the brand that manufactures it. This includes companies like Ford, Honda, and Chevrolet.

Many manufacturers around the world build cars. In the U.S., you can buy vehicles made by domestic, Japanese, Korean, and European car manufacturers.

Some auto manufacturers produce two brands of vehicles: standard and luxury. For example, Acura is made by Honda. Acura is the luxury brand, and Honda is the standard brand. Despite being manufactured by Honda, they are sold at separate car dealerships.

  • Purchase car insurance or change auto insurers
  • Service your vehicle
  • Park it in a hotel lot when checking in
  • Want to sell your car

Learn about all the places you can find your make and model down below.

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What Trim Is My Car

If you are not sure what trim level is on the car you are driving, it is easy to find the answer. Knowing your cars trim level can help you to determine additional features you might prefer on your next vehicle or features you can do without. The trim level can also help identify the correct replacement parts or tire size when your car needs repair.

Find the trim level of your car by first looking at the vehicle. Often, manufacturers will indicate the trim level with a decal or lettering on the cars exterior near the models name, on the side or rear of the vehicle. Toyotas RAV-4 designates the Sport trim with a Sport decal on both the drivers side and passengers side front doors. Toyotas Sienna designates the XLE trim with lettering on the liftgate.

If you do not see the trim level on your cars exterior, you can also find it listed on your original sales invoice or in the owners manual.

Your cars Vehicle Identification Number can also tell you the trim level. The VIN is a combination of 17 letters and numbers assigned to the cars model by the manufacturer. Car VINs contain information such as the model year, country of origin, and engine size. The most common location to find the VIN on your car is on the drivers side, interior dash. Decode your cars VIN for free using the online VIN Decoder & Lookup provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration .

Kia Optima Trim Levels & Configurations


One of the most exciting parts about shopping for a new sedan is choosing which of the 2020 Kia Optima trim levels you want. The 2020 Optima gives you six to choose from, so you have a variety of ways to customize your sedan to match your unique lifestyle in the Avon, Plainfield, or Indianapolis, IN, areas.

Check out our guide to the trim levels of this 2020 Kia sedan. If youre ready to check it out in person, contact Andy Mohr Kia and schedule your test drive. When you do, youll work one-on-one with a knowledgeable member of our team to ensure youre choosing the right trim for you.

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What Are The Categories And Types Of Trim Levels

AutoList explains that the base model is the lowest trim level and comes with the least number of features. As you move up through the trim levels to the top-level trim, it is often referred to as fully loaded because it has all of the features and equipment from the lower-level trims.

Different trim levels have changes both inside and out along with upgrades to the engine and performance. Many low trim levels have cloth upholstery, a lower-end version of the infotainment system, and no extra features on the exterior. Some of the additions to the higher trim levels include leather upholstery, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, and more advanced safety features.

Every car manufacturer has its own system for naming trim levels. Sometimes, it’s a pair of letters such as LX, LS, or EX. In some cases, the trims have a name, such as Limited, Platinum, or Overland. Some manufacturers use an alphanumeric code, such as CX-5 or QX80.

In North America, some manufacturers have long-running designations for their performance vehicles. For example, Chevrolet has the SS that it first used on the 1961 Impala, and Ford first used the GT trim level on the 1965 Mustang. These names are still used today to designate the current version of the same model. For example, the performance-based Mustangs are the GT and the GT Premium.

Vehicle Trim & Assembly

The year, make and model is typically all the information you need to know about your car or truck, but what about its trim and factory tire/wheel size commonly referred to as assembly?

Knowing your vehicle’s trim and assembly will help narrow down your specific options when browsing for tires and wheels, shopping for vehicle-specific tires.

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What Is Trim On A Car

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If you are shopping for a new car, you probably have a good idea of the make and model you prefer. The make refers to the cars manufacturer, Chrysler, Ford, or Honda, for example. The model refers to the types of vehicles the manufacturer produces. Honda, for instance, makes a variety of car models, including the Civic, Accord, CR-V, and Odyssey . Makes and models are easy to decipher, but you might wonder what trim is when choosing a new car.

The trim level or trim package on a car refers to the available features that are already added to the cars base model. These features are typically a combination of:

  • Aesthetic features
  • Comfort features
  • Powertrain features

Manufacturers offer several trim levels for each car model, with each trim level offering different levels of features.

Understanding trim levels might seem complicated at first, but it is as simple as knowing what features are important to you for your driving style, comfort level, and the cars appearance. Lets take a closer look at trim.

