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How Much Are Car Brakes

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How Often Do You Need New Brake Pads

How much should a brake job cost you?

Every time you apply the brakes, your brake pads wear down just a bit. Depending on your driving style and the quality and composition of the original brake parts, brake pads can last anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 miles . Rotors will usually need to be replaced after between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. To stay on the safe side, its recommended that you have your brakes checked for wear every 12,000 miles or at the first sign of unsafe brakes. Apart from bringing your car to a mechanic to examine the brake system, a few telltale signs that its time to replace your brakes include:

  • Brake system indicator light comes on
  • Your brake pads appear to be thin

Brake Repairs: How To Find A Reputable Brake Service Shop

Top-quality brakes service shops automatically use the best parts because they dont want comebacks . They charge a fair price up front without resorting to gimmicks and up-selling. Call a few shops in your area and ask what brand, type and quality-level pads and rotors they use. Here are some well-known brands: Bendex, Raybestos, Akebono, Hawk, Wagner, NAPA/United, Carquest, Centric, Motorcraft, ACDelco, Monroe, Brembo and EBC.

After you search brake service near me and find a shop that carries brand-name parts, ask for a brake pad replacement cost quote over the phone. Any reputable shop will provide a fairly firm quote that includes machining the rotors, replacing the slide pines and installing high-quality pads and hardware. Shops dont need to see the vehicle to provide a pricea brake job isnt brain surgery. If a shop balks at providing a phone quote, call a different one or search brake service near me again.

How Much Does Brake Replacement Cost

Brake prices vary between makes and models. An average car brake pad and disc rotor replacement usually starts around the $300-$350 and can go up to $600+, depending on what needs to be replaced.

If you own a high end or performance car with larger brakes, the price can increase to $1000+.

The braking system is one of, if not the most important system fitted to your vehicle.

It requires constant maintenance to continue operating at its best.

The braking systems are subject to a number of problems. If left unchecked, it can cause expensive damage to your car and put you, your family and surrounding drivers in danger.

Checking of the brake pads, rotors and the condition of the brake fluid at specified intervals, will ensure that the braking system is in safe working order and will continue to stop your car as designed.

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Where To Buy Brake Pads

Mainstream passenger-car and SUV brakes prioritize longevity, smooth and quiet operation, and cost, while performance-vehicle brakes focus on minimizing brake fade during brutally hard use while producing as much stopping power as possible. That’s why we’re comfortable recommending that you stick with the same pads the maker of your vehicle installs at the factory. They were carefully engineered to meet that vehicle’s braking requirements. But if factory pads seem too expensive, do your homework online or at the auto-parts store and you’ll likely be able to find several other good-quality pads for your vehiclesome at reduced prices compared with the factory components.

Your first stop for checking brake-pad replacement cost should be your local dealer.

If you’re planning on replacing your own brake pads, know that there’s more to doing the job than just swapping in new hardware. You may need the brake rotors turned or replaced entirely. You’ll also likely need to bleed the brakes. But we’re not here to take you through an entire brake job, rather to give you a grounding on pads and their cost.

Skip The Shop Altogether Let Nubrakes Mobile Brake Repair Take Care Of Your Brake Needs From The Comfort Of Your Home

How to Buy New Brakes and How Much It Will Cost

If you want transparent, upfront pricing and honest, professional service, try mobile brake replacement performed by NuBrakes ASE-certified technicians. Our commitment to convenience, affordability, and the very best customer service has earned us an average 4.94/5 star rating from 6,000+ happy customers.

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Brake Pad Replacement Takeaways

Most modern braking systems are self-adjusting to ensure that the brake pad maintains constant contact with the braking surface on a rotor or drum when the brakes are applied. Older brakes may need periodic adjustment where the pad is realigned.

Brakes To Go mobile brake repair offers the ultimate convenience, maximum affordability, and a FIVE STAR reputation you can trust.

How Long Do Nissan Brake Pads Last

Nissan brake pads usually last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles depending on your driving habits. If you commute in heavy traffic and use your brakes often, you’ll need to get an inspection more frequently. We recommend you reference your Nissan owner’s manual for recommended maintenance interval information.

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Hyundai Elantra Front Brake Pads Price

Typically the cost for parts will array from $100-$200 per axle and labor can cost anywhere between $80 – $100. Consult your service adviser as prices can change quite frequently depending on parts availability. Most Hyundai franchise service centers will run brake specials each month and can save you a few of money on front brake pad installation. Since your Hyundai Elantra brake pads wear unhappy at the like rate per axle, it is simple to have your front or rear brake pads replaced at the like time.

