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Why Buy A New Car

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How To Register A Vehicle Imported From Another Country

Why Not to Buy a New Car

1. Complete an Application for Title or Registration form2. Proof of ownership or bill of sale3. Verification of Vehicle form.4. Lien holder release form, if applicable5. Vehicle Transfer form6. Statement of Facts form7. A smog and weight certificate8. Evidence that the vehicle has cleared customs


  • Nicolesays:2020-02-21T20:06:00

    Of i have my license from Puerto Rico, can i pass a car to my name. Or i need the licence from connecticut?


  • squarryadministrator

    Since Puerto Rico is a United States territory you can transfer a vehicle from Connecticut to Puerto Rico as long as you make sure you have all the required documents listed below. You will just want to confirm all the information with the Puerto Rico DMV before transferring the vehicle title and registration from Connecticut to Puerto Rico.

    How To Determine If A Vehicle Was Stolen

    You can quickly search to find out if a vehicle is stolen by entering the VIN number into the National Insurance Crime Bureau webiste, This is a free VIN search service to assist you with out if a vehicle has been stolen and any reported accidents


  • william jonessays:2020-03-11T14:19:31

    Im Stationed in Korea and brought a us spec car from a Korean Dealer and want to ship it to the states but I need the title. I have the Bill of Sale and registration but I want to take it back with me.


  • squarryadministrator

    William, in order to obtain a title for your foreign car so that you can bring it into the United States and register it here, you will want to contact the DMV in the state you are planning on moving to. They will have a form you can fill out for an Application for Title or Registration . There is also a list of other documents for your vehicle that you may need that we have listed below for you.

    Locating The Vin On The Car

  • 1Check the dashboard. Most VIN plates appear on the lower left-hand side of the dashboard. Sit in the drivers seat and look on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel.XResearch source Alternately, you might be able to see the VIN easier by standing outside the vehicle and looking through the windshield.
  • The VIN should have 17 characters if the car was manufactured after 1981. Vehicles manufactured before that date had VINs from 11 to 17 characters.XResearch source
  • A typical VIN might read 1HGBM22JXMN109186.
  • 2Look in front of the engine block. Pop open the hood and check the front of the engine. Some manufacturers affix a body plate that contains the VIN or a partial VIN . This plate should be attached to the firewall inside the engine compartment.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • 3Check the front of the car frame. Sometimes, the VIN will appear on the car frame, near the windshield washer container. You should crouch down in front of the car on the drivers side and check.XResearch source
  • 4Pick up the spare tire. The VIN sometimes appears underneath the spare tire, which is usually in the trunk.XResearch source Pick up the tire to check.
  • 5Check the driver-side door. The VIN should also appear on the Federal Safety Certification Label which is in all new cars. This label should appear on the drivers side door in the following places:XResearch source
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    Get A Straightforward Loan

    Dont bother with shiny finance agreements that leave you confused and possibly out of pocket. The simplest option is often the best. Some of the more common options are:

    • Secured auto loan . This loan type protects the lender by allowing them to secure the asset, which is done by means of a lien over the car. That means that the lender can repossess your car if you fall behind on payments. This is the simplest loan type and works out cheaper because the lowered risk usually means a lowered interest rate.
    • Unsecured auto loan. This is much like a personal loan and because theres a higher risk for the lender, tends to be a bit more expensive.
    • Lease. This is a no-go for anyone who wants to keep their car for the long haul. A lease might be cheaper on installments, but to own the car at the end of the term, you need to pay a lump sum to assume ownership. This is not for everyone and can be confusing and costly.

    Used Car Vs New Car Reliability

    8 Reasons Why It

    The biggest stigma against buying a used vehicle is the reliability people are afraid that they have no idea what condition the vehicle is really in, and they only find after the fact that its a decrepit piece of junk that needs a lot of costly repairs. While this fear is exaggerated, and the cars on the market are made more reliable than they were a decade or two ago, this does generally hold true: new cars are more reliable than used cars.

    There are two reasons for this: first, engineering continues to evolve and improve so vehicles will not have nearly the same amount of breakdowns or shorter life spans. Second, the biggest issue for reliability is how old the vehicle is, and the older a car is the less reliable it will be.

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    Get A Great Interest Rate

    Before you even head out to the dealership you should know what your credit score is. A good credit score is a great bargaining chip for a good interest rate. When you feel like the rate offered isnt as good as it can be, then its time to shop around.

    A difference of 2% can make a tremendous difference.

    For instance, a $20,000 loan over a period of 48 months at a rate of 2.39% will cost around $438 per month. At a rate of 4.39%, that installment jumps to $456. That is $864 over the loan period.

