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How Much Is It To Wrap Your Car

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How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Car?

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Location And Climatic Factors

Location plays a significant role as far as the cost of a car wrap is concerned. If you live in a colder climate, the car wrap installation will cost more as it will take longer for the heat to set in and the wrap to heal. If you live in a warmer climate, the car wrap will be cheaper because the temperature will keep the heat in longer.

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Is It Cheaper To Wrap Or Paint A Car In The Uk

Not only is it cheaper to wrap a car than respraying all the paintwork, but it takes less time. Technicians only need a few days to fully wrap a car. Compared to the weeks minimum needed for a full respray, thats probably more convenient.

However, car wraps have their drawbacks. Like paint, they wont fix dents and minor scratches, so these will need remedying before the wrap is applied. But unlike paint, car wraps are more temporary. While the newer materials are more durable, they arent as permanent as a paint respray.

What Is A Car Wrap

How much vinyl to wrap a car

Wrapping a car consists of covering it with a thin vinyl layer. It was first used as a way for companies to advertise their goods and services. However, over the last decade, it has become popular as a means of personalizing exterior aesthetics.

There are several different types of car wraps, including vinyl, vinyl gloss, chrome, matte, and carbon fiber. Each has its own unique look and price point, allowing you to choose which best fits your style and budget.

Regardless, wrapping a car is a great way to revamp its styling for a fraction of the cost of a paint job. However, while there are many benefits, there are also several negatives.

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Which Parts Of Your Vehicle Can Be Wrapped

Most of your vehicle parts can be wrapped in one form or another.

But if were talking parts or sections, you can get the bonnet, boot, roof and all other painted panels of your car wrapped in high-quality vinyl.

Here at Complete Film Solutions, we only use 3M vehicle wrap because it is produced by an internationally acclaimed, trusted and well-known brand. As a 3M Platinum Partner, weve also been using 3M vinyl for years and are familiar with its key attributes of being durable, aesthetically pleasing and superior in all quality aspects.

Good-quality car wraps can last for five to nine years. Due to the quality of 3Ms vehicle wrapping range, if your vehicle is securely garaged, protected from the elements and regularly washed, you can expect many years of longevity from this product on your car.

The Size Of The Vehicle

Pricing also depends upon the size of your vehicle – the bigger the size, the more material required leading to increase in cost. Needless to say, a truck is going to cost more than a car and, on the contrary, a bike will cost far less. If you have a compact car, the installation of the wrap may cost around $2000, a family sedan may start from $3000, an SUV may start from $4000, and wrapping a luxury sports car may range from $4000 to $6000. Furthermore, it is not only the size but also the make and model of your vehicle that matters. Vehicles that boast of complex body shapes cost more when wrapped. Complex curves are difficult to wrap and require expertise. Hence, a flat surface, say of a large van, is a much different and easier application than an exquisite car with jagged edges and intricate curves. Same goes for the spoiler and bumper of a car.

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How To Vinyl Wrap A Car

Whether youre wondering how to wrap a car yourself or wondering what the mechanic is doing to your car while they have it, this section explains what goes on when vinyl is applied.

There are two ways to wrap a car. These are known as the dry wrap method and the wet wrap method. The first is more likely to be used by professional technicians and experienced DIY workers, whereas the latter is better for beginners.

Lets look at how both of these work.

Legitimate Car Wrap Advertising Companies

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car? (Things You’ll Need!)


A company founded in 2015 to connect brands with drivers willing to market their products or services through placing ads on their cars.

Wrapify more than 250,000 drivers in their team managed from 6 locations: San Diego, Los Angeles, Sanfrancisco, Philadelphia, New York and Chicago.

You can easily become a driver in this company in three simple steps

  • One, download the IOS or Android app and sign up.
  • Two, fill your profile and apply to available car wrap offers.
  • Three, get approved to offers, drive your car then get paid.

Remember, you must qualify for the following driver qualifications before you can become a Wrapify driver.

  • Age: be at least 21 years or older
  • Car model: from a 2010 or newer version
  • Miles: Be also to complete at least 50 miles a day
  • Assessment: Pass the background check and other forms of assessments involved.