Using Vin Decoding Websites

How Do I Know What Trim My Car Is at Craigslist
  • 1Find a website to give you details about the car. There are a variety of websites that offer VIN lookup services. These websites will ask you to enter a cars VIN, and then will supply you with information about the cars options.
  • Run an internet search for free VIN lookup or free VIN decoder.
  • There are websites that provide free VIN lookup services. For example, try:
  • While some free VIN report services provide every detail of a cars options, others do not.
  • Some websites offer an advanced search for a fee.XResearch source
  • 2Enter your VIN. After youve found a website where you can look up your VIN, enter it in full. This is the most important step, and you need to follow the websites directions. If you dont, your search might not work or it might return incorrect data.
  • Follow the directions on the website and then press “search.”
  • Some websites may ask you to omit certain parts of the VIN number.XResearch source
  • 3Review the VIN detail report. After submitting the VIN number, youll get a report back. The report will detail the specifications of the car as it was produced by the manufacturer.
  • The VIN report should include options, such as the transmission, the trim, and emissions specifications.
  • The VIN report should include anything that was changed in the production process.
  • Depending on the website, you may need to pay a fee for your VIN report.
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    Luxury Trim Naming Convention

    Some of the more popular ways manufacturers denote their high-end or luxury trims is with names like “Platinum”, “Premium”, “Reserve”, or “Touring”. Some other standard naming conventions include:

    • ES – Executive Sedan
    • XLT – Extra Luxurious Truck / Extra Level Touring
    • Editions

    Can’t decide on what trim to buy? See which trim we recommend for every model of new car.

    What Are Ex Ltz Touring And Grand Touring

    Automotive manufacturers select acronyms to designate trim levels. The automotive industry does not have standard meanings for these acronyms so, buyers can loosely interpret trim designations such as EX to mean extra or LTZ to mean luxury Touring special. Different manufacturers will use different acronyms or terms for trim levels. Do not get too caught up in acronym meaning. Instead, get familiar with the hierarchy of the trim levels for the car makes and models that interest you.

    Lets look at Chevrolets Equinox, for example. Chevy offers this model with four available trim levels, including the base model L and LS, LT, or Premier. As the trim level increases on the Equinox, the features improve. Equinox L is a front-wheel-drive crossover vehicle equipped with Chevys 1.5L turbo 4-cylinder engine and standard safety features. Move up in trim to an LS or LT, and you gain optional all-wheel drive, choice of powertrain, additional safety features, and other exterior/interior color choices. Equinox Premier is the top of the line for Chevys crossover. The Premier trim is equipped with all the safety features as standard, added interior comforts, and added exterior design features.

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    What Base Model Means

    A car manufacturer’s base model trim level is the plainest version of the new vehicle. A base model represents the least expensive model variation of the vehicle the automaker offers. The trim level of a base model might not have a specific name, but the same model car might have several trim levels. One great example of this is the Nissan Altima which is an unnamed base model but has additional trim levels: S, SR, SV, and SL. On the other hand, the Toyota Camry LE is a base model with a named trim level. The SE, XSE, and XLE are additional Toyota Camry trim packages.

    Base models may lack the optional features you desire in a specific vehicle. Purchasing a higher trim level provides multiple safety, technology, and driver-assisted features not available in lower trim levels.

    How Many Trim Levels Are There

    Learn The Mustang Trim Levels

    Trim level amounts will vary from model to model but in most cases, you can bet on four or five

    The base-level trim will be your stripped down hauling machine – the bare bones workhorse that aint all that pretty to look at but gets the job done just the same. The higher the go, the more gussied up your vehicle gets.

    Every car manufacturer has its own system for naming its trim levels. Youll have to do a bit of research to understand where a trim name lands a vehicle in the trim line. For instance, the Dodge Grand Caravan is offered in a scale of trim levels: the CVP, SXT, SXT Premium Plus, Crew, Crew Plus and GT.

    Which level of trim in the 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan is right for you? Youll have to dig into the trim level info to find out! A CarHub Product Advisor would be more than happy to run you through the nitty gritty details to help you to decide.

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    Identifying Trim Levels Before Repair

    Educationposted on 12/29/17

    Vehicle trim levels refer to different versions of the same model of vehicle, but with different features and equipment. For vehicle models that use several trim choices, automakers usually offer three or four different versions of trim levels. These trim levels also determine what software the vehicle has on board. Determining the vehicle trim level makes a difference when a vehicle is involved in a collision.

    Choose Your Kia Optima Trim Level

    Now that you know what all the Kia Optima trim levels can offer your drives around Plainfield, Avon, and Indianapolis, Indiana, which one will you choose to drive? To find out, contact the team at Andy Mohr Kia and schedule your test drive today!

    1. EPA fuel economy estimates. Actual mileage will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits, and your vehicles condition.

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    Chevrolet Model Trim Levels: Explained

    In this photo, you can see the Equinox model name on the right side of the vehicles rear, and beside it, LTZ denoting this particular vehicles trim level. Source:

    Buying a car these days, it can sometimes feel like you need a dictionary to help you decipher all the car-related jargon. And, because its such an important investment, you want to know exactly what youre getting.

    For example, lets say you decide you want to buy a Chevrolet Cruze, based on the size and look of the vehicle. What you may not have decided on is the trim level of the vehicle because really, what do trim levels mean? Whats the difference between a LS and LT? Or between an LT and LTZ? And what differentiates the 1LT from the 2LT?

    To help you get you started on the search for your perfect car, I decided to do some research and write a quick guide to vehicle trim levels, specifically those used by Chevrolet.

    What is a Trim Level?

    A Trim Level is essentially one version of a specific vehicle model with a certain levels of options included when you order the vehicle. Each trim level has a different price point. Trim is also sometimes called a grade or an option package.

    Most car manufacturers have their own unique way of naming their trim levels. In the case of Chevrolet, there are 3 main trim levels, including LS, LT, and LTZ.

    Basic Chevrolet Trim Levels:

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