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Is The Chevy Spark An Electric Car

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Engine Transmission And Performance

Chevrolet Spark EV first drive | Consumer Reports

Every Spark has a feeble four-cylinder engine that drives the front wheels through either a five-speed manual or continuously variable automatic transmission . Thankfully, the gearless automatic manages power well without droning engine noise. While the version we tested was responsive at low speeds around town, be prepared to wait as it moseys up to higher speeds. This diminutive hatchback is definitely not designed for long road trips, but it’s effective and quiet in the city. The Spark is easy to thread through slow-moving traffic, with quick lateral movements and stable motions. Its short wheelbase aids maneuverability in tight spaces without compromising ride quality. Still, the Chevy was bouncy on uneven surfaces, and the harshest bumps were barely isolated. However, rattles and road noise were more subdued than in rival economy cars. The Spark’s steering felt direct and communicated the road surface to the driver’s hand. It was also relaxed at highway speeds and made changing lanes easy without feeling twitchy. The firm brake pedal had strong responses that helped scrub speed quickly and consistently.

Chevrolet Spark Ev Review: Chevy’s Powerful Ev Features Useful Siri Eyes Free

While reviewing the 2013 Chevy Spark, I drove the 85 miles from San Francisco to Sacramento to test the freeway-worthiness of its little 1.25-liter engine. Driving the 2014 Chevy Spark EV, with its EPA-rated 82-mile range, I couldn’t pull off that long of a trip.

The Good

The Bad

The Bottom Line

As a subcompact, the Spark makes a good package for GM’s first pure-electric car since the EV1, and it has the right model name for an electric. However, its performance specs are on par with the majority of current electric vehicles, making it suitable only as an urban or suburban runabout.

Just over 12 feet long, this little car felt surprisingly roomy from the front seats, and it even has a set of rear doors. Finding the handles for those doors might prove troublesome, as the black plastic to the rear of the side window disguises them. Chevy cleverly embeds plastic cup holders between the rear seats, an unsubtle hint that the Spark EV can lug four, not five, well-fed passengers around town.

Spark Ev Beats Nissan Leaf In Total Range

For fully-electric cars, range is everything. Just as fuel efficiency is important for subcompact cars, like the original Chevy Spark, buyers want an electric car that can go the furthest on a single charge.

In a test by popular electric car blog, InsideEVs, a tester was sent on an 80-mile loop through San Diego while traveling an average of 62 miles per hour. According to EPA estimates, the Nissan Leaf has a range of about 75 miles, while the Chevy Spark EV has a range of 82 miles.

After completing the test and going through some complicated calculations, InsideEVs determined that the Spark EV actually has a range somewhere around 97.8 miles. The Leaf was tested with two vehicles, a 2012 model and a 2013 model. The 2012 Leaf’s calculated range was 88.7 miles, while the newer 2013 model dropped to 81.7 miles.

Overall, it’s clear that the EPA estimates are fairly low and the Spark EV has a good range advantage over the Nissan Leaf.

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Thankfully A Porsche Taycan Arrives To Liven Up The Party

Let’s face the facts. Life can’t always be filled with excitement and yes, that even translates to the world of drag racing. Some say electric cars are soulless and boring, and while we strongly disagree with that assessment given the capabilities of machines like the Porsche Taycan or Rimac Nevera, we suspect most EV naysayers envision vehicles like the two featured here in their criticisms of an electric future.

What are these two vehicles? First up is a 2016 Nissan Leaf, a perfectly fine machine as vehicles go though admittedly, not designed to set the streets ablaze. In 2016, this small electric car churned out 107 horsepower and if you were careful in using that power, you’d get around 100 miles on a single charge.

save over $3,400 on average off MSRP* on a new Chevrolet Spark

The other car is a 2017 Chevrolet Spark EV, which is also most uninteresting save for one critical factor. When new, its electric powertrain generated 140 hp but a back-slapping 400 pound-feet of torque. It may look goofy, but the Spark has guts.

Electric Versus Internal Combustion:

We’ll let the video reveal which car is faster, but we will say this. A Porsche Taycan 4S shows up towards the end to remind us that an electrified future in the automotive realm absolutely won’t be slow.

New Chevrolet Spark Ev 2020 Bev

2016 Chevrolet Spark EV

Content Directory

Therefore, the electric car New Chevrolet Spark EV 2020 BEV can not be viewed from the point of view of a new car, but rather as one of the versions of the model that has adopted an environmentally friendly power plant.

See other amazing releases of the year 2020!

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The Level Of Finish And Equipment New Chevrolet Spark Ev 2020 Bev

Finishing the New Chevrolet Spark EV 2020 BEV is American practical, but very far from ideal. The plastic used in the car is hard and not too pleasant to the touch. Fitting parts are not of the highest quality, little attention has been paid to minor details. The vehicle equipment level can be assessed as average minimum, the New Chevrolet Spark EV 2020 BEV offers very few technological options, with the exception of the touchscreen display on the center console, with an intuitive menu and the ability to integrate applications from a smartphone. The rest of the car is available standard set of options, including power, climate and multimedia system.