They offer four sizes of advertising options to choose from: Light, partial, full and topper wrap. Sticker and decal are the main types of advertising modes you shall get in this company.

According to their website, your earning potential will be between $300 to $500 per month.


Carvertise has been on the wrapping business since 2012 after a 21-year-old college student, Mac Macleod, identified the opportunity through a red bull track he use to watch drop products near his favorite local restaurant.

Review the following driver application requirements to determine if you qualify to get your car wrapped by this company.

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True Cost To Wrap A Vehicle

If you want to boost your cars appearance while also introducing a layer of protection against the elements, then you should consider wrapping your vehicle. In most instances, it is less expensive and often a less labor and time-intensive process relative to painting. So how much should you expect to spend to wrap a vehicle?

It costs $1,800 to $5000 to wrap a vehicle. This cost will depend on various factors, including the car model and size, upgrades, the vehicles condition, your preferred vinyl color and finish, and your state.

This article will discuss some of the vital questions related to wrapping a vehicle, including the costs associated with wrapping different car types and the average price you can expect to get from the top car wrapping states in the United States.

What Are The Available Car Wrap Colors

If you can imagine a color, the odds are its available as a car wrap. At most, automakers offer 10 or 12 stock colors for a new vehicle. Some models have much fewer than that. Vinyl car wraps, on the other hand, come in hundreds of colors and finishes. They range from ordinary colors like black and white to intense hues like pink, orange, and purple.

Maybe you want some colorful camouflage or a series of stripes. How about polka dots? Not only do vinyl wraps come in a wide range of colors, but wrap manufacturers can supply just about any design you can dream up.

If you cant decide on a color, pick a color-shifting wrap to be surprised by the shade each and every time you approach your car.

Available colors are constantly evolving and changing. There is always something new.

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Cost To Wrap A Car Our Price Guide

We asked eight car wrapping firms for a price to wrap a Ford Focus 2016 and a BMW 4 series coupe in solid standard colours.

Here are the details for the Focus:

  • Ford Focus Zetec 2016 model.
  • Existing colour is black.
  • Required colour is solid red.
  • The existing paintwork is in good condition, no repairs are required.

And for the BMW:

The car wrapping prices displayed above were last updated in 2019.

We hope you found this information insightful.

We did see some big differences in prices from the firms we contacted, so its always worth shopping around and getting lots of wrapping prices, we suggest three at a minimum.

How To Spot A Car Wrap Scam

How Much Does a Wrap Cost for a Car 2021

You can spot a car wrap scam if the car wrap company charges you a fee, asks you to deposit an urgent check, or asks you to wire money. Legitimate car wrap companies should be listed on the Better Business Bureaus website and should require a drivers license and insurance. Always check the car wrap companies website and see if they have a working customer service number.

Scammers are everywhere and car wrap scams are no different.

One person almost lost $4,000 from a scammer. The fake company sent them a check for $4,000 and asked them to deposit the check and then send $3,700 to another company. The check would have bounced once they sent money to the fake company.

So how can you avoid a car wrap scam like this one?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, dont deposit any urgent checks and wire money to anyone. Legitimate car wrap companies will pay a car wrapping vendor directly. A legitimate company would only send you money that youve earned and should not charge you a fee.

Car wrap companies should check to see if you have a valid drivers license and insurance. You should also be able to find a customer service number.

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How Do I Report My Loved Ones Passing To Social Security

Funeral directors typically complete and submit Form SSA-721 as part of their basic services. Still, its your responsibility as the primary caretaker or representative payee to make sure the Social Security Administration is aware of your loved ones death.

Its a good idea to follow up with the SSA even if you submit your loved ones social security information to the funeral director. There are two ways to do this:

  • The SSAs survivor benefits line is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Call 1 772-1213 .

  • Contact your local Social Security office: If the line is busy or you have specific questions, contact your local Social Security office. The online Social Security Office Locator tool makes this process easy. Enter your zip code in the search bar and click the locate button.