How Long Do Hyundai Elantra Brake Pads Last

How Much Difference Do Upgraded Brakes Make To Track Performance?

Hyundai Elantra brake pads usually last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles depending on your driving habits. If you commute in heavy traffic and use your brakes often, you’ll need to get an inspection more frequently. We recommend you reference your Hyundai Elantra owner’s manual for recommended maintenance interval information.

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Average Cost Of Brake Pad Replacement In Texas

The average cost of brake pad replacement doesnt vary much in different parts of Texas. Brakes To Go is always doing a competitive analysis of what others charge for brake pad replacements to provide customers with the best price. Along with great pricing, Brakes To Go also offers brake repair financing to make paying for repairs more convenient than ever.

Is It Okay To Just Replace Brake Pads

It depends, for pads on an old rotor surface it is generally not advised to simply replace the brake pads. New pads on worn rotors can create issues with the new pads, cause vibration, or make braking less safe than with new pads and new rotors together. This means mechanics may need to address the rotors at the same time. Brake rotors and calipers are more expensive and often more complicated to replace than just pads.

How much does it cost to replace the brake pads and rotors?

Rotors cost between $30 and $75 each. Labor to replace rotors and pads is around $150 to $200 per axle. Brake pads and rotors come out to around $250 to $500 per axle.

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What Do Your Brakes Need

Brake repair isnt an all-or-nothing, one-size-fits-all job. Sometimes new brake pads are all you need, but worn brake pads can lead to other problems in short order, most often damage to the rotors. If that has happened, you may be looking at having your rotors resurfaced, and if the damage is considerable, you may have to have your rotors replaced.

Even with proper maintenance and care, the friction involved in braking will mean that, at some point in the life of your vehicle, the rotors will wear too thin to provide proper stopping power. If youre at that point, its a good idea to replace the brake lines too and possibly the master cylinder, depending on its condition. If something bigger has gone wrong, you might even need a new caliper. Naturally, the more components you replace, the higher the price may be.

When Should I Replace Them

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Brakes Fixed?

Typically manufacturers suggest replacing semimetallic pads between 30-70,000 miles. That range depends on your vehicle type, your driving style and the kind of use your vehicle is subjected to. Whether its driving on the highway or stop & go traffic in the city can affect the life of your cars braking system.

The best way to determine whether your vehicles brakes need to be replaced, is to have your braking system inspected by an ASE Certified Technician to determine which parts are lower than minimum specs and are needed to be replaced at that time.

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How To Install Brake Pads

If you consider yourself quite handy and are not afraid to get your hands dirty, then you should totally replace your brake pads because itll save you a lot of money when you do it on your own. However, if the job requires a caliper or rotor replacement, then you should have a professional do it for you because thats a bit more complex. Always find out how much brake pads cost beforehand so that you can budget accordingly.

Here are the steps that you should follow when changing brake pads and rotors:

  • Untie the lung nut so that you can easily take out the wheel from your car
  • Take out the lower bolt thats on the caliper
  • Turn the caliper around so that its easier for you to access the brake pad assembly.
  • Take out the clips that are meant to keep the pads attached
  • Install new pads and put on some lubricating grease.
  • Pull out the pistons by popping the brake fluid reservoir cap open.
  • Gently glide the caliper into place and tighten the bolt situated on the lower side of the caliper.

In this guide you will find:

Less Metal Is A Bad Idea

Compare the weights of these two rotors for the same vehicle. The generic rotor weighs 20 percent less than the premium brand.

The brake parts market is flooded with inferior rotors that wholesale for as little as $10 a pop. Some shops buy those instead of premium rotors, charge you the higher price, and pocket the difference.

To the untrained eye, the generic rotors look just like the high-quality versions. But when you place them side by side, the differences are staggering. The friction surfaces on the generic rotors are noticeably thinner and they weigh about 20 percent less . With less metal to absorb heat and fewer cooling fins to dissipate it, the generic rotors heat up faster, warp more often , make more noise and simply wear out faster. Theyre a lousy choice all the way aroundeven if youre trying to save money on the brake job cost.

Just as with brake pads, ask the shop for a quote thats based on brand-name professional grade rotors.

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When To Know Its Time To Replace

Most of the time, brakes are inspected regularly when a vehicle has its oil changed and when a vehicles tires are rotated. Both of these are also normal maintenance done perhaps every 5000 miles and checking the brakes during these services makes it fairly easy to keep track of the brake condition.

Usually, when the brakes are checked, it is the thickness of their pads that are measured, while rotors are only measured when necessary. Manufacturers provide the specs for the minimum pad thickness and also commonly use wear indicators that squeal when the pad is worn to specific thinness.

