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How To Track Car Location

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Low Cost And Easy Installation

How to Track Your Car Realtime

GPS trackers for cars can also be extremely cost-effective. Also, the installation of this device is simple. By tracking your car, you will also be able to calculate fuel consumption and keep a close eye on how many miles it has traveled in a specific time.

Furthermore, by having all the related data on one screen, you will be able to access answers to your questions correctly and speedily.

How To Track A Car With Gps For Free

It is not just an assumption. Yes, there are elegant and expensive four-wheel rides, which are just as expensive as they are classy. These grades of vehicular beauties often have inbuilt GPS technology, amongst other safety-related peripherals and features. Why else would it be all that expensive? I mean, no one would want to lose their money in the form of a poorly secured car. But how about cars that do not come with this feature? We have to improvise with the available resources at hand. In this case, our smartphones will do the job just perfectly. However, you might most likely need a personal computer or another device with internet access to be able to locate the car in real-time.

We will be looking at how to track a car with GPS for free by making use of a mobile app from SpySat. Follow these steps to track your car.

1. First of all, you need to go to the google play store to download the car tracking application called SpySat from

2. After downloading the app and installing it on your Android phone, you need to open an account on to be able to continue using the app for tracking

3. On the spysat page, click on the spysat logo to direct you to the main login page, then click on “New Account” to sign up as a new user.

4. In the sign-up page, type in your desired login details and credentials, then click on “Create Account” to successfully complete your sign-up.

Best Gps Technology To Locate A Vehicle

Before you begin researching realtime GPS trackers to secretly track someones car there are a few additional things you should know. First of all, any car GPS tracker that transmits live locations will require monthly fees for the cellular connectivity and transmission of data. Each data plan price will depend on how fast it is sending information from the device in your car to off-site servers that allow you to locate a vehicle from tracking apps. The average data plan cost is $24.95.

If you want a GPS device with no monthly fees there is another option of a GPS vehicle tracker in the form of a data logger. GPS data loggers simply store data such as addresses arrived and addresses departed onto the internal memory of the car tracking system. GPS loggers track every single second and will work anywhere in the world, but the locator tracking technology is not real time! That means you cannot use an Android phone or mobile device to track a car when it is moving. In order to review the tracking and monitoring information, you would need to remove the logger from the automobile and download the travel history. Special features of GPS loggers include no SIM card which means the tracking systems can not be identified with a bug detector, unlike realtime GPS tracking devices.

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Vehicle Obd Tracking Systems

Vehicle OBD tracking systems make use of OBD GPS trackers that plug into the onboard diagnostic port of light, medium, or heavy-duty vehicle. A cellular OBD GPS tracker directly communicates with the cell tower for sending the location and other vehicle performance data to the server over the cellular wireless network. Usually, the tracker device draws power from the OBD port itself and contains a built-in antenna along with a GPS module for receiving the GPS signal. In addition, OBD trackers communicate with the different vehicle subsystems for receiving vehicle diagnostic and fuel consumption related data. Users can view the information using standalone software or web browser from a desktop/laptop computer or using smartphone apps.

How Does Gps Tracking Work

How To Track a Car Location With or Without GPS

GPS tracking uses a network of satellites to determine the location of a device designed for that purpose. The basic idea is that a GPS tracker uses trilateration to determine its physical location based on its distance from three GPS satellites. This is the same technology used by a portable or in-car navigation system.

The difference between a GPS tracker and a car navigation system is that the navigation system provides you with your location and driving directions. In contrast, a tracker either keeps a record of your driving habits or broadcasts its location in real time.

When a GPS tracker for a car can broadcast its location, it typically uses the same technology that your cellphone does to make calls or connect to the internet. Therefore, some GPS car trackers require a monthly subscription fee.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Gps For Seniors

Like all modern technology, older GPS trackers have both advantages and disadvantages. The greatest benefit of these technological aids is that they enable older people to continue to lead more independent lives, while also providing caregivers with peace of mind as they can find their elderly loved ones as they wander or wander.

Track Your Location Without Using Gps

Hi,We all need a tracking device at some point to keep a track on our friends, family or our belongings etc. but not all of us can afford the cost of a GPS device.So, i decided to find on the internet if there is a way one can track his/her location using the common cellphone . And, to my surprise there is a unique way to keep track of ones location using this method.You might be knowing about Google maps for mobile by now. Google maps comes with my location feature that tells your approximate location without using GPS. Cool…! Isn’t it….? But we cannot use this feature remotely to locate the device…. huh!So, what is the technology that google uses to track the device and how can we use it to track it remotely???To know more about it… lets get started!