Is Buffing Your Car Worth It

How concerned you are about the condition of your vehicle and the paint job on it is the most important factor in determining whether or not it is worth it. If you are truly serious about ensuring that your vehicle always looks as good as it possibly can, then buffing is something that you will find to be worthwhile.

The process of buffing has several positive effects on the paint of your vehicle. It can eliminate blemishes as little as a scratch and as severe as the damage caused by a minor collision. Polishing may restore the like-new appearance of paint that has faded over time. In addition to this, using it on your vehicles paint after it has been subjected to the weather may make it seem as if it were freshly painted, saving you the cost of having the vehicle repainted.

You will not only be able to keep the value of your vehicle if you have it polished and buffed, but you will also have a vehicle that looks fantastic as a result. You will be able to increase the worth of your vehicle by repairing any superficial blemishes and bringing the paint back to its original state if it has faded. Your vehicles market value might drop significantly if it has problems such as corrosion, scratches on the paint, or any number of other flaws.

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Can You Save Money By Wrapping A Car At Home

There is a fine line between can and should. Theoretically speaking, sure you can save some money by trying to install vinyl on your own. But, unless youve done this before or are completely confident in your DIY abilities, youll likely spend more money on buying additional supplies to reapply the wrap.

Vinyl Wrapping A Car In Black

Cost To Wrap A Car Yourself-DIY Exterior Car Mod

Over recent years vinyl car wraps have become increasingly popular. They offer a cost-effective way to change the look of your car and turn it into a moving billboard.

For businesses, they can be an excellent form of marketing for individuals, they allow you to express your personality through your car. But several variables go into the costs of a vinyl car wrap.

If you want a black or matte black wrap, you may think the price will be on the lower end because it’s a single color. However, the cost of black car wraps can range from $500-$3,000.

So, why the broad price range? Let’s explore the factors that will affect how much you pay for your new black car wrap.

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Summary: How To Wrap Your Car For Money

There are three main companies who will pay you to wrap your car. Carvertise, Free Car Media, and Wrapify are all legitimate car wrap companies who actually pay. You can expect to earn between $100 and $300 per month driving with a car wrap. Driving for Uber or Lyft while advertising can help you earn more money.

Other car wrap companies include Referral Cars, StickerRide, Car-Bucks, and Nickelytics.

Car wrapping is considered safe for your vehicle when installed by a professional. You can wrap your car if it has dents, scratches, or other imperfections. However, its usually best to fix the imperfections before wrapping your car.

Be cautious of car wrap scams. Keep yourself safe by never depositing a suspicious large check. If youre asked to wire money its a scam. Legitimate car wrap companies will pay the wrap vendor directly.

You can check if a company is legitimate by doing a Google search for the car wrap company + better business bureau. Check for accreditation, the companies rating, and reviews.

So what are your thoughts? Is advertising a good way to make money? Are you wanting to wrap your car for some extra cash? Or do you make money another way?

Quantity Of Wrap Required According To The Type Of Vehicle

The quantity of vinyl wrap that a vehicle may need depends on its size and make. According to a rough approximation compact cars require 15-17 meters mid-size cars require 18-20 meters, and full-size cars, small SUVs and small vans need 20-23 meters. Keeping in mind your vehicle, you can gauge how much vinyl you need from the list below:

  • Sedan: 16-18 meters.
17-18 meters

The condition of the vehicle that is to be wrapped also plays a crucial role in the cost analysis of a vinyl wrap. A vehicle has to be prepared and made ideal for wrapping. It has to be clean and smooth before the process. There should be no dirt or contaminants on its surface. For this, a power wash may also be needed. One has to take into account the scratches and damage its original paint has as this might affect the smoothness of the wrap. Hence preparing the car for wrapping, which also includes removing its bumpers, headlights, taillights, accessories and trims, adds to the cost of installation. This is an important step that makes it easy to wrap the vinyl around edges and into the car’s crevasses.

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Which Car Wrap Is Best

Top brand names that have been around for years and offer the best car wrap vinyl include: 3M, Avery, Oracal and Arlon. Just like everything else, with car wraps you truly get what you pay for. If you care about quality and longivity of the wrap then you want to make sure that wrap shop is using a high quality vinyl.

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