There is some variety in practice, but a normal good pad thickness is over 4 millimeters. Between 2 and 4 millimeters, usually, brake service is recommended. Below 2 millimeters, however, the brake service will be needed.

Its worth mentioning that many states have specific regulations on how automotive repairs are represented and one of the common features is a legal definition for the word needs and the word recommend. An example would be the BAR guidelines in California.

It is generally a good practice in shops anywhere to be careful with language and to abide by the vehicle manufacturers specification as to when a repair is needed versus when a repair is recommended. And it is a good idea for consumers to be aware of the distinction as well and this comes up more often in brake work than in other areas.

How Long Do Brake Pads Last

How much will a Brake job cost

An average life span for brake pads should be around 40,000 miles. But there are several reasons why that life may be shorter or longer. If you often hammer on the brakes to stop suddenly or if you tow or haul a lot, your brake pads may wear out sooner. On the other hand, if you drive conservatively, slowly approaching a stoplight and applying gentle but steady pressure, chances are you may exceed that 40,000-mile mark. Either way, it makes good sense to care for your car well. For more on this, see Top 10 Car Care Tips.

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What Are The Best Brake Pads For Toyota

Genuine Toyota brake pads are designed specifically for your Toyota and are built on the highest standards just like the inventive brake pads that were installed on your car when leaving the factory. Perilous parts help provide maximum safety and durability even more so than alternate expensive aftermarket parts that were designed to fit multiple types of vehicles. It’s distinctive to use Toyota inventive manufactured parts on your vehicle. Call Nalley Toyota of Roswell today to learn more.

When Do I Need To Change Brake Pads And Brake Discs

You should change your brake pads every 40,000 miles. They last between 25,000 and 60,000 miles, so they may last longer if you drive smoothly, but you shouldn’t expect it. Front brake pads experience a lot of wear and tear because they bear the brunt of the braking process. A mechanic will inspect your brake pads during a car service, so you’ll always get an update on their condition when you book one.

Brake discs generally last a little longer than brake pads, but we recommend changing them together anyway. If your brake pads are heavily worn, there’s a good chance that your brake discs are reaching the end of their life as well. You should change brake discs every 50,000 miles, even though they can also last longer than this.

Your safety is most important, so forking out for brake pads and discs more regularly is a necessary evil. If you can make your driving style smoother, you’ll put less pressure on your brakes and increase their lifespan.

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Soft Or Spongy Brake Pedal

One of the most common problems with the braking system, is contaminated brake fluid.

Brake fluid is a silicon based fluid which absorbs moisture from the environment over time. This reduces the effectiveness of the braking system and requires more braking effort to slow the vehicle to a stop.

Manufacturers recommend brake fluid replacement every two years, but depending on driving conditions, it may need to be replaced more often.

Vehicles fitted with drum brakes may also have a brake fluid leak from the rear wheel cylinders which will cause air to enter into the braking system, reducing the brake systems effectiveness and causing the brake pedal feel to become soft and spongy.

How To Tell If Your Brake Pads Are Worn Down

How Much Does Brake Pad Replacement Cost in 2021?
  • Your brake peddle shudders or vibrates when pressed
  • Some newer cars have a brake wear indicator light that will turn on
  • Your brakes will make a squealing sound when pressed.
  • Your brakes will be less responsive and not perform as well
  • Your car might lean to one side when you stop


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What Are The Brake System Components

The braking system has three major components: the brakes, rotors, and brake pads.

The first component is the brakes which are a set of metal bands that clamp down on your tires to slow you down or stop completely if necessary. This happens when your foot presses on the pedal called an accelerator/brake.

The rotors are also called brake discs. When you brake, the brake pads contact the rotors to slow you down.

The brake pads are made of a compound that is soft enough to stop your vehicle, but hard enough not to wear away from continuous usage. The braking system works when hydraulic pressure pushes on these three components and slows or stops your vehicle in response to how much force you put on the pedal.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Vehicle Brake Pads

Is there anything more startling than to hear that awful screech when you brake at a stoplight? There isnt anything like the sound of the squealer activating to let you know your brake pads need replacing. So, how much does it cost to replace your vehicles brakes? Thats what we are here to find out. Check it out!

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Hyundai Elantra Rear Brake Pads Price

Front and rear brake pads on your Hyundai Elantra will cost the same assuming you purchase them on the same date. Parts availability is the main variable in price for brake pads although labor costs can change depending on other factors in your area. Labor costs usually won’t be too volatile. If you’re looking to replace your brake pads yourself, parts typically range from $50 – $100 per brake pad. You can order your Hyundai Elantra brake pads online or give us a call during business hours to get pricing and availability.

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