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How To Track A Car By Famisafe Location Tracker

FamiSafe is one of the best tracking apps that you can possibly come across. It is a program with a whole lot of amazingly efficient features that help to facilitate effective monitoring with the least effort. Its programming was done in detail, so it can be used by the least geeky enhanced by the beautiful yet user-friendly interface. What more can one ask from a tracking program?

How Often Does The Battery Need To Be Recharged

How To Remotely Track your Car Speed, Location, Health with Rollr Mini

For most models, when used with their default settings, the battery lasts for up to 14 days. This typically includes 60-second update intervals more frequent updates will shorten battery life. Thats why having the capability to send a low-battery alert to your app is handy. In some trackers, you can get longer battery life by using cases with larger batteries.

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Gps Vehicle Tracker Evertrack

If you are looking for the best vehicle tracking apps for Android, designed for Fleet Management and Workforce Tracking, EverTrack is the best option for you. With this stunning app, you can track the location of your stuffed vehicle and the real-time of its arrival. Tracking family members is also possible for this app.

Important Features

A worldwide tracking system is available in this app. To activate the tracking system, you have to ensure the connection of a smartphone inside the vehicle. Easy to use and optimized for speed. Designed for Fleet Management and Workforce Tracking. Includes an option for mileage tracking. Capable of tracking nearest places like hospitals, schools, universities, feeling stations, bus stops, restaurants, and so on.

How To Track A Car Location With A Gps Device

By Hiker

Cars are considered to be one of mankinds greatest inventions, but it is also the most expensive and most difficult to maintain because of the repairs that are often associated with it. It just goes to show that knowing how to track a car location becomes an important skill set for everyone to learn.

Its easier to do this nowadays with mobile apps and GPS devices that are available for download and use anytime. Unlike before where you had to go around town using another persons car and try to espy your car from a distance, without assurance if the one you are looking at is actually your car.

Sometimes this method works, but it mostly fails because theres a good chance that your car has already been stolen, or it has already been taken to the junkyard and squared into smaller cubes for recycling. However, this was before GPS was introduced as a safety device for automobiles, and car manufacturers loved it.

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Spyic The Hidden Ninja App That Keeps An Eye On The Target 247

You might never have heard of Spyic before. However, today you are going to be glad that you found out about Spyic from me.

Spyic is a phone monitoring app that is used by millions of people all over the world. It has a lot of features that provide you with every bit of data on the target phone constantly.

It is a web-based service that constantly keeps a watch on the target user and his cellphone activity. Not only you will know where the person is, but Spyic will also give you so many other valuable data.

If you want to monitor your child, Spyic will let you know if your kid is safe from online predators and other negative elements of society. If you want to monitor your significant other, Spyic will reveal to you if they are cheating for you.

And the best part? You dont have to root or jailbreak the target device in order for Spyic to monitor it. This is a very unique feature and I didnt find it in any of its competitors.

Spyic is more or less like your best friend in any scenario. Here is an idea of what it has to offer.

How To Track A Car Location With Or Without Gps

Car Tracking system, brings the latest Tech. in Vehicle ...

You find yourself looking for your car in a wide-open parkinglot full of vehicles, after a big concert, perhaps. There are no markings orsigns you can use to remember where you parked your car. So, you keep onstaring at the never-ending car meadow, wondering why life is so difficult sometimes. Knowing how to track a car locationdefinitely seems like an underestimated skill, right?

Losing your car at a parking lot might be annoying, but thereare other reasons car-tracking systems are a necessity. The most severe amongthem is, obviously, car theft.

Almost 800,000 vehicles are stolen annually in the US. In 2018 alone, $6 million was lost to car theft. But whats even more worrying is that these numbers illustrate a stable trend that spans almost a decade.


  • Final Thoughts
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    The Basics: How The Gps Works

    A GPS car tracker makes use of the global positioning system, which is a network of satellites that surround the earth, along with ground stations. The system makes it possible to track the location of your vehicle on earth, as long as it features a GPS transmitter. Its similar to how your phone is able to tell where you are, since it can connect to GPS. The system is able to determine whether you are stationary or you are in motion.

    When you are using a GPS car tracker, it will provide you with the ability to track your vehicle in near real-time. The system will update every 30 seconds, so you will always know right where your vehicle is and whether it is somewhere that it should not be. If someone were to steal your car, you would be able to find out where they are and let the police know. This would make it more likely that they will be able to retrieve your vehicle in less time.