    Your credit score is at the heart of securing the lowest interest rate possible.

    Advantages Of Buying A Used Car

    Pre-owned vehicles, to use the marketing jargon for used cars, may lack the mystique of new cars. But they have some advantages.

    Lower prices. By the time a vehicle comes on the used-car market, much of its depreciation has already happened . So buying used is an opportunity to get more car for your money.

    Warranties available. Some vehicles now come with warranties that cover the most expensive components of a cars drivetrain for 200,000 miles. If you buy a certified pre-owned car from a dealer, then youre likely to get a warranty that extends the manufacturers original warranty. Of course, if youre handy with a wrench, then buying a car that needs a little time and attention can dramatically reduce your cost.

    Cheaper to insure. While a dealership may require you to have full insurance coverage for a new vehicle that youre financing, you may be able to spend less on insurance if youre paying cash for a used car.

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    Frequently Asked Questions For Buying A New Car

    Is it best to buy a new or used car?

    It depends on you and what you want. It can absolutely make sense to buy an expensive new car over the long term because of the total value concept. Save even further on a new car by taking advantage of end of the year deals as well.

    Is it worth it to buy a new car?

    Yes, depending what you buy. The total value of a new car can be far greater than a used car.

    What are the advantages of buying a new car as compared to used one?

    Some of my favorite reasons for buying new are: the experience of owning a brand new car, great loan deals , and potentially greater total value.

    Who Can Drive A Rental Car From Dollar In Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

    Why Im Never Going to Buy a New Car and You Shouldnt Either

    Everyone who has reached the age of 25 and meets the drivers license requirements has the opportunity to drive Dollar car rental Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

    Drivers aged 21-24 are also allowed, but are subject to the young drivers fee. This fee is usually included in the rental and you will have to pay it at the Dollar Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada counter. The same policy applies to additional drivers who have similar age restrictions.

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    Why You Should Consider Buying Your Leased Car

    You might have equity in your leased vehicle. Soaring prices for used cars mean the buyout price could be lower than its market value.

    If youre nearing the end of your lease, it might make sense in the current market to purchase the vehicle from your leasing company. Most contracts include a provision to buy the vehicle at a precalculated price set at the beginning of the lease. In normal times, its usually not such a good deal, but with new and used cars in short supply and prices at all-time highs, the buyout price might represent big savings and actual equity in the vehicle, if you turned around and sold it to a third party. It all depends on when you signed your lease.

    There was no way for the folks that drew up leasing contracts a few years ago to know that those cars would be valued so high today, says Jake Fisher, senior director of Consumer Reports Auto Test Center. That means they likely already agreed to sell you a car for far less than what its worth today.

    I could just as easily have bought out the lease and then unloaded the car and made some money, Stockburger says.

    Buy Your Next Car With Carwow

    No matter your choice of new or used car, you can take a look at deals through carwow.

    If youre looking to buy a new car, you can spec a model to your liking and wait for dealers to bring their best offers to you. No haggling, no hidden surprises and no hassle you dont even have to leave the sofa.

    Theres a wide selection of nearly-new and used models to pick from too. Simply browse through the latest stock to see what takes your fancy.

    If youre looking to sell your car, you can do that through carwow too. Just upload a few photos, submit some details and wait for the offers to roll in.

    • View offers from local and national dealers.
    • Buy with confidence on carwow.
    carwow average saving
    • View offers from local and national dealers.
    • Buy with confidence on carwow.

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    It Has The Latest Tech Features

    Manufacturers continually improve car features such as satellite navigation systems. There may be nothing wrong with the equipment in an older car, but a new vehicle has the latest technological advancements. These might include enhanced graphics and improved audio, and they may be easier to use. Many new cars also come with voice control operation for several features, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel for a safer driving experience.

    The Major Changes To Federal Electric Vehicle Tax Credits

    Why Buying A Hybrid Car Makes Total Financial Sense

    As of Jan. 1, 2023, the Inflation Act legislation will require that for EVs to qualify, all of the following guidelines must be met:

    • the EV must be assembled in North America
    • the majority of battery components need to come from North America
    • a percentage of critical minerals must be sourced in North America or via countries with U.S. free trade agreements

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    What Does This Mean For Your Lease

    According to TrueCar, almost all leases have a buyout clause that allows the consumer to buy the car at any point during the lease. But the rate of depreciation is precalculated, so the leasing company cant change the buyout price based on current market conditions. Although extremely high used-car prices have put a lot of consumers in a tough spot, theyre a boon to people who want to buy out a lease. Experts say that at the very least, its worth getting an estimate for what your vehicle is worth and then comparing it to the end-of-term value stipulated in your lease contract.

