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Should I Buy An Electric Car

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How Much Does The Byd Atto 3 Cost In Australia

Here’s Why I’ll Die Before I Buy an Electric Car

And the first BYD that will land in Australia is the Atto 3, a medium-sized SUV that measures 4455mm long and 1875mm wide. It has room for five on-board, and will come with a starting price of $44,381 before on-road costs . The extended range vehicle starts at $47,981 plus on-road costs.

The final price of the Atto 3 will vary according to the state you’re going to buy and register the vehicle, but this will be one of the lowest-priced electric cars on the Australian market.

And it’s the first of many, according to the BYD importers, EVDirect. There is expected to be a hatchback, large SUV, sedan and van, eventually making their way to Australia.

The car we reviewed is an Australian-delivered right-hand drive model. Instead, we’ve got an evaluation vehicle from BYD. It’s a Chinese market model, complete with Chinese writing, badges and logos.

Plus, it’s left-hand drive. But armed with special permission and a trade plate, we’ve been able to test-drive this 2022 BYD Atto 3 on Aussie roads.

While options will likely be short, we’ve got the extended-range box ticked on this test car. This takes the claimed driving range of the BYD Atto 3 from 320km to 420km, according to WLTP testing. This extended range option, which grows the battery from 50kWh to 60kWh, seems to be a good option for those who want the surety of that extra driving range, at $3000.

Should I Switch To An Ev

If youre after an electric car that can be a straight swap for your gas-guzzling vehicle they do exist, but most are very expensive.

Currently, Tesla are the only manufacturer with a near 400-mile range their Model S Long Range costs from £77,000. While their Long Range Model 3 can drive roughly 350 miles on a single charge and is still expensive at £47,000.

Compare that to an equivalent fossil fuel model like the mid-spec BMW 320d, and youll be looking at just £35,000.

And therein lies the main issue with EVs currently, theyre expensive compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.

There is one alternative thats cut the cost of EV ownership, the £39,000 Hyundai Kona. In terms of the way it drives its just like a Tesla, i.e. you can use the heating or air-con and drive as you usually would without seeing a considerable drop in range as you do in the likes of the Volkswagen eGolf.

So along with Tesla, theres currently one other EV outthere that you can switch to without sacrificing the way you usually use anddrive your car. Alas, neither are cheap.

Renaults ZOE is currently one of the smallest and cheapest electric vehicles on the market, with prices starting at £25,670 and youll get roughly 220 miles to a charge.

Thats approximately the price of a top of the range small hatchback, so more realistic in terms of the purchase price. Comparing it to a regular petrol car of the same size, youre only probably losing about 100-150 miles from a full tank.

Electric Cars Vs Gas Cars: Everything You Need To Know

Electric vehicles provide advantages over gas cars, but there are drawbacks. We look at the pros and cons including price, cost to own, charging, and range.

Whether you are looking for a new vehicle that will be inexpensive to run or you want to reduce your CO2 emissions, you might be looking at an electric car for your next purchase.

Electric vehicles, or EVs, provide many advantages over conventional gasoline cars, but there are some drawbacks as well. Before you take the plunge, here are the things you should know.

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When Does An Ev Make Sense

Currently, EVs only make sense in certain situations, theyre by no means a straight swap alternative for your current fossil-fuelled machine unless you have incredibly deep pockets.

An electric car makes for a great commuter vehicle. If you only travel a few miles to and from work an EV will suit you down to the ground. Youll save a fortune on fuel, and the lower range wont even matter.

In fact, if you commute a total of 30-40 miles a day, youll probably only have to charge up once a week.

If you travel into central London regularly for business, an EV will save you a small fortune when it comes to the congestion and ULEZ charges.

All-electric cars are exempt from the fee, as are all the current PHEVs on the market as they emit less than 75g/km of CO2.

But the rules surround the congestion charge will change come 2025, with hybrids being phased out in the next few years.

With other larger cities looking to introduce congestion charging over the next few years, electric cars make for a strong commuter argument.

It also helps if you have somewhere to charge up at home. On-street parking is a big no-no, you cant trail a lead from your house, across the pavement to your car.

Ideally, you need a driveway or a garage, that way you can have a home charger installed allowing you to plug in whenever youre at home.

Youll also benefit from free parking at a majority of placeswhile youre plugged in and charging.

What About Electric Car Insurance

Electric cars explained  should I buy an EV, and will it save me money?

Electric car insurance is likely to cost a bit more than insuring a petrol car.

This is partly because electric cars are more expensive to buy, that increases the potential pay-out an insurer would need to make if your car was .

They can also require specialist mechanics, and parts can be harder to source.

You should be able to insure your electric car with most motor insurance providers, but you might want to consider a specialist player.