Between The Two Go With The Spark

No matter what youre looking for in an electric vehicle, these are two excellent choices. Each represents an exceptionally modern look at the electric vehicle and its place in the regular consumer market.

For your money, we recommend the Chevy Spark EV. While still boasting a comparable electric range to the Leaf and most of the same amenities, the Chevy offers better performance and more complete tech services. While the Leaf is slightly larger and requires less time to charge, we dont think that makes it totally worth its $29,100 MSRP at least, not over the $18,495 MSRP Spark EV. For your money, the Spark just seems like a better bet.

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Gm Officially Kills The Chevy Spark Ev Compliance Car In Favor Of Bolt Ev

When GM first introduced the Chevy Bolt EV, the automaker said that they didnt plan for the all-electric car to replace the Chevy Spark EV, but things have changed. Now two years later and after the Bolt has hit a few markets, the company confirmed that its first all-electric vehicle program in a decade is now dead.

The automaker quietly stopped production last summer and has been liquidating the remaining inventory since. Chevrolet spokesman Fred Ligouri confirmed the news to Detroit News yesterday.

The Spark EV like GMs previous all-electric vehicle, the EV1 was a compliance car. It was almost impossible to get the vehicle outside of states with zero-emission vehicle mandates.

It is expected to be the same for the Bolt EV for a while at least since the deliveries are currently limited to Oregon and California in the states. It will be limited to states with zero-emission vehicle mandates until the second half of the year at least.

Chevy sold about 7,400 Spark EVs since its introduction in 2013 and that was mostly in California and Oregon. Some people were able to export it to other states and countries, but only in very limited quantities.

For what it was, the Spark EV was a decent vehicle in its electric segment. At $26,000 and with 82 miles of range, it was significantly cheaper than the Nissan LEAF or BMW i3, but also significantly smaller.

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Total Connectivity From Anywhere

Chevrolet Spark EV The only Hot Hatch Electric car ?!

Perhaps most impressive about these electric vehicles, at least tech-wise anyway, are their respective mobile connectivity apps, which allow drivers to connect with their vehicles through smartphone apps. For Chevy its the OnStar RemoteLink app, while for Nissan its the NissanConnect EV smartphone app.

Both of these apps offer a variety of remote features from remote key fob and starter service to updates on vehicle condition, charge level, navigation updates, climate control, and emergency signaling from the convenience of wherever your phone can connect to the internet. The fact that each of these vehicles feature this technology could signal that drivers can expect this kind of connectivity from all car makers in the near future.

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Consumer Reports: Chevy Spark Gas Vs Chevy Spark Ev

This article originally published on Gas2

Since the demise of the EV1, General Motors has stayed away from pure electric cars. The Chevy Spark EV is its first attempt at a battery electric vehicle in about a decade, and once again GM has built an EV worth owning. In fact Consumer Reports even prefers the all-electric Spark to the gas-powered version GM also sells.

What Consumer Reports loves the most about the Chevy Spark EV is the 400 ft-lbs of torque, which makes the little electric car quite fun to drive. Unlike the gas-powered version, which has just 84 horsepower and 83 ft-lbs of torque from a 1.2 liter engine, the Spark EV has more get-up-and-go. Consumer Reports also notes that the Spark EV is a lot quieter than the normal Spark, another benefit.

Priced at just $27,495 the Spark EV is also surprisingly affordable, and can be had for well under $20,000 with applicable state and Federal tax rebates. A full charge is typically good for up to 82 miles of driving, though the lack of an onboard charging system means the Spark can take 7 hours or more to recharge.

With rising EV sales and more affordable options than ever, are electric cars finally coming into their own?

The Spark Ev Was Quicker Than Its Gas

With all of that torque, you would expect the Spark EV to be pretty quick, and it was. According to Car and Drivers testing, the electric-powered Spark was able to get from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.9 seconds. That was almost four seconds quicker than its gas-powered counterpart and pretty good considering the car weighed about 3,000 pounds. The gas-only Spark weighed around 600 pounds less.

Like most electric cars, the Spark EVs battery sits low in the chassis, under the rear-seat area. The placement makes for a lower center of gravity in addition to better weight distribution, giving the Spark EV a near 50/50 front and rear balance. That doesnt necessarily mean that it could handle like a sports car, however, Car and Driver did note that it was fun to drive around town, and speeding up for yellow lights was downright effortless.

As far as the cars range, the Spark EV is rated for up to 82 miles and it can be recharged with a 240-volt charger in just seven hours. For those without a 240-volt outlet, the Spark EV could be recharged using a normal 110-volt plug, but that process can take as long as 20 hours, according to Edmunds.

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It Recently Received A Big Price Cut

In April 2015, GM discounted the Spark EV by $1,650 to a low price of $25,995. On top of this, the company is offering one of the most affordable leases available today: $139 per month with zero down. Try finding that on any other vehicle!

If you decide to buy the Spark EV, Chevy will also give you bonus cash as an extra incentive. In California, you’ll receive $1,000 Maryland you’ll get $1,200 and Oregon you can get $3,500. That’s pretty crazy!

This is before the state and federal-level tax credits, which can total up to $10,000, making the price of the Spark EV just under $15,000 overall. For comparison, the Nissan Leaf starts at $29,010 before it gets the same incentives. Yet we know the Spark EV has a longer range, so what’s with the $3,000 price difference.

Another Spark EV competitor, the Fiat 500e, actually starts at $33,200, meaning it costs $7,000 more. The kicker? It’s just as efficient as the Spark EV.

Fuel Economy And Real

2016 Chevrolet Spark EV MPG, Price, Reviews &  Photos ...

Despite its teensy size and teeny engine, the Spark doesn’t earn fantastic fuel-economy ratings. In city driving, it’s rated at 29 mpg with the manual transmission and 30 with the automatic. Highway estimates are 37 mpg on Activ models and 38 on the others. These figures are outdone by the Mitsubishi Mirage’s rating of up to 36 mpg city and 43 highway. The automatic Spark LT we ran on our 75-mph highway fuel-economy route, which is part of our extensive testing regimen, returned 37 mpg. For more information about the Spark’s fuel economy, visit the EPA’s website.

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Awesome Facts About The Chevy Spark Ev

What would you say if I told you that Chevrolet already had a fully-electric car on the market? No, not the upcoming Bolt that you’ve probably been seeing in the news recently, but one that’s been around for about two years now.

If you’ve been browsing cars at a Miami Chevy dealer recently, you probably wouldn’t believe me because you wouldn’t be able to find one on the lot. So what gives? Where is this mythical fully-electric Chevy?

Well the truth is, it’s only available in California, Oregon, and Maryland . It was created in order to meet the California state regulations that only allow auto makers with zero-emission vehicles in their line-up to sell ANY type of vehicle in the state.

And because the demand for fully-electric vehicles is so low as a whole, auto makers like Chevy can’t afford to ramp up production on cars that will more than likely lose money due to the necessary advanced technology and overall low-production volume.

That news might seem bad, but the electric car movement that started in California is slowly spreading nationwide, and as Chevy releases its 200-mile Bolt nationwide during the 2017 model year, there’s bound to be more demand for fully-electric vehicles.

For now, let’s learn more about one of the vehicles that’s working to spread the joy of electric cars: the Chevy Spark EV.

A Little Out Of Its Element

One can not buy a brand-new Chevrolet Spark EV today. It’s a bit of a shame too. When it comes to super-affordable electric city cars in the United States, there is basically only one option: the used market.

It is where I turned to last year when I picked up a Chevy Spark EV of 2015 vintage. It’s worked out very well so far, tripping around town for groceries or other errands. Despite only being rated for 82 miles of range by the EPA, I’ve never come close to running out of juice.

That’s a double-edged sword, however. While I haven’t had to push it or pay a tow truck to carry my car to a plug, I was also unsure how far I can drive it in real life without worrying about the location of the nearest charging station. The EPA number, of course, is only an estimate and real-world range can vary widely depending on speeds, weather, and driving behavior.

So, to get a handle on real-world range performance, we performed our standard InsideEVs 70-mile-per-hour test. With Kyle Conner behind the wheel and the battery filled to 100 percent, we set out for the Interstate highway a mile away to travel west.

More InsideEVs range tests

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Technical Characteristics Of The Electric Car New Chevrolet Spark Ev 2020 Bev

The electric car New Chevrolet Spark EV 2020 BEV is equipped with a 140 hp electric motor, which is powered by a set of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 19 kW h. The power of the motor and batteries allows the car to accelerate to a hundred in 8 seconds, drive at a maximum speed of 135 km / h and drive on a single charge of 132 km. Charging the car can be done from a standard 220V household network and take about 7 hours, as well as from a fast recharging station, which replenishes 80% of the battery charge in 20 minutes.

Little Chevy Spark Ev Packs Big Power

2014 Chevy Spark EV Test Drive & Electric Car Video Review

As I trawled the streets of San Francisco in the Spark EV, two pedestrians asked how I liked it, and one Nissan Leaf owner gave it a long look after he beat me to the last EV charging spot in a parking garage. Considering the public awareness, GM’s marketing for the Spark EV must be working.

Spark versus Spark Replacing the little four-cylinder engine of the standard Spark, a 105-kilowatt electric motor drives the front wheels. It draws power from a 21-kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery pack, of which I could find no intrusion into the cabin space. Although the electric drivetrain adds 600 pounds to the Spark, it didn’t feel like a heavier car from behind the wheel, a testament to artful balancing of the weight between front and rear axles.

Notably, the Spark EV is much more powerful than its gasoline-only counterpart. It may be short on range, but where the gasoline Spark’s engine makes only 84 horsepower, the Spark EV’s motor gives it 140 horsepower. Likewise, torque jumps from a sluggish 83 pound-feet up to a whopping 400 in the Spark EV.

The competing standards for fast charging illustrate the Wild West nature of electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure. The SAE’s Combo standard looks like a more elegant solution, as it merely adds a couple of pins to the existing J1772 port. CHAdeMO has history on its side, and deployment in thousands of Nissan Leafs, but it requires two separate ports on the car.

Tech specs

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