    There are basically two options for a lease buyout. You could buy out the lease and have a car for much less than you would pay for the same model if you bought it from a dealership or a private seller, or you could buy out the lease and sell the car yourself. Keep in mind that many manufacturers might not allow third-party buyouts of leased vehiclesthe scenario where the consumer exercises the lease buyout option, but transfers the vehicle directly to a dealer or other buyer to avoid paying sales tax. If there is such a contractual limitation, you would need to sell the car yourself. Also, check to see whether there are fees for breaking your lease if you decide to buy it out early.

    Benjamin Preston

    Decide Whether You Want To Buy Or Lease

    Do you want to drive the car as long as the wheels can stay on? If so, buying is the way to go, and youll have the ability to trade or sell the vehicle when you want a fresh set of wheels. However, if you want a new car every three years, consider leasing.

    Leasing means that you might get a more upscale car for your money as they often come with lower down payment requirements and a more affordable monthly payment. But you wont own the car outright and youll need to look out for specific lease terms, such as mileage restrictions and wear-and-tear fees, to avoid hefty penalties.

    Consider the vehicles on your radar and weigh the pros and cons of buying and leasing one of them. Bankrates calculator can help you estimate potential cost savings of buying or leasing so you can make an informed decision.

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    How Much Does A Car Cost Right Now

    In July, the average new vehicle sold for record prices of more than $48,000, according to data from Cox Automotive, said David Welch, Bloombergs Detroit Bureau chief and author of Charging Ahead: GM, Mary Barra, and the Reinvention of an American Icon.

    For some perspective, note that in July 2021, the average new vehicle cost $43,355, according to Cox Automotive. In July 2020, the average new vehicle cost $38,378, according to Kelley Blue Book.

    Though much lower than the price now, July 2020s average vehicle cost of $38,378 is still high. The price hike started in May 2020, when the semiconductor shortage started to be felt throughout the automotive industry. By the following fall, circumstances worsened.

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    Prices started climbing in May of 2020 when the semiconductor shortage started to bite, Welch said. They really took off in September 2020 as the chip shortage got worse. Many dealers had just a handful of cars on the lot, so they werent offering rebates or bargaining. In fact, dealers have been gouging car buyers by adding sometimes thousands of dollars in so-called market adjustments to make bigger profit.

    How To Perform A Vehicle Title Search Online

    Why Not to Buy a New Toyota Camry

    3rd party vehicle title searches often provide the most information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand package. Many third-party title services charge a small fee for records, but this is often much cheaper than buying a car thats not worth what you paid.

    Sites like are popular options for getting a VIN check. You can also obtain records this way quickly, which can be important if youre looking to buy a used car thats in high demand or for sale at a price thats enticing to you as a buyer.

    Getting a car title search can help you avoid buying a car thats not worth your money. You may need to pay for a comprehensive search, but a few dollars for well-kept records can save you thousands in the long run.

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    Largest Used Truck Dealership In Northern Ca

    Shopping for your next truck should be easy and hassle-free. At Why Buy New Autos we make it so and tailor the shopping process to you. Whether you prefer to shop from the comfort of your home or at our convenient Rocklin location, our team of experts will personalize the process to you.

    At Why Buy New Autos we are committed to no-hassle pricing, best-rate financing and high-quality vehicles. Here you will find a large selection of quality pre-owned vehicles at low prices. Whether youre looking for a powerful pickup or spacious van, youre sure to find it at Why Buy New Autos.

    Every model in our inventory has been hand-selected and has passed a rigorous multi-point inspection. Only the very best will do for our customers. See for yourself just how easy it is to shop at Why Buy New Autos today! Browse our complete inventory online or stop by and see us. From all of us at Why Buy New Autos, we look forward to meeting you.

    What You Need To Know About The Car Market

    The main factor at play in the car market is the global shortage of semiconductor chips. These chips are the brain of the car. The chips are not only used to boost engine efficiency and lower tailpipe emissions but are essential for smartphone integration, driver head-up displays and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

    So, what went wrong here?

    The same thing that went wrong for the entire world. The pandemic.

    Before the pandemic, companies placed their orders on chips, but abruptly canceled them as COVID-19 struck. Companies like Ford, Jeep, and Chevy believed demand would be hit for a long time. They were wrong. To the entire auto markets surprise, demand bounced back incredibly fast. Too fast. The factories in Asia couldnt keep up with demand and were unable to restart production in time.

    Heres the rub: All this being said, one automotive sector not negatively impacted by this shortage is the used car sector. These cars are already built and on the marketplace.

    Therefore, if you dont want to be waiting until summer or fall 2022, as some Tesla customers are doing right now for their new cars, you should dive into the used market and find your next car.

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