Specialist policies can include electric car specific features, like:

  • Getting you to the nearest charging point if your battery dies.
  • Specific cover for damage to your battery.
  • Cover for things such as the charging cables, boxes and adaptors that are vital when it comes to keeping your electric car on the road.

As with all car insurance, the best thing you can do is shop around for the best deal. And if the environment is front and centre for you, consider looking at eco-friendly insurance options.

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How Will I Charge The Car

For most electric car drivers, the cheapest way to charge is overnight at home. Youll need a home parking space and a charge point for the fastest and safest home charging.

Getting the right electricity tariff is essential and it could save you money on your home electricity use too. Read more about choosing a tariff in our Ultimate guide to electric car tariffs.

Will Electric Cars Get Cheaper

A lot of this is down to market forces. Electric cars are currently expensive to make as they use more advanced technology.

As we approach the end of petrol and diesel and as the market for electric cars expands, manufacturers are keen to attract as much loyalty from early adopters as possible.

As more players join the market and the battery technology becomes more widespread, we should see prices begin to fall.

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Specs To Consider While Buying An Electric Car:

An electric vehicle is a very complicated machine with advanced technology and complex electric drivetrain. It is crucial to understand the basic functionality of an electric car before buying one. In other words, you should go through an electric car buying guide to understand the fundamentals of an EV. Below are the important specs of an EV, which you should consider before buying an electric vehicle:

Hybrid Vs Electric: What Should I Buy

5 Reasons You Should (Not) Buy An Electric Car

There are so many electrified options on the car market this article explains the available options, and helps decide which is right for you. These days, consumers have a lot of options when it comes to electrified transport. Hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric cars are becoming more common, and available from nearly every manufacturer.

You don’t need a degree in electrical engineering to understand the differences between these options, but we can help walk you through them. Buyers looking to reduce their carbon footprint with their next new car purchase should consider any of the three. We have put together a simple explanation below that will help you sort through the options and decide which is best for you.

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Are Electric Cars Automatic

Its technically wrong to call electric cars automatic because that’d suggest they change gear automatically when there arent any gears to change. However, in terms of the driving experience, electric cars feel a lot closer to being an automatic than a manual.

Electric cars have rechargeable batteries that store electricity to power a motor. Electric cars differ from hybrid cars, even though the latter are part-electric.

A hybrid car has a traditional fossil-fuel engine with the electric motor coming into play only when you need extra power. For example, during acceleration.

Most hybrid cars are automatic, but there are some manual hybrid cars. These are called mild hybrids, and they cannot be run solely on electric power. The electric motor complements the petrol engine, boosting the power of the car and/or cutting fuel consumption.

Do They Have The Right Electric Car For Me

The range of EVs on offer has gradually expanded as governments have introduced new deadlines for net zero and manufacturers have developed new dedicated EV platforms.

Consumers can now choose from an array of EVs including small cars, SUVs and sports cars.

If youve got cash to splash, the new Tesla Model S Plaid and Porsche Taycan Turbo S offer great looks, rapid charging, blisteringly fast acceleration and luxurious interiors.

For cheaper EVs and city cars, check out the New Fiat 500 or the Volkswagen e-Up!. Weve also compiled a list of our favourite affordable EVs in our list of cheapest electric cars.

Alternatively, check out our list of the best electric cars for cars of all shapes, sizes, and prices.

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Everything You Need To Know About Electric Cars

Check out all of our latest electric car news here

The EV is also free to tax as things stand and is exempt from things like city Ultra Low Emissions Zones.

But, this is all based on charging your EV at home, which not everybody can do. Relying on public chargers can sometimes work out much more expensive.

EVs are also working out slightly more expensive to insure across the board and are no cheaper to service.

Once again, good petrol cars are readily available at much lower prices, so the total cost of ownership might end up working in the petrol car’s favour even with the much higher fuel cost taken into consideration.

All the above is true if you are buying the car privately, but if you are choosing a company car, the EV wins hands-down every time.

Ev Tax Credit Rules For New Car Buyers

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Electric Car

The act calls for price caps on new vehicles: $55,000 for electric sedans and $80,000 for electric SUVs, vans and trucks.

But thats not the only monetary cap. The EV tax credits would only be available to single tax filers with an adjusted gross income of $150,000 or less. Married couples who file jointly would max out at $300,000 individual filers with head of household status must make $225,000 or less to qualify.

Theres another key stipulation in that legislation: The EVs battery must have been built in North America. Over time, the bill will require a higher percentage of battery components to be sourced from the continent as well, with no Chinese components allowed by the end of 2023.

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Plus: How Evs Work And An Explainer Of The Different Types

Workers assemble electric cars at a Volkswagen factory in Germany.