    Option 3 Mixed Solution

    There is also the third option which combines the advantages of the two methods listed above. In this scenario we are combining the active GPS tracking of the device and spysat server as hosting with the stationary points mapping method and text recognition of the licence plate number

    If the active tracker device fails for example lost GPS signal we still will be able to track it using the stationary points of CCTV.

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    Can You Track Your Own Car If Its Been Stolen

    Right now, the best technology for tracking your car is called LowStar. Not only does this GPS tracking device allow law enforcement to accurately locate your vehicle, it can let you track the car yourself with your smartphone!

    LowStar works intuitively, revealing the vehicles location on a map, and continuously updating its movements. You will still want to contact law enforcement, and still need to make a stolen vehicle report, but with this newer technology in your pocket, youll be able to specifically let the police know where your ride is, and where its going. Doing so will significantly speed up the recovery and return of your car, mitigating your need for alternative transportation, and in many cases letting you avoid that whole deductible question altogether.

    What Are The Best Cars For Winter Weather

    How To Track Someone’s Car In 3 Easy Steps (GPS Tracker For Cheating Spouse)

    These are the 21 best cars to drive in winter. Best Economy Car: Subaru Impreza Best Family Sedan: Subaru Legacy Best: Compact Luxury Sedan: Audi A4 Quattro Best: Midsize Luxury Sedan: Acura TLX ASPEC SHAWD Best Large Luxury Sedan: Volvo S90 AWD Best Truck: Subaru Outback Best Luxury Car: Audi Allroad Best Sports Car: Porsche 911 Carrera 4.

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    How Does Gps Work

    GPS, or Global Positioning System, utilizes a network of satellites, both military and civilian, that are currently orbiting the planet to determine or triangulate the approximate location of a device that was designed to receive and transmit the same frequency. The principle here is calculating the distance that a signal travels from the source to at least three orbiting satellites and back.

    This method provides an almost pinpoint accuracy with regards to the location of the GPS device as compared to other locating technologies. GPS has found its way into devices like mobile phones, sports trackers, and geolocators, as well as mapping applications and traffic navigation devices and software.

    What Is The Best Vehicle Tracking Device For Cheating Spouse

    SpaceHawk is a small, waterproof real-time GPS vehicle tracker with a surface magnet, allowing you to quickly and discreetly mount a tracking device under any vehicle. Popular with private investigators, SpaceHawk is by far the best technology on the market for snatching the wrong partner without their knowledge.

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    Tracking And Streaming Real

    Free up to 1MM monthly messages. No credit card required.

    With any connected car, navigation, or tracking and dispatch application, the real-time monitoring of vehicle location is key. You want to see where that vehicle is, and want to see that vehicle move across a map as it is in real life.

    The real-time vehicle tracking and movement is possible because of real-time data streams. Connected applications are streaming location data in JSON, and that JSON message is parsed and displayed on the map. For the most accurate tracking applications, new location data is sent every second, creating a smooth movement on the map.

    In this blog post, well look at how to stream and visualize real-time vehicle location data on a live-updating map using the EON JavaScript framework and the Mapbox API.

    Dealing with maps can be a pain, especially when you add animations and real-time data. But using EON and Mapbox, this tutorial will provide an easy to use, animated, real-time solution for tracking connected devices and users on a map.

    Benefits Of Knowing Track A Car With Gps For Free

    24 best images about Vehicle Tracking System on Pinterest

    With so many activities on major United State roads and the increasing crime level in especially in the big cities, you can easily forget the exact location you parked your car. With the advancement in modern technology in the current age, most cars have been fitted with modern remotes with wireless Bluetooth connections to help you to easily locate the position of the car by making a certain sound to alert you to the position of the car.

    This is helpful only at the limited area of coverage so in case the car is stolen you will need a GPRS to relocate the exact position of the car at an unlimited area of coverage. Most of the GPS locators have the same working algorithm. This means the car, personal GPS locator, or cell phone have almost the same working principles only with some minor modifications. Many satellites have been laughed to revolve around the earths orbit and these GPS locator devices rely on the network of various satellites to locate the exert position of the car.

    The GPS locator plots the point of the best line fit. This is after about three satellites send simultaneously exert longitude and latitude where the car is at a given time. Since these satellites send the data simultaneously to the same GPS location then the direction and the speed at which the car is moving can easily be identified from the longitudes and the latitude variation with a given time.

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