Electric vehicles used to be a small niche in the automotive world. However, theyve been gradually getting more mainstream in recent years. With more options on the market with more useful ranges and affordable pricing, EVs are quickly becoming practical alternatives to traditional gas-powered cars for a broader range of drivers.

How do electric vehicles work?

The nuts and bolts of an electric vehicle are actually quite simple. An electric car uses an electric motor to turn the wheels, and a lithium-ion battery pack usually feeds it. There are typically two motors in an EV with all-wheel drive one for the front wheels and another for the rear wheels.

EV motors are usually AC synchronous electric motors. A controller delivers power from the battery pack to the motor . The driver uses the accelerator pedal like a traditional gas pedal, but it controls a pair of variable resistors that tell the controller how much power to send to the motor.

Like with any electrical system, the batterys juice is gradually drained as the motor uses energy. Every electric car has some kind of gauge estimating how many miles of range it has left in place of a traditional fuel gauge. When your electric vehicle is in your garage or at a charging station, you need to plug it in to replenish the battery.

Types of EVs
EV range
Pros of an EV
Cons of an EV
Is an EV right for you?

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Porschetaycan 4s Cross Turismo

$93,700 – $187,600
Edmunds Tested RangeEdmunds’ real-world range test measures the distance an electric vehicle can travel on a full charge.More info
250 mi
Edmunds Rating
8.3 out of 10

The Cross Turismo is the wagon-like version of Taycan. It provides more cargo room and passenger space with no perceptible trade-off in the driving experience. With the Cross Turismo, you can get incredible comfort and effortless driving one moment and then, with the twist of a knob, world-beating performance the next.

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How Far Do I Need To Travel

For instance, consider the kind of regular journeys you make. The average UK commute is a round trip of just 20 miles according to the RAC, so most of todays electric cars will handle your weekly commuting on a single charge. But if you drive further, or regularly take long trips, its worth considering a model with a longer range.

What About The Coveted Carpool Lane Sticker

No One is Telling You the Truth About Electric Cars, So I Have To

Electric cars are eligible for special stickers and license plates that allow you to drive in the carpool lane even if you’re by yourself. Each state has different requirements for their stickers and plates. In the case of , driving an EV, FCV, or plug-in hybrid qualifies but standard hybrids don’t. In Arizona, on the other hand, only electric vehicles can get the special plates. New are a little more relaxed because it also includes standard and plug-in hybrids .

In order to get the stickers or plates, you need to apply for one by phone or fill out a form that you send to your state by mail or online. Keep in mind that eligibility guidelines can change, and the HOV lane access usually expires after a few years.

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Could You Really Get A New Ev This Year If You Wanted

Of course, you can still try to buy an electric vehicle now if you think its the right time. But with some models taking several months to be delivered, its possible you might not even drive home in your new EV until after the new year, depending on how fast you move and how quickly your dealer can get your preferred model.

Hybrids may not qualify for tax credits, but they offer some benefits over EVs . Check out our hybrid vs. electric vehicle comparison.

Ready To Make The Switch

With fewer mechanical components than a petrol or diesel car, it should be easier for you to assess the quality of an EV when buying second-hand. They are a great option for a used vehicle, as they are expected to last longer and have lower maintenance costs than petrol or diesel vehicles.

Most manufacturers offer an 8-year or 10-year guarantee on electric cars , which will cover repair or replacement of the battery if its performance falls below a certain level. We now have enough real-world performance data for electric cars to show that they can cover up to 100,000 miles before battery health starts to be affected, and even then, most drivers dont notice the difference.

If youd like to find out more about buying a second-hand EV, visit our advice page.

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What If An Electric Car Doesnt Meet My Needs

It’s understandable you might have some doubts about diving headfirst into this unknown pool of electric cars. But you can alleviate some of those doubts by taking the halfway house approach and instead opting for a hybrid or plug-in hybrid model.

These cars offer some of the benefits of electric car driving, with the option of limited electric-only driving and somewhat reduced running costs, while also maintaining the security of a petrol engine for those times when you really need it.

Should I Buy An Electric Car Facts & Stats To Help You Decide

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Vehicle in 2020

Nick Versaw

Electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace on the road with every passing month. If youre one of the many drivers who asked themselves, Should I buy an electric car?finding the answer can be somewhat daunting.

If youve already started the process of shopping for a new car, you probably already know that buying an electric vehicle has a variety of benefits for your wallet and for the environment. That said, the electric vehicle driving experience is far different from what you might be used to if youve always driven cars with an internal combustion engine.

Ready to put your days of driving a gas car behind you? Read on to learn the benefits of driving an electric vehicle. Well help you discover which EV is right for you, put to rest some troubling myths about EVs, and have you heading out on your next road trip with a full charge!

Compare EVs